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Found 6 results

  1. Sooo..I've got a strange knocking noise coming from, I believe it's the gear box. It's a very quiet knock and it isn't a constant knock either. The knocking occurs mostly in the lower gears upon acceleration and also when I hit bumps in the road. I can also feel the knocks with my hand on the shift knob and I might add the shifting doesn't feel as knochy anymore it feels sort of loose and inaccurate. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? It's very strange one too me, I've looked it up and found nothing that really explains the issue. And also, it may or may not have anything too do with the issue but I have a hole or crack or maybe a broken bolt on the exhaust right around the same area of the car, which I will be taking too a garage to get fixed/replaced as I can't get under the car myself. I'd rather not have a garage look into to the knocking problem as they could just rip me off and make up problems that don't exist. Aside from these issues the car does seem too run fine as far as I can tell, it doesn't seem low on power or anything like that. So any help/ pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks. Polo 6n1 1.4 8v
  2. Hi all,. So after driving her to work everyday for nearly two weeks, last night on way home from work, I was stuck in slow moving traffic and could hear a loud knocking over my stereo! I turned the stereo down and it was awful almost banging noise. As I speed up the knocking gets less. I looked at the car underneath and can't see anything out of place etc. However, the garage did say when they initially looked her over for me that there was a bolt missing from my gearbox and they would put one back in when I next came in?!? Surely it can't be that. It does sound like it's right under the car rather than suspension and all the suspension looks ok. I have no choice but to drive her today but will take it steady. Thoughts?
  3. Hello All, Wondering whether anyone can help.......recently bought a second hand VW Polo GTI 6N2 2001 (1.6, 16V, 125bhp engine) and the engine has started to jerk a lot. At first I thought it was intermittent but having driven it for two months now I've managed to narrow down the jerks to a specific timing. All details below: Symptoms - Only jerks after an hour of driving (heat related maybe?) - Jerks when suddenly floored (gradual acceleration does not make the engine jerk) - Jerks between 1000-3500 revs. At higher revs it seems fine - Jerks regardless of whether car is moving or idle (i.e. doesnt matter if the gear is engaged or not) - When being driven car loses power when the jerks start to happen - To gain back the power and to stop the jerks I take my foot off the accelerator pedal and gradually accelerate. If I dont do this and keep my foot on the accelerator it will keep jerking but will gradually gain back power and the jerks will stop once the engine reaches high revs (takes a bit of time and a more painful way hence I just take my foot off the accelerator and gradually press) - Engine light comes on. The engine light stays on but goes away after a night of being parked. Next day the same thing happens after an hour of driving - During the jerks sometimes a loud knocking sound comes from the engine - I can hear the radiator fan spinning significantly faster a minute after the jerks start (dont know if this is related) - The coil pack gets very hot (dont know if this is normal) - Temperature gauge does not go beyond 90 and coolant/water levels seemed to have remain static for the last two months - No noticeable drips or leaks of any kind of fluid under the car (although I haven't removed the underside cover) Parts Changed - Coil Pack - When I first started to feel the jerks I took it to a local garage where diagnosis fault code pointed to the Coil Pack. A genuine VW coil pack has been fitted but I still get the jerks - Fuel Pump - Before I knew of all the symptoms above I changed the fuel pump, again genuine VW. I was getting some noise from the fuel pump and research indicated it was about to fail and could have been causing the jerks but jerks still remain, however the noise from the fuel pump is gone - Spark Plugs, Filters, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Fan Belt - All changed by previous owners garage 2k and 4k miles ago during routine service (the car was barely driven and previous owner was servicing every year) - HT Leads - non-genuine HT leads fitted by previous owner himself between 2k and 4k miles Any help or tips/ideas would be very much appreciated. I have searched through forums but didnt comes across any conclusive ones. Thanks.
  4. I have recently lowered my 6n2 tdi on coilovers and this means the rear axle is a lot closer to the part of the exhaust system that bends over the rear axle. now it makes a loud knocking noise every time i go over a bump. it also seems that i can not go any lower with out the axle crushing my exhaust. someone must of had this problem too. how can i fix it ?
  5. Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me. I have started to hear a blowing/beefy noise from my engine when its just over 1000RPM. The noise sounds like a hole in the exhaust. The engine sounds fine at idle, and also when past around 1174RPM. I have scanned the car with VAG-COM and have no error codes. i have used VAG-SCOPE and have found the the noise to occur from about 1030RPM to 1174RPM. Anything above or below that and the engine sounds absolutely fine. The have checked the engine bay and can't see any problems or anything rattling around. The noise seems to be coming from around glow plug area but i may be wrong. The engine is the 1.4 TDI 3 cylinder. I'm seeing no other problems at all. Only the noise from the engine Thanks in advance Oliver
  6. Hi folks! I am back with some problems again. When I got my polo it alrady had a knocking sound somewhere around from sparkplug area. But now it got a bit louder. I did some diagnostics and come up wit this code: 17733 - Knock-Control: Cylinder 1: Regulation Limit Exceeded P1325 - 35-00 - - Is the error code somehow related to that knocking/ticking sound? And how can I fix it? Polo 6n2 2000 1Lpetrol Tnx.
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