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Found 9 results

  1. feeblington

    Green machine

    THIS IS MY POLO, THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS MINE. MY POLO IS MY BEST FRIEND. IT IS MY LIFE. I MUST MASTER IT AS I MASTER MY LIFE. WITHOUT ME IT IS USELESS, WITHOUT MY POLO I AM USELESS. But in all seriousness! It has a sticker for every check engine error. The boot lets in water. My front left tyre is jinxed and will forever have a slow puncture but. It has 4 working doors and a subwoofer that drains the battery if i leave it on overnight. My plan is to make it work........and preferably tint or block the rear windows so i can hide my shame. Aswell as replace the...apparently empty shock absorbers... It spends most of its life doing 40mph down country lanes and im quite surprized how well its done offroad. My only quibble...is it only has 1...very shit cup holder. If anyone has a suggestion for modification...useful or just funny im all ears. Currently my parcel shelf is alpacino 🙂
  2. OllyAutoGlanz

    AutoGlanz | Mk2f Breadvan

    Hi Guys, First off I’ll introduce myself. I'm Olly, I am the AutoGlanz "apprentice" and I own our Mk2f Breadvan project. I'm also Joe's (The Boss) younger brother. I've been lurking on here for a while now and decided it would be a good idea for us to become a sponsor. Anyway, onto the Breadvan. I bought the Breadvan back in April with the intentions of having it as my first car without doing anything to it. However, that soon changed because it wasn't a very good image for the business, and I can’t help myself. It's a 1993 1.0l Breadvan that had seen better days. The previous owner, who we know pretty well, decided it would be a good idea to attach a homemade bike rack to the roof using a drill and 8 10mm bolts. The bottom of both wings were rotten and the passenger side had taken a nice hit to the front corner of the wing. Other than that it was pretty solid and has only 57,000 on it. It did need a good clean though, but that's not a problem when you work for a car cleaning chemical company. So, at the start of May i had this great idea that we should give the car a full respray before Waxstock on the 24th July and put it on a club stand for everybody to see. Let’s just say that the idea didn't go down well with Joe to start with, but he came round and agreed to be a part of the challenge. So i started off by buying 2 new wings and removing the old ones. I then thoroughly clean the inner arches and removed all of the wax oil so that it was ready for some paint. The first real progress was made when we painted the engine bay. With the limited time available we decided against taking the engine out so we will do this when we return from Waxstock. After this I bought wheels and lowering springs and shocks. The wheels were in a bad way so they have been refurbished now. The suspension was coated in our development ceramic and were left to cure. Next up i stripped, cleaned and prepped the interior ready for Joe to apply the paint. At the same time we painted under the rear bumper and inside of the wheel wells and the insides of the wings. Next up, getting the exterior ready for paint. We started off by deleting the rear wiper. We also removed the rear arch splats and welded up the holes. While the welder was out we welded up the 8 holes from the previous owners bike rack. We then shaped the whole of the exterior of the vehicle ready for it to have a couple of coats of high build primer. Next up we fitted the suspension and gave all suspension parts a lick of paint. Here's after it was fitted. That's us pretty much up to date apart from the weekend just gone. The polo is now painted, with only just under 2 weeks until Waxstock. Thanks for reading, I'll update this when we get some more done.
  3. Ballydj91

    Green machine

    Hi all, first official thread on here. So this is my 1.6cl 6n polo project, I've yet to decide whether to rat or restore. the story so far, so I purchased this car off an old customer with a little over 61k on the clock. It had/ has a number of mechanical faults that I've already made progress on attacking some of these. cambelt & water pump (done) Head-gasket (done) thermostat (done) blocked radiator (flushed system) clutch (needed soon) faulty ignition coil (replaced) i still have a few other minor repairs and maintenance to do such as all fluids to be changed, filters, plugs etc. Once ive taken care of making sure the car runs as well as it can do I will move on to any modifications such as coilovers, wheels etc. As you'll see in the pictures all arches are badly corroded but not un-repairable. And this is why I'm undecided between rat or restore lol. Anyway heres some pics that have got so far feel free to put forward any suggestions etc as I'm always looking for fresh ideas lol. Having some difficulty uploading pics so will try to resize them and try again tomorrow.
  4. aaron_6n2

    My vw polo 6n2

    Here's my polo who has some ideas on what to do to it??
  5. AshleyStent

    Shrek-My GREEN 1.4 polo 6n2 5 dr

    Got my 1st car a thew months back haven't yet done any mods to it currently due to lack of money got my test on 19th of may aswell so money is going towards that but here is how shrek looks at the moment: Back breaks keep ceasing and electric windows do not work with the switches but do with the key in the door. Was a leak when bought but i have found the source and fixed it. Future mods: Bonnet is a slightly different shade of green so am spraying satin black Shorty wing mirrors satin black satin black gti top grill k&n induction kit angel eye headlights rear windows limo tint vw badge sprayed satin black alloys sprayed satin black lowered dont know how low yet as the 6n2's dont have a sump guard so dont want to do stupidly low but would like to get as low as possible would like black seats but not sure what ones yet. Black roof bars Any suggestions as to what to do etc are greatly appreciated updates as money becomes available will be posted!
  6. marco_polo

    Polo Estate 1.9SDI

    Evening all... So, on the death of my breadvans gearbox which decided to destroy itself, i've decided that I'll get me a nice sensible diesel as a daily while I get the bready back in the workshop for a rebuild. So heres what I got, a 2001 Polo Estate. I guess its classed as a 6n2 even though its basically the same as the 6n estase, although neither of which really look like a 6n OR a 6n2.... Whatever. ANYWAY.... It appears that the previous owner might have been a soap dodger, so, after driving it a couple of hundred mines home with my tshirt over my nose and the windows open, I arrived home scraped a good amount of the filth off...Heres what I found underneath! Incase anyone wants to know, it cost £1000 and was at just under 75k, which I didn't mind paying given that you can find ones with twice the mileage for over a grand. Stupid really. also its the SDI so its REALLY GODDAMN ECONOMICAL. Not that quick, but I'm never in too much of a hurry to get to work on early mornings anyway, so that suits me just dandy. The previous owner debadged it too, although rather than removing the carefully, they appear to have opted for donning a suit of armour, climbing on the back on a horse, and jousting them off... Needless to say, they done a shit job. I found these mk2 badges lying about, and put them on in a vain attempt to cover the gouged paint. Decided they were shit and pulled them off a few days later. Picked up some Golf MK2 GTI steels for £20 and whacked them on. Also put on some pressed metal plates. Standard. Fitted some coilovers a bit later on, I discovered that a few weeks after buying the car that the shocks were fubar so it handled SHOCKINGLY! Anyways, these coilovers were just over £200 and did the job, so we got nice and slow and stiffened things up a lot! Anyone who's ever tried to slam a 1.9sdi will know that the sump sits a good deal lower than the subframe, so to avoid battering it on the ground for now I've left it a LITTLE higher at the front untill I can do a little engine lift or grab a shallow sump! Picked up these G60 steels as i decided it to opt for 15's and a slightly lower profile tyre than on the 14" steels pictured above. I spent a LOT of time here... ...being ill-equiped. Gave away the 14" steels, so I decided to pillage these nice scalas of my mrs' polo. Also, the keen eyed readers here will see that I pulled the bump strips off the doors too! they'd clearly fallen off before at some point and the previous owner (in their infinate wisdom) decided to stick them back with what appeared to be airfix model glue. NICE WORK. ...MORE painting happened... AND TYRES!... Went with these Nankang NS1 195/45/15 cuz I'm a massive cheapskate. I've heard people giving Nankang a load of shit, but to be honest, they're decent enough! Lets face it, if you corner too hard or fast, it doesn't matter what tyres you have, you're still in trouble. So rather than spend a fortune on tyres, that may or maynot grip any better, I decided to opt for the 'sensible priced tyres and not driving like a dick' approach. So far, it works just fine! Lovely! So heres where we're at now... I can't help but feel bothered by a few bits in the paint where that laquer has peeled so i might sort them at some point, but lets face it, probably not. As my daily, I guess it'll get a bit battered anyway. I quite like it anyway, you dont seem to see too many modded polo estates about so i've enjoyed doing something a little different! =] Any suggestions/comments are always welcome! Take care, Traa for now! (p.s. sorry for some of the accidentally sideways pictures!)
  7. superb1722

    Green 6n2 polo build thread

    Hey, I've had my 6n2 about 4 months now, its a dark green 1.4, bought it completely standard, straight away ordered fk coilovers and fitted them that weekend, then picked up some 14" e30 bbs wheels and whacked them on after getting new tyres all round. Heres a few pictures from when i first got it too how it is now :)
  8. Gone to the scrap heap! Thank's all for your interest. My Polo of 4 years has unfortunately been written off after being t-boned on the drivers side at a junction (by a taxi driver of course). Only 60,000 miles on the clock & no rust, so most parts are in fine condition, except of course for the drivers side front and rear door. Window, winder, electric motor, wing mirror etc. all seem to be fine! Not interested in getting another polo so it's all to go! Happy to negotiate on all prices - in fact no price on most of it - just message me and make me an offer - first come first served. Live in central Reading - very close to M4 and decent transport links - collect any time (mostly). Happy to post bits with PayPal or bank transfer payment first EVERYTHING for sale! It's all got to go! Exceptional bits.... Just over 60,000 miles on the engine, dead quiet, regular oil change, sprayed cam/rocker cover, cam belt and water pump @ around 40,000 miles 4 week old starter motor 2 year old clutch 2 year old refurbished gearbox with recent oil change bonnet bra black rear badge new leather gear gator and knob kenwood door speakers jbl 6x9s 15" alloys with 5mm tire tread all round - bit of curb rash - fine for first driver who wants a nice looking car without pranging about curbing the alloys full tool kit 16v/glx rear bumper smoked rear lights fairly recent front disks and pads Battery not for sale
  9. Hey guys, can someone give me the name/code of, or like me to the bulb that illuminates the heater controls on the centre console? mines blown and i can't seem to find it as i don't know what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
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