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Found 32 results

  1. Hello guys. I have Polo 2001 year 1.4 8v. I have a question. Is it possible to activate dome interior light when unlocking the car? And turn off when the key on ignition? Also to start when i remove the key from the dash? At the moment it's like car from 90's. Unlocking the car does nothing. Opening the door and dome light activate. Close the door and turn off. Can it be made like every car 2000+ year? Sorry for my bad english 😞
  2. Hi, I have a new 2019 Polo. About 1 month ago my interior lights and baggage lights stopped working. In the garage they found a short in the electric wires. One day after that problem back. In the garage they found burnt connector placed in the sunshade. Anyone encountered a similar situation ? Thanks, Yosi
  3. Hi Guys, I need a little help please, today i took my car to the car wash and on the way back home i got a warning light, it was to do with lights not working. i checked around and found my rear driver-side number plate light out, so planned to change it tomorrow, tonight when i got info the car i realised my passenger rear light was out also. I'm a little bit thick when it comes to things like this but to sounds like a fuse as apposed to light bulbs. Its a 2011 Polo 1.2 D, any ideas, seems a bit odd its to different lights on the same fuse, or could it be different fuses blown because of water from car wash? Any help including fuses numbers to check would be great fully received.
  4. I’ve had to replace the fuse responsible for the driver’s side side light and tail light twice in a week. I drive a 9n3. Any idea why this might might be happening? I can’t see any moisture that might be collecting inside the lighting housing. The only thing I can think of is, a few months back, I had a small shunt, enough to break the bracket holding the driver’s side headlight housing in place (I’ve since fabricated a new bracket to hold it all in place). But if that were the issue, why is only now starting to cause an problem? The dipped beam and full full beam work just fine. Any ideas what might be going on?
  5. Good evening all! Right, just picked up my latest Polo, Last time it was a 6n 1.4 16v, Now I have gone for a 6n2 1.4 16v ( dam the reduction in power!) On the journey home I came across a few niggles I was wandering if you guys could help : 1. Heater control lights do not work. Dash Lights up fine, brightness controlls are fine, Hazard is fine, rear heated windscreen button lights up fine. Is this therefore likely to be just a bulb? 2. The central locking. Drivers side : put key in and turn, does not lock or unlock. If I turn it clockwise and hold it, the front windows go down. Passenger side : the key turns 360 degrees consistantly... When I first tried it, it locked, and unlock. As it locked it closed the front windows, as it unlocked it opened them.... Thats all for now Thanks in advance!
  6. Yanto1swansea

    Led light updates

    Hello, just after a little advice / help. I have just bought a Polo 6R0 2016. And looking for some led 501 replacement bulbs. I have purchased some at a price of £8, and they are ment to be canbus error free. But guess what, no they are not. I fitted them to the number plate lights to start, and error message appeared on the dash. Just wondering if anyone can suggest where to get some decent ones that will not bring an error message up. Also will be looking for some 382 for the day time lights, them H7 and finally the front fog lights. Many thanks, Yanto.
  7. Here's my guide to retrofitting the official fog lights including the official wiring loom. The wiring loom can be purchased from Kufatec Polo 9N3 Loom Polo 9N Loom You will also need a new light switch with support for the front fog lights. Part number is 6Q0 941 531 C I purchased my lights of ebay. They included the fog lamps & also the new plastic covers. If you purchase 9N3 lamps you will require a HB4 bulb. If you purchase 9N lamps you will require a H3 bulb. I would assume you can install 9N lamps in a 9N3 and vice versa. but i haven't tried this! The 9n & 9n3 lamps have different connectors so if you are installing a different lamp you will require the same wiring harness as the lamp type. If there is anything you are unsure of the ask me and ill try to answer it. Unfortunately i had to remove the dashboard to install this, as there is a wire that comes from the bulkhead. For instruction on that look here: http://www.pimpowski.de/armaturenbrett_ausbauen_pimpowski.htm Once I had removed to dash you will require the grey loom. You need to take the long pin that is on its own and put that into plug G on the bulkhead. This should be a red one. To remove the connector slide the metal bar across and then unclip it. You should have to remove a bit of purple plastic from the plug to get the pin in. This pin should go into pin 6 on the connector. They are labelled on the plug but you can also use the image below for reference. Once the pin is in then replace the purple plastic, plug it back in and then slide the metal bar back across. MAKE SURE THE PIN IS IN THE SAME WAY AROUND AS THE OTHERS! Next there should be 2 big metal pins. These need to go to the fuse box. They need to go to fuse 44. Use your manual to find this fuse. You will need to remove a piece of plastic from the side of the fuse box, and then the big bit of purple plastic should slide across allowing you the enter the two pins. There is no set way round they should go in the two holes. Once they are fully inserted then push the plastic piece back and replace the piece you removed. Last job in the cabin is to take the last remaining pin and put it in pin 8 on the new light switch. Again they are numbered on the plug but use the below picture for reference. TOP TIP: I would leave the dashboard dismantled for now. Next job is to install the black loom in the engine bay. First you will need to remove the wiper arms & the black tray. You will now need to remove the bulkhead tray. This can be done by removing the silver metal circles to enable you to pull away the fabric. You will then need to remove the screws holding the tray to the car. This doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the car.If only goes down to just behind the engine. Once that is remove you will need to remove the wiper motor. This is done by unplugging the cable coming out of the side and the just pulling out the unit. When that has been remove you should see this Pull off the black covers, then locate pin one. This should be the other side of the pin you inserted earlier. You will need to remove the green plug that is in the hole. When you have done that insert the pin on the black wiring loom fully in the hole until you are unable to pull it out. You may need to remove the plug from the other side to help you. MAKE SURE THE PIN IS PUT IN THE RIGHT WAY ROUND SO THAT WHEN YOU PLUG THE OTHER PLUG IN IT GOES INSIDE When you have done you need to route the cable down, and then use the metal ring to earth the loom at earth point 12 Once you have done that all that is left to do is trail the cable down to the fog lights, plug them in & test them. Remember the ignition needs to be switched on for them to work. When tested working, re-assemble the car. Remember i accept no responsibility for incompatibility of parts on your car & also any damage done!! Feel free to ask questions if you are stuck. Hope this helps Check out my other retrofit guide on Cruise Control Oliver
  8. Startnewgame

    Polo bread van

    Hi just wondered if anybody could help me my lights are making a horrible buzzing sound when I turn them on (door closed both with engine running and off ) is this likely to be the actual light switch that's faulty or is there something else it's a j reg polo bread van cheers
  9. Neither of my front side lights work yet the back ones do, they work when on full beam. Will the bulbs need changing or is there a fuse somewhere i should look at?
  10. Hi everyone New to the forum, my first post. I'm Kel and am 32yrs old and I have a 2013 1.2D Bluemotion 5 door. Love the car as it gives me brilliant mpg! And she looks beautiful. Just that now getting a few errors Firstly after a few minutes of driving all three lights are turning on at the same time instantly 1) tyre pressure 2) ABS 3) traction control I did check and re-inflate tyre pressures to recommended figures as well as resetting pressures from the glovebox, lights do turn off but they turn on again after a few minutes. When the lights turn on the gear indicator is stuck on gear 5 and does not change, auto start/stop does not work either during the lights being on (start/stop error comes on. Another problem even if warning lights are off is that the mph shows - - - instead of current speed. (when selecting between mpg/temp/miles etc on trip computer). Is there a major ECU problem, what do I need to check before taking it back to the garage I bought it from (recently bought 1week ago and has warranty)
  11. I am going to purchase a polo similar to this and was wondering if I would be able to change the front bumper so it has the fog lights panels and therefore, fog lights. Will this be possible or will the parts not be compatible?
  12. Hey, I have a 2016 Polo 1.2 TSI (MK5 6R). Last month I did a complete projector retrofit. With D2S mini projectors in low beam and HID's in high. Also a led strip as a parking light. Now yesterday the controller for the Led strip fried up. I replaced it with a traditional parking light bulb. Since then both the front and rear parking lights on the driver side are not working (Passenger side lights are working both front and rear.). Everything is working fine. I checked all the fuses and bulbs which seems to be all intact. Also I tried replacing the headlight switch but still the lights won't light up. I don't want to take it to the service center as it is very far and because of the modifications they will simply refuse to rectify anything. What can be the reason for all this ? How can it be rectified? Thanks in advance Cheers!!!
  13. I have a 2002 polo 9N and I have long thought that the 9N3 has nicer looking rear lights while the 9N has the prettier front lights. In my mind, the perfect polo has 9N front lights and 9N3 rear lights, the rear lights look to be the same shape, are they? Will they fit properly, is there anything different about the wiring etc? Would I have to notify my insurer of such a change? Thanks
  14. Hi so I'm pretty new to this site but have bumped into a problem with my Polo and not sure where my next move is. So i bought some LED bulbs from Halfords for my number plate lights and after fitting them I turned my lights on to check them but they didn't work, so i decided to put my old ones back in but now the normal bulbs didn't work either. As i went to drive home i realised on my journey home that i also had no Dash illumination lights either and couldn't actually see how fast i was going. My first thought was a fuse problem so the next day i check the fuses and checked the user manual and found that they share the same fuse so obviously it must have been the fuse... NOT! the fuse was fine and so were all my other fuses as i pulled them out one by one. After a little research online i found that someone had replaced their light switch (the dial below the drivers air blowers to turn the headlamps on) so i ordered a new light switch. Once that arrived I unplugged my old light switch and plugged in my new one... Nothing. so after replacing the bulbs, fuses and now replacing the light switch too I'm stuck and not really sure where to go next. If someone could please help ill be much appreciated!!! Thanks. car details: VW Polo 9n 2002 1.2 - 3 door
  15. I have been having trouble with the indication lights on my 88 polo. When the lights are switched on (and the key out of ignition) all works ok. When the key is turned the clock lights go out, the adjustable dial works on the blue light and the headlights are reversed. The high beam indication is on when high beams are off. I have heard about an earth fault but this only started after I removed the dash surround, no other wiring has been touched.
  16. Friends Polo 6n2 has a problem with the lights when you put the switch on full the indicators go on and stay solid, he has disconnected the battery and checked the fuses and doesnt know what it is, Help greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi guys, Hoping to get membership soon and get my photos up of my 9N journey so far but in the meantime... I'm installing lights under my dash and want them to come on with the sidelights.. I have everything researched and ready to go but I am really struggling with connecting the final wire! These are the wires I have tried connecting to: Instrument Illumination Either Sidelight Headlight Switch Light The problem I have is that I've been cutting wires according to the Haynes manual and they haven't been the right ones so I've had to reattach them to where they previously were. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Rory!
  18. Hey there, Just looking for some help if possible. The Self leveling on my 6n2 doesnt work, I have looked at it and it seems that the Bar connecting the Self leveling Unit to the rear axle is broken, I have also fiddled around with the nut it attached to and it doesn't adjust the headlights. So I believe the whole thing might be broken. Anyone know what this piece is called exactly because i am finding it hard to find, also where I might get one? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  19. Hi all, I'm new to the forum but I just wanted to know. When I put the black plastic headlight cover on after putting new bulbs in, the actual headlight bit where the bulbs are doesn't line up and is either loose or is slanted. Is there a way to fix this as every time I try and hold it in place and then put the black cover back on the lights don't stay level? Any help is appreciated, thanks :)
  20. Hi there, I have recently, to my great happiness, acquired a Polo 1993 genesis coupe! However, a week after I brought it, a deer ran out in front of me and it's rear end hit my front end. The deer is hopefully ok, I tried to find it and it was no where to be seen. Anyway, the damage it has done to my front has lodged my lights a little out of place. I pretty much don't know much about cars, although am hoping to learn much more as part of club polo. I am very proud to have the car I have and I am devastated about this damage. I have attached some pictures, any advice on what I need to replace or best way to go about fixing the damage or any good places to get second hand parts in the south would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! Georgie
  21. Alright guys have a bit of a problem, recently my numberplate lights and dashboard light are staying on my 6n 1.4 99 . The sidelight/headlight switch is on the off position. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Sam.
  22. bwaddy

    Heater issues

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can shed some light (quite literally) on this for me. The light behind my heater panel isn't working. Now I'd usually assume the bulb had gone, however the system is also failing to heat the air it's blowing, giving out only cold air. As you can imagine, this makes the cold early morning starts for work even more horrendous... Help! Thanks in advance
  23. Hi guys, i'm just wondering if anyone has a diagram of the fuse box showing which fuses do what and also the same for the relays? basicly all my lights work APART from: when i switch my headlights on full only the passeger sides will illuminate (passenger front including sidelight and passenger back) drivers side normal beam, side light and back don't light up. when i flick the stalk for high beam (i.e flashing people) the passenger side will go off and the drivers side will come on?! checked earths and bulbs so far all good.... and if for example all fuses are fine what else would cause it? thanks, miles.
  24. LiamS829

    6n angel eyes

    Anyone know if any wiring modifications need to be made to fit angel eyes to a 6n?
  25. jono1303

    mk2f dials

    So I've not had my mk2f for long (about 2 weeks) and mustn't have drove it in the dark till about ten minutes ago because it became very apparent that none of the dials light up or glow even if the lights are on full. Now surely this can't be just how it is? Is this just a fault? A fuse perhaps? Any imput is appreciated.
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