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Found 23 results

  1. Hello just wondering if anyone can help, i have got a 1989 mk2 polo coupe S, I recently did an engine swap for a mk1 golf 1.3 on suzuki bike carbs. The only issue i am having is getting the original polo ignition loom to work with the mk1 golf distributor as my polo was originally electronic ignition and had a 3 prong plug where as the golf distributor is points and condenser with just a single plug (shown in picture) i have tried swapping the distributor but it does not fit and i am not able to swap the plug over on the distributor housing. Just wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem👍🏼 Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello all, this is my first time posting to this forum. I currently drive a 1998 golf MK3 1.6 cl which has the AEE lump. Recently it has started burning oil and producing blue smoke. I have managed to buy a replacement 1.6 AEE engine from a 1999 S reg polo 6n1 automatic. looking at the engines I can see that the blocks have slightly different mounting holes for the gearbox bell housing bolts. I know that the polo uses the 085 box and the MK3 uses an 02K DGH box. Is there a possibility that the polo engine could work with the 02K gearbox with a few missing bolts? Or do I now have a rather large AEE paper weight 😂😂😫 Thank you!
  3. squareback89

    MK2f or older(Will also consider mk2 Golf)

    Time Left: 4 hours and 52 minutes

    • WANTED
    • USED

    I am back in the market for a polo after about 5 years. Looking for a reliable daily driver with >6 months MOT - sub £1000(wow have these things gone up in price?!), the standarder the better! Based in the south east so let me know if you know of anything for sale in the area :)


    , Surrey, Hants

  4. Time Left: 25 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Genuine VW caddy pickup 1.9D Manual gearbox MOT until January 2020 Mileage is 105,575 miles but will rise slightly as I'm using this as a daily driver. V5 with a few MOT's present. All history available online. 2 x Keys. This is a very reliable truck (bought from Essex and did not skip a beat down the motorway or back road) The only thing that didn't survive was the after market cassette player so currently has no ICE. Handles like a little go cart!! it is great fun to drive. Doesn't smoke, starts first time every time (once the coil has warmed up) New Tonneau cover fitted. Truck is lowered on springs (great for fast cornering) 15" alloys fitted (not very DUB) I did put my Polo GTI alloys on (BBS) but they will be going back onto the polo. The Caddy is 20 years old, and is showing its age in the usual places. Slight surface rust on the arches and above the windscreen. Also a couple of random patches around the body work and doors. This is all superficial. Nice straight bed, but again has superficial rust in places that do not affect the car, but look tatty and could do with a tidy. My plan was to remove the load liner and repair/ repaint the truck. The truck has recently had the rear top mounts fully welded and plastidipped for a good seal. Looks scruffy! but could easily be sorted. Track rod end (Wishbones) replaced on the 15th April (This cost me £260) Tow bar removed with professionally blanked electronics (Cost me £60). The tow bar is included in the sale however. Only selling as I bought this on a whim while my wife was at work as a run about/show car for me and a second car for her. However she really doesn't like it. So its got to go unfortunately. I have wanted one since I was about 15, so I am glad I can say I owned one. This will make a great running project for someone. But unfortunately it wont be me. Ready to drive away with that long MOT. Any questions please ask. Genuine interest only, I will get back to you asap. I am a working dad to 2 (almost 3!!) kids so time is precious. SWAPS SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED Thanks G 07557 509 785


    Southampton - GB

  5. Hi there, New to this forum, looking for a little help. I just got a 91' Polo GT and the seats are worse for wear, wanted to change them out maybe put some leathers. Ive read on loads of forums that corrado seats will fit in the front, easy swap. Ive also read that mk4 golf seats can swap into a corrado, easy swap. Does that mean I can slap mk4 golf leather seats in my 86 polo? (I understand that it will sit higher than normal) Please advise
  6. rhyscmorgan

    Mk5 Golf Seats in 6N2

    I’ve got a set of Mk5 Golf GTI seats to replace my battered standard seats in my 6N2. Ive heard some Mk2 Polo subframes should fit. Is anyone more the wiser? Or ideally would anyone see and issue with putting the sub frames I have on my seats at the moment onto the Golf ones? Cheers
  7. Hi guys i know iv been quiet on here for a very long time sins i sold my last polo which i dropped the GT engine in but now im back with a question for the guru's here as i have found a lot of conflicting information scattered about the internet regarding this. First of all let me start out by saying im looking at doing about 3 different engine conversions at the moment and dont want to waste my time / effort on the polo if its not going to work anyway as i have a e36 BMW to take a 318i 8v engine out of and put a 318is 16v stroked engine in for definite. Along with that i may be helping a mate of mine convert his k10 micra 1.2 to a 1.6 from a almera. Which leaves me with 2 possible engine swaps which only 1 of can be done. Iv got a 1.6 AEE MPI engine which has some kind of performance cam sat on my garage floor at the moment which came from a 1996 mk3 golf which i stripped kept the engine as i know the AEE is known as a fairly tune able engine with someone pushing one to 240BHP anyway once i had a better look at it i realized it looked a lot like the AAV / 3F engines i had pulled out / put in my old polo. Then as luck would have it again a MK2F came up for sale locally and i managed to swap a BMW e36 vader full interior for it which worked out in the sellers favor anyway as he wanted £450 for the mk2f and he sold the vader interior for £750 which in my opinion is cheap still as iv seen vader interior sell for £1500+ But anyway i then started searching to see if this AEE would fit the mk2f i just acquired turns i google can't seem to find me a definite answer the closest iv got to an answer is this thread on club polo: https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/13935-converting-a-gt-to-a-14-and-16/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-1168668 Which works out well for me as i still have the mk3 golf this engine came from and i have a complete mk2f with a 1.0 AAU in which has just had a new clutch by my understanding if i fit the following parts to the AEE from the AAU it should fit: flywheel clutch starter (or possibly a slimline starter off a 1994) gearbox (wouldn't use the 4 speed off the 1.0 would use my old AAV 5spd box which only has 65k miles on it which would mean i need a 5spd gearbox mount for a mk2f) alternator pulley crank pulley bit of shaving of metal and plastic and jobs a gooden Obviously the rest of that guide i can disregard as im not converting it to a GT im just getting the AEE to fit and i have a complete engine not just a bare engine so i have the inlet manifold and everything with the engine. however im pretty sure there is going to wiring issues getting the AEE's loom to mate up with the mk2f loom and also the AAU is SPI so would need a better fuel pump for the AEE same as when i went from AAV to 3F on my old polo If for some reason someone knows why this won't work please let me know and i will just dump this AEE in another mk3 golf that has a 1.8 ADZ engine but its slow and sluggish compared to this AEE Also on another note the golf with the AEE in came with a clutch kit as the clutch had almost gone (bite right at the top of the pedal and a little slip) now luckily my mk2f had just had a new clutch before i got it but i have looked it up online and the AEE clutch is 24 tooth 200mm and the mk2f uses a 24 tooth 190mm clutch i know its a long shot but who reckons the AEE clutch disc 200mm will fit inside the mk2f 190mm pressure plate? and work as i read from somewhere the mk2f clutches don't handle the AEE power very well and burn out fast so kinda hoping if for some chance the AEE clutch disc fits the mk2f pressure plate that the extra 10mm diameter will help it cope with the power better. Thanks everyone
  8. Hi guys looking for some information about what it takes to take the vr6 engine out a mk3 golf and drop it into the 6n estate, not much coming up on the web besides a really old thread on here just showing it finished. i know the two cars run the same chassis so subframe wise it should bolt in, but i cannot think of any serious problems with swapping the engines. so can some one correct me or should it be straight front as swap the ecu and loom then swap and bolt all the engine bits across including driveshafts, only think i think may be an issue is the drive shaft spline on a vr6 would be different to the polo. if any one can shed some light onto this as im looking into buying a clean estate.
  9. Hi, I got some great advice from this forum about what to do with my OEM+ 1.3 Golf C (HK engine) project... the engine is now at Feld motorsport in Germany being taken from 55hp to circa 120, cant wait to get it back! next challenge is the gearbox, I have no idea what the best set up / options are. I have the original 4 speed but take it that the extra power it wouldn't take the extra power. What should I use? any OEM easy upgrades? Thanks Rich
  10. Has anyone got any polo 6n2 or golf mk3 seats for sale please if anyone has the mk3 golf seats in the lighter colour instead of black ??? Sorry if it's in wrong one wouldn't let me post in different forum for some reason
  11. CraigAnderson

    Money no object 9N project

    I bought a 9n polo in march that needed a new engine (AWY) so I did that and now the replacment engine(Also AWY) has just blew its head after its 3rd rebuild and so I would rather have some fun with fitting something bigger like a jet engine or a saturn 5 rocket but as they don't fit standard 02T gearbox I was thinking 1.6 8v or 20 8v from 1J golf. Am so far cost of car and engine and everything else am like £500 in the hole so rather than quit and buy something else I would rather stick something fun in it for long term as a daily runner.
  12. Hi guys, I am from TUNISIA, I bought a 2001 6N2 1.4MPI it has 65hp witch is not even close enough power. sadly in TUNISIA we don't have much to choose in the used market 1.0MPI (Tunisian specs: no air bags no abs...nothing maybe AC) so I can only engine swap it.... then again there are no 1.416V breaking to buy from so I turned my head to the only available 1.416V VW relative the MK4 GOLF. So my question is do the 1.416V unit +transmission from the GOLF MK4 drop in straight (with ECU and wiring loom) if so do the GOLF's engine mounts suffice if not what exactly should I consider
  13. vwsportsman

    mk2 polo 1.8t

    Hi all haven't posted in a while My polo has been off the road for a while now and I've had big plans but haven't been in a position to carry them out. I have settled on a 1.8t conversion mk4 golf. I'm looking for some help and advice on ideas and tips for the best way about it. Does anyone know which way to put the power down would be ie golf suspension And hubs or polo suspension . I want to add the braking system if that's possible I also want to add power steering either from the golf or someone told me there's a corsa set up which works. I will be making a build thread to go with it and any help ful information wil be appreciated.
  14. my carpet is tatty and blue in my Breadvan and I want a black one but it is a nightmare to find a carpet for the breadvan, i have found a MK2 Golf carpet. will it fit? thanks.
  15. rubbadubdub

    Mk1 Golf Driver

    Hi all I thought i would start a topic about my mk1, not a great deal of content but I'm slowly learning my way around it and changing bits and pieces, the main aim to to tidy her up a bit! I brought the car almost 2 years ago now from sheffield (I'm from leatherhead in surrey). and have hardly any problems with her other than replacing the CV Joint! anyway, some pictures from when i brought her to ash she stands today! And thats up to date! plans going forward are; - Remove the shitty tints, maybe replace all windows aswell. -Get rid of the exhaust and return to standard (the one on currently is a bodged job from previous owner!). - Either finish refurbing the ATS or purchase some banded steels/bbs splits or schmidt th lines! - Clean up the engine bay. -Fit a stereo! -Lower her more when i have sorted wheels -maybe fit series one bumpers, undecided on this though. Thanks Toby
  16. Hi! I own Polo 6n with 1.9d engine (AEF), and it is dying. I have Golf mk2 with great engine (1.6td, I think engine code is MF). My idea is to put golf engine in my polo but I do not know is it possible because AEF leans to front and has completly different engine mounts position... I have been speaking with a guy that says that polo mountings can be installed to golf engine, that there are holes, just little smaller. Any help would be appreciated . P.S. I am student in Croatia, so I would try to keep costs as low as posible.
  17. polo_p_69

    surrey/south london meet

    Hi all, i have been looking for a while now if there is any meets in the south of england? there used to be a few but all seem to be gone or are few and far between.. when i say south of england i am from croydon, but i mean anywhere in surrey, south london etc?. if there isn't any planned on a reg basis or any in the future, i think it may be a good idea to possibly start something off here now.. i go to prept all the time at brands hatch and recently went to the one at Danson stables, but was looking to do something else as well as going to these events, just a small get together for like minded people where we can enjoy each others polos, golfs and other vags or any other cars if they have a similar interest, and see what happens. if anyone has any information or anything useful for places to meet and people to come please feel free to add/say what you like, and see if we can get the ball rolling. many thanks. Lee
  18. Breadvan Princess

    Alternator compatibility.

    please let me know if I'm being a blithering fool here XD My alternator seems to have failed on my MK2 1.3 as the car has gradually failed to start after replacing the battery 1 month ago. I had a 70A alternator spare off a golf ABD which I had fitted to my (now deceased) Mk2f with ABD conversion. So I have now fitted it (using some fabrication to get the brackets to line up) to solve my problem. My question is, is this OK? Are the alternators actually compatible? It's just I notice the wiring is slightly different.. They both have a large ring terminal for power I presume, but the golf one has a two pin spade connector and the polo has an extra single ring terminal. The car runs, though whether or not the alternator is succeeding in keeping the car alive is yet to be discovered. please bear in mind that I am not a trained mechanic (rather a hobbyist) and I may well just be missing the necessary knowledge here. Any ideas appreciated. cheers :)
  19. jono1303


    Hi guys a while back I remember seeing someone's custom tweeter install using the original speaker grills in a mk2f or it might have been a golf. I can't remember weather it was a guide or just a pic but if someone could point me in the right direction I would be very thankful.
  20. jono1303

    air intake

    So I got one of these spi Golf air intakes to put a cone filter (for aesthetic purposes) but have an issue... Space. Also I've got a new webber but the air intake won't fit it only the peterburg. Any advice? Will upload a pic.
  21. jammafat

    Car buying!

    Yoooo! Just wanted people opinions/thoughts on my next car... used to have a 6n, 1.4 8v which i loved till the gearbox went Currently i have a MK5 Golf tdi but that is soon to be my girlfriends. i have a budget of about £1500 to spend on a car and was wonder what people thought of the following and which you'd personally go for... EDIT - Only have eyes for a 3 door too, not that I'm picky.... If i could find one with decent milage, i'd love a 6n again. but preferably the 1.4 16v Open air... Mk2 Golf 1.6 driver or GTi... Mk2f/Mk3 Polo Coupe 1.3... MK3 Golf 2.0 GTi... BMW E30 (any 2 door saloon, preferably hard top) Or finally a MK1 Mx5 1.6 What does everyone think? All are roughly the same to insure. Any Good/bad points about the cars would be helpful too and any helpful comments welcome! Cheers, Jamie.
  22. FreedomCore

    The "Big Dirty" MK2

    So I thought it was about time that I made myself a thread. A little about myself, I'm David, 23 and I own a mk2 Golf Ryder. Got it a little over a month ago from a scrapyard believe it or not. One previous owner, 127,000 miles. Body work is great other than some minor rust on the arches and a single dent on the rear quarter. So far I've change the indicators and side repeaters for smoked ones. Got some cheeky Hella rear lights too. Also given the whole thing a much needed t-cut and painted the bumpers and splitter back to a nice dark black. The interior just as clean as the outside. Apparently the previous owner had no wife or kid's, so it's not been abused . Looks live i dont have any pictures that are up to date. Ill get a few soon. Thats my mates MK3 Polo GT in the last pic. Current plans for the car? New speakers Lows Handling mods New exhaust Maybe a paint job, depending on the quote.
  23. I was wondering if it would be possible to swap out the polo 6n2 gear stick for one out of a golf mk4. I was sat in my friends golf and the gearstick seems a lot shorter and nicer to use rather the standard one that i have in my polo. Just wondering if anyone has done it before or whether anyone knows if it can be done. Cheers
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