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Found 11 results

  1. Yanto1swansea

    Led light updates

    Hello, just after a little advice / help. I have just bought a Polo 6R0 2016. And looking for some led 501 replacement bulbs. I have purchased some at a price of £8, and they are ment to be canbus error free. But guess what, no they are not. I fitted them to the number plate lights to start, and error message appeared on the dash. Just wondering if anyone can suggest where to get some decent ones that will not bring an error message up. Also will be looking for some 382 for the day time lights, them H7 and finally the front fog lights. Many thanks, Yanto.
  2. Moly220

    Fog light

    Right guys.. With having a gti you get the uprated lights. Sweet, happy days but the fogs are a standard bulb... Anyone thought of swapping them out to a white xenon light to match the headlight???? Just a thought when I was pulling into my drive because I feel it let's the car down alot... Thanks guys,
  3. I ordered a set of LED interior lights for my 6R. During replacement all went dark, fuse 21 blown. I had front dome and maps all three working, visors both working, boot working, but it was when installing into the rear dome that the fuse blew. I have since replaced the fuse, sidelights are back but no interior lights with switches in any position anywhere, standard bulbs or LEDs. Map lights don't work, dome lights front or rear don't work, visor lights don't work, boot light doesn't work. I didn't have any footwell lights or under door lights. Obviously now regretting going near them, can anyone make any suggestions about what might have happened and if there's something I can do to fix, please. Currently caring about having interior lights working a lot more than working with LEDs. I will be checking the connectors for life when I get the opportunity but that might not be for a while so was hoping to find out if anyone knew of any problems like this arising while changing to LEDs or changing bulbs. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi so I'm pretty new to this site but have bumped into a problem with my Polo and not sure where my next move is. So i bought some LED bulbs from Halfords for my number plate lights and after fitting them I turned my lights on to check them but they didn't work, so i decided to put my old ones back in but now the normal bulbs didn't work either. As i went to drive home i realised on my journey home that i also had no Dash illumination lights either and couldn't actually see how fast i was going. My first thought was a fuse problem so the next day i check the fuses and checked the user manual and found that they share the same fuse so obviously it must have been the fuse... NOT! the fuse was fine and so were all my other fuses as i pulled them out one by one. After a little research online i found that someone had replaced their light switch (the dial below the drivers air blowers to turn the headlamps on) so i ordered a new light switch. Once that arrived I unplugged my old light switch and plugged in my new one... Nothing. so after replacing the bulbs, fuses and now replacing the light switch too I'm stuck and not really sure where to go next. If someone could please help ill be much appreciated!!! Thanks. car details: VW Polo 9n 2002 1.2 - 3 door
  5. mithunpure

    My Polo 9N3 Black ! What do you think?

    Hello guys, Here's my first post and this is my car: Let me know what you guys think and any suggestions would be appreciated! :) Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Yesterday I installed some LED interior lights above the back seats and in the interior mirrors of my 6r Polo, admittedly they were not a perfect fit and so I assume they were not the correct amp/ wattage... Anyway, they worked for about 5 minutes and then all the interior lights stopped working. I also later noticed that my rear lights were not working either (just the rear lights, not the break lights). My first thought is that I've blown a fuse or short circuited the lighting somehow... Any tips on how to fix this? Or is it just a take it to the garage matter? Cheers, Matt
  7. Hey everyone! I'm new here, it's great to see large beautiful community of VW Polo fans! I have a big problem, I'll very grateful for a little help. The problem is this: I have 2013 VW Polo GTI with halogen headlights. Two weeks ago I bought OEM LED with Xenon headlights. (Part number: 6R1941031C 6R1941032C) Some people told me that may I have to replace the BCM (Central-Electric) module to "Highline" version for support the Bi-Xenon. 1. My current BCM's part number is "6R0937087K". Is it good to my Xenon headlights? 2. I saw some others "BCM modules" to buy in the internet but I don't know what I need. (part number: 6R7937087M and 6R0937088F and 7H0937090) Anyone know what can I do? Thanks!
  8. matthennigan

    Interior white lights

    Hi all, I want to replace the standard yellow/orange interior lights in my Polo SE 6r (2010) with white lights or LED bulbs to make the inside a lot brighter when they are on, but I'm not sure which lights/ where to get them. Any tips from people who have already done this/ know what to do would be much appreciated. Matt
  9. Hi There trusty experts. Recently my Polo has developed another fault! I know such fun. Basically the back-light on the Fuel and Temperature gauge has failed, well it flickers slightly and still intermittently turns on. Photos weren't very clear so I made a few videos: 1: http://youtu.be/Xcy1jv89mLA 2: http://youtu.be/x2zapLUdrkY Its not got a fault code on VCDS and I have checked connectors in the back of the panel and all are secure. I'm assuming its a poor solder connection somewhere, I can solder so I'd be happy to try to repair it myself. The alternative is: http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/repair/model/vw-polo-9n-instrument-cluster-speedo-repair-service Any Ideas?
  10. Hi, I recently bought some amber LED indicator bulbs to replace the standard orange bulbs in the front and rear light assemblies. However, I've tested one in the front and it's not lighting up at all. I'm assuming that this is because the positive and negative terminals are wired the wrong way round (tested the LED with a 9V battery - the positive terminal is the 'pin' at the bottom of the bulb and the negative terminal is the case around the outside (with the offset bayonet style pins) but I'm not absolutely sure. Does anyone know the pin layout for the front headlight connector (black oval-shaped 10-pin) ? I've looked all over the forums / internet, but I can only find the rear light connector pin out. Also, looking at the wiring info available for the rear clusters, it seems impossible for the rear lights to be wired the opposite way round as there's only one ground connector for the whole unit. As such, I think I might need to split the LED bulbs open and solder the connectors the opposite way round, but I'd like to avoid doing this if it's at all possible. Anyone tried fitting LED bulbs / solved this kind of problem?
  11. Just managed to get my headlights cleaned up as much as they will, I'm now looking for bulb upgrades so I can actually see the road! Here are the links I have found on eBay for dipped beam, main beam and sidelight. I'm quite retarded so could someone confirm these are the correct bulbs and if they are direct replacements for the standard bulbs? I don't want the hassle and cost of HID's, self levelling and all that. I want cheap and to see whats in front of me. Dipped Beam http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261060761880?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Main Beam http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270871544192?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Sidelight http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360731528810?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Also, what are the chances of these burning out electrics or any other damage from upgrading without messing about upgrading wiring? Thanks in advance
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