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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All I should start by saying that I'm not particularly into cars or the mechanical side of things but I thought I'd treat myself to a bit of luxury after going through two highly reliable Ford Ka's that got me the short distance to and from work without kerfuffle for 15 years. In May 2018 I picked up my brand new SEL. I immediately noticed that the 1st & 2nd gears were quite difficult to engage on occasion particularly when compared to 3-6 that were/are very smooth. Basically, they were crunching. I put this down to the car being brand new and running in. After several weeks though I took it back to the dealership and they said it was just a running in issue. I got to about 1,000 miles a few weeks later and returned the car as gears 1 & 2 were still crunching. I subsequently booked it in for an inspection and they said that there was a fault and replaced the clutch. Obviously I wasn't too chirpy about this as by this point I had only driven about 1,500 miles although I was relieved that the issue was supposed to have been solved. (I bought a VW because I thought they were supposed to be reliable). Initially gears 1 & 2 were better after the new clutch was fitted but the crunching has now returned. I now have about 2,500 miles on the clock. Obviously, this is a concern! Interestingly, the basic Golf that I was given as a courtesy car when they were fitting the new clutch also had 'sticky' 1 & 2 gears although they weren't crunching. This car was a few years old with about 25,000 miles on the clock. Due to my lack of mechanical prowess I don't want to be fobbed off when I return to the dealership yet again. I would appreciate your views please. Ta Sheps
  2. Hello! I have my first car, a 2006 1.4 petrol, which has a full 12 year service history, stamped etc, clutch under 1yr old, cambelt only recently changed, and has been serviced in the past 6 months. It's been taken care of, with some seemingly sensible owners in the past. I also have not made any physical adjustments to the car. I have 2 problems, which may or may not be linked, so I decided to put them in one thread: 1) Rev Issue when pulling away 2) Gear change issue Rev Issue when pulling away So my car sits idle fine, however when I put my foot on the accelerator, say 1 inch down, the revs take 3-4 seconds to build up - there is also no give between being at 1000 revs and shooting up to 3000. It also fluctuates loads. This is a much different experience from the 2.0L Audi A3 Diesel I practiced in, where you'd put your foot down an inch and the revs would hit 1400 straight away with no fluctuation. This problem is also intermittent, especially after not driving the car for a while (overnight, end of work etc) or when performing a hill start from a junction. I could put my foot down slightly, nothing happens, then i put it down a bit more and suddenly I'm at 3500 revs. When I lift the clutch, the revs suddenly drop - sometimes I have to drop the clutch back down to stop it from stalling. It also can judder a lot. I've tried pulling away with much higher revs, but they almost always seem to drop down below 800 when I get past the bite. The only method which seems to work sometimes is to keep increasing the accelerator whilst lifting the clutch, but this is not ideal at all. During the service (at a garage I 100% trust) they noticed that an air pipe leading into the engine had supposedly come lose, which they refitted. This made the experience slightly better, but not much. Gear change issue I bought this up with my garage when I had the cambelt and auxiliary changed, and they said that I should see how it goes over the next few weeks. It's not got worse, however it's definitely not got better. This happens most often in 2nd gear, and sometimes in 1st - the gear isn't located properly. I have to properly make sure that it is in place before I lift the clutch, otherwise it'll grind and go crazy (as you'd expect). It can also pop back into neutral. I also noticed, that when my clutch is completely down, and I feel my gear stick, I can feel a force juddering it slightly when in 1st - surely this should be completely still when my clutch is disengaged? I had my suspicions that the clutch was too loose and not disengaging the gear correctly. I don't know much about cars but it seems plausible. The actual gear change also feels like I'm grinding something, again when I'm in 2nd gear. Unlike the smooth change from 4th to 5th, 1st to 2nd is very un-smooth (so is 3rd to 2nd). I've likely missed an important piece of information out, so if I have then please let me know. As I said, I'm pretty new to car mechanics but I have initiative to google anything technical you mention and work it out so you don't have to teach me like I'm five I look forwards to hearing your advice Luke
  3. So I was driving down the motorway today, took my foot of the accelerator and I could hear this grinding noise. When I accelerate again, the noise goes away. The noise also goes away if i'm off the accelerator and I put the clutch down. Sounds to me as though two cogs are grinding together or kind of like the noise that the pointer makes on the wheel of fortune . All jokes aside, i'm hoping this is nothing serious but a friend of a friend (VW mechanic) has said that purely from my description, it sounds like a gearbox issue - *touches wood*. Any help would be much appreciated! Gunna get it down to my local garage ASAP but in the meantime would like to get a rough understanding of what it could be. Thanks!
  4. Good afternoon all, After I finished work last night, I quickly realised that I was unable to put the car into 1st, 2nd or reverse gear. Luckily I managed to crawl home in 3rd & 4th. The clutch feels fine and the pedal box was replaced only a few months ago (I have checked this too and it's not cracked). I don't know anything about gearboxes or gear linkages. My Haynes manual doesn't give me much information about this either. Is this a common fault? Does anyone know how to fix this? Cheers Ben
  5. Hi guys, I have posted on here before regarding this issue, but I've had more of a look at the car now, based on previous comments. Basically, when driving from cold, the car is pretty much spot on gear change wise, the linkage noise is a bit more apparent than in other cars but that's about it. Once it's warmed up, it's like a totally different car. The clutch pedal goes stiff, and it creaks pretty badly, it hates downshifting (when turning in/approaching a roundabout etc). It also crunches into gear quite often, and there is a whine when decelerating. If I'm at a set of lights, it won't go into first unless I press the pedal a couple of times. The next day, once it's cooled down, it's fine again. It never pops out of gear, and the clutch doesn't slip. Once in gear it drives fine apart from the whining. We jacked it up and checked the level, fluid came out of the fill hole quite a lot, so we drained about 1/2 a litre until it trickled out, the fluid looked pretty fresh, when I bought the car the previous owner had clearly kept his eye on it, as he gave me some fluid with it. My mate adjusted my clutch cable at the same time, and it seemed a lot better, but again once it had warmed up it went back to being a massive annoyance! The clutch cable is pretty new, but I didn't fit it Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I've had one of these before, and whilst it changed gear fine, it did whine. Part of me thinks the whining is gearbox related, and the rest is another issue. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi there! this is my first thread and I need help! I have a seat Arosa mk1...same as vw polo 6n1 1.0L and rod type linkage! ...club Lupo seems to be dead so I thought here is my best option! The car is an autosolo car - not a road car so doesn't have to be mot/nct, in Ireland the car doesn't even need to be registered to enter! anyway... Me and my friend put a new clutch in that we got from a scrappy! all good! we got the car rolling again and all gears were good but reverse just isn't there, right before the clutch went the gear linkage went so the one in the car is another one from a scrap yard ( we are both 16 and money is tight ) we have played around with the gear linkage under the car holding the gear stick etc everything that I have found from googleing! but still no luck ! we need reverse because if we mess up we will have egg on our face trying to push it back, although it's very light hahah, but what could it be? do I keep messing with the gear linkage? or is the one I have from the scrap yard too long from being stretched in the car it came out of? also where the gear linkage connects to the sub fame that connection is broken! but when got the car reverse was working fine without it being connected to that? what is the problem here? I need to get it working in under 30 days because the last round of the championship is on! thanks for reading and if you can shed any light on my issue that would be much appreciated!
  7. Hello I just bought my first car with manual transmission. VW Polo 1.2 petrol 2006 (6n3) I have a lot of driving experience but not much with a manual. The transmission itself is not a problem but I'm concerned with fuel economy. Right now I'm getting about 8.5-9L/100km in the city, so it could definitely be better. So my question is, At what RPM should I switch gears? I try to keep the rpm a little above 2000 while driving at a steady speed. Is this right, or could I go below 2000? Normally at city speeds (50km/h or 30mph) my rpm is at 2100-2400 with 3rd gear. I've noticed that I switch to 4th when the speed is at about 58km/h (36mph) and the rpm is at about 2700. Thanks in advance if someone is willing to answer. Might be a stupid question but answers would help alot...
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