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Found 6 results

  1. stickman

    1978 Derby GLS Garage Find

    Hello Peeps, I have been hiding around this forum for some years now! Not very active i am afraid 😞 I have had a number of Mk2 Polos, a red Coupe S, a white Classic and a 18K miles Breadvan the latter of which is still owned by a family friend and only used in fine weather!! However, a friend recently offered me first viewing on his grans old car. A one owner from new 1978 Derby GLS! It was too good an offer to turn down as these are hard to come by! However, I am now in unknown territory so may need some help along the way during the recommissioning! I am looking to keep as standard and as original as possible but just tidy up around the edges. Some welding to the off side cill and a flaky rear wing edge hopefully are the worst of the body issues. But I do have some questions and no doubt more will crop up along the way! Any help advice is welcomed!! Initial queries are: - Where do i find an exhaust system or does this have to be made specially if repairs cannot be done locally. - I want to put a cam belt and water pump on and have found this - is this correct and the best place to buy this from? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1X-GATES-TIMING-BELT-KIT-VW-DERBY-0-9-1-0-1-1-1-3-77-84/373130270404?fits=Car+Make%3AVW|Model%3ADerby|Cars+Type%3A1.3|Plat_Gen%3A86|Cars+Year%3A1978|BodyStyle%3ASaloon|Variant%3A86+[1977-1981]+Saloon|Engine%3A1272ccm+60HP+44KW+(Petrol)&hash=item56e04c16c4:g:DeoAAOSw-OpfIQ-y The car needs what I think will be a few hard parts - Near side rear wing plastic spat / trim - the one on the car is cracked and I suspect this has caused the crispy wing edge - End caps to the side trims - around 2 are missing from the trims - Clips for the trims on the side of the car - one is missing - Chrome trims on the wing front edges around the lights. I know these are hard to come by. I was contemplating 3D printing some solid plastic ones and sticking on with glue if a pattern could be found. I know plastic can be chromed so this may be an option if I am struggling. All in all I can't wait to pick him up and get started 🙂 Hope you like the pictures!
  2. Rich Oakley

    RPJ 110R

    Hi everybody. It's been ages since I've logged-in on here. I used to own a number of nice Mk1s a decade or so ago, but haven't owned one for a good few years. Does anybody know who owns RPJ 110R now? Thanks, Rich. richoakley75@gmail.com
  3. A couple of years ago I bought a project. Its a mk1f with a Mk2f GT engine conversion. I say conversion, but barely anything was installed (in the engine bay and to the inside of the car lol), just boxes of engine and interior parts, and a hacked loom. Anyway, I’ve mechanically completed the engine install, with cam and crank timing aligned with markers, and the rotor arm pointing at the cylinder 1 marker on the dizzy. Next thing was the wiring. It has numerous cuts and joins. I’ve used the mk2f Haynes manual and made all the connections. I can get the car to turn over but not start. I get a spark, the fuel pump primes on the key, and when I rotate the dizzy (so hall sensor seem ok). I’ve got fuel at the fuel rail, but it appears that the injectors are not firing. It ran (badly) when I sprayed carb cleaner into the throttle body. I removed a spark plug and placed a thin length of paper into the plug hole and turned the engine over and there was no fuel on the paper. I unplugged the connector to the fuel rail, and got 10.5v at the feed wire to the injectors? Anyone have any ideas why no fuel to injectors? Could it be the ECU relay (is there a way of testing them)? Could it be the ECU (again, can this be tested)? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. I’m on rebuilding a mk1 895cc polo engine (1978) as a project and the engine wiring harness did not come with it so if anyone could tell me the bare minimum of wires I’ll need to get it running that would be great, I also have a few boxes of parts and trim that I won’t need if anyone is interested in buying some just let me know, thanks
  5. Hi all, Would anyone be able to help clarify the cylinder head part numbers for the mk1 HA engine (895cc) with water heated manifolds? Mine's a '78 with part number 052 103 373C, but I'm being offered a one with part number 052 103 373A. Is there a significant differences between these heads? I gather that most of the early heads are all the same (camshafts aside), but I'm being told the inlet valve diameter for 052 103 373A is 34mm whereas my current one is 32mm. Does anyone know if the one I'm being offered is suitable? Daniel
  6. Jim1500

    Titanic Dubs Belfast

    Camera on phone is pants so excuise the poor pics.
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