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Found 21 results

  1. The exhaust on my '84 mk2 polo seems to have a lot of play. When going over a bigger bump or hole in the road I get a terrible screeching noise of metal on metal. My guess is the muffler slams the body, the 2 old donut rubbers that it hangs by are very worn. A parts dealer in my area gave me new rings, OEM-matched using my number plate. But the new rubbers seem smaller and are nowhere as flexible as the old ones. Wrong part? I can't possible put on both rubbers now by hand, there is way too much tension.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get an exhaust for my mk2f saloon? Theres seems to be plenty of mk2 coupe and breadvan exhausts around, but i cant seem to find any for a saloon. I am planning on putting a new stainless manifold on and would like the pipe to be 2" all the way, but i don't know if this would be really hard to find? Would it be something i would have to custom-fabricate? (and buy a welder)? Thanks
  3. Not so much a problem as a mild annoyance - changed the downpipe/cat comination recently for a new stainless job and it sounds like a bag of spanners on large throttle openings or when idling cold - video doesn't give the full effect but you can hear the diesel-like raspy tapping from the downpipe: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CNuLa-CBWpEVlgUjvHZxeur9f0MSG5xt Just really raspy. Had a hunt around old posts and its most likely just the stainless is harder than the old mild steel pipes and resonating at higher frequencies? Seeing as its stainless would exhaust wrapping be safe and maybe dampen some of those raspy notes? Just a bit miffed that after all that work getting it running so sweet and efficiently it sounds like a cantankerous old man!
  4. thetj31


    The exhaust on my 2003 Volkswagen Polo FSI Sport is already worn out. What brand of exhaust kit should I replace it with. I don't like anything that's too loud. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi all . I am after another 4-2-1 exhaust manifold for my gt bread but want one with the boss for the lamba ? I have one on my gt coupe with lamba boss already in but I brought it off someone on here quite a few years ago, Regards and thank you.
  6. 6n2, 1.4, 8 valve, petrol Hopefully going to get a new flex pipe welded in the front section before replacing the two rear sections. A few questions. Exhaust assembly paste - recommendations for easy assembly AND disassembly? Might want to disassemble again soon to take sump off and clean out. Want to use this style of clamp as original from VW: Do these actually need assembly paste they seem so snug? What do I do with the normal, female, outer end on the replacement exhaust section - just cut it off? I only ask cos it means there will be a bit of a gap between the two pipes (maybe up to 10 mm) - if you think about where you'd have to cut the female section. What sort of torque on the four nuts securing the front section to the exhaust manifold? Many thanks all!
  7. Just a quick question.. about to buy an exhaust that's come off a MK2 breadvan, would it fit on my 2f coupe? Or would I have to make adjustments?
  8. Zeeuk1

    My Polo

    Hey! I'm a new member of ClubPolo.co.uk. Here's my 1994 MK2F 1.3 Polo.
  9. My aex polo has been Really loud since I bought it. Doesn’t bother me and sounds nice going through tunnels, however The mot is coming up next month and I’m worried it won’t pass on this. ive been under the car with a bit of hose and can’t seem to find any exhaust leak, but I suspect the inside of my backbox has completely rusted out. It rattles a lot when I Shake it, sounds like a bag of peas. Would I need to replace the backbox to pass an mot or is it only leaks they’re checking for? Cheers
  10. Hi so over the weekend i managed to fit my 4-2-1 branch manifold on my gt and imasaf full exhaust system from Germany and i must say its a vast improvement . So I'm looking on advice on what other improvements i can make ? Advice is welcome please. Is it advisable that i use exhaust tape what ever its called on the 4-2-1 manifold ? might be difficult now its in but sure i can manage if needed. Thank you.
  11. Hello all, Sorry if this has been covered before. There is loads of stuff in the archives about anti roll bars but couldn't find exactly what I'm after. The Questions: Do I need to drop the exhaust any to fit a replacement bar? I guess axle stands are better than ramps for this job - with it being suspension? The car: 6N2, AKK 60 Bhp engine, 1.4, 8 valve, petrol. Anti roll bar: 18mm Have a much better condition bar I want to fit and new drop links. Many thanks in advance. Simon
  12. Hi all I replaced my rear exhaust back box rubber hangers last year after mot and 12 months later one has almost snapped and other one is one its way out. So looking for better replacement as sick of changing them every 12 months. Many thanks.
  13. I'm looking for the rear box hanger repair brackets that vw heritage sell but they don't have any in stock, does anyone know if anywhere else sells them? Many thanks, Michael.
  14. Hi I own a 1995 6n polo and was looking for good sounding exhausts that fit my car if anyone has any recommendations It would be much appreciated, it doesn't matter how much it costs
  15. Dubfather

    What manifold?

    Hi all! im in the process of turbocharging my stock 1045cc motor ?? no judging....it was a free car and doing it for a bet with a jap driving mate lol need a short manifold for the exhaust that doesn’t go into a collector under the engine like the normal manifold, as I need to mount a flange on it in front of the block to bolt the turbo to. Done some googling and drawn a blank so does anyone know if there is anything in the VW parts bin from other models/marques that will mount up and do the job? come across a few mk3 1.3 golf ones that are the right type but not sure if the studs etc will work. want to avoid having one custom made if poss....trying to keep the whole build to under a grand ?
  16. The exhaust on my 6n2 gti is on its last legs and was wondering if anyone knew of a decent aftermarket system that isn't loud? Can't seem to find an awful lot for it.
  17. Hi i would like a 4-2-1 exhaust but can not fine one with boss for lamba sensor ?
  18. Hi i have a 1.4 3 door 85bhp polo 11 plate i want tips on how to make my exhaust louder any tips?
  19. Hello guys. After some help on my rebuild. I hve a polo Gt coupe and I'm wondering Has anywone fitted a stainless steel exhaust recently? Found anywhere selling them that are good. The ones from Germany on eBay look dodgy and expensive. Or is a exhaust specialist for a bespoke exhaust the way?
  20. Hi everybody, I am planning on upgrading my aav engine to a abd engine. For now i have to keep the budget low, because my wallet is on intensive care. My plan is to use a abd lump and combine it with a g40/3f exhaust and perhaps a abd/abu cam. The best manifold to use would be a 421 manifold, but as i said the wallet is on intensive care. So for now i am going to use the aav manifold. But i saw a abd exhaust manifold, does anyone know if that manifold can be mated with the 3f/g40 exhaust? Because the abd lump was in the golf, it might be a pain in the ass to fit it with a polo exhaust?
  21. Dellis0227

    Mk2f cat delete

    Hi there need some advice / help i am wanting to do a cat delete on my polo mk2f but dont want it to sound raspy, has anyone done this and can tell me or send video of what it sounds like ? cheers Dan
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