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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there, new to the forum. I own a 1987 mk2 polo fox coupe. The car has been restored inside and out but i am now looking for more power. The car currently runs the 1.0L 4 speed engine. I am wondering what swaps have people carried out and how easy it is. Looking into a vr6 swap at the moment. Any suggestions or can anyone point me in the right direction. Cheers
  2. Would like to change the engine in my mk2f for a 6n2 gti what parts am i going to need from the donor car?
  3. I can remember being told by my insurers that in the case of an engine swap declaration, the new price is calulated according to the donor car. So my question is: if I were to swap say from a 1.3 3F GT to a 1.4 ABD, might the insurance decrease as the 1.4 Golf is presumably cheaper to insure than a GT (don't know if it is actually cheaper - just in theory)? Or, is there a 'tax' added for the extra perceived risk of an engine conversion? Has anybody ended up with cheaper insurance despite using a larger engine - say specifically a 3F to an ABD? Or did it increase?
  4. Harley-Stone

    1.8T AUM conversion

    Yes the age old question of swapping a 1.8t into a polo but not any polo a mk2f polo. What im after is some advice about keeping the original clocks in the polo but running a 1.8t but I’m struggling to work out what I can do for a loom to get it all working correctly, ideally I need the obd port for possible remapping in the future and if the engines running rough. I’ve got both cars next to each other so it should make life easier but I doubt that 😂 It it will probably be easier if I bullet point my answers any advise is welcome Can I run 1.8T (AUM) on it’s own with out the immobiliser? Can I have it push butting start with out needing the key and clocks? Can I use the existing ECU? What driveshafts should I use? What brake setups are best for this? Would it be easier if I got a new pedal box because the AUM is DBW ? Thank you in advance Harley
  5. I have been thinking about swapping the polo 6c gti engine into my 1.2tsi. Just wondering if anyone has attempted it and if they can give me advice on if anything else needs swapped in like driveshafts(etc)
  6. mackenzie syme

    6n2 engine swap

    hi guys just wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to swap from a 1litre to a 1.4 8v thanks
  7. I have a VW Polo 6n 1996 and I have a VW Polo 2000 now to make this easier to explain my 1996 Polo is my midfield one to a good standards and the 2000 one is standerd they’re both 1.4 8v 59bhp so virtually the same engine obviously apart from engine codes. im looking at swapping out the engine in my 1996 due to having 150,000 on the clock and unfortunately a brick hit my gear linkages underneeth and made the whole gear selection messed up 👎🏽. How easy would it be to swap the engines out? And obviously the gear box with it... What sort of complications am I looking at as how relitively easy would it be? I have worked on this car to many times and have a really good understanding of it.. Hopefully someone can shed some light haha!
  8. Hi all, I'm sure this has already been covered but I can't seem to find the relevant thread, if I've missed one please push me in the right direction... Looking at getting a mk2 polo coupe s and wanted to do some research into engine swaps, I know one of the more popular swaps is the 1.4 16V AFH, but as you can't seem to find them anymore I was wondering if anyone has swapped the 1.6 16V from the 6n2 GTI. I've seen lots of people doing AFH/GTI hybrids but didn't know if there was space for the full 1.6 lump. Any other ideas welcome and sarcasm appreciated! Cheers!
  9. Hello. Been the proud owner of a 6n2 gti for about 2 years now. Had some intermittent starting issues recently especially when re feeling. I was told it could be the duel fuel pumps. Not sure as I never managed to get a definite answer!! Any ways. I’ve been looking at doing an engine swap. I’m a weekend mechanic with limited experience. I’m sure I couldn’t do it and get it right. Got a quote from one company that do it all in! £10k!! So that’s out the window. Does anyone have any suggestions. I don’t want to spend too much! But I love this car!!! Help. Gary
  10. Alright guys, Iv just gone an brought myself a second breadvan as I couldn't resist but I was just wondering how easy is it to change the 1 litre in my new one to the 1.3 ?
  11. pepperplant

    Seeking my old Mk2f

    Hi guys and girls I'm hoping someone can help me. I sold my Mk2f polo back in late 2016/ early 2017. It was FOX coupe in blue that was originally 1.0 but I converted it to a 1.3 GT engine with some mods, Piper Cam, Bigger intake and a few other mods. I'm sure the guy who bought it off me was from eBay by the name of George. I'd love to have that car back as it was one of the nicest I have driven. If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction I would be very greatful, Maybe even some pint money! If you could ask around any groups or friends that break polo's etc The REG is L468 SYJ and it is not taxed, MOT'ed or Insured Thanks again
  12. Hello guys, doing engine change on my polo 6n2 1.4 8v match model, and I'm new to the forum I'm going to be putting a 1.6 arc engine into my 1.4 8v and it's going to have everything else needed for the conversion (brakes, rear disk beam) so just gunna be engine running gear ect, all I really need to know is what I actually need to change the motor, I believe it's just the following: engine loom ecu gearbox driveshafts radiator steering column steering rack Does the gti loom just plug into my interior loom and it will work or have I got to do some electrical wizardry? also is there anything I've missed, and how easy is it as it's my only car I use to get to work and don't want it overhanging the week I plan to take off to do this. any help appreciated and sorry if it's In the wrong section. Thankyou!!!
  13. Hi lads, I'm on the lookout for an afk engine to replace my akk engine. If I can find one, would this be a straight forward swap? I would intend to remove current engine and box and replace with afk engine and box. I'm also assuming that the ecu and clocks need to be swapped. Thanks for any help! Paul
  14. vwsportsman

    mk2 polo afk

    hi all i have acquired an afk 1.4 100bhp engine from a lupo sport i want to put this in my mk2 polo im just wondering if anyone has done this before also what are the differences between the afh and the afk engine can i do a dizzy conversion to the afk engine so i dont have to run injection and engine management. can i use the 5 speed box that comes with the afk engine? what driveshafts would i need to use? thanks for all the help
  15. Hi So just wondering if it's best that I have my car on axle stands before I remove engine with engine lift crane? Can I get away with leaving engine bonnet on? Any other advice welcome. Thank you.
  16. While I'm doing my engine swap think I will replace all cv boots. So I need help on the tools that are needed to replace them please?
  17. Hi all I've been offered a lupo sport 16v cheap I only want some body panels for my lupo but I was wondering if the 1.4 16v engine will slot into my mk2 The engine code is aub if that helps And help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. I apologies for asking something that has probably been asked countless times, I've tried searching but it's a minefield finding a straight answer! Can I put a polo 1.6gti engine in my mk2f gt? Can I retain the original 5 speed box I love the close ratios? If someone could point me in the direction of where i can find the info I would be most greatful. And any idea of the cost involved if diy time scale and level of arse pain!!
  19. As titled... owner of donor car has got back to me and it's not an ABD code but AEX.. I've been reading up and I see the main difference is multipoint injection. Is this any good for an engine swap as I see the ABD is recommended (on bike carbs)
  20. Basically I'm looking into putting a 1.8 turbo engine into my 1.2 polo 9n3, I've been given the treatment already about "just buy a gti" but I've kinda got attached to it and want to build this up into something special. So basically my question is what is my complete list of stuff that I'd need to buy to make this work? Plus also a rough price that I can be expecting? Would I be able to putthos all together for £1000 - £1500? Any help will be appreciated so let me know guys ? cheers.
  21. Hi lads, I've a 99 polo 1.0 and as everyone I need more grunt. So last week I found something that I couldn't refuse. A 1.6 aee engine "full conversion" add. And for once itlooks like it's full conversion. So I went up to the lad and got: 1.6 aee engine with g40 cams and 1.8 throttle body, G40 box with clutch and fly to match, Driveshafts, exhaust, ecu, wiring loom. Now I need a few questions answered before I start the conversion, as it's my daily and has to be done in a weekend. Will the 1.0 mpi fuel pump feed enough petrol for this big lump? How much different the gear ratios are? (tried searching but couldn't find them, a link would be perfect) Should I get the golf mk2 8v gti injectors? And would they work good? What are the common problems that people find with this conversion? Or is it just straight swap as I'm hoping for? Any help is appreciated. Even links to older conversions. Just need guidance as this has to be done in 48 hours :-D Thanks in advance.
  22. I am really wanting to convert my 1996 (early spec) 6n to an ABF engine instead of the standard AEX lump. Can someone please tell me what exactly needs doing? I am aware I will need new mountings made so if anyone could help with that too I.e. Make some that would be great too! Thank you for any help!!
  23. Hello there any one that stubbles this way. iv got a 1997 polo saloon 6kv2 75hp model. its been great for my first car. iv lowred her and she has alloys and a few asstectic modiications, but now had it a year and am wanting something a bit quicker but at the same time the same car. so I'm wondering if there is any engines that are bigger and will fit reletivley easy. iv heard tht the vr6 is a choice and also today got told about the 1.8 20v engine. I'm not massivle mechanicly minded but am slowly learning and will be getting help. but before then need something in mind so can get prices and what not. any help will be muchly apprieciated. sorry about my spelling aswell. at the moment she is green with orange wheels but the plan is to go white with rear orange wheels and front purple and my engine bay will be purple. so when its all done picturs will be posted. this is my first project so fingers crossed ha.
  24. I'm currently putting a 1.3 engine from a mk2 golf into my polo (I think it is a 2G) There is a nipple on the head which started chucking oil out when I first got it to turn over. I it is plugged up at the moment whilst I get other stuff sorted but I don't believe this will do the engine any good as I imagine it is some sort of pressure relief. Does anyone know what it is actually for and where should it go? Thanks in advance, James here is a picture of said nipple. I'm posting from my iPad so I can't put one on the post for some reason, sorry. http://s28.postimg.org/77gn1jq65/image.jpg
  25. Really just want to know if the gearbox will matchup and will the ecu need to be swapped out and any loom be changed out. And which engine type has the most powerful and is the most customisable or any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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