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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, My Mk2 2G is leaking coolant out of its inlet manifold. There's a coolant channel through the inlet, right? It looks like there's a plug on the driver's side of the inlet, recessed in, like a metal freeze plug you'd see on an engine. That's where the leak is coming from. Can I somehow replace this part of the manifold? Or do I really need a whole new one?
  2. When i bought my Polo the sunroof was sealed shut with some horrendously ugly (but ultimately effective) black silicone sealant. It wasn't a deal-breaker so I decided if its not leaking then I can just live with it. However as I've been tidying up the rest of the bodywork this monstrosity on the roof is starting to look increasingly crappy by comparison and has started to stick out like a sore thumb! The paint needs redoing on the roof and the colour of the steel sunroof is decidedly off compared to the rest of the car - wouldn't mind sorting that. Not to mention the fact that the weather has been great recently which got me wondering what it would be like to have a sunroof... So I think I need a bit of a reality check really! Is it worth hacking away at all that black silicone and re-doing the sunroof seal? Am I just going to indroduce a new leak further down the line? I'm also wary of how much it would likely cost for what is basically a small hole in the roof on a sunny day...Haven't found any sunroof seal parts apart from on VW Heritage for ~90 quid. I guess you should also ask why someone decided to silicone up the roof in the first place - Was it leaking like a sieve? Was the leak due to a rotting roof and they couldn't be bothered to repair it? Were they just another idiot with a sealant gun and an itchy trigger finger? The bogan in me says if I want a smarter roof I should remove the silicone and fill in the gap around the sunroof smooth with body filler and paint over the whole thing as if its a plain roof. I could probably do with being told this will be a terrible idea also...
  3. Hey all, After replacing the fuel filter on my '93 MK2f I noticed a fuelly smell stopping at lights recently. When I got back home i saw it was dripping petrol pretty heavily from the outlet end of the fuel filter. I popped a new, wider clamp on the junction but it looks like the old hose is splitting so there is now a delicate balance between enough clamping pressure to seal the leak without crushing the hose too much and propagating the crack further. I've got it to drip only occasionally but obviously this needs sorting asap. Looking at the parts list: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1993-120/2/201-22001/#20A The hose in question is 20A - apparently a reducer pipe going from 8mm to 6mm. I can't for the life of me find one anywhere (admittedly haven't tried a dealership or TPS - both are kind of a pain to get to for me, the only TPS nearby is 'Trade Only'). However from the pictures of the part it looks a lot shorter than the pipe that is on my car at present - I suspect someone may have bodged their own thing in the past. So my question is - is there going to be any adverse difference to fuel flow if I make up my own reducer using a section of 6mm hose and 8mm hose joined by a 6-8mm hose joiner insert and some clamps? The pressure increase will be identical at the 6mm end but I guess flow could technically be worsened with the sudden change in diameter? The hose itself is quite hard to come by too it seems - however it looks identical to injector hosing (cotton reinforcement between a sandwich of rubber) rather than braided fuel hose. Will injector hosing do the job? Thanks for the help!
  4. BreadyBrandon

    MK3-C Pillar leak

    Hi all, I am stumped regarding a leak in my mk3 bready, am getting puddles in the boot, but only on the drivers side near the rear light cluster. I have put silicone in every seal i can see in the area fucked about in the boot whilst someone poors water on the boot however the problem still persist. It only seems to happen when i am parked uphill water seems to come out of the area circle in the photos. I am thinking it is the rear sun roof drain, but not 100, any suggests what else it could be and any solutions if it is the drain that doesnt involved removing head liner. any helped would be greatly appreciated ta
  5. Oil has been slowly seeping from the area around the cam sprocket for the past 3 years or so. Not enough to be a problem. However, it's gotten much worse the past few months to the point of thoroughly coating the cambelt in oil and all down that side of the block. Is it possible for a leaking rocker gasket to cause this much to appear? Or more likely camshaft oil seal? Are the camshaft oil seals known for eventually leaking on these (1272cc) like the rocker gaskets are known for at that corner? I haven't cleaned the block to get a proper look yet, and don't want to drive it too far beause of the contaminated cambelt. Is it possible for a head gasket to seep oil but not be blown? Can a blocked breather cause rocker/camshaft seal leaks? If so, which one to check? I've ordered a cambelt and rocker gasket. Thanks for your time
  6. Hi all 2013 vw polo match 1.2 had aircon regassed about 2/3 weeks ago but now making the same hoover noise which indicates the system is empty so must be a leak. Looking in the engine bay there is signs of liquid at the bottom right. I have a feeling it is coming from one of the bolts that are under the pipes coming off the condenser. I have a suspicion that these are the drain/fill plugs for the aircon which points to the garage (who carried out the recharge) not tightening properly? Any thoughts/ comments greatly appreciated matt
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first post here and I can say that I came here for a desperate situation that I've been through in the last days. So my car is a 2000 6n2 gti 1.6 16v engine and I bought it last year. Everything ok at the beginning until one day (about 2 months after I bought it) I noticed the clutch was slipping a bit (the car had 4 people and luggage) . So I always thought that soon I would need a new clutch. In the past couple weeks I was having fun with some mates at the roadway and after that, the clutch started to whine (nothing super loud, radio could perfectly "cover" that noise). Yesterday night I got in my car, I put the 1st gear and some metallic noises started to come from the clutch (not sure if it's the clutch) and my car lost a lot of power specially on hills (clutch slipping). Now I try to drive it and it's almost impossible, the noise it's incredibly loud, everything cracks down there and everytime I change a gear, it vibrates a lot. Now even on neutral, it whines loud and I looked under the car and it's leaking oil from the clutch housing hole (not a lot, some black drops) when the engine is running. So, yea, I think it's easy to conclude that my clutch is completely fried and I need a new one, but what about the oil? Where does it come from? Is the gearbox done for good? Take note that since I turned off my car the last time I cannot put any gear, even whit the clutch pedal pressed. Any tip, advice, technical information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about my English. Best regards from Lisbon - Portugal Ricardo :)
  8. Having got my polo on the road it's losing coolant from the connections for the hoses at the base of the rad, and where that hose connects to the thermostat housing. I thought it was because of an old hose but I replaced it (along with the jubilee clips holding them on) and it's now leaking more! (Worse in cold weather I assume due to contraction) I read up and apparently the spring clips are better than jubilee (even though they're a pain to put on) but having now put the spring clips back on its still leaky. Any advice? The spring clips were old so maybe I should get new ones if so where from? Is there a magic third option to jubilee clips and the spring ones? And is there a reliable place to get rubber hosing from (what's the right diameter?). Thanks everyone Edit: forgot to mention I replaced the thermostat and housing when I was doing the hose
  9. Hi guys ive just managed to get my polo 6n back on the road after doing the pedal box as it snapped ? But now I've got an idle problem and is high (1500-1800) I've done the clean carb plus checked all the pipes clips anything that has air in but can't find a leak anywhere ? Does anyone have any ideas where I should look next as it's just annoying me now. I also have the suspect gear box oil leak that from the history off the car has been there for a while but I can't seem to pin point where it's coming from as the oil is everywhere on the right side by the rubber seal but when I've cleaned it the seal just has a run off oil from somewhere ? Any advice please as I feel like this car was sent to try me ?
  10. Hi guys Last week I noticed a horrible smell when I sat in my 9n3 polo. I managed to track it to underneath the carpet on the front passenger footwell. I thought it was because of a water bottle I had in the car with a while so I gave the carpet a chance to dry well today I sat in my polo today only to find I got an upgrade in my car a freaking swimming POOL. I am having difficulty tracing the leak. I am able to feel that some of the insulation is wet in the front left corner and appears to be flowing down from here(circled red in photo). I thought it was perhaps the unused hood seal that I took out 3 weeks ago but the insulation behind it is bone dry. Does this type of polo have spots that are prone to leaking.
  11. david simpson 93

    engine leak

    need help urgent ? my polo 6n2 1.0 has a very small coolent leak come from the right hand bottom corner or the engine where I think head gasket is the car is not blowing smoke and no cream like substance when I took oil cap off all seems fine. the small leak is defenit coolent red like substance not sure how long its leaking could the head gaskit be going or just a common thing? would it get worse and cause harm to my engine ? and if so how can I fix this thanks for reading
  12. Hi All, I have just started my car for the first time in a few days and found some water in the driver's side footwell. (passenger side is dry) The car didn't start particularly well (usually the case when it's been raining and i haven't used the car for a few days) but when it was running, more water appeared as i drove. It seems to be coming from near the top of accelerator pedal. I looked under the bonnet and around the arches but couldn't see any obvious signs of a leak. Does anybody know where the water might be coming from? I'm thinking it might be rainwater coming in from somewhere and hoping it's not something more mechanically serious. Any thoughts much appreciated Cheers Z
  13. I have a 5 door 2000 reg polo 6n2, and I have recently discovered a damp patch on my floor, this last week it has turned into a puddle, I have no idea where the water is coming from. The puddle has formed under the passenger seat, its like its coming up through the floor. Nothing else is wet at all, the doors, seats and the other 3 footwells are all dry. Any help appreciated! Tried taking the carpets up but was scared to snap the trim, so any help on how to remove the trim and carpets around the rear footwells would be very helpful as well. I have read into it a bit and a lot of people say it could be the drains being blocked, except I have no idea where the drains are or how to get to them... Any suggestions?
  14. Hey all, My little old R-reg is up for MOT in a month, and after overlooking it myself the only problem I've found is the exhaust. I can't tell if this is the original clamp between the two exhaust sections or if someone has fixed it - shoddily if so. The attached images show where the split is, it's at the SYA8 clamp. Clearly, this is gonna be an MOT fail, you can really hear it as soon as you start the engine, and there's quite a lot of fumes coming through the gap. The car is only worth a few hundred quid, and replacing the whole exhaust section probably isn't worth it. So my question is whether it's feasible to fix this myself - for cheap - and if so, how? Cheers guys.
  15. Ever since i bought my car the air-vents have whistled as i drive even with all the switches off. So not long ago i was putting the dash back in and saw the vents and thought "how do those come apart" as a result i became distracted and the dash got left on the front seats, the result would be the most interesting and amazing guide on club polo . . . how to stop those interior vents from leaking air. So first of all remove vent. Many will know how i imagine but just incase there is a screw behind the vent that you can undo by putting a screw driver through. Or it will come out anyway because someone already broke the plastic said screw goes into. Then you will have this . . . First of all the plastic lever bit (technical term) needs to come off, if like mine then it will resist, i levered with a screw driver but you might risk breaking. After this you need to remove plastic inside, i found it easiest to press on the top and bottom of the casing while pulling the plastic bit out. Inside the groove there will be that hidious perished foam that will need to be cleaned out. Then get a strip of foam that's long enough to go round all four sides and then add glue into the grooves. Then put the foam in best you can and then work round all sides with a flat blade screw driver to finnish off. Next trim the the foam, better to not trim enough than too much. Now put everything back together, see how it works, if it doesn't turn too easy then take back out and trim more foam, the sides need more off than the top and bottom. And there you go, interesting stuff i know.
  16. So last night I set about to replace the shoes in the rear drums and after a nice long ball ache I finally got them off and the new ones on, but before putting the drum on we tested it and it just juiced brake fluid down itself. So I figured that I'll need to replace the cylinder but I don't understand why it fucked up in the first place. Any advice so I don't ruin another one would be much appreciated.
  17. Right guys I've got a replacement hose as mine is shagged, (the pipe from pump to rack that goes around whole engine bay) I was wondering what tools I would need and a method for doing it? It seems as if getting the hose off the steering rack and also tryijg to attatch the new one up would be a real pain I was hoping you guys would have a few tips for me. beeen driving the car for a few days with no power steering and fluid now due to necessity and hoping I haven't shagged the pump too, anyhow any help would be appreciated! Cheers
  18. i have a 2001 polo 6n2 and got coilovers fitted to it about a month ago now and lowered it as much as i could (but still enough so i could turn full lock without hitting the arches) last week i was driving back to work and the inner driveshaft came out. so i got it taken to the garage and got it all bolted back up but then i noticed i had a gearbox oil leak. i then got it back up on the ramp and changed the oil seal where the flange sits in the gearbox, put it all back together and it was still leaking. i asked a mechanic and he says it will probs need a new gearbox.so thats what I'm going to do (get a new gearbox) was just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and if so is there a way i can prevent it from happening again cheers in advance darren
  19. Hi Guys, Was wondering if someone can help me. I have an issue with the central locking on my 6n2 (3 door). When turning the key in the door, the pump is running and staying on for about 30-45 seconds.None of the doors will unlock/lock except for the boot lid which opens ocasionally and of course the lock i am turning the key in. I have taken the pipe from the pump and held my finger over it while turning the key and it cut off straight away which leads me to believe there is a leak somewhere in the pipes. My next step is to check for a leak and was wondering if anybody had some recommendations on the best way of finding it?
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