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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, guys. I'm continuing the restoration of my breadvan and currently am at the gearbox stage. The issue is - the shifter itself has a lot of play when in gear. I don't know if that's normal or not since the car is older than I am and perhaps I'm asking too much of it. But still, it has a lot of play when in gear and the shifting accuracy is balls. By that I mean that you don't really ever know if you shifted into reverse or first, or first or third because of that play. (the reverse plastic "wall" on the shifting rod is broken this is why you can mistake it for the first) So if
  2. Hi guys, Broke down road side and had an RAC come and do a road-side repair, i'm now struggling to find a replacement for what he replaced. You're looking at the end of one of the gear linkages which come from the gear knob. You can see he put a piece of metal in the gap, between the cable/rod and the nut on the right. I'm assuming to stop the cable/rod popping off the nut on the end. Any ideas what this part is called / part numbers? really struggling to find anything other than the full cable which doesn't look like it comes with it!
  3. Hi, I'm on here after a very frustrating few days looking for gearboxes. I have a 1.4 tdi diesel polo with the gearbox code JHG and am struggling to find one with a matching code that isn't overseas or ridiculously expensive. Is there other codes that would also fit my model? Or is there another car with the same kind of gearbox that would work the same? Or would I be better paying to get it repaired rather than replacing the whole thing? Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone. It's been a while since last time I came here looking for solutions for my 2000 6N2 GTI gearbox. Basically, at the moment I have my Polo at the mechanic for an engine rebuild, I also decided to take apart the gearbox that I'm currently running at, a 085 DKG gearbox from a 1.0 6n as I made a little crack in the housing near to the mount days before the rebuild. The gearbox is very short ratio, it is fun in the mountains but quite annoying on motorways. So I thought about changing the final drive of the actual box to a diff/ pinion from a 1.4 engine, so it can get a little bi
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if the 085 transmissions (in this specific case, it's on a Mk2 with a 2G engine) ever came with a digital speed sensor? I want to get a digital speedo from one of these boxes for a project I'm working on. I think they were used in Mk3s and Mk4s as well, right? I'm having trouble finding info on them.
  6. Libertycann

    Faulty gearbox?

    I don’t really know much about cars. I’ve got a 56 plate polo and I haven’t done any mods to it except my boyfriend put an induction kit on it the other week. I’ve noticed that a few times before and since that my car will stall after I start it up without any feet on any peddles or in gear. Today and yesterday I’ve noticed a couple times that when I put my car in second it either slipped out of gear or something because the shifter would shake and obviously I couldn’t accelerate but it didn’t look like it was in neutral. I’m worried that my gearbox is faulty or something but I’m hoping that I
  7. Hi, My gearbox seems to be on its way out, unfortunately I have a 9n3 1.6 sport. I wanted to know if I can replace the gearbox with any others from other 9n3 models and engine. I know the transmission code is JHL but that's about it. Hopefully a replacement which will just swap right in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all, I’ve recently purchased an NZ 1.3 with a 5 speed 8P gearbox and am looking to change it out for the 1.0 AAU lump that’s in my 94 bready at the moment. The NZ unit I have has only done 45,000 miles so apart from doing the obvious (cambelt/water pump etc) while the engine is out of the car would you guys recommend any other checks/replacements? Unfortunately the NZ didn’t come with inlet/exhaust manifolds and I was wondering if I can use the existing set up I have from my AAU engine or will the fuelling/mixture be all over the place? Also I’m after a 5 speed gearbox mount for my 8P box s
  9. I got it in my head that I need to check the gearbox oil. I know that the box is getting tired, but I thought it might be a sensible thing to do. Looking at haynes, there is not a lot of information on how to do this. Is this even a sensible thing to do? I've noticed that there's a plastic plug that is very loosely covering a hole. It's on the top-front of the gearbox/clutch housing. What is this for? https://imgur.com/a/r8ExSnc
  10. I appreciate that this probably isn't normal fodder for the forum so please bear with me. My daughter , god bless her, decided that the dipstick was an unnecessary accessory and although no oil registered on the dipstick it really wasn't a problem. So after a 10 mile journey to the beach and back the cam now sounds like a machine gun. The Polo is a 2006 1.2 6v and admittedly drank oil like a thirsty glass blower, didn't leak it nor did it throw out clouds of blue smoke? The upshot is I have located a car with a 12v engine and wondered would an engine swap be viable and what would it entai
  11. polo coupe bitch

    085 OR 02T?

    well its been a while since i was last on here!! originally joined in 2009 with a coupe, now a mk1 astra, 3 coupes, a nova and an e30 later i'm back in a breadvan! surprise surprise the box is bust..... if anyone knows the type that would be lovely as im ordering 5th gear repair kit, would it be 085 or 02T for mine? its a 92, 1.3 86cf box.
  12. Hi. I have made the dreaded mistake of removing the star-headed bolt on the front on the gearbox (1991 polo 1L, 4 speed), thinking that it was the oil filler plug. Now 1st and 2nd gears are very stiff to select. This is a well-known mistake (as I have recently discovered through google), apparently that bolt holds a selector plate in place. The general advise is that the gearbox will have to be removed and opened up to fix it. Does anyone have any other , less difficult/expensive suggestions to fix it? I'm sure someone here must have experienced this. Could I remove
  13. Hi, I have recently put my coupe S Gt on the road with the original coupe S gearbox. The gearbox gave up on me at the weekend, so I'm now looking for a replacement. Finding a GT 'box is not looking likely at the moment. Can anyone advise a decent box to match with GT? I would prefer something that will be a straight swap. Gearbox codes and what car they can be found in would be perfect. Cheers Boab
  14. Hey guys, Just asking what grade of oil I should run on the 085 gearbox on an 6n2? I know the VW stuck 75w90 and the boxes crap out but I've heard people run 80w90 and have had no issues? I just want my chocolate gearbox to last me.
  15. Hi folks Recently picked up this 5 speed box for my Polo as a spare part. I've cleaned it up a bit to try and see the code but the numbers/letters I can make out don't seem to tally to any of the codes I've seen that were used in the Mk2/3 Polo's. Does any have an idea what it might be? To me it looks like 8CWN??075 TIA
  16. Hi, I've got a flapping sound coming from my clutch/ gearbox on my 2000 polo 6n2 afk engine type (never buy an afk engine! ggggrrrr) When the engine is in neutral driving or stationary there's no odd sounds (sounds sweet as a nut, no tapping nothing :) neither on tick over or revs :) When any gear is engaged you can here the flapping, at any speed 😞 But when you engage the clutch the sound is gone 😕 Bit odd any ideas?
  17. Misterbashi

    New member

    Hi All, Just a quick intro, I'm here as I'm helping a friend keep his Mk2 Polo on the road... he's not the most internet savvy! I've had numerous VWs along the road... Mk1&2 Golfs, Mk2 Polo Coupe, Vento, Bora... so know my way around a bit. I'm looking for a 4 Speed gearbox for his car, and this seemed like a great place to start.
  18. Hi guys bought a lovely wee 6n2 polo at auction. It's a 1.4 16v I believe. Drives great apart from when I go to select 5th gear it just wont go in and grinds. I can see it has been leaking gearbox oil. Is it a case of a new gearbox or can this be fixed
  19. So I'm (thankfully) down to just the selector shaft seal leak on my '93 Polo now and want to have a crack at replacing it next week. I've got an OEM seal and 3l of oil - do i need a replacement bush as well? One of these guys? https://www.vwheritage.com/001301209-guide-bush-for-gearbox-selector-rod-vw-spare
  20. Any ideas of the strongest box for an 86c 1.3. Or where I can get uprated gear set.
  21. Hi there, Running a polo 6n2 1.0 Y reg with only 60k miles. Recently noticed a whining noise in 5th and a bit of movement when going on and coming off the throttle. Pal advised me to change oil but haven't got round to it. However last night something went as I was on the motorway in 5th. Car still goes into every gear and drives fine but in 5th there is a crunching/grinding noise when driving. Excuse my lack of basic knowledge but can anyone tell me what might be wrong and what might need fixed? Cheers
  22. So, I’m looking at buying a 2000 6n2, 1.0 mpi. Apparently it “needs a new gearbox” but have also been told “it was stuck in gear, and could be a selector issue”. Now, this car will be a track car (keeping the 1.0 mpi) and potentially a daily (whilst my T4 gets some much needed loving). So what gearbox would be best? I am assuming the gear ratios are different from the 1.0 to the 1.4? Will a diesel gearbox fit - and are there any benefits, or boxes to avoid? Anywhere I can find the ratios of the 6n2 boxes? Many thanks in advance, pi
  23. Hi all. Anyone know someone that sells or wants to sell a refurbed gearbox for a 2001 Polo 6n2 GTI 16v. My gearbox bearing failed and the bearing parts has gone into the gears and made a right mess of it. Any help on this would be massively appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi what gearbox oil grade do I need for 2001 polo 9n 1.4 TDI PD (Sports), engine code AMF. Is it worth buying from euro car parts or should I just buy from VW dealers? thanks
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