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Found 25 results

  1. Jim1500

    Titanic Dubs Belfast

    Camera on phone is pants so excuise the poor pics.
  2. foreststu

    1977 Mk1 Polo Manila

    Start of another car. Picked up this car recently which is in need of a bit of work to put it mildly plus in need of a lot of new parts. 1977 Polo L in Manilla Green with Tobacco interior. Here's what I'm starting with, and the start of my parts hunt... Some panels first; a sill, the floors both sides, tunnel patch, rear valance, patch in the spare wheel well and back end of the rear wheel arches... Picked up something to help when I get round to the mechanics, an August 1977 dealer workshop manual in English, lovely thing especially as the car is April 1977. Managed to find a NOS chrome rear bumper from an estate agent in northern Sweden and a NOS front bumper from an Alfa garage on the southern tip of Sardinia so that turned out well - both wrapped in brown paper with the part number on, one with the sticker from the chromer back in the 70's! Picked up some new bumper caps from Heritage and stainless brackets/bolts from Polowerks. Also got some Hella clear indicator lenses for them, the type with the amber insert. According to the very comprehensive model changes pages on www.polo86c.nl (read using Chrome browser which translates the page) the rear bumper must be an August '74 to March '75 Audi 50 one as after that they changed to only one rear number plate light. That said finding two rear number plate lights has been a challenge (without wanting to pay 60-100 euros each on eBay). The existing single number plate light had melted on the inside but I managed to find a pair for sale on a German classifieds site for 10 euros. Also picked up a set of NOS chrome wing mirrors, currently only has one black plastic drivers mirror but i'd prefer two. Sourced replacement parts for the front end, Audi 50 grill, NOS type 86 chrome VW grill badge and two boxed NOS RHD headlights even tho my OCD isn't happy that one is Bosch and the other Hella... Took a bit of searching but managed to find a sales brochure with my model/colours in it and now have a collection of them for pre-facelift Mk1 Polo's. Surprised how many versions they put out, don't know if this was common with earlier/other vehicles? I doubt I have all the versions but the ones I've picked up are: - April '76 for '76 model year - 2 models, 4 interior & 5 exterior colours - August '76 but no model year specified - 3 models, both 14 interior & exterior colours! - October '76 for '77 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior colours - August '77 for '78 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior - January '78 for '78 model year - 3 models, 4 interior & 6 exterior Needless to say it was the multi-combination Aug '76 version which had the combo on my April '77 car but perhaps the brochures were always just a sample and in reality combinations could have been more flexible? Photo below shows them and the second photo has the combination tables for the Apr '76, Oct '76, Aug '77 (same as Jan '78) then the Aug '76 larger underneath. Got some rear end parts; NOS alloy Polo badge, pair of Hella postie lights & a the pair of number plate lights plus a new bootlock seal which is camera shy..
  3. I have a 1977 Derby 1.3 that drives just fine but needs some rust and technical repair. Body parts seem to be very rare if not impossible to find. Have most of it sorted out, but more parts and more power would be nice. Having owned a G40 before, I miss that engine... Now... I have been offered a cirka 1993 Polo G40 with a turbo, aftermarket subframe, coilovers +++ for a sensible amount of money. How much of the 86c parts will fit my MK1 Derby? Will the subframe + motor, suspension and brakes be bolt on? How about the doors..? Is there a cross reference list available somewhere? I have tried searching - a lot.... Excited that I found this forum. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I've got a three part question for which I cannot find an answer for the life of it. My car is a MK2F Polo. 1. Can anyone get a bit more specific on what kind of carriers I need from the Audi 80 from 1985 for the MK2 GTI vented brake upgrade? I've found two Audi 80s, from that time. Contacted one of them, he said he has them, but for solid brake disc setup - does it make a difference? 2. Would Golf MK1 shocks fit front and back on my car? Has anyone tried it? I read somewhere that they are bigger and shorter, but fronts should fit except that the diameter for the topmount is bigger on the front. What about the rears? Asking because I can get Koni Sports for a MK1 for cheap 3. I've read inside out about the DIY Front coilovers, but how does one do it in the same manner on the rear? Welding the perches to shocks??
  5. Hello you Guys, I am working on a motor conversion. A 1.6 AEE engine in my RHD polo MK1. it is the only RHD polo in the Netherlands. There is no brake booster in the polo. I would like to build in 1. I think there is too little space to build in a brake booster. Are there any members who have built a 1.6 (16V) engine in a 86(c) in combination with a brake booster. or I just do not have to whine and kick harder on the pedal. the last option is to convert the polo to LHD. Although I would find it a shame, it is still quite unique a RHD polo in the Netherlands.
  6. I have a full 1980 Florida blue 1.1s derby 76k logbook 2owners no mot non runner but was good runner before put away been stored since 2006 none headrest black and whit cheque seats in great condtion brand new wings pair full car £600 or wiill break based in liverpoolin Liverpool
  7. Frankie505

    Mk2f lowering top caps

    Hi guys sorry if this is in the wrong place! But I'm in desperate need of some lowering top caps for my mk2f I've already lowered it with 80mm springs and new lowering shocks but I need it a bit lower on the front. If anybody has any for sale, that would be awesome! Cheers
  8. hi all, I've recently picked up a 77 mk1 and the drive back at 2 am on the m6 with no street lighting and inches away from temporary crash barriers was airy to say the least, according to manual, h/lamp bulbs are 40/45w, can I just do a straight swop and fit uprated h4 60/55w bulbs or is there more to it. cheers..
  9. CharlieW

    1975 Audi 50 GL

    Hi all, Thought I'd shove up my build so far from the mk1 forum (it's a little dead over there these days!) I'll post a lot to start with to get the thread up to date (the dates in bold are when I posted them originally), then keep it all updated as I progress. Charlie
  10. mk2 polo power

    Battery Light Miles Left?

    When the red battery light comes on - alternator is on way out, how many miles have you managed to drive?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if some one could give me some info on this engine? the 1.1 engine, first off what cars did this come in? 2: whats the piston size? 3: whats the piston stroke? 4:what materials is it made from? (block and head) 5: engine code? 6: will the polo gt head bolt straight on? 7: do the g40 rods fit with the standard crank off the 1043cc? 8: what bits make the engine a 1100 rather than the 1.0 (1043)? Thanks in advance!
  12. sivdubgti

    Anyone know of derby lx model

    hate everyone I have a 1979 Vw derby 1.3 lx in silver 32k steel sunroof opening glass quarter lights black trim but I cannot find another or any info anyone. Seen or heard of them reg ttj811v
  13. sivdubgti

    Mk1 Vw derby .13 lx info

    Any info phots etc on 1979 Vw derby 1.3 lx cannot find any
  14. IIIBossonsIII

    1980 Inari Silver GLS

    I've moved this thread across from the Mk1 Polo Forums as its a bit more active over here okay so here we go.... My 1980 Mk1. I found the car on eBay. It's been off the road since '93 so it's gonna need some work I'm looking at a full resto. The car runs and drives (on choke for now) all the trim and interior bits are all there. It just needs (a lot) of welding
  15. rubbadubdub

    Mk1 Golf Driver

    Hi all I thought i would start a topic about my mk1, not a great deal of content but I'm slowly learning my way around it and changing bits and pieces, the main aim to to tidy her up a bit! I brought the car almost 2 years ago now from sheffield (I'm from leatherhead in surrey). and have hardly any problems with her other than replacing the CV Joint! anyway, some pictures from when i brought her to ash she stands today! And thats up to date! plans going forward are; - Remove the shitty tints, maybe replace all windows aswell. -Get rid of the exhaust and return to standard (the one on currently is a bodged job from previous owner!). - Either finish refurbing the ATS or purchase some banded steels/bbs splits or schmidt th lines! - Clean up the engine bay. -Fit a stereo! -Lower her more when i have sorted wheels -maybe fit series one bumpers, undecided on this though. Thanks Toby
  16. mark_crox



  17. Hi Guys, We have been contacted by Arthur Prince VW in Loughborough and they would like to have a Mk1 Polo on show together with the new Polo. So does anyone have a running Mk1 in good condition that's looks pretty standard based in or around the Loughborough area or doesn't mind driving down?
  18. Hey everyone! My name is Laurence, I'm 17 and i have my first driving lesson this week. so anyway... I'm currently looking for a vw polo mk1/mk2 any model ( breadvans are my favourite ) My budget is around £700 ( £900 max ). I'm in the Bristol area and if anyone knows anyone about with a car for sale i'd be more than happy to hear from you guys and also introduce yourselves too... because i don't know anyone ^_^
  19. Photo Request: Good Evening Guys & Girls, Does anyone have a photos of the Blue Mk1 Polo with BBS E52's? I saw it at EuroSunday & MIVW last year but cant find any photos of it on the net. Its bloody gorgeous - Had a polished AFH engine & mirrors beside the sills showing the paint floor & tank etc.. Many thanks, James
  20. 23 downloads

    1974 Mk1 Polo Thatcham Repair Manual
  21. mark_crox



  22. mark_crox



  23. mark_crox



  24. mark_crox



  25. mark_crox



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