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  1. Hi all, I have acquired a 3F (GT) inlet manifold with rail and injectors, the airbox with MAF, and ECU all for free. I'm looking into what else I'm going to need to convert my SPI system on my AAV, to the MPI system from the 3F. Any help will be appreciated. I know I need an engine loom if anyone has a GT loom for sale, I'm guessing I need a flange that goes on top of the throttle body. But I'm not so sure, if anyone has any diagrams also that would be very helpful! Thanks 🤟🏻
  2. So my GT has decided to stop running and when I went to start trouble shooting found no spark and that the fuel pump doesn't prime. I've got 12v at the coil and have been through and check the distributor, and had the hall sensor checked all is well there. The ECU replay clicks when ignition is turned on but fuel pump one doesn't even with a new relay, but have power at all the correct wires on the relay block for both. At this point I'm pretty confused so any help is appreciated.
  3. Snakeaids

    Gt on carbs?

    The previous owner of my polo ran the engine dry and the engines completely welded, I have been looking for a replacement engine and the closest one to me is a guy saying that he has a 1.3L Gt engine which should run on carbs. My car is a polo mk2 ranger which already has a 1.3 in it, i was wondering if the GT would be a straightforward swap, or would I need to change things?
  4. Hi, As per title. Who is the OEM for Radiators - in-particular G40 Where is a good place to buy one now ? Part no is: 867121253AB And who else makes half decent rads?
  5. derpzila

    Derp's Loon

    Hello! Been a while since I bothered to post on any car forum's or blog anything or really interact with the world online but thats another story , figured I'd stick a post on here and see what I get back. Bought this little mk2 Saloon about 2 year ago and drove it 400 odd mile in the middle of the night with out really looking at it or knowing much about the car - was told some stuff about it which I allways take with a pinch of salt but this time turned out to be true - which is/was nice! First photo is what It looked like when I got it home. Was told, and now can confirm - 1.4 ABD engine, high lift cam, and GT injection set up with a 4 branch and chipped ECU to raise the rev limiter. Since I've had it Iv swapped out the shocks front and rear - rebuilt most the ignition system , replaced quite a bit of the wiring and most the sensors on it. Just had the passenger sill and rear arch replaced and have the drivers rear arch to do new. Ally rad and a few other odd's n sods like new roof lining, some sound deadening, exhaust parts and new (ish) black door cards all round.
  6. Ross Mckenzie

    Ross’s Red coupe s

    Model - Polo coupe s Engine - MH 1272 cc Colour - Tornado red Suspension - Standard Brakes - Standard Wheels - Hockenheim alloys Exterior - Standard After looking for another polo for quite a while I managed to find this little gem. The last owner of this had a white coupe up for sale as a project that I was going to look and, however he had a red coupe s in his drive along with a blue gt. As soon as my eyes landed on this I knew straight away I had to get it. Picked it up fairly locally and off I went. Here is how she looks just now...
  7. Hello. So I have an ABD with GT fueling/ignition I've put back together and it just won't idle. Happens whether the engines hot or cold. I can hold the throttle down and have it at 1500-2000 rpm but any lower and it'll just bog down and die with throttle still open, unless I blip the throttle and hold it at 2000 again to save it. This has allowed me to set the base timing atleast. When I go to set the idle I can't lower the rpm close enough as it'll bog down and cut out so I've held it at 1500 rpm to try that way but the idle screw doesn't seem to be doing anything no matter how far it's adjusted. When I unplug the blue coolant sensor it bogs down and dies unless I hold the revs up high at the same time, I can lower back down to 1500-2000 once unplugged. I had it timed and idling with no exhaust on the other month but forgot to save the settings. Only change has been putting the exhaust on post lambda. Crank and cam cover breathers vent to air right now. Vacuum for fuel pressure reg to side of throttle body is fine, others are disconnected and blocked off. New gaskets on intake, throttle body, exhaust and head. Timing marks line up. Tried two dizzys - 030 905 205 AB and the other AE. Two different AFMs I'll be trying a new blue sensor when the shops open on Monday but I'm not confident this is the issue. Slightly worried about cylinder no.1 valve + piston though it could be the MAF flap from back fire or something else knocking. Only happens sometimes and I assume valve contact would be a constant noise? There is more to this story but it's already a long read so any questions please fire away and any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Hello all. I have VCDS lite and a typical eBay cable which has worked fine on a golf MK4, Fabia MK1 and a Felicia but it refuses to pick my GT ECU, which I'm lead to believe it should? I just get an error message saying port ok, interface not found. Does anyone know of any special settings I need to input for setup? My version of VCDS doesn't list polo 86c's in the list of cars in the OBD2 scan section either, is there a different version for them? Ignition is on too Thanks.
  9. I think the ISV needs a clean, the timing has been checked and idle speed has been set but the idle still doesn't sit right consistently, so I'm looking at cleaning the ISV. It could also be a possible air leak, which I'm slowly ruling out as I'm not finding any sign of a leak as I check with carb cleaner. Can any one give me pointers on this, do you have to remove the inlet manifold and everything else to take off the Idle stabilisation valve? It looks like you can get in the back, is it one bolt or two that hold it in? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi all I have a leak on my gt gearbox from drive shaft I think ? Its definitely not from gear selector rod .Please look at photo. So anyone know the replacement seal I need please. I'm hoping I can do it while box is in as I only have just put engine back in so it would twist my Mellons if I had to take it out again.
  11. Hi I think my inline fuel pump is shot on my 1991 gt coupe. The one at the rear of the car. Any direction and help on a replacement please ?
  12. Hi I’m keen to hear others thoughts on this to help me work out what I need to look at. GT 3f fuel pump primes and car runs fine once started. Just when cold and been sat longer than a day it doesn’t start after the first prime, normally 3 primes makes it start first time. I've tested fuel pressure during the cold start, at idle and with vac off the FPR and it’s getting plenty pressure. It’s like it’s getting insufficient fuel after one prime. But then after second attempt it catches and runs fine. Fuel filter is 2 years old. I have a spare FPR but before I start looking at fuel pumps and rates etc does anyone have any good ideas?
  13. Hey everyone:D I sold this mk3 GT on bike carbs a couple of years ago, just seeing if anyone has seen it around lol, looking to purchase her back. Random i know. Roll on the summer goodness!
  14. Hi ive been looking to replace the throttle cable in my mk2f gt but when i started looking i couldnt find one anywhere and was hoping someone would know where to find one or whats best to do. cheers
  15. Hi, When starting the engine from cold and even once it’s warm the car has bad throttle response. The revs die off under throttle and along with this the idle is slightly higher than normal about 1000-1100. The odd thing is, when turning the ignition off/then restarting the engine the problem goes away and it runs without any issues at all. It started out intermittently and now is doing it all the time from cold. I have today checked all the earths and cleaned and lubed them. I have tested the ecu to sensor wiring for continuity and the temp plug, TPS, AFM are all okay. So is there anything else I can test before I begin replacing sensors/the ecu? Anyone else had this issue, there was a post a few years ago I found but the issue didn’t seem to be reported as resolved. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance, Pete Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Hi I’ve seen some posts referencing a guide to calibrating AFMs but can’t see anything in the FAQ section. Can anyone point me to it for the GT please? thanks
  17. I'm having an issue with my GT engined coupe S. Somehow my starter solenoid has inexplicably came loose from the starter motor and all 3 bolts have been lost! Anyone know what size the bolts are? Look like m5 but iv no idea what length they are. I don't want to have to get another starter just for the bolts.
  18. Hi I'm Looking for correct driveshaft oil seal for mk2f GT gearbox. It's the oil seal on side of gearbox not the gear selector seal. Many thanks.
  19. Hi I’ve had a read of the FAQ and found the diagnostic page useful over the years, but now asking for some advice if anyone else has had the same. The engine has had good quality ignition parts including a genuine VW blue temp sensor about a year ago. The symptoms have been ongoing for longer than this so they aren’t stopping the car from driving but I’m keen to fix them. 1. The idle creeps up to about 1300 or so occasionally, and comes back down eventually. I think this is only when the engine is up to temperature. I’ve tried unplugging the blue temp sensor following the normal procedure of when engine is up to temp to reset ECU. 2. Two flat spots or ‘blips’ in the revs around 1700 and 2100 as the revs climb. Any suggestions welcome. I’d be really keen to know how to test all the sensors too. I’m going to do a check of the blue temp sensor with a multi meter. Does anyone know how to test the throttle position sensor and any of the other sensors? Cheers
  20. Breaking a mk2f 1.3 genesis, it has a gt engine on bike carbs, with the gt gearbox.
  21. A couple of years ago I bought a project. Its a mk1f with a Mk2f GT engine conversion. I say conversion, but barely anything was installed (in the engine bay and to the inside of the car lol), just boxes of engine and interior parts, and a hacked loom. Anyway, I’ve mechanically completed the engine install, with cam and crank timing aligned with markers, and the rotor arm pointing at the cylinder 1 marker on the dizzy. Next thing was the wiring. It has numerous cuts and joins. I’ve used the mk2f Haynes manual and made all the connections. I can get the car to turn over but not start. I get a spark, the fuel pump primes on the key, and when I rotate the dizzy (so hall sensor seem ok). I’ve got fuel at the fuel rail, but it appears that the injectors are not firing. It ran (badly) when I sprayed carb cleaner into the throttle body. I removed a spark plug and placed a thin length of paper into the plug hole and turned the engine over and there was no fuel on the paper. I unplugged the connector to the fuel rail, and got 10.5v at the feed wire to the injectors? Anyone have any ideas why no fuel to injectors? Could it be the ECU relay (is there a way of testing them)? Could it be the ECU (again, can this be tested)? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hi everyone, I've got to travel over a to a mk2f (1992) fuel injected polo (G40 actually) and remove the fuel tank. Oviously requires more thought in advance on potential tools needed. Has anyone get any tips. I should be ok undoing the main strap. Its the fuel pipes and how to undo them nicely/cleanly so they can be refitted is what I was worried about So, yer, Any tips, or favourite tools to take would be much appreciated. I have read other threads on CP
  23. Hi all hope you all getting ok in current conditions. On mk2f GT😁 I noticed the the rear back box rubber hangers have almost perished. Only been on a year . Quality wise is there anything better on the market? Many thanks. 😁
  24. My GT converted coupe cut out when I went over a small bump in the road. I thought it was just the fuel pump that had given up as it didn't come on when the ignition was on. I have since traced that back to the ignition live wire. Ie it works when I bridge the ignition live from the wiper motor. I have now discovered that there is no spark. Could the two issues be linked or is it just a coincidence (my luck with polo's 😂)
  25. Does anyone know how much this is lowered by.
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