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  1. Bevlesskeg


    Hi guys I’ve done a compression test on my polo. 1.3 gk engine 1984 gl. it’s got a gk cam in it and gn inlet, exhaust and I ported/polished it on a rebuild a while back. It’s been running strong and fairly reliable since rebuild but I never did the bottom end. Cyl1 - 80psi cyl2 - 90 cyl3 - 90 cyl4 - 87 it’s pretty lumpy on idle but revs well otherwise. what’re your thoughts? I think the compression is too low. I could do a bottom end rebuild but I don’t think I can take anything off the gasket etc because it’s already only just cl
  2. My MOT is up in the next few days and thought I should finally get this fixed, washers don't work I pull back on the stock or forward for back ones and nothing I have checked fuses there fine a few weeks ago I played around with washer pump and got it working but only briefly and stopped working the next day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  3. MitchDolly

    Breadvans for sale?

    hello all, new to the VW world as i was once a ford boy. looking to buy a mk2 breadvan (not facelift). more of a project car but doesnt need the major work done like welding etc. does not have to be pristine as i would like to tastefully mod it with wheels etc. hope this ends up in the right place! Cheers Mitch
  4. Dub XDT

    87 Breadvan Edna!

    Starting a build thread for my mk2 breadvan! Picked Edna up last year and done a few bits but nothing with regards to the engine yet...! It’s been lowered just with springs on standard shocks and trying to keep it simple with the look, tidied up the interior with some scirocco seats. There’s still plenty to do! Looking forward to starting on the 1.3 engine and looking for any advice ☺️
  5. Hi Last week you guys helped me get the old control arm connected to the suspension hub again after replacing the cv joint. I planned on replacing the control arm today. Getting the bolts off was easy. But the control arm won't come off the anti roll bar bolt. All I can move is the old bushings. Any tips? cheers, bastibum
  6. I have a mk2 coupe S with twin headlamps. I am wanting to change to single headlamps. Can I use the same outer lamps and remove the inners or do I need to swap them all out? Would I be best to upgrade the loom while I'm at it? The originals are not great. Cheers Boab
  7. Willysmiles

    Willysmiles build thread

    Been staring at peoples build threads for months now, so I decided to give my own a go. bought a completely standard 1988 coupe s with only 60k miles on the clock! One old couple owner from new, it’s a true standard gem; however I’ve now got my hands on it... my plan is to keep it looking mostly original looking but underneath have some nice mods to bring it to fast road spec, well as fast as a 1.3 can be. More to follow over over the next few months!
  8. Hi everyone, about to change the base insulator block for the carb on my Polo Mk2 as the factory one has perished and doesn't seal properly. Any other parts you recommend I should change since i'm going to have the carb off? Do I change any other gaskets or hoses? I'm not going as far as rebuilding the carb as it works just fine - why fix what aint broken! Also the vapour eliminator seems to have a crack so I will be changing that as well. Thanks for the input!
  9. The red paint on my mk2 is pretty faded. I might start compounding. However I see spots on the bonnet where a white colour is coming trough (base coat?). Does this mean I have too little of red paint left on my car to start compounding? Or can I just compound around these spots?
  10. Hi! I'm going to be replacing my fuel tank soon on my 1988 mk2 breadvan as it's got the typical leak around the filler neck. Is there any other parts I should be replacing at the same time as the fuel tank? Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  11. kwijibo_coupe

    Kwijibo_coupe's Mk2 Polo C Breadvan

    Model: Polo 1.0C Breadvan Engine: 1043cc HZ with 3F (GT) multipoint injection, ported GT manifold, standard G40 exhaust with de-cat. Suspension: TA Technix 80/60 kit Brakes: Wheels and Tyres: Weller steel wheels Exterior Styling: Some stickers, otherwise standard Interior Styling: G40 front seats, gauges in radio slot, stripped out rear Comments: Will be getting a G40 transplant at some point when I have time. Well the story of this one starts with the missus on Facebook looking through local car ads. Even though when I do that I get a lecture about how I have too many cars, spend all
  12. Help, I am in the process of replacing the cv joint on my '84 breadvan. Getting the ball joint loose was already a pain in the ####. But getting the control arm back on the hub again is even harder. It does not seem to align, when I try to push up the hub with a jack it also pushes outward. What should I do?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if the 085 transmissions (in this specific case, it's on a Mk2 with a 2G engine) ever came with a digital speed sensor? I want to get a digital speedo from one of these boxes for a project I'm working on. I think they were used in Mk3s and Mk4s as well, right? I'm having trouble finding info on them.
  14. Dutchboy

    Project Phoebe '82 saloon build

    Introducing my build thread! I bought Phoebe back in April 2020 without even viewing the car. A friend of mine has been ro view the car a few months earlier but the price was too high so he walked away. After some late night (potentially influenced by Carlsberg Export) Internet searching, I agreed on a price and got it trailered to me. Generally speaking it is in decent condition. Its currently sat at 69k and has a 1.0L engine and 4 speed box. I drove it for a few months and it was great to be back in an old vw again. So Phoebe is now off the road and the teardown begin
  15. Trying to find the engine number location on the engine of my Mk2. Anyone know where it is? Thanks
  16. There's this 1989 VW Polo. It is in perfect condition and just had a good service done. Had the brake lines replaced and new steering/ tierod with balljoints put in as well. Then also a new V belt and VRT passed. It has 45 000 km’s on the clock Interior is in good nic and has a stereo with AUX as well. How much will it be worth ? It is listed at 685 GBP. Thanks James
  17. Looking for some guidance on selecting a master cylinder and how to plumb this in... I'm fitting rear discs to my 1984 non-servo breadvan, using 226mm dia rear discs & larger 256mm dia front discs. Picking though threads in the forum indicates I need a larger master cylinder, most suggest going with something around 23mm bore. Question 1: What m/c works best and/or is easiest to fit? Can the fluid reservoir be swapped from something else to make the install easier (hammering the bulkhead is last resort; making spacer to use servo'ed m/c s possible but I'd rather avo
  18. Jim1500

    Scrappage back!

    Mate spied this yesterday
  19. Currently I have a foam filter over the carburettor so the breather pipe from the crank isn't connected to the airbox anymore. I notice there is oil coming out of the pipe. What could be the cause? A big problem?
  20. I noticed when removing the carpet that it was glued to the floor in some places. Should I use glue when refitting?
  21. Hi Everyone I've had my fair share of Polo's over the years, starting with a MK2 breadvan when I passed my test back in 2002. After scrapping my 6n2 in 2016, I had been itching to get another classic. Whilst visiting the Isle of Skye for a week back in July 2016, I spotted this late model MK2 Polo Country lying at the end of someones driveway. I had a snoop around, and despite looking a tad unloved, it was clean and only had 39k miles showing. I put a note through the door asking if it was for sale, and heard nothing for the remainder of my time there. I went h
  22. antharro


    Looking for A710VSU - rescued her from a fate at Bournemouth breakers yard back in 2011ish, did some work and ran her for a couple of years, then sold her in 2014 to a guy who was going to do a restoration. Was a bit rough around the edges but a good clean car. Red with grey and black pinstripes and a factory sunroof! Have been keeping an eye on the DVLA website - she was SORNed for a couple of years then back on the road. But I note that the tax and MOT have now run out and it's not SORNed. Would be good to hear it's still around.
  23. baller91

    83 black breadvan

    Just bought my second mk2 after about 4 years of wishing I never got rid of my first one. She is in a right state as fuel filler neck, wheel arch, fuel filler flap and battery tray is rotten. There’s general surface on near all panels where paint has been damaged. And one half of the car is rattle canned. As far as I can remember the polo was taken off the road in 1998 to be used as a donor car. So pretty happy to do the work to get her back on the road. If anyone else has a black mk2. I’d love to see it as I’m thinking of respraying it back to gloss black.
  24. Does anybody know the ins and outs of replacing the front discs and pads on a pre 85 Mk2? The system with square brake pads I'm talking about. my haynes manual is from 1990 or so
  25. Hi, I've been struggling with my Weber carb for a while now, and I'm getting a bit bored of it. I have a DMTL 32/34 on a Mk2 Polo 2G engine, which is stock. Jetted as (from left to right, as seen from the front of the car, looking towards the back, with the throttle cable on the left): 70 | 185 - F30 - 120 | 155 - F22 - 100 | 45 Problems: All of these are on a hot engine with no choke. At Idle: No idle unless the mixture screw is 2.5 turns out. It's a little unstable but it's not obviously hunting (could be normal?) Coming off idle: Poor throttle
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