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Found 36 results

  1. Molven

    Wanted. Bike carb setup or carb

    Time Left: 1 month and 24 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi looking for a bike carb setup or a replacement carb for my 82 mk2 polo 1.1 engine code HB. Solex is dead


    Leicestershire - GB

  2. Hi looking for a bike carb setup or a replacement carb for my 82 mk2 polo 1.1 engine code HB. Solex is dead
  3. Hello just wondering if anyone can help, i have got a 1989 mk2 polo coupe S, I recently did an engine swap for a mk1 golf 1.3 on suzuki bike carbs. The only issue i am having is getting the original polo ignition loom to work with the mk1 golf distributor as my polo was originally electronic ignition and had a 3 prong plug where as the golf distributor is points and condenser with just a single plug (shown in picture) i have tried swapping the distributor but it does not fit and i am not able to swap the plug over on the distributor housing. Just wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem👍🏼 Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, Relatively new to this forum, but I am looking for any additional information to resolve the black smoke issue I currently have with my 1982 mk2 Polo Breadvan 1.0 litre (Weber 32 IBF carburetor). Over the past year the car has undergone a major body restoration which was finished approximately November 2018, but with the cold weather now set the car was placed in storage for almost 5 months. Spring 2019 the car was removed from storage but had developed several starting issues which have since been resolved i.e. new fuel, fuel pump, spark plugs, fuel lines, starter motor and distributor. The car then ran well for about 2 weeks, then became really lumpy at idle and pretty much undriveable. The car has recently passed its MOT, which during the test the technician tweaked the carburetor to bring its idle speed back to an acceptable level however this meant the car would run very lumpy at higher revs and stall when they were brought back down. We have since refurbished the carburetor along with various other jobs, but the car now plumes out black smoke when cold and when under load when warm. Ignoring the smoke, the car idles and runs well but there is obviously an underlying issue. Initially over-fueling was my thoughts, but we have now reset the carburetor several times but with the same result. The mixture screw is approximately 1.5 turns out and the car is no longer lumpy when idling. The only remaining jobs I need to complete are an oil/filter change and the rubber mount underneath the carburetor. Holding down the carburetor to seal any voids in the mount does not improve the smoke or affect the idle speed. I have searched the forum and found a few ideas from different posts and believe we have exhausted most ideas; so we are looking for any further ideas before we strip the internals and look for any wear inside the block. Below is a summary of the what we have examined: · Filters – both air and fuel filters have been replaced despite showing no signs of dirt or degradation. · Fuel lines – cleaned and replaced if necessary. · Fuel pump – replaced. · Spark plugs – replaced and cleaned several times in the past few weeks. · Fuel – tank emptied, re-filled with fuel cleaner additive. · Distributor cap – replaced with new points. · Earth straps – both replaced. · Weber 32 IBF carburetor – jets and body cleaned with car cleaner, serviced with genuine Weber kit i.e. new gaskets, washers, o-rings, float needle/seat, solenoid and diaphragm. Float height has been confirmed as correct and all flow tubes are clear. · Carburetor rubber mount – looks OK but is being replaced in the next few days. · Oil cleaner (Wynnes smoke clear) additive. · Vacuum lines have been checked. · Thermostat will be replaced in the next few days. · Oil will be replaced this weekend. Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated. I can add photographs of the engine if required. Many Thanks
  5. Do the coilovers off a mk1 golf fit on a mk2 polo???
  6. OllieSimmons

    Aftermarket Radio

    Just picked up an E reg 1988 polo c and am looking to fit my stereo from my old car, when taking out the stock stereo from the car the cables in there are completely different, do I need to get different adaptors to fit the stereo or get a different stereo, can attach pictures of the wires in the morning thank you
  7. I am currently in the process of rebuilding a small block 1.3, and am having trouble finding anywhere to buy the dome shaped breather that presses into the side of the block. I looked on vwheritage and ebay but had no luck. Does anyone have any idea where I might find one? Thanks, Jordan

    ARB bolts

    I have struggled for a few hours, without luck, to get the bolts in that hold the stage 2 subframe to the MAXRPM ARB blocks and bodywork. I have put the ARB into the lower control arms first but not all the way in and loosened the ARB bracket on the offside front wing. Without the ARB blocks, I can just about get the bolts started but with the ARB blocks, it's impossible. I have no evidence that the car has been in a major accident and the engine is not in the car. The LCAs have nylon bushes in it which allows little flexibility. Possibly if I tap the ARB forwards, I may get the bolts closer. So now I am considering using hydraulic jacks to push the subframe forwards to get the bolts closer. Anyone with advice that has had similar issues I would gladly receive replies.
  9. Is there a lower temperature thermostat available? After hours of on line searching, I found that there is a Meyle G40/60 that is out of stock on chargeddubbs but with no idea what it's opening temperature is. Also I found 056 121 113d which is supposed to be a lower temperature but again no confirmation of the opening temperature. I have been told the stock one opens at 75C. Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi peeps got a question could be a silly one but here goes, so I have a 1990 Vw Mk2 polo Saloon CL with the normal circular headlight grill, my question is would the Mk1 polo derby Grill with the square headlights fit my Mk2 loon? What would be the ins and outs? Cheers.
  11. Hi, I have a mk2 polo project, I have cleaned and checked the spark plugs, cleaned some of the carb jets but when I try to lift the clutch and move it, it dies, does any one have any ideas what to check or do next? I want to put some fresh fuel in aswell , thanks in advance
  12. I am looking a putting a new clutch in my 84 1.0 polo breadvan and wanted to know if I could change the gearbox to a 5 speed from a 1300 breadvan anyone know thanks
  13. Hi All, Before I go ahead and buy one.... thought I'd ask the question first. I have just fitted my GRP wings and noticed the Front Valance has had a small knock (Dented Corner) Looks like someone has tried to straighten but doesn't line up with wings. I would like to replace the whole panel but what is it like fitting a Lower front Valance? Could I use a bolt on technique or would it need to be spot welded? any info greatly needed and with thanks.
  14. I am currently doing a carb conversion on my 1.3 polo switching from the pierburg to a weber dmtl, i was wondering what accelerator cable would fit
  15. Connor13a4

    Mk2 Polo Breadvan Project

    Bought my first vw polo mk2 last weekend so thought i would share my project on here.
  16. hello, Really need to get some window trim for the front window seals of the breadvan.....tried numerous companies now and no luck. Has anyone got any suggestions of where I can source some?
  17. Clemmiek

    mk 2 polo restoration

    So the polo went in last week for a complete bodywork job and respray, once completed the interiors going to be redone as well - if anyone has any ideas for material styles feel free to let me know!
  18. Hi there guys. Recent new member and proud owner of an '86 Formal E with only 37k on the clock...imagine that. Thought this would be the best place to sign up to in regards to questions and advice etc. I currently have the original wheels in the garage for restoration but would also like some smart lookers for lets face it...showing off. It's currently on period TSWs. I'd have to check the full sizing etc but essentially I was looking for advice on a new set of rims. I'm wondering if anybody can advise as to how big as well as how wide I can go without any modding to arches etc. I assume there'll be plenty of you that have tried bits and bats through your time so who better to ask? Thanks for your time guys, Have a good day!
  19. C-j


    Hi just thought I'd introduce my self and my car I'm chace-jordan (or c-j to most) the car is a mk2 polo (well I beleive it's classed as a mk2 model but am ready to be corrected by folks with more knowledge ) its Never going to be a show car iv just brought it off a mate he stopped using it as it kept over heating and has said it needs water pump and thermostat he did the head gasket and cam belt last year but lost interest in it it's been sat for nearly a year but we charged the battery up and turned the key and it instantly jumped into life gave mate £100 for it with view to getting it back on road I joined this forum as am hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction or give me some advice on how much a water pump and thermostat will cost and if it's something that I can either attempt my self (am not a mechanic but am ok with tinkering and willing to have a go at stuff )or is it a bigger job that will need to go to a garage so I can get it mot /serviced and back on road asap have added a pic of the car as it is now not best pic want to paint roof Matt black remove some Of the stickers (if not all yet to be decided repaint wheels I know it's not everybody's taste and some of the interior will prob get changed as it's been done out in lime green and pink fur which although i quite like it as its something. different I want to put my own stamp on iT looking forward to meeting new folks and maybe attending some shows once it's back on road
  20. Clemmiek

    mk 2 polo tailgate query

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get hold of one of these? or even tell me what its called?
  21. vwsportsman

    mk2 polo 1.8t

    Hi all haven't posted in a while My polo has been off the road for a while now and I've had big plans but haven't been in a position to carry them out. I have settled on a 1.8t conversion mk4 golf. I'm looking for some help and advice on ideas and tips for the best way about it. Does anyone know which way to put the power down would be ie golf suspension And hubs or polo suspension . I want to add the braking system if that's possible I also want to add power steering either from the golf or someone told me there's a corsa set up which works. I will be making a build thread to go with it and any help ful information wil be appreciated.
  22. As titled... owner of donor car has got back to me and it's not an ABD code but AEX.. I've been reading up and I see the main difference is multipoint injection. Is this any good for an engine swap as I see the ABD is recommended (on bike carbs)
  23. My drivers side rear shock is shot and was wondering where I could get two rear coilovers for a mk2 polo classic (saloon)? Or would It be possible to get a shock refurbished & if so where? I've got fk automotive g18 coilovers at the rear so far. Thanks in advance :)
  24. Hi All, This is my first post so please be nice haha! I have a 1990 Mk2 polo Ranger pre facelift on a H reg I have owned her for just over 8 years now and I love it. This afternoon on my way home from work some idiot basically done an emergency stop in front of me so I really had to push the breakes to get it stop as I was doing about 40mph. But when I pushed really hard on the pedal I heard like a loud crack/splinter sound this is the only time I have ever heard this the car is running fine and the brakes are working ok I tried to emergency stop about 3 times since at various speeds and it hasnt done it since. The only thing I have noticed the pedal is seeming righer up and it wont travel as much as usual before its solid and you cant push down as far. The car hasnt had new brake drums/disks for about 4 years I think off the top of my head. I was wondering if anyone may know what maybe going on as its worried me slighly as I dont want to be in any danger plus I dont want to damage the car as just had a new Head, Dizzy and a load of other stuff I really want to keep it running. Kindest Regards, Lewis
  25. Hi All, I am new here so please be gentle, I have a Mk2 H Reg 1990 Polo Ranger, for the past week it’s been running very strangely, ever since using different petrol to usual (maybe coincidence?). It’s a 1272CC Petrol engine. It’s got 143,000 on the clock it had a new head gasket done at about 60,000. But all of a sudden it sounds really rough like a diesel and is making a funny tapping noise every now and then that isn’t normal for it and it keeps missfiring and its stumbling when running idle, when you put your foot down and get to about 70mph it seems quite happy but it has a slight miss but when you slow down on slip roads and say town driving it starts to cough and splutter and feel like it’s going to stall which it’s done once but it restarted straight away. The longer the engine is running the worse it gets. It’s got no water in the oil no white smoke the only thing I have noticed is the small hose that goes back in the expansion tank does have some little bubbles in there? It keeps making the water level rise in the expansion tank so the water it seeping out under the lid of the pressurised tank so I am losing a bit of fluid but there is no white stuff in there. So to me it’s not showing usual head gasket issues? It has a new thermostat about 3 maybe 4 yrs ago. It has had a new webber carb fitted in December just gone as the pierburg was worn out I was planning to change the spark plugs and HT leads and the rotor arm and distributor cap to see if this helps as it’s not a happy car! I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or anyone has any ideas what’s wrong? Any help would be really appreciated. Many Thanks, Lewis
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