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Found 19 results

  1. On @steveo3002's recommendation I had a go at fitting a relay loom to my headlights just now but the idle became funny with the relays wired in so I promptly ripped the lot out. I assume either A) There's something duff about my Chinese ebay loom or B) I wired it in wrong. No instructions so I went with: 3-pin male plug to one of the existing headlight sockets Both 3-pin female sockets to the lamps Red wire with the 40A fuse direct to the +ve battery terminal Both blue wires with the rings on them to the nearest earth points I could find either side. Not a big deal, just a nice-to-have if I can get it right eh.
  2. Hi will be installing front headlights soon after engine bay respray ( build thread soon ) what do you recommend for a better headlight bulb please ? Advice and help welcome . Regards.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if its possible to fit jetta headlights on a mk2f coupe, or if possible anywhere to find flatter headlights for the mk2f? Thanks
  4. Harrypolo

    6N1 1.4 Front End parts wanted

    Time Left: 9 days and 16 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    6N1 1.4 Front End parts wanted, including headlights and indicators, although lenses can be damaged as I have good ones. I have sourced some parts separately but would rather source from one place if someone is breaking. May consider other parts around car depending on condition too. Kent area or close.


    - GB

  5. Whats the best way to make head lights brighter on my mk2f, Iv heard of a loom upgrade and some better bulbs and someone said just a HID kit will do, so what do people recommend.
  6. Hi, I have a 2015 BlueMotion GT and I’m after some LED daytime raining headlights. At the moment it has daytime running lights on but these are on the bumper (I would have thought they would be for the fog lights) and wondered what I can do to change the configuration. If I can’t have my main headlights on then can I have some LEDs in the bumper lights? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help. I've read a couple of other threads with a similar described problem but not much in the way of a resolution so here goes! Both headlights have simultaneously stopped coming on when the switch is turned on. The sides and full beam still work fine though. For a short while, the headlights would come on if I repeatedly turned the switch on and off. The bulbs are both intact, as are the fuses and the connectors on the bulbs do not appear to be corroded. From my research, it sounds like the problem could be due to faulty ballast? Could this be the case given that both headlights packed up at the same time? If this is the case, is the only place to get a functional part from other Polo 6N2's? I am very much an amateur mechanic (this is still my first car!) but I am always willing to learn and have a go. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Hello, One of my 501 sidelights packed up the other day. I have been meaning to get them upgraded for a while now as the 5W are quite dim, Ive tried those LED ones but I am not a huge fan and apprantley they're illegal. I am looking around for fillment bulbs that are greater than 5W but the hole is so small those LED's were a struggle to get in, I wanted to buy 582 21w bulbs however they are just too big (20mm). Anyone tried fitting brighter sidelights to thier 9n3? Le me know if you have any suggestions. Cheers.
  9. In this video I show how to remove and and replace Headlight Bulbs on a Volkswagen Polo, this is the same procedure on all Mk3 6N Polos, the only thing that might differ is the headlight fitting depending on age of your Polo.
  10. Alisha


    Hi, I'm new to this site and was looking for some advice. I'm wanting to change the headlights on my Polo 6C Match to LED ones. My Dad, who's a car enthusiast and owns a modified Mark 6 Golf R, thinks I would only be able to replace the bulbs and not the full headlights themselves due to the wiring. Has anyone changed the headlights on their Polo before? Got any advice? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, this is my first post in a looooooong time, as I've just rejoined the world of Polo ownership yesterday with this little beauty: Absolutely delighted with it, 86k on the clock, remarkable body and paint and very strong motor. A real throw back to my first car, a mk2 breadvan almost 10 years ago! However somewhere in the electrics there's a bit of a gremlin lurking. Here's the issue: With the ignition turned on, turning on the headlights causes most of the guages to work incorrectly, the dash lights to go out and the clock to stop ticking. Turn them off again and everything returns to normal. Without the ignition on, but the headlights left on, this doesn't occur, although as I'm sure most of you know, in this instance only the sidelights are on drawing significantly less power. I am guessing that there is some kind of faulty earth in the headlight circuit or a dodgy relay or something, but before I went taking everything apart (not difficult on these I know), I wondered if anybody else had experienced a similar issue and could point directly to a common cause of this fault and save me a bit of rooting around! Thanks in advance, I look forward to getting back into the Vee Dub Club
  12. Hi guys, now I'm with stock headlights on my 1.4 TDI Polo, but I don't like how they light.... The light is not solid is it distracted . I want to ask you shrines of these headlights that is as good as the headlights on GTI? http://www.fk-shop.de/en/Tuning/Lighting-Tuning/Headlight/Angel-Eye-headlight-VW-Polo-Typ-6N2-Yr-99-01-black.html
  13. alastairrigby

    Electrical Issues

    (Mods please move this post if it's not in the correct part of the forum) Kind of a long one sorry but any help would be greatly appreciated I've had my 9N3 for three odd years now and largely it's been spot on but for the past 6 months it's been a fucking pig. Basically all started when I randomly got an EPC warning light out of nowhere, looked it up, replaced the brake switch and it was sorted but about a week later I got ABS warning light frequently and the power steering would cut out for no reason. However, if I turned the car on and off again it would be fine again immediately which showed me that it can't actually be a mechanical problem. On top of this a lot of the other electrics were temperamental as fuck, such as the stereo cutting out for no reason and the interior light flickering like mad. I assumed it was a bad battery and replaced it, which solved nothing, since then, I've had another battery, replaced the alternator, cleaned all the ground points, and replaced the positive and negative cables. For a couple of days it was spot on but tonight the headlights randomly cut out as I was driving and it took a good few tries to turn them on and off again. I've reached a point now where I feel like I'm just throwing money at the problem to no avail and everybody seems to have a different idea what it might be and it's simply not worth sinking that money into a bog stock 3 cylinder 9n3. If anybody has any ideas what it could be it would be brilliant because I'm at my absolute wits end, my brain's fried at thinking what it could be and I wanna sell the car asap but don't wanna sell it until I know the car is 100% reliable and safe and I'm not mugging anyone off. Cheers : AAASA
  14. Hi any idea why they have wedged these bags of foam in and around the headlights? The other side to access the low beam bulb has a black cap on it, as this side doesn't. The bags are labeled vw so not something someone else has done. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, i'm just wondering if anyone has a diagram of the fuse box showing which fuses do what and also the same for the relays? basicly all my lights work APART from: when i switch my headlights on full only the passeger sides will illuminate (passenger front including sidelight and passenger back) drivers side normal beam, side light and back don't light up. when i flick the stalk for high beam (i.e flashing people) the passenger side will go off and the drivers side will come on?! checked earths and bulbs so far all good.... and if for example all fuses are fine what else would cause it? thanks, miles.
  16. Hey everyone! I'm new here, it's great to see large beautiful community of VW Polo fans! I have a big problem, I'll very grateful for a little help. The problem is this: I have 2013 VW Polo GTI with halogen headlights. Two weeks ago I bought OEM LED with Xenon headlights. (Part number: 6R1941031C 6R1941032C) Some people told me that may I have to replace the BCM (Central-Electric) module to "Highline" version for support the Bi-Xenon. 1. My current BCM's part number is "6R0937087K". Is it good to my Xenon headlights? 2. I saw some others "BCM modules" to buy in the internet but I don't know what I need. (part number: 6R7937087M and 6R0937088F and 7H0937090) Anyone know what can I do? Thanks!
  17. jakerwalton

    Cloudy headlights 6n2

    I've had my 6n2 for a year now - had all the usual problems with it and got them all fixed but the thing that is bugging me is the headlight cases seem to be cloudy. As far as I can tell the worst of it is on the outside although I think some of it is inside. Anyone managed to clean them up and if so what did you use and what process did you take? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi guys, Been looking around the internet for god knows how long looking for some angel eyes. Can openly admit I'm a newbie when it comes to looking for them.Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of what I'm looking for? I know that i need RHD's which is obvious, but I've been told that certain styles like FK powerlooks are LHD only? Bit of a ball ache cos I really like them. I've also been told to look on German Ebay for them too but i can't find anywhere if they're RHD or LHD. So i just presume they're LHD, being Europe and then I'm back to square one. All the ones on English Ebay look a bit toss too, and really expensive in comparison to German Ebay... Any help is really appreciated!
  19. Been trying to hunt for a set of clear headlights for my 6n. Think they look so much better than standards. Seem to be very expensive on ebay/online, don't know if I'm look at the wrong thing or what, but any ideas where i can get my hands on a cheap set? Nice one.
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