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Found 135 results

  1. MonsterL35YFP

    TURBO!!!!!! Pssssshhhhhh

    Hello Polo people what engines have people seen turboed, I know loads of people do the g40/PY turbo, iv seen AAV turbos and some GTs, even a 1L turbo but have people done 1.4 AFH turbo or 1.6 16v AVY turbo? Just general discussion about what can be done really feel like making something stupid in the future.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm having some mysterious issues with my car after the swap. I swapped everything, it has the GTI fuel pump, but still has a rough idle when cold, and poor perfomance even when the engine is at it's operation temp, and it cranks for 3-4, even 5 secs before it starts the engine.It struggles at higher rpms, and has a top speed of 150 km/h instead of 200 km/h. I replaced almost every sensor I could, it's definitely not the lambda sensor, or the crankshadt pos. sensor. Even replaced the coolant temp sensor. I noticed that I have a grey 167 fuel pump relay with 4 legs instead of a black 410 with 8 legs. The guy who made the wiring, didn't notice the different relay. Can this be the cause of my problem? Or could the VVT actuator failure cause this? Thanks for the help!
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 7 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    For sale limited sets of 4 custom made to my specs drop forged aviation grade 4340 steel connecting rods for AFH hybrid build or avy/arc engines. These rods could be used in other engines if you can require measurements or technical drawing to check please contact me. About the rods Really high quality all dimensions checked for high quality control by me. A/I beam design with important rifle drilled oil way for small end which alot of aftermarket rods do not have. Can be supplied with 3/8" forged bolts or uprated arp bolts for higher cost. Limited sets available as was only small production run. Ideal for use in hybrid build as I'm building with custom pistons from Iapel. Small end pin has been uprated to 20mm for more strength however small end can be re bushed to 17mm easily to suit your requirements if you intend on using standard pistons. (pistons picture are not included and are for demonstration purposes only) Feel free to p.m for any Info will reply ASAP Rods will be supplied in sets of 4 matched by Weigh as close as possible to nearest gram can be balance further to +- 0.1at extra cost depending on your requirements.


    Blackpool, England - GB

  4. anybody know anything on engine code 'bky' (its a 1.4) ive been told its 75horse and 16v is this true? also could i make it a bit more responsive and torque-y easily
  5. Hi all The engine in my mk2 coupe s has just died, need some options for the best replacement. I am guessing that the engine from a mk2f will fit, but don't want to change too much wiring, so would I be able to run the mk2f engine with a carb? Any advice or ideas for good replacements will help. Thanks
  6. Riding along in my automobile, red Oil light comes on Followed by Battery light Oil light goes off. I stop immediately. Get a tow to the garage Think it's the alternator. Garage call. Engine Ceased, makes bad noise, won't turn over. 2007 57 127,000 1.4 Tdi in very good condition. Engine Rebuild? Engine Replacement? Scrap Car, start again, cut loses. Any input gratefully received. Thanks for reading Colonel23
  7. feeblington

    Engine management

    Hey again. I have had my engine management light read. Error codes 00532 dtc status sporadic 16804 p0420 catalyst system bank 1 efficiency below threshold 16687 p0303 cylinder 3 misfire So ive sorted the misfire. Ignored the 00532 as its airbags But the catalyst. The guy said it could be an oxygen sensor. I know there is 2. But he cleared the errors and none have come back after a few hours. Should i get this looked at as im a bit miffed to be honest. Part of me thinks when the alternator and ht leads went these are residuals. I dont know if it works like that though? And advice again. Cheers 🙂
  8. Hello again. After having the alternator sorted (and fault codes that confirmed it cleared) i drive 30 miles and get flashing check light..which i noticed the engibe sounded a bit blowy and was down on power. So i pulled over pushed all ht and spark leads in and car then ran fine the 10miles home. Engine light has stopped flashing and is solid. No other lights or funny business though. Has anyone had this and could shed some light before i fork out again!! Cheers
  9. Hello, I'm own a 1998 WV Polo Classic (6KV2) with an 1.6L 8-valve 75HP gasoline engine (AEE). Whenever I try to start the car in the morning, I get the following situation: Engine starts, idles correctly, but if I touch the gas pedal (even in neutral) it will choke and nearly stall. Afterwards it works just fine (even if I stop the engine and start again it's ok). The problem only seems to come back if I leave the car turned of for at least half a day (or overnight). It also seems to be a bit more pronounced in cold weather. Any idea what could be the cause of this? Thanks!
  10. Decided to have a crack at replacing the sensor as it seems like a 2 min job, however being a complete noob, my brain was frazzled after opening the engine cover. Is the green thing in the photo the sensor? Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  11. Shandy83


    Hi all Ok where do I begin so I bought a 93 Polo coupe about a month ago. About a week ago the head gasket went wasn't willing to give up on the car so had that fixed £600. I had it back for 4 days now. Its started losing power feels like it's shifting down a gear have spoken to the garage where I had the gasket done. Taking it in again just wondered if anyone had some thoughts on it? Just don't want it to become one of these cases where the car fault can't be found and keeps going in and out of garage. Also have found out that a few people I know somehow turned into mechanics overnight and started telling me everything that's wrong with the car i.e. it pulls slightly to the right when braking the brakes feel spongy the cutting out is caused by an electrical fault blah blah. But back to the point.. so any ideas on what the loss of power might be would be welcome. Thanks
  12. This drives me crazy (no pun intended). The car drives majestically for a 22 year old car and the 1.4 engine is flawless to some degree but aside from my leaking suspension which I fixed, my car rattles or clicks should I say whenever I drive it for an hour or two. The noise comes on small bumps and can be heard only from the inside. You could also hear it whenever you give it more gas and lift the clutch faster (when the engine tries to pull you away), maybe like a hammer hitting an anvil very weakly (metal to metal). It makes me feel like I have an axle which is loose and is inside a tube (cylinder) and hitting its walls. Kind of like putting a pencil in a paper tube and it sits loose in it and the pencil hits against the walls of the tubing when you shake it around. I'm worried since the suspension is new and is quite sturdy (difference is noticable) But there is still that ever so slight noise. Biggest problem is that nobody seems to hear it except me and I can't prove it unless I make the person drive and feel the extra noise on the speed bumps which is non-existent in the morning. I have doubts it might be connected to the transmission being loose or the engine being loose. Either way, thank you for sparing time to read this!
  13. So after doing a 180 mile trip last Sunday, I didn't check my oil, I checked it this evening and there was no oil what so ever on the dipstick. Now I topped the oil up about 3 to 4 weeks ago as I saw it was low and carried on driving etc, untill I checked it today. I Do not see any kind of leak, and there is no smoke. I have put more oil back in but only just halfway on the min and max. And I also out cardboard under the car for tonight. As I have work at 6am. Any idea as to where my oil went? Or is it normal for a vw polo to go through that much oil on just 180 mile trip?
  14. Anyone have any idea why my 1.1 is not firing. It seems like fuel is not being pulled through as it is pooling in inlet manifold just under the carb. There was suction when I put my hand over the carb. Anyone else had this problem and know the solution.
  15. Rally bag

    1.3 engine

    Time Left: 1 month and 25 days

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    I'm looking for a an alloy rocker cover for 1.3 engine. Its the non g40 type of engine like the attached pic.


  16. Hi, I have a 1986 mk2 Polo. Engine is a 1043cc with a HZ engine, could someone confirm what BHP this has, or let me know how I find out? Trying to buy some parts and the drop down box I have to find them lists a 40ps and 45ps output... help? Thanks! Ryan
  17. Hi people,Just finished a hybrid build on twin 40s in mk2f,the problem is whenever I turn left the whole engine moves & alternator hits leg! Can u buy uprated polly mounts as don't want to go solid?
  18. Hi everyone. First post on here. I'm having some problems with my 1991 mk2f coupe. I got it on the road about a month ago and its been driving ok up until a long drive down to bristol in the pouring rain (2.5 hours). It runs great when idling with no pressure on the accelerator, but as soon as i touch it slightly, it starts to splutter and sounds like its misfiring. Also doesn't run great when driving around, especially when engine breaking and when the revs lower a bit, sometimes wants to stall and judders a bit but rarely does actually stall. I think it has something to do with airflow/fuel injection/mixture as it only happens at the slightest pressure on the accelerator. maybe electronics from the wet? Dodgy wet or broken wire somewhere? My engine is a 1litre single point injection. It was taken out of a slightly older polo with only 1 oil pressure sensor, the original engine had two. Thats another story though. Don't think this is related though as it ran fine for the first few weeks. I'm new to cars by the way, but learning. Here's what I've done to try and fix the problem so far, after research online and asking around on the polo facebook group. Checked all HT leads for water, there was a bit in the connection on the ignition coil but drying it didn't seem to change anything. What temperature is my engine supposed to run at? its running at about 70 but i thought it was supposed to be higher? it never goes higher than this. anyway i though it might be faulty so changed both black and blue temp sensors. with no change really. I've replaced the lamda sensor. Gonna get a friend to check timing out today but i dunno it its that, as it idles without misfiring. Any ideas on what to try next? before i take it to the garage as a last resort. Cheers!
  19. Hi again. So after chatting on here and trying to solve the problems on starting after refuelling. I’ve got some questions and hope someone can help out!?!! 🙂 So each time I refuel I have problems starting. Sometimes it happens when it’s warm and I’ve turned it off and tried to start again a short time after. Once it does fire up I get a really rich smell with a cloud of light smoke out the back. Someone said it sounds like the pressure regulator. Because I’ve established that the fuel pump is working properly. Any one else had issues like this? Please help. G
  20. Hi all my 6n have a miss fire it seem to run fine but on tick over it a bit ruff and it keep putting the engine management light on any help would be great thanks
  21. Time Left: 7 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Need to free up some funds so my g40 engine is up for sale. Bought it it last year some time when it came up for sale but didn’t intend to use it straight away so I’ve never had it fitted. Doesn't come with any history and obviously I can’t gaurantee it’ll run but I have no reason to think it won’t. It turns over freely. Comes with all the ancillaries, both manifolds, ATV gearbox, ecu, loom, intercooler, some boost pipework, airbox and downpipe. Doesnt come with a charger as I was going to turbo it. Any questions just ask.



  22. Ed Morgan

    Mk2f 1.3 engine

    Time Left: 1 month and 25 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a 1.3 engine for my mk2f project. Preferably the updated 1.3 engine. GT or not doesn’t matter.


  23. diggerinthewoods

    After mk2f gt engine or head

    Time Left: 1 month and 18 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a whole engine conversion for a gt or just the head. Lent mine to my brother and need it back but wanna keep him on the gt smiles


    Salisbury, Wiltshire - GB

  24. Hoopymcula

    86c saloon

    Hi guys need a bit of advice I have a 1986 86c polo saloon 1043 I have recently purchased a 1272 2g engine just wondering what the best recommended carb would be
  25. Hi all I have recently brought a 1992 polo coupe 1.0l 4 speed the issue i have with it is that when i turn it over it starts to surge and then will rev up to about 3000 revs and sit there then go back down. Any ideas what this could be?

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