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  1. Hi, As per title. Who is the OEM for Radiators - in-particular G40 Where is a good place to buy one now ? Part no is: 867121253AB And who else makes half decent rads?
  2. So I'm looking at renewing suspension bushes on my Mk2F breadvan... I'm confused over the front suspension control arm inner bush, Number 18 on this diagram. https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1991-120/4/411-32000/ 7Zap shows two versions (ignoring the G40), with different part numbers for #18 18 823 407 181 bonded rubber bush 2 HZ,2G,NZ,AAU 1W,3F,AAV, ACM (18) 861 407 181 bond
  3. Hi all, I want to remove the oil dipstick tube on 1.3 55hp engine (carb). It seems quite tight but I don't know if I should just pull it or turn it anti-clockwise before pulling or else. I don't want to break the tube since it's not easy to find.
  4. See my clubg40 post: Hesitancy / Misfire 1500rpm-2k COLD only (polog40.co.uk) Fairly stock G40 which when cold, first 2miles or so, produces a real hesitancy around 1500-2k. Higher rpm's seem to sort it - like it's forcing the engine to fix itself. Warm engine sorts it too. This leads me to thinking it would be the blue temp sender as that is temp dependant, but it isn't. To my knowledge spark side is ok: Coil - Cap - Arm - Leads - Plugs
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for an equivalent to part VW 861 412 319 for my polo mk2 (1991 not a mk2F). The part is called front suspension top stop or something which sound like that. The part is quite rare and a bit expensive. I've found some on commercial sites and often they're out of stock. What I'm looking for is if I can use similar part from other polo generation or other vw models which fits with the polo mk2. I've seen pictures of the ones installed on polo 6N and golf mk2. It seems they look quite different and since I don't have one I can't confirm if their dimen
  6. genesisjimmy

    Kalahari beige

    Hi all Had my mk2f (mk3) since 2012 as my daily driver and it's been on the road since then apart from once.
  7. genesisjimmy

    Hi all

    HI all My name is Jim and I live just outside Northampton. Had my polo for about 8 years but the rust is winning so I'm now fixing the that. http://imgur.com/a/5LZLVXi
  8. Hello all. I've recently purchased a 93 1.3Spi breadvan. I am currently having issues with poor idle when cold. The ignition timing is currently set to about 25 degrees before TDC. I have tried setting the ignition timing to 5 +/- 1 BTDC as per a Haynes manual. When this is done it will run when Hot but hesitant to Rev. But when engine is cold it will not idle or sometimes start unless I revert back to the original timing. It has recently had new: Plugs, dizzy, coil, HT leads, Blue temp sensor, lambda, fuel pump, filters. I have checked for the correc
  9. Hi, I have a stuck piston in one rear wheel cylinder, so will be replacing it. I have a question about the sub-types of cylinder. There are different sizes, my car has no brake balance controller so needs the "A" subtext part, 15.87 mm piston. VW dealer confirmed this with my reg number. 6 1H0 611 053 A wheel brake cylinder 15,87 FAG https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1991-120/6/609-37000/ However various online suppliers have subtle differences for 1H0 611 053
  10. vinniemac79

    Looking for MK2F eyebrow bar

    Hi has anyone got a mk2F eyebrow bar, colour doesn't really matter
  11. Hi, ive recently lowered my mk2f polo on springs and now the steering rack seems to consistently rub. Is there any way to avoid this or improve this without raising the car?
  12. Hello i have a 1993 mk2f Coupe 1.3 I want to fit a bigger carb but not sure what would work and whats not gonna cost much but make more power any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi all I have a leak on my gt gearbox from drive shaft I think ? Its definitely not from gear selector rod .Please look at photo. So anyone know the replacement seal I need please. I'm hoping I can do it while box is in as I only have just put engine back in so it would twist my Mellons if I had to take it out again.
  14. Grimmad-mike

    MK2F Polo CL

    Hi, guys girls. Name: Michael Barlow-Kingston Age: 29 Location: Lutterworth Polo owner, Red 1991 Polo CL Coupe Previous car history: corsa, hyundai coupe, swift, astra, a3, rx8, 406, celica, clio, lexus gs 300, megane coupe. Hobbies/interests: mountain biking, kayaking, stock car racing. Occupation: hgv driver How did you hear about us?: google
  15. I'm looking for a replacement gear stick gater as mine had total disintegrated. Had a look on the bay but can't find anything. Anyone help me fine one please ? Thanks.
  16. I need to replace the front hand brake cable (as opposed to the rear left / right) How do I do it? Any top tips? And could someone confirm this is the right part no: 867609721 Much appreciated
  17. Hi ive been looking to replace the throttle cable in my mk2f gt but when i started looking i couldnt find one anywhere and was hoping someone would know where to find one or whats best to do. cheers
  18. metalblue

    Back in a G40

    Well I will be when this little beauty gets delivered (due first week of Feb) and I’m unbelievably excited. It’s my second G40 and probably the car I’ve missed the most, they are horrible to get the power down on and don’t stop but guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I’m grinning just at the thought of having one again. This one is running circa 150bhp I’d guesstimate from the mods. My last G40 was 180bhp. Not sure of plans for it yet other than sort out a bit of rust as a starting point but that’ll probably have to wait until the scooby restoration is finished.
  19. Hi all, Looking to get both sills replaced on my G40. I can find the 'outer' sills on Heritage Parts Centre, but I can't find any 'inner' ones. Do these actually exist? or do I just need the 'outer' ones. Sorry if this seems like a silly question! Cheers, Tim
  20. So I have been looking through the forums and Facebook pages but can't get a clear answer. Iv got a mk2f 1l 4 speed and found a AFH 1.4 to swap into it. What parts do I need out the doner car and do I need any other parts? Seen I will need a 5 speed mount/adapter but what else?
  21. meganscott

    manual choke cable

    Hello, first post in a long while... I've had a search through the forum to find answers but no luck (doesn't help I have a short attention span). Apologies if this should be in the engine section, I couldn't decide.. and soz if it's been covered time and time again - I did check the faq pages and I've read most of the fitting bike carbs thread. Maybe it's just a stupid question other people don't need to ask but I want a good understanding of what I'm doing before I buy the parts. I've got bike carbs on my mk2, which was previously auto choked. I'm planning on attaching a manual choke c
  22. Matimcfetridge

    Polo related Youtube channel

    Evening all, I have recently started a Youtube channel and thought I would post it here incase any of you need a laugh or want to watch something VW related.. This will cure your boredom and mean you don't have to waste any more time watching things you aren't interested in on TV. I have always had VWs and there will be many featured on this channel so grab a cold beer and give the channel some love! all subscriptions, like and comments are appreciated and will help the channel grow so please get involved! Mati
  23. Hey everyone, this is my first post so if its in the wrong place I do apologise. I’ve converted my 1992 Polo Mk2F to an AFH running the standard injection and ECU. The way I did this was buying a donor car which was already converted. This car is a 1989 Mk2 Polo. The car runs and behaves normal on idle. However when I try to drive it, it bogs down at around 2500rpm in 1st and 2nd at partial throttle, if I floor it, it doesn’t happen. In every other gear it drives fine regardless of throttle position. I swapped everything over from the older Polo to try and rule
  24. The shifting on my mk2f has always been a bit rubbish - my first drive home in it I was pulling out of junctions in 3rd like a lunatic thinking I was in 1st and something was terribly wrong - turned out I needed to 'twist' the sifter counter-clockwise to get it to plonk into 1st. 1st to 2nd requires a lot more force than between other gears which is a bit of a pain jumping out on junctions and roundabouts. Got used to it and didn't think much of it but recently re-reading some other shifting queries I started to wonder if it doesn't need some new bushings etc. I guess the question
  25. Cam Whatmore

    MK2F custom exhaust manifold

    Hi, this is my first post on the forum and thought I’d share some pictures of the 4-1 manifold Ive built for my 2F breadvan 38mm primary’s into a 4-1 merge collector with a 2” exit it’s all made of 304 stainless steel and back purged TIG welded.
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