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  1. Hi guys, Just noticed this little bung when inspecting my engine bay. Never noticed it before so not sure if it's always been open but I wanted to know if I should close it? On a side note, it would also be helpful if anybody could tell me what it does and why it's there? Please see the photos below for reference. Many thanks.
  2. Hi guys! Finally picked up an induction elbow off a MK3 golf for my 2f Polo. I'm in the process of looking for a cone filter and wanted to know if I should measure the inside or outside diameter of the elbow? (Even better if someone already knew it?) Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have one problem with my polo classic model year 2000. I drove it a couple of days ago and everything was normal. Yesterday I tried to start it up and car just cranks but it is not starting. When I was starting it before, glow plug light always lit up for a couple of seconds but now glow plug light does not light at all and I don't hear relay click. The battery is new and voltage is good, I opened fuse box and all of the fuses are good. I don't know which relay is for what, I read on the forums that relay 109 could be bad but I don't have that relay number. What could be the cause of this and what should I check next ?
  4. Snakeaids

    Gt on carbs?

    The previous owner of my polo ran the engine dry and the engines completely welded, I have been looking for a replacement engine and the closest one to me is a guy saying that he has a 1.3L Gt engine which should run on carbs. My car is a polo mk2 ranger which already has a 1.3 in it, i was wondering if the GT would be a straightforward swap, or would I need to change things?
  5. Hi, I've had this issue for a while, and I've been active on the polo group on facebook whilst trying to figure out this issue. I'll provide a timeline for my issue. 1. I changed timing belt, car started and I had no engine jerk. Car has always been difficult to start and nothing changed after changing the timing belt. 2. After around 2-3000km and 2 months, the car dies on the highway in the middle of a tunnel. After a couple of days with fiddling with vacuum lines, spark plugs, fuel and other fault seeking methods, I discovered that the ECU (multipoint Jetronic) had a blown circuit on the ground which stopped the injectors from opening. Added some solder and engine started. However, the engine now had weird idle and was uncomfortable to drive. Replaced ECU with a new unit from Ebay, no difference in behaviour. 3. I have changed sparkplugs, distribitor unit (complete) with hall sensor, distrubitor dizzy, distribitor cap, leads and coil. I also changed middle part of exhaust and all vacuum lines with new VW oem Ø3.5mm ones. 4. A post on facebook told me to check the timing, which I did. Haynes told me that the timing mark and timing light should overlap, but I am unable to actually change the settings enough to get the light to hit the edge of the timing mark indicator on the engine. I'll add some figures below. The Yellow line is where I am able to adjust the timing to be maximum, the green is where haynes recommends me to be. Did I buy the wrong distributor? It had a different letter in the end of the Part Number. If it is not the timing, which other things can cause engine jerk? It is really intermittent and only on cyl 2 and 4 which I checked with the timing light. It is as if it "skips" every 2-4th of the sparks. Anything else I can check? Thanks in advance. Yellow: Max adjusment I get, distribitor location in next figure. Green is where haynes tells me to be. Figure: Unable to advance timing further. Figure: Haynes recommendation of base timing setting. Figure: The setting above lets me hit the setting recommended by Haynes.
  6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW: I know it's better to install another engine, but that's not the idea of this project, I want to get the most out of this engine because I like 1.4s. 6N is my dream platform, I like everything in it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, I decided to ask you what modifications it is possible to make on this engine? I''d like to have MPI system! For a start, I decided to start with the following modifications: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 272 or 276 cam Porting and polishing the cylinder head Custom intake manifold with universal 65mm or 1.8t throttle body Exhaust cut off valve Chip tuning Ramair intake or HKS mushroom filter flywheel lightening Omex rev limiter for launch control ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the following questions: Can i install ABU or AEE cam and will there be an increase in power and torque? 1.6 crank on 1.4 block and maybe 1.6 head if necessary? I read in a forum about 1.6 with 2.0 crank and pistons and that's why I decided to ask! Can i put itbs but with MPI? Can i put bigger injectors for more fuel and better fuel pump and will there be any benefit? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to have 100-120 or more HP! i''d like to have low end torque that have now if it is possible! Thanks in advance to everyone who responded and helped with the project!
  7. Hi is there by any chance a way to get my hands on a new exhaust manifold for my polo 86c ? (1984) Are there any manifolds from other engines that fit?
  8. Hope I'm not repeating a question already asked, but is the intelt manifold supposed to be held onto the engine head with studs & nuts,, or with bolts? Mine has two studs with nuts and 3 bolts. I have tried looking online for photos/posts and had no luck. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there, Looking for some help when it comes to timing a GTI engine. As it stands I have GTi engine which I have replace the timing belt on. Now I'm not 100% confident that the engine timing is correct after reading from other source you need specific tools. So instead of potentially damaging the engine I want to start from scratch as if I don't know what position the cams or crank is in. What I want to know is what positions the cams and crank should be in and what tools if any are required to get the timing right. Apologies if this topic already exists but I couldn't find it. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi All, I’ve been having an issue with my Mk5 1.6 TDI diesel (2010 plate, approx. 83000 miles) for a few weeks now, and several garages have been unable to solve it. I bought the car from a national used car chain 7 months ago, but unfortunately it’s now out of warranty. I got a flashing engine management light on my dash about 3 weeks ago, which was followed by a loss of power to the engine - it could still run and cruise at 30-40mph, but accelerating past ~40mph, and accelerating away from lights was noticeably slower. I took it to a local garage who reset the light, but it came back the next day so they ran a diagnostic which said the fuel rail pressure was low. They rinsed the fuel lines and cleaned the filter (can’t remember exactly which one), then took it for a test drive and said it was running fine, but the light came back again the next day at the exact same spot on my commute. I booked it into a VW dealership’s garage for yesterday, and they said that there was a battery defect and they were confident that changing the battery would sort it. I took it to a different local garage to get the battery changed today, and they said they couldn’t find any faults with it, and that even changing the battery didn’t seem necessary. I took it for a test run this evening with the new battery fitted, and the light came on at exactly the same point in my journey. This occurs about 15 minutes into the drive, after going from 30-40-60-30-60mph along an A road - the light comes on at the end of a ~0.5 mile stretch of the A road with a 60mph limit. Apologies for the length of the post, but any tips would be much appreciated! I’ve tried tightening the fuel cap but that made no difference. I’m also supposed to be moving 3 hours away next week and currently don’t have a car to do it with! Thanks in advance, Matt
  11. Good afternoon guys. I have a problem with my 6n2 gti. The problem is everytime I'm accelerate and changing gear the rev gauge going up a bit before it's falling back and the car just feel slow. I have a fault code: p1340 crankshaft/camshaft position sensor incorrect allocation. Does anyone knows what this can be? Thank you for any help
  12. Hi Do anyone know where the Knock sensor are for my 2014 Vw polo tsi 1.2 highline dsg 81kw.
  13. Jack-6n2

    1.4 16v

    I currently have a 1.4 16v 75bhp 6n2 but looking to replace the engine, I believe mine is a AUA but the one I am looking at putting instead is a different engine code but is from a 6n2 and is also a 1.4 16V would it still be plug and play or will it not work? Cheers for the help
  14. Hey guys, i'm fairly new to the VW scene, (excuse me if i make any mistakes, im not a native speaker), so back to the point, I've got my AEE engine rebuilt last summer, and after 320k kms it was a breeze to drive it, but im getting used to it, so im planning to shoot for lets say a 100 hp, or something near to that, i have some plans, but yeah, you guys know way more than me so, my weak ass plans are: - porting the head, with bigger valves - a bit more agrssive camshaft - custom intake, with the 1.4 16vs throttle body (as far as i remember the 1.6 aee has a 45, and the 1.4 16v has a 55, also its the mk3's bowden operated one) - some kind of exhaust system with a bigger size, and a stainless mainfold. And basically thats that, so if you guys got any tips, i'd be glad to hear them, also if there are some better methods, im happy to hear them.
  15. Hey all While on the lift in the garage, I saw this leak from an aft engine oil connector. What the name of it? I guess I'll need a seal replacement but I want to see an exploded view diagram before taking it apart... Will it be easier during an upcoming oil change? Thanks in advance
  16. Is it possible to get more out of my VW polo 1991 1ltr engine. ? Or do I just have to live it ? It's so slow . I don't really want to change the engine as I already swoped it out a few years ago like for like etc. Thanks.
  17. Charlie Rickard

    Buying a late 1980s Polo

    All three of my kids learned to drive in Polos - three cars in total. I got to like these cars very much. I am therefore forsaking my MGB GT and seeking a 1988 or 1989 Polo, preferably the so-called bread van. I don’t want to invite a huge response from members, but any advice on what to look for would be very welcome. In particular, where to look for serious rust issues, but also any other known problem areas. Thanks in advance. Charlie
  18. Good Afternoon, a very quick question, am I ok to use 5w 30 oil in my 1994 1.0 bready? Cheers, Rich.
  19. Trying to find the engine number location on the engine of my Mk2. Anyone know where it is? Thanks
  20. seen some older threads where folk have converted a 3f into a 1600cc with a AEE engine , is there any alternate codes that i could look for ?
  21. Hello. I currently have an AFH engine laying around. I want to know if the head is compatible with the AGG engine block. Plus I wish to know if the AGG block can be hooked up onto a longitudinal trans from an audi a4 (without any conversion plate). PS: Planning to put one ebay gt45 onto this beauty (Can it take 2bar with stock internals?).
  22. Hey there again. Info: -6n2 Polo -AHW Engine (1.4L 16v) -Automatic transmission Problems: -Very slowly accelerates towards 1500rpm. -Everytime I press or release the brake it goes to 2200+ rpm. -Everytime I change gears (R or D) the car kinda "hits". Story/What I have done: Part 1. Ok so at home there is this 6n2 Polo since 2002. Everything was fine until 10+ years ago when it started to show a problem: the transmission would hit hard every time you changed gears (as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4). We called a mechanic but he didn't solve the problem. For that reason, the car was "abandoned" and remained stopped until a year ago when we started fixing the car by ourselves. Part 2: The return to the proyect. Recently, we decided that we will fix the car again. Short story, we changed the oil, the oil filter, the fuel pump and the fuel filter. We put in some coolant and started the car. We had to put in some steering fluid because the car was making noises when you turned the steering wheel (the steering fluid solved that problem). The car started, but there was one problem: It would start at 1100+ rpm and gradually rise the rpm until it got up to 2200 - 2500rpm. We did research and cleaned the throttle body with carb cleaner, that solved nothing. Did some more research and disconnected the MAP sensor. The car started at a lower rpm but still increase quickly over time (so it didn't solve the problem). From the beginning I suspected that there is a vaccum leak, for that reason we started looking for it. We found a thick hose connected to a black circular tank (brake booster / brake servo I think) that was deteriorated. For that reason we replaced the hose with another one (not oem, but similar in diameter and installed it with some hose clamps). That solved part of the problem, we started the car and now it won't rise to 2500rpm, but to 1500rpm. Then, we found a hose connected to the fuel pressure regulator that was disconnected and deteriorated at the other end. We replaced it with and connected it in both ends (I asked where to connect it in this same forum days ago). We started the car and it started at 800rpm but still very slowly rises up to 1500rpm, as seen in this video: (https://youtu.be/MzpoO_Gt2q8). Once it got to 1500rpm it would very slowly go back and foward with the rpm, as shown in this video (I had not noticed it until I watched the video at 10x the speed): (https://youtu.be/a--R1xSziKk). Other problem that we noticed is that when we press or release the brake pedal, the car revs up to 2200rpm for a very short period, also the car changes rpm as you move the steering wheel. So recapping: -The (automatic) transmission of the car "hits" every gear change (https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4) -The car starts at 800rpm and very slowly rises up to 1500rpm (https://youtu.be/MzpoO_Gt2q8) -At 1500rpm, the car would very slowly go back and foward with the rpm (https://youtu.be/a--R1xSziKk) -Finally, when you press or release the brake pedal, the car revs up to 2200rpm for a very short period. Extra: Engine sound (https://youtu.be/UM4zdmN2EX0) Help.
  23. Reaching out to all you knowledgeable people! I’m slowly obtaining parts for my AAU to NZ engine conversion that is imminent and am struggling to obtain an inlet manifold and throttle body for the NZ unit, my question is,will an AAV manifold & throttle body work? These parts seem a lot more accessible than the NZ equivalent, would it also just be a plug and play from the old AAU as researching the NZ a bit more tells me that it’s a multi point fuel injection! any advice on this would be much appreciated as wouldn’t mind going a bit faster soon! Rich.
  24. Hi all, I’ve recently purchased an NZ 1.3 with a 5 speed 8P gearbox and am looking to change it out for the 1.0 AAU lump that’s in my 94 bready at the moment. The NZ unit I have has only done 45,000 miles so apart from doing the obvious (cambelt/water pump etc) while the engine is out of the car would you guys recommend any other checks/replacements? Unfortunately the NZ didn’t come with inlet/exhaust manifolds and I was wondering if I can use the existing set up I have from my AAU engine or will the fuelling/mixture be all over the place? Also I’m after a 5 speed gearbox mount for my 8P box so if any of you guys/girls have 1 for sale then just let me know and I’ll have it off you! Many thanks in advance. Rich.
  25. j.hilmar.christens

    Burnt Exhaust Valves

    Here we go again! Lost whole lot when tried to make my pics smaller, so to cut to chase removed cylinder head, as you'll see burnt valves, what caused it? Common fault with 1.2 Cylinder MK7 engines? Been told supermarket fuel, servo had gone, result of timing chain stretch? Chain was changed and think was missfiring before... The final diagnosis was leak test.... Didn't seem to find prob when did compression test... Note bolts can seize and thread will either need re tapped or thread insert with special tools needed... Videos on you tube... I had 1.4 polo 2001 plate, never had this problem.. This polo done over 100k, been told frequent oil changes important too as its timing chain.. Every 5k? I'm curious others out there what experience you've had with this MK7... Mechanic still rebuilding, took most of day to break... Any idea how long it should take to break and rebuild? Was quoted £300 for labour from another mechanic... Recon was £340....
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