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Found 17 results

  1. I've been busy after buying my '93 Mk2f 1.3 (SPI) polo giving it a full service and replacing any old or duff parts. The thing was running like hot garbage when I bought it but now is running great and doing just shy of 50mpg on a proper run. However... When starting cold it misfires on one cylinder, clearing up and idling properly when it warms up a bit (i.e. not ~90 degrees, just when its a bit warmer so still in the temperature-controlled fuelling schedule). This problem went away totally when the plugs and leads were changed a few hundred miles ago - it started on a dime and idled correctly from cold. However slowly but surely the misfire has crept back - its not a dealbreaker as it runs perfectly within a few minutes but all that chug-chug-chugging in the morning is quite frustrating! Things I've tried: * Cleaned the throttle body - no change to the misfire but picks up better once its warm * Plugs and leads are new, as is the distributor cap and rotor * Ignition timing 5 degrees before TDC, checked with a timing light - again a positive change here * Fuel filter new just before i bought it in November * New blue temp sensor - not OEM (Hella) but made no difference. * Checked for air leaks around the inlet manifold - none found and unlikely the cause because it runs great once warmed up? Also checked vaccum leaks and everything is airtight. Has anyone had this kind of cold misfire and found a solution outside of anything major? I know its Cylinder 1 from pulling leads when its misbehaving. Why should brand new plugs cure it temporarily? Could it be a dodgy tappet for cylinder 1? There's no excessively bad tappet noise but if one is taking extra long to puff up with oil could it be messing up the firing until it does?
  2. Hi All, I have had what used to be an intermittent problem with my Polo 1.4 petrol 2005 for years - you used to hit the accelerator but it seemed to lose power. I think I once read a code, crankshaft sensor - but I have never seen that again. The problem has now become permanent (if related) - the engine shakes. I got a few codes. I think I got an engine warning light once. Cylinder 2 Misfire (P0302). [I cleared the codes and engine light a few times or the years. At the moment there are no fault codes or light, but the engine still shakes.] So anyway I thought I must have a misfire problem. I changed the camshaft sensor (confusing it with crankshaft sensor) through seeing things on youtube. The problem was still there. I changed all 4 coil packs and spark plugs yesterday. The engine still shakes I would have changed the crankshaft sensor if I knew where it was! I found those ignition spark testers (goes between the spark plug and lead and lights up if there is a spark). The last sparkplug is not sparking I think! (Will have to wait till it's dark to double check). So the engine is shaking as 1 sparkplug is not firing I believe. What could the problem be? - car starts with no problem! I want to try and avoid buying unnecessary parts again so thought I would come here. Mileage 65,000. Thanks
  3. A short video showing the firing order on a mk2 distributor I have a youtube chanel just for the mk2 2f polo to serve as a visual aid to some common problems and help people as they get to grips with working on an older car
  4. kiran_182

    Smokey misfire

    The polo has developed a smokey misfire quite suddenly This one is taken about 10 seconds after the garage was filled with smoke, oil water levels appeared to be normal This second vid is a after a large bang trying to start, you can see the wall is black from the last few goes Seen anything like that before?
  5. Happy new year all - I wonder if anybody here is knowledgable on the AUC engine as fitted to my 2003 Lupo, as I am at a total loss as to what is wrong with mine. A month or so ago it started misfiring. I replaced with a brand new ignition coil, HT leads and spark plugs to eliminate potential spark problems. The misfire remained. With the engine running, unplugging injector 1 does not change the idle. Nor does unplugging the HT lead. So the issue is on cylinder 1. I swapped the injector on cylinder 1 over to cylinder 4. The problem stayed on cylinder 1, so the injector is not at fault. I ran a compression test, and all 4 cylinders sat at 125/126PSI, so it has compression. I read somewhere that the ECU looms can fail and short out, so I began hunting for a Lupo to have a loom off. Yesterday, I found a Lupo with an AUD engine (very similar to AUC) in a local breakers yard, and had the injector loom & fuel rail with injectors off it (same part #), as well as the loom as it runs to the ECU. Today I fitted the replacement injector wiring loom. The misfire remained on cylinder 1. I then fitted the replacement fuel rail & injectors. No change. So, I removed the battery to inspect the wiring which runs underneath. I connected the battery to the terminals using a pair of jump leads. By wiggling the wiring loom, I hoped to isolate any wiring issue. But when I fired it up, it cut out after a second, as it would if I had an immobiliser issue. Even after putting the battery back in, it still wouldn't run. So now, instead of having a misfiring Lupo, I have a non-running Lupo. Having spent a small fortune on air suspension this (last) year, i'm pretty gutted I can't get it running again. Any ideas as to what might be wrong with it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Had the check engine light come on, on the way home. It was running very rough and tried stalling but made it home. I've scanned it for codes and it came up with P0304 misfire detected, cleared the codes and drove it around the block. No light came on but still lack of power, chugging, lights dimming and a slight burning smell. I also done a 'readiness test' on my scanner and it says Catalyst - Fail EVAP Sys. - Fail O2 Sensor - Fail Heated O2 - Fail EGR Sys. - Fail Don't know if that's related or not. Any ideas?
  7. Hi all, please remove if required. 1.2 55hp AWY engine. Recently I had a misfire. I suspected that one of the coil packs so ordered new ones with new spark plugs. While waiting for these, today I started the car and heard a little knocking noise with oil level being low. Topped up oil knocking was gone. Took out the spark plugs and noticed oil coming out through spark plug in cylinder 3. Someone can shed me some light on whats wrong? Cheers
  8. Hey Everyone, SO my polo 9n has taken some damage recently. I am teaching my younger sister to drive with it, when she downshifted from 4th into 1st at about 30 mph. Obviously car stalled instantly (it stalled very hard!), but then it would not start again for a few minutes. Managed to start it again after a few tries but now it has a very very rough idle and jerks forward when moving constantly, wont accelerate properly and stalls very very easily. No fault codes at the present moment. Im thinking the knock on the engine when she stalled it killed one of the coils/spark plugs as a best case scenario, could my engine be more seriously damaged than this?
  9. Fully rebuilt my engine and I’ve noticed I have a misfire on cylinder number 3.injector 3 is blocked so I’ve ordered a replacement and hoping that solves the problem.if it doesn’t what else could be an issue?
  10. Hi everyone I am new to VW and really enjoying my 89 breadvan with a 1.3 manual choke Weber carb. I have recently been having a problem with the engine it has started to misfire and will only run if the choke is out hot or cold and won't idle it just cuts out. You can drive it with the choke out but you can feel it misfiring at low engine RPM, if you accelerate it's fine and doesn't miss but with choke in and dip the clutch it just immediately dies. Can anyone help it would be much appreciated I am completely stumped as where to begin looking. Thanks
  11. Been having trouble with my 40 for a few months now which all started with the distributor filling with oil.since then it’s developed an annoying misfire which I have now worked out is happening in cylinder number 2.im just unsure as to what my next move is if I’m honest I’ve done a compression test it’s not great but not bad either.Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi guys, Can anyone help with a troublesome EML fault reader says Cylinder 2 misfire *intermittent* and multiple cylinder misfire *intermittent* I have changed the following: Spark plugs, HT leads and coil pack Fuel filter air filters (while I was in there might as well) Checked: run cleaner through system, and buzzed all ignition bits. compression test with the results being 125psi for cylinders no#1,2,4 and 175psi for no#3. checked camshaft for wear, which looked and felt smooth and tidy. the main issue is refusal to start when cold, I have to press accelerator to get her going, and at idle the engine management light flashes and goes solid if I do not start moving (sporting the above faults). I've hit a wall so far, any insight would be appreciated :)
  13. Afternoon all I have just recently purchased a 2007 9n3 GTI after owning a 6n2, the previous owner told me that he had the car remapped but cant remember the name of the garage or what map was put on it, all he said was the only option he had at the time was optimise it for standard fuel or high octane and he choose high octane, the guy suggested that it would bump up the circa to 200bhp after the remap. The issue I am currently having is the vehicle is currently fully standard apart from the remap that I am aware of, however when i drop the car into 4th gear and accelerate it feels as if it also takes a minute to realise i have put the foot down and seem likes it misfires before picking up speed, I have felt it once or twice in 3rd but it is almost everytime in 4th I feel it. Could this be related to the car being remapped or could it be something as simple as plugs? Also wondering what mods most people start off with, I have been told to do miltek exhuast, SFS oversize turbo intake pipe, forge throttle body hose, airtec fmic, forge 007 diverter valve, secondary air intake delete and to delete N valves. Is this the usual mods and if so what order do most people do them in and what are the benefits of these mods? Also any links to buy these mods + guides on doing them? Thanks
  14. Hello, new around here.. My polo (6N2 AUD 68k) has started giving me some trouble. It idles on three (always idles like a pig), then picks up to four above 1300 rpm. If it idles for a few minutes, then it refuses to pick up to four with revs. Vagcom tells me it has: A random misfire Cyl 3 Misfire So far: Pressure tested. 160,160,150,140 Spark plugs checked (1.1 gap, good colour, no erosion and sparking well) HT leads changed Coil pack changed Fuel injectors swapped over (trying to make the misfire change cylinder). Fuel pressure regulator changed. MAP sensor changed Cam shaft sensor changed Engine loom connections seem good, no water. ECU connector isn't full of water. Throttle body alignment done Inlet manifold cleaned Inlet gaskets inspected, seem good. Vacuum hose to brake servo changed. I can't find any other vacuum leaks, open to suggestions! I haven't changed the fuel filter, because there's no problems under load. I'm so unbelievably lost for where to go next.. Please help.
  15. My Polo 9n 2004, has a misfire in Cylinder 2. I was wondering what i could do to fix this issue, replace spark pugs? replace ignition coils? If that is what i need to replace please let me know and where i can find these parts. Cheers Josh
  16. Evening all, I wonder if someone can help. I have a automatic W reg/6n2 Polo that has an intermittent misfiring issue. About a month ago it started misfiring and a diagnostics showed a misfire on cylinder 3. I had the coil pack, spark plugs and HT leads changed. It was okay for about 5 weeks afterwards and now it's happening again. Last week when it happened again it showed a cylinder 3 misfire AND a faulty 02 sensor. The exhaust is blowing a little and i've been told it needs replacing from the cat back. Now for the strange thing, it comes and goes, today it happened and I had to pull over as the car was struggling to do more than 20mph. Waited for recovery with engine off, they turned up and started it and it was fine again. A couple of things i've noticed recently though. Today before it happened it was kangarooing (spelling?) intermittently between the gear changes - which hasn't happened before. Also i've noticed a faint squeaking noise occasionally whilst accelerating - again intermittent. It sounds kind of like when your break pads begin to wear (but bearing in mind it's happening accelating and not breaking) and again it comes and goes. Although a scan this time isn't showing any codes. I do know the battery doesen't have quite high enough rating for the car (it's been in there for about a month and will be replaced soon - but would this cause a problem)??? Any ideas? I've uploaded a video of the engine when it's misfiring just in case anyone could provide any insight? http://www.joethepcman.co.uk/carengine.mp4 (22mb) Cheers, Joe
  17. I have had my polo for just over a year and it continues to fail in the rain. I live in the countryside and when the weather is wet there is a lot of standing water left along all these back roads and i obviously cant avoid every puddle. The engine bay seems to get damp sometimes when the rain is really bad and the engine electrics warning light starts to flash. Next thing i know the car is only running on three cylinders. This usually goes away with a bit of wd40 in about the ignition system, a good dry and leaving it running so the water can evaporate. A couple of nights ago i hit a huge puddle and this time it just wont quite get back to normal. I have replaced HT leads today which make no difference. I thought it may be the coil pack but i read that the ignition works using the wasted spark method so wouldn't i be only running on two cylinders if that's the case? I will check all the spark plugs tomorrow but this has been done before when it first happened and the spark plug seemed to be ok when placing it on another HT lead. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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