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Found 8 results

  1. My Mk2f failed the MOT today (on emissions), which after all the work I've done on it the last year was a bit deflating to say the least. However the numbers are a bit mental: CO: 12.22% (Fail 0.3) HC: 996ppm (Fail 200) Lambda: 0.669 (Fail 0.97-1.03) My guess from the massive CO readings is a virtually non-existent cat (it looks original to me, certainly very old). Unplugging the lambda sensor on idle does nothing so perhaps that died too? So perhaps I've been used to this rich running for a bit too long and it never was fixed in the first place. In the last year its had new: Temp sender (OEM), Plug, Leads, Dizzy cap and rotor, all filters, multiple oil changes, Thermostat, head gasket, water pump, timing belt, ignition timing set to 5 degrees BTDC. Gave it a proper thrash this morning before the test. Last week I changed the centre silencer as the old one took a thump in France and developed a hole. Looking inside the old one there is something in there.... could it be some catalytic monolith perhaps? Only a year ago it passed emissions with flying colours - nothing I've changed should have made anything worse and with these SPI engines there isn't anything left that controls the fuelling aside from the cat and lambda right?
  2. So I was talking with an independent (non stealership) auto mechanic about my 2000 Polo and told him what a lovely little car it was with a cute little 999cc engine and telling him how good it ran now that I've chucked away about half a ton of plastic and hoses from under the bonnet and he assured me that there's pretty much no chance this car would ever pass it's next MOT because it would fail on emissions even if the engine were brand new as the factory made it because the new MOT rules are basically designed to fail all cars more than an hour and a half old so you're forced to either buy a new car or do without. After discussing the pitfalls of idiotic, incorrect and pointless emissions regulations like those foisted upon us by the drunken unelected fools of the EU I went away feeling pissed off that the first car I've bought in twenty-odd years was probably just money down the drain as I'd have to throw it away by next year's MOT even though it ran fine. But that got me thinking about some things. Firstly, I know little of, and care even less about, the science and regulations of modern exhaust emissions but it occurred to me that if a slightly knackered catalytic converter not doing it's job well enough could fail the MOT when nothing else was even wrong with the car then in theory why couldn't you just fit two (or five or ten...) catalytic converters in the exhaust train of your car sequentially so that at MOT time all that came out of your exhaust was fairy giggles and bunny smiles? You could have two exhausts, one made of catalytic converters you fitted once a year for the MOT and a sensible one for real life. Or how about running bioethanol instead of petrol for the MOT? An enine's an engine and it's not rocket science. They CAN be made to run on a wide range of burny fluids. I've even run a two stroke bike on white spirit and got a 50cc engine to fire up on vodka. In most older engines alcohol or propane will work without much alteration to the carbs, so has anybody tried running a fuel injection engine on something other than Morrison's best supermarket petrol? Just wondering. It strikes me that having cars run on petrol and then making the emissions rules so strict it renders them illegal is pointless and unnecessary. So, two cats or not two cats? That is the question. Or how about fitting an enormous bag like a hot air balloon clamped onto your exhaust during the MOT so there's no emissions whatsoever "when tested"?
  3. Gave my bready a bit of an Italian tuneup a few weeks back and since then there has been an intermittent ticking from the engine bay when warmed up - loud enough to be heard inside the cabin but obviously much louder when under the hood. I traced it by ear (as much as you can with these slightly paranoid goose chases) to that little green valve attached to the back of the engine bay. It has a couple of hoses going to it (one black, one transparent), both of which go to that cansiter on the bottom-left of the bay and an electrical connection. The ticking noise can be 'felt' through the pipes close to the unit - I assume its a valve ticking open and closed? So the questions: 1) What is it? As far as I can see its something to do with the emissions control system 2) Is it knakered? 3) Any idea why it would be springing into this form of life after running the engine at 4k revs for 10 minutes? I mean the engine runs great, never been better, so whatever it is it isn't really affecting anything. Happy to ignore it but equally happy to fix it!
  4. I own a 52 plate 1.2. Petrol Polo. I have owned it for just over 3 yrs. it's. Regularly serviced and pretty well looked after it seems too have a emissions problems . It's been to 3 different garages . Over the last 3 yrs for m.o.t . Each mot it seems to fail on emissions I've had 2 catalytic converters. Sensors and numerous. Other things changed . Has any 1 else had this and solved the problem ?
  5. Hi guys I've owned my 6N2 for two years now and he's a fantastic car. We've done 10k+ miles and he's never missed a beat .. until now. In March he failed the MOT on emissions (running rich) but the garage mechanics couldn't say why - it looks like it may be a lambda sensor. The only code we've had off him since then (which comes up intermittently) is 17574 - 'Long Term Fuel Trim: Additional Air Bank 1: Range 2 System Too Rich' - P1166. Anyway, I've got a couple of jobs on him that need doing but haven't got any mechanically-minded friends. I'm in Bristol but obviously can't drive him far as he's not got an MOT (and therefore tax/insurance are invalid). I need someone (local, unless you are happy to travel!) with free time to come and work on him. I'm happy to pay for parts and time, obviously . Briefly, I think what's needed is a new clutch and lambda sensor (to get him MOT-ready) and then in addition I've got some service parts that need installing (spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, air filter). Any help ASAP would be amazing - please get in touch if you fancy saving a really good car. :'(
  6. Good Morning, my name is Paul, I'm a new member to this forum. My daughters year 2000 Polo Gti had its MOT yesterday, but it failed on the emissions These were the details on the MOT failure sheet: 001 Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive (7.3.D.4) 002 Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (7.3.D.3) 003 Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (7.3.D.3) Emissions Test Sheet as follows: See attachment below. Any help would be so much appreciated, I've got an OBD II code reader if this is any help. I would like to fix this myself if possible, i generally do all the maintenance on our vehicles myself, its just the emissions seem to be a hard one. Have a good day Many thanks Paul
  7. Hi, I own a 1.2 VW polo (52 plate). Since I've owned the car it has repeatedly come up with a check engine light, the code being p0420 (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) I have changed the front oxygen sensor and coil packs then finally decided to take the car to VW after a local garage couldn't diagnose it any further. VW diagnosed my vehicle with a broken catalytic converter! They quoted a repair of £1,200! (More than the car's value). I phoned a local VW specialist who quoted £750 (genuine parts). Local garage £250 (non-genuine parts) My question is, can I use an after market catalytic converter or should I be using a genuine part? If I use an after market catalytic converter will this soon fail on me too? Thanks, Kate :)
  8. Hi all, I'm having trouble getting my 6N1 1.0L Polo through ithe MOT test! It has done about 125k miles. It has failed on me twice now, both times on emissions. First time round my catalityc converter seemed to be broken down, it was an old one it had on it when I bought it a year ago. The readings that time round were as follows: Engine oil temperature: 83 Deg C Fast Idle Test: FAILED Engine Speed: 2450-2850 rpm MANUAL CHECK Pass CO: 0.614% % Fail HC: 459 ppm Fail lambda: 1.112 Fail Second Fast Idle Test: FAILED Engine Speed: 2450-2850 rpm MANUAL CHECK Pass CO: 0.687% Fail HC: 565 ppm Fail lambda: 1.113 Fail Natural Idle Test: Engine Speed: 550-850 Pass CO: 0.496% Pass When I took it for the retest after fitting a new catalytic converter on the readings were actually worse! Engine oil temperature: 62 Deg C Fast Idle Test: FAILED Engine Speed: 2450-2850 rpm MANUAL CHECK Pass CO: 0.800% Fail HC: 823 ppm Fail lambda: 1.213 Fail Second Fast Idle Test: FAILED Engine Speed: 2450-2850 rpm MANUAL CHECK Pass CO: 0.869% Fail HC: 477 ppm Fail lambda: 1.106 Fail Natural Idle Test: Engine Speed: 550-850 Pass CO: 0.489% Pass The guy at the MOT Centre said it seemed to have a slight misfire and that it was burning some oil. About a month ago, before both tests, my Polo had a serious misfire. I found one of the spark leads had gone so I replaced the spark plugs and leads with new ones, this seemed to solve the problem. At the time, I noticed the crankcase breather was full of oily sludge and it had made its way into the air box. I cleaned the box replaced the air filter. Over the weekend I got under the car and check for any exhaust leaks, made sure the new cat was attached correctly to the rest of the exhaust system, I reinspected the airbox and found no sludge in the crankcase breather. I also gave the car a good old italian tune up as well, just in case. I find the trouble with the emissions failure is that solving it seems to involve a lot of fault hunting! My next course of action is a change of oil to a slightly thicker gradient and new oil and fuel filters as it could be the case that the oil is making its way past the piston rings... What are your thoughts on this? Really hope I get to the bottom of this one! Cheers guys! Melo
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