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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 1992 mk2f polo 1.3. So this hose connects to the air box, and there is some kind of filter attached to the hose. I can’t see or figure out what it connects to or it’s purpose, all I know is the bottom of the hose is split pretty badly and this entire assembly is currently not doing anything worthwhile. Can someone identify it so I can order a new one? For location reference, see the throttle cable top right. thanks.
  2. I've just gone to change the brake fluid on my AEX 6n, did both rears fine but got to the front and it looks like someone has taken a hacksaw to the bleeder screw? Can't get a grip on it at all with moles, or by heating and bashing on a smaller socket. Its seized in pretty tight anyway. As it had got dark i tried continuing the change by taking the brake hoses off the calipers and just letting the fluid run clean, then tightening again. This was probably a stupid move as the brakes have basically lost all power, only biting the tiniest bit when the pedal's on the floor 😞 Is there any way to do this? Don't want to take the calipers off as the rubber boot on the bolts is also missing, ie a horrible, rusty, dirty job. Cheers
  3. I'm sure this is an easy answer, but as I'm not quite sure I thought I'd ask for advice. The cold start warm air hose from the exhaust manifold cover to the air filter has worn out. Looking at it, I think it was just old. What should I replace it with? I've seen a silicone 'air intake hose' online, it says it's good for up to 325°C, that's got to be good enough, right? Thanks for any advice!
  4. Hello, I am having yet another issue with my 98' Polo Classic (6kv2). A couple of days ago I drove it through town for about an hour (heavy traffic), and stopped in the parking lot. As soon as I go out of the car I see a puddle building under the car. The hose connecting the thermostat housing to the heater core inlet was blown off the heater. (I suspect it happend just as I was parking) Clamp was there, hose did not seem to have any damage. Placed it back on, refilled engine with coolant/water - seems ok now. The question is what caused this in the first place? I've checked the thermostat - seems OK (does not overheat, return radiator hose is hot). In fact both thermostat, housing and temp sensor are brand new (2 weeks old). There does not seem to be milky residue on the engine cap (water in oil). No oil in the expansion tank. No white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. If seems to build a bit of white foam in the expansion tank when I am accelerating and water is pouring on it. Could it be a head-gasket issue? Does this polo series have any pressure release valve in the cooling system? Thank you
  5. Hello, I own a 1998 VW Polo Classic, with 1.6 75HP Petrol Engine (AEE code) - 8 Valve. I recently noticed what appears to be a small vacuum hose going out of the intake manifold which is not connected to anything. It's right next to the break vacuum line - added a couple of images to clarify. Does anyone know what this hose is meant to do, and where should it be connected to? Thank you!

    Turbocharger oil drain

    For those running a turbocharger is a 1/2" hose big enough to drain back to the sump ? I am running an oil filter adapter for oil cooling and I am taking the oil feed for the turbo from that. Does it connect to the outside filter feed or the inner. I am in two minds. Is it better to take filtered oil after it has been through the filter or unfiltered pressurised oil that is being fed to he filter.
  7. Having got my polo on the road it's losing coolant from the connections for the hoses at the base of the rad, and where that hose connects to the thermostat housing. I thought it was because of an old hose but I replaced it (along with the jubilee clips holding them on) and it's now leaking more! (Worse in cold weather I assume due to contraction) I read up and apparently the spring clips are better than jubilee (even though they're a pain to put on) but having now put the spring clips back on its still leaky. Any advice? The spring clips were old so maybe I should get new ones if so where from? Is there a magic third option to jubilee clips and the spring ones? And is there a reliable place to get rubber hosing from (what's the right diameter?). Thanks everyone Edit: forgot to mention I replaced the thermostat and housing when I was doing the hose
  8. Fakadakis

    Air Box Help

    Hello ClubPolo I have a MK2 and bought myself a new air box as the original is a massive great thing, that just doesn't suit the look I'm going for. The original had two hoses/pipes that went into the base of the airbox. The smaller one goes into the base of the carb, the larger one disappears behind the engine. My question is, are they necessary? As my new airbox does not accommodate these two hoses/pipes. Do I need to drill holes into my new air box? Or can I remove the hoses/pipes completely and plug up the holes? My carb is a Vergaser Pierburg 1B (Part No. 030129016L) And the Air Box is K&N 56-9152 (http://www.knfilters.co.uk/search/product.aspx?prod=56-9152) I bought an adapter for the airbox thinking it would let the larger rubber hose that disappears behind the engine fit onto the airbox, but it is the wrong size for the airbox, it's too long and wouldn't work anyway as there is no gap in the filter itself. Not too sure what to do or who to talk too, I can add images if anyone would like but the pictures are so large I can't add even one. I'd have to link them on my google drive which I'd like to refrain from doing unless absolutely necessary. Cheers, Josef
  9. Hey guys has anyone done a complete hose replacement on a 1.4 8 valve 6n2? I need the list of hose sizes for the breathers etc. My main reason for doing this is that my breathers keep splitting and rather than replacing them with old pipes, I want to replace them with new ones preferably silicon ones.
  10. Okay so I've looked pretty extensively but can't find anything definitive- forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere! I'm looking to fit an enclosed induction kit on my Polo 1.4 8v MPI and I'm a little confused about the two pipes from the engine cover that will be loose when I remove the cover (I don't really want to be cutting it, so I can just fit it back on as standard easily if necessary). I haven't got the *best* technical knowledge, but from what I can see you need to catch the oily air from the crank case breather pipe (using a filter or a catch tank) and then apply a non-return valve to the smaller vacuum hose. So my first question (perhaps a stupid one) is this: which direction should the one-way valve go on the smaller hose? I understand it's to regulate interior pressure, so surely air going out is good (as a release)? But what if the interior pressure is too *low*? Second question; I'm guessing the crank case breather needs to be filtered so it's not a good idea to have it meet the induction kit piping *after* the filter but before the throttle body (or oil will just go straight in). What would you recommend as a solution? Those mini breathers seem like they would just get full of oil in no time...
  11. Hi, I need a new lower breather hose on my Mk2 (it's got the extra breather can), a few years ago I got one for my old car from GSF, but now neither GSF nor ECP seems to have them in stock. The only source I can come up with online is some guy on ebay selling them, and they seem a bit pricey. Are there any other decent parts suppliers I could try?
  12. Right guys I've got a replacement hose as mine is shagged, (the pipe from pump to rack that goes around whole engine bay) I was wondering what tools I would need and a method for doing it? It seems as if getting the hose off the steering rack and also tryijg to attatch the new one up would be a real pain I was hoping you guys would have a few tips for me. beeen driving the car for a few days with no power steering and fluid now due to necessity and hoping I haven't shagged the pump too, anyhow any help would be appreciated! Cheers
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