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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. I know there is a lot of information on here already about the subject but I'm afraid I haven't been able to find the right information for my specific set up by searching previous threads. I'll be putting a GT cam in my mk2 in a couple of weeks and want to make sure I've got all the parts ready before I start. I'm confident that I can do the cam swap with my previous experience and the guide in faq. What I'm still stuck with is the fuel pump. Most of the info on here relates to what to use if you're running bike carbs, but I've got a weber carb (28/32 iirc) and don't know what pressure I need. I've spoken to a friend who says the pressure on facet pumps is adjustable but from what I've seen this isn't the case. I've also looked at the specs of the standard mech pump which says at 1000rpm it pumps at.0.20 - 0.25 bar. Which is a useful starting point but this presumably increases with revs. I've also read about using a ways of dealing with excess fuel, my carb definitely has a fuel in pipe and a second pipe that returns fuel to the tank. I have always referred to this second one as fuel return. Does this mean that I can have a set pressure fuel pump which may pump too much but any unused fuel will be returned to the tank anyway? If that's the case what bar / psi facet pump should I be looking for? Links would be appreciated. (all these questions and I haven't even got to the inertia switch yet) 😣
  2. Hi everyone. I think my fuel pump is dead. At first I thought I'd ran out of fuel so put 2 Jerry cans in but still won't start. You here the pump prime when turn the ignition on but if disconnect the hose at the the inlet only get fuel if you suck it I don't recommend this! I know I can't get a new like for like so will need to use a universal. Any suggestions or advice would be a great help please. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi Does anyone know the part number or where to get the o-ring that seals the mechanical cam driven fuel pump. It sits over number 4 plug and is leaking onto it. I ordered one 052127311 and it is too large if indeed the correct one was in the packet. The one sent is the largest at about 45mm OD I am after the smaller one please. Luke
  4. Hello everyone! I'm having some mysterious issues with my car after the swap. I swapped everything, it has the GTI fuel pump, but still has a rough idle when cold, and poor perfomance even when the engine is at it's operation temp, and it cranks for 3-4, even 5 secs before it starts the engine.It struggles at higher rpms, and has a top speed of 150 km/h instead of 200 km/h. I replaced almost every sensor I could, it's definitely not the lambda sensor, or the crankshadt pos. sensor. Even replaced the coolant temp sensor. I noticed that I have a grey 167 fuel pump relay with 4 legs instead of a black 410 with 8 legs. The guy who made the wiring, didn't notice the different relay. Can this be the cause of my problem? Or could the VVT actuator failure cause this? Thanks for the help!
  5. I've broken down and I suspect the in line fuel pump on my 92 gt as the note of the pump seems to have changed. ive checked that both pumps have power. That the lift pump is supplying petrol to the accumulator by disconnecting the inlet pipe that petrol is arriving at the inlet to the in line pump, again by disconnecting the fuel line When I disconnect the out from the in line pump, prime and crank the engine, no petrol is coming out. So to me this says the pump is knackered but I just wondered does the pump need to be in a pressurised system to work or should petrol be flying out everywhere? thanks for any help andrew
  6. So I bought a polo 6n2 gti had I'd running for a few minutes then shut if off. Pulled the clutch cable from behind the engine and broke a ht lead (which has Been repaird) went to start the car again won't start. Fuel pump not coming in, Fuse had blown, Changed this and still not coming in. Could I have pulled something of the back of the engine will dining and pulling the clutch cable? Or would it be immobiliser? I spray some break cleaner into filter and it goes to start
  7. Help!!! Hi all, purchased a mk2 1989 Breadvan a few weeks ago as a rolling project for my 2 sons. Great little car in nice condition and it was running like a little sewing machine until this weekend. I filled up at the local garage and 3 miles later the kangarooing started. It idles fine but has a dead spot as you take off in first, has stalled unless you floor the accelerator, and then is very jumpy up through the gears. It runs better at speed in 4th gear but is rough everywhere else. Ive checked the plugs and they look nice and clean, all leads are ok too. I'm thinking crap in the fuel lines, filter and/or pump and maybe blocked jets in the carb. Any advice before I begin to strip things out appreciated. cheers.
  8. TornadoRedTed

    Fuel Pump Problems

    Help! I've just completed a cylinder head gasket change on my 86c Coupe S with the 1272cc 40kw (54bhp) MH code engine. After re-assembly and first test fire I have no fuel being drawn through the system. I have taken the fuel pump off and operated it by hand (its the mechanical variety) and it works no problem. Which means the cam is not operating the fuel pump. This leads me to believe that there is a follower or rod in between the fuel pump and cam shaft that I have some how lost in the process. If this is the case does anyone know where I can find a new one? Or if anyone else has had this issue, please advise, I'm a bit stuck.
  9. Hey guys wondering if you could help, my bready has been messed with and has at least 3 different fuel pumps (1 Connected, 2 Not) but the connected one is too high pressured when it is on but doesn't allow anything through when it's off, guessing previous owner has fitted this when another broke, long story short was wondering what fuel pumps you had in place so I could just go back to factory? Thanks in advance, Ben ? PFA
  10. hello everyone, i am new to the forum and this is my first post, so if i drop this in the wrong place please forgive me, i have been reading the forum for long time every now and them when a small problem occur on my 2001 1.4mpi 6n2 polo, recently i've been experiencing some scarry symptoms with the car: - first of them is the car is loosing power so agresively, is like a massive missfire(no engine light on) it seems like someone throw an anchor for a second or two and is back to normal after - second one is that the car is stalling while i am driving it, it feels like fuel is cut off, everything electric is on, just engine is stalling, and it is a smooth stop no jerking, engine is starting fine after, again no engine light on, somethime at higher speed i manage to start it without stoping, there is no pattern to it like low rpm or idle, i had it stalling at 60mph, it died on me at the traffic light when idling, when changing gears and so on - third one which i noticed after i changed the fuel filter and the air filter is that when the car "missfires" if i manage to press the clutch and acelerate at the same time to increase rpm the engine seems like is dying /straining but comes back to normal without stalling car is staring and idling normal no problem with that, no funny noise, i changed the fuel pump relay and checked the fuel pump fuse, pump is making the normal noise at start now i was thinking next step to change the fuel pump in the hope that it might be the culprit, i managed to get to the top of the fuel pump without removing it and i found something strange, i have the normal black and blue pipes and power suply conector and in addition i have two pipes crosing the fuel pump without conecting to the pump they just cross ontop of it from the passenger side to driver or the other way round however you want to look at it, the two pipes one is white ribbed like texture while the other one is black what do you guys might think whould create these symptoms? and is it a good ideea to change the fuel pump? at the moment i am trying to fix the issue eliminating what i think it might be the cause one by one, starting with thea easiest/cheapest, the fuel filter, which didnt do much, to fix the problem, and what do you think those two pipes are the black and white? once again there is no codes picked up on my basic code reader and no engine management on when symptoms happen thank you very much and i am waiting for your sugestions/advice
  11. My 6n2 has a fuel pump / fuse / relay issue. The car sat idle for a few years and the fuel went bad. Starting it would take 30 seconds of cranking if not started every day. I would dilute the bad fuel with new fuel. Now I've registered the car and put a full tank of fuel in. The car went well for one trip and now won't start. It cranks but no firing. I suspect the pump has gone. It blew fuse #40 which I have replaced but with no joy. With the ignition turned on, there's no voltage at the sending unit plug. There's also no voltage at fuse #40. I suspect the fuel pump brought down the fuse and the relay, but I'm guessing. I looked at this post http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=342585 which says that the fuel relay is the top left one. But I have no relay at that position. I only have 19 and 410 on the top right, and 100 on the bottom. The Haynes manual doesn't have a wiring diagram for fuel delivery. Any help with which relay is for the fuel pump would be most appreciated.
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