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Found 10 results

  1. Have had a few issues on this car now down to the last for now, getting and error on VCDS 17591 Linear O2 Sensor; Reference Voltage Short to Plus, was intermittent but now the error without. Swapped for new NGK o2 sensor and 20 miles later light is back on and same error but with intermittent again now. What do you think - iffy connector or wiring from connector back to ECU or something else? Getting bored now! 2006 1.4 BKY SE
  2. Shaunzac


    Have a 2004 1.4 Polo, failing mot on emmisions, o2 levels. Have changed cat, downstream lambda sensor, temp sensor and given full service. Any advice what else it could be, not showing any fault codes.
  3. Hey guys and girls! First post here but I’ve been looking through these forums for a couple months now and they’ve been so useful! Absolutely love my Polo 6N2, my first car and I couldn’t be happier! But I do have one reoccurring problem which is really starting to annoy me. I keep getting a check engine light come on, and after scanning the ECU I get the following code: P0134 - O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Got my local mechanic to replace the lambda sensor. Car worked perfect for a couple weeks until I got another P0134. He said that the part was faulty (its a genuine Bosch part cost me £130) and he replaced it. Now a couple months later I’m getting the P0134 error again and the lambda sensor is not working (poor economy, poor performance). I thought originally it could be wiring related but since the new sensor worked for a couple months I thought it must be the sensor. I don’t know what to do and I doubt my mechanic is going to replace the part again (he always wants the car in for ‘diagnostics’ and basically hates my pride and joy). Side note: recently under hard acceleration every now and again cylinder 3 will misfire (assume I need to fit new spark plugs in). Could this in anyway cause the lambda to fail? Really annoying that the car is currently slower than usual and burning a lot more fuel (passengers always complain of fuel smell) Thank you so much for reading!
  4. Hi, New to the forum. (Have tried to find what I am looking for but no luck, apologies if I have missed some old posts) What I have is a Polo 9N Vin WVWZZZ9NZ3Y057956 Var: SC AZQ X01 ; VER: SGFM5 2T037 1N1 L0GE intermittent 16555 - bank 1 running lean, error message. I have a MaziDAS DS808 diagnostic tool and can run the live data on the ECU which is great as I can see in real time the voltages, etc. But, what I do not know is what should a good value be for the different sensors? I have been pointed in the direction of the two lambda sensors (pre and post cat) as well as to the air pressure in manifold (as well as fuel filter, small vaccuum leak, etc. ) The sensors all works and gives different values but I can not say the values are within ok range. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find the sensor range values please? greatful for any help regards Per Norrgren
  5. Hi, I'm having some frustrating lambda issues on my 6n2 1.4 mpi engine. I get fault code 17524 on start up. (Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating Bank 1 Sensor 1: Open Circuit) 16518 whilst driving. (Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1: No Activity) The lambda sensor was replaced a few days ago and hasn't helped. The wiring loom looks okay, I can't see any obvious wear or loose connections. Is there anywhere else I should be looking? Or anything else which might cause this issue? The car is driving well and the revs seem pretty steady. Many thanks Andy
  6. Hi all, I was hoping my first thread to be me starting with my Polo project, but that needs to wait until I fix my other Polo, for which I need a bit of help as a quick search didn't pan out :( Basically the troublesome Polo has issues with cold start. It starts and cuts off almost immediately. After 5 minutes of struggle to rev it, it manages to stay on, and after a while (as it warms up), there is no problem with starting it again... Starting it directly on LPG also has no issues. So generally I though the petrol pump was bust, but I checked with another one, and there is no difference. The only error it has is about the lambda sensor. It had it way before any issues where presented. At some point the catalytic converter was also removed. The throttle body is also clean and working properly. So as I have another 6n2 Polo with the same engine, I wanted to swap the lambda sensors and check if it would change anything. We only managed to swap the MAP sensors and make sure it is not from them, as the lambda sensors apparently are different. So the question at the moment is why are they different? The troublesome Polo is using a square plug sensor, where the other one is using the way cheaper flat plug sensor :) If I get a flat one for the troublesome Polo and just rewire the plug will it work, as this is normally done with other vehicles, using universal lambda sensors with the existing original wiring?
  7. Hello.. I am struggling with a Polo 1.4 9N 2002 mod .. Vag-Com Lite gives me this DTC: 17604 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heater Circuit: B1 S1: Electrical Malfunction P1196 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent I've been going crazy searching the net for any information about this issue, with no luck.. I have checked the lambdasensors (front and rear), they seem to be OK . I have checked the wiring, everything seems to be OK there too. When i clear the codes, I can start the engine and it runs for about 30 seconds before the engine light turns on.. As far as I can tell, the car runs just fine.. but something is happening that gives me this error. First of all, is there a definitive way to know which sensor it is? B1 S1 sounds like it should be the first one, in the front, but to be honest I have no idea.. The wires seem to go directly to the ECU, which might be the case.. I am in way over my head on this one.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I fear it might be the ECU that is faulty.. is there a way to check this? I do not have access to the full version of Vag-Com, so i cannot use measuring blocks :(
  8. Hi, I own a 1.2 9n3 Polo (55 plate) I bought it in July 2015 and in October 2015, the check engine light came on. After taking it into a local garage and having it looked at by the mechanic, I was told I would need a new Catalytic Converter. I was also told that for the warranty, I would need both sensors replaced as well. So after nearly £400, it should now all be fixed. The invoice read that a new cat was supplied and an fitted as well as two o2 sensors and the p0420 code was read and cleared. Two days ago the check engine light has came on again. This time, I have an OBD-II reader and plugged that in. The reader showed one error code, p0420, the same as last time. So as it stands I am potentially looking at the replacement cat having failed only 13 months on from being fitted. I'm hoping that someone can help shed some more light on this situation for me so that I am not spending over the odds on repairs that are not needed. As far as I am aware, the cat is aftermarket. I was wondering if these come with a specific kind of warranty with them? (I asked a different local garage yesterday and was told that most exhaust parts should come with a two year warranty - is this true?). If it is covered under warranty, is it for the garage who carried out the repair to replace at no extra cost or would I have to pay the labour? Is there anything I can try out first before paying for another repair? Is it okay to drive still and is it worth taking it out on a drive to try and clear it if anything has built up? Are there any checks I can carry out to try and single out the problem? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys I've owned my 6N2 for two years now and he's a fantastic car. We've done 10k+ miles and he's never missed a beat .. until now. In March he failed the MOT on emissions (running rich) but the garage mechanics couldn't say why - it looks like it may be a lambda sensor. The only code we've had off him since then (which comes up intermittently) is 17574 - 'Long Term Fuel Trim: Additional Air Bank 1: Range 2 System Too Rich' - P1166. Anyway, I've got a couple of jobs on him that need doing but haven't got any mechanically-minded friends. I'm in Bristol but obviously can't drive him far as he's not got an MOT (and therefore tax/insurance are invalid). I need someone (local, unless you are happy to travel!) with free time to come and work on him. I'm happy to pay for parts and time, obviously . Briefly, I think what's needed is a new clutch and lambda sensor (to get him MOT-ready) and then in addition I've got some service parts that need installing (spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, air filter). Any help ASAP would be amazing - please get in touch if you fancy saving a really good car. :'(
  10. Hey guys, So third month of owning the car and now running into issues. The exhaust warning light is now coming on intermittently. (2 days on, 5 days off). Had it diagnosed off a mechanic who said "the fuel ratio is too rich probably a wiring problem". Anyone got any ideas on this? Read into a lot of things about lambda sensor needing replacing etc. Currently doing about 390 miles a week and filling it up about 39 litres per week. Nearly all of it is motorway driving. The car is a 2006 Polo 1.2 E55 9N3. Looking to sell the car in June, afraid it may fail its MOT in May on emissions although last one was fine Hoping this light won't be an issue when I come to sell it.
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