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Found 14 results

  1. Too bad that after I removed the fuel filter, I've noticed the new one is incompatible since it has different inlet and outlet tubes - the clamps can't secure it. However on the product page for both filters it lists my 1.6 MK3 as compatible. How can I know for next time?
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for an Induction Elbow off a MK3 SPI model Golf for my MK2F Polo 1.3 Cat. Thanks.
  3. I don't really know any forums that'll help me so I'm hoping I can get some ideas, my 2/94 Golf MK3 1.4 ABD engine has suddenly decided not to idle. It started by having fuel issues during movement, but we settled that easily by putting a screw on the cap and that fixed moving fuel starvation, however, it still stalls at idle, it'll hold out for at least 7~ seconds, then start losing revs then completely cut off in an instant. Things attempted with their outcome: Spark plugs and HT leads, smoother engine while driving, still stalling. Dizzy cap and rotor, dad replaced it back with the old one (clueless as to why?) Idle air control valve/ Idle stepper motor replaced, solved the idle yesterday and it started exhaust popping but it was really rough, it would drop down to 350rpm then jump back to 1250, seriously unstable, today it stopped idling again and just completely cuts out. Tried a new carb (i think that's what you call mono-jetronic assembly?) but it didn't change anything. Checked the tubing from the head of the engine to a weird black box behind it attached to the block, i assume it helps with engine idling? Cleaned it out, didn't help. (I didn't remove the black box, should have i removed it?) Noticed the "blue oil pressure sensor" had a broken terminal so replaced that too and it didn't change anything, just gets it out of my nerve. When it stalls white smoke comes out, and when revving (slightly) at cold some blue smoke comes out (oil?) but it eventually stops after a few engine restarts. I'm genuinely lost as to what to do here, Please! If you know anything, I'd like to hear about it! With hopes, Fizu. (I'm still at school learning about mechanics so I'm really sorry if i did anything wrong and I'd like you to correct me on it)
  4. Hi All, Looking for our old Polo Breadvan van - 1993 in white, was sold on in 2013 after having it a few years but we made a mistake selling it and really want it back. looked on the DVLA and seen it hasn’t been taxed or MOT’d in a good while. Reg was L391UFE - looking to buy it back in whatever state even if not roadworthy. if anyone has any news or thinks they’ve even seen it would be a great help
  5. Hey guys, i'm fairly new to the VW scene, (excuse me if i make any mistakes, im not a native speaker), so back to the point, I've got my AEE engine rebuilt last summer, and after 320k kms it was a breeze to drive it, but im getting used to it, so im planning to shoot for lets say a 100 hp, or something near to that, i have some plans, but yeah, you guys know way more than me so, my weak ass plans are: - porting the head, with bigger valves - a bit more agrssive camshaft - custom intake, with the 1.4 16vs throttle body (as far as i remember the 1.6 aee has a 45, and the 1.4 16v has a 55, also its the mk3's bowden operated one) - some kind of exhaust system with a bigger size, and a stainless mainfold. And basically thats that, so if you guys got any tips, i'd be glad to hear them, also if there are some better methods, im happy to hear them.
  6. Hello all The windshield washer has stopped working and I've already ordered a replacement washer pump, but out of curiosity and green thinking and also worried that maybe the issue is somewhere else, I wanted to check if there is more that I can do. I've connected a multimeter to the plug from the battery and it correctly shows 12V when the ignition is on and I pressing the lever to spray water. When I do it with the pump connected it makes no sound however. Is there a possibility of another issue somewhere? Can I open up the old pump to check what's up inside? Thanks.
  7. My Polo Mk3 1.0 MPI petrol from 2001 recently has acquired the habit of losing throttle response with a subsequent stall. This occurs after approx 20 minutes of driving. The car will fail to immediately restart, but will eventually do so after 5 minutes of waiting. After a while, the car will lose throttle response and stall again. The longer this waiting period is, the longer it will take before this occurs. There are no errors on the dash nor has the mechanic found any error codes in the ECU. The car idles fine for hours without any stall, which makes diagnosing the problem harder for a mechanic. One theory could be an issue with vacuum emerging in the fuel tank, which may indeed explain the symptoms and in particular the waiting period symptom. To test this I drove the car to stall and then immediately opened the fuel cap. The car started immediately after I did so, however I did not notice any "whoosh" of air being let back into the tank, so I'm not 100% sure. Nonetheless, the fact that the car never restarted immediately after the stall still leads me to think I'm close to the cause. Before I start replacing purge valves etc, I would be grateful for advice on this problem. Has anyone else experienced this? Can it be expected not to see any error codes or is this unusual? Any advice would be really great. Thank you.
  8. So i've been losing coolant for the past couple of weeks - have to refill every week or so. Two years ago I've replaced the entire thermostat housing which was rotten and the plastic was breaking off at the ports. However I can't find a leak now, and also can't correlate the leak with heater usage. So naturally I'm fearing an internal leak. I've taken the plugs our (unrelated) and wandered if the No. 2 plug (second from the right) is any indication of antifreeze in the engine block. What do you think?
  9. Hello all! I am trying to think what my options are regarding the above issue. I have started to take out the instrument cluster just to see if I can revive the (long black right) odometer button so I can reset the inspection message on the right LCD (my model is the post-1997 design). I managed to take out all the steering wheel trim but it seems that I would have to take out the airbag and steering wheel. My question is if it's even worth it? what happens when I disassemble the cluster itself? Do I need to take out anything else other than the steering wheel to take the cluster out of the car? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, How do you remove what would be the rear door card on a mk2f coupe (apart from there is no rear doors). Not sure what its called Rear interior trim panel for passengers. https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1992-120/8/867-84000/#3 Can see on etka little screw at bottom - that's fine. But how do the clips at the top near the window work? Don't want to break anything. Do seats/rear bench need to come out? Any help much appreciated.
  11. Jim1500

    Polos in scrapyard

    Was sent this pic not sure when taken, 6N or 6N2 in there so not all that long ago, anyone know the story behind it? Scrappage?
  12. Just wondering if anyone would know what size of tyres these had? A mate bought a set for an Ibiza sport but they'd no tyres on them. Similar car and wheels to this http://www.theparking.eu/used-cars-detail/seat-ibiza-cupra/seat-ibiza-1.8-20vt-cupra-3d-c-cupra-210hv-c-viistopera-2007-vaihtoauto-nettiauto/PFX82SL2.html
  13. Dewey1996

    I need roofbars

    Hello all, I’ve been struggling to find some roofbars for my 2000 mk3 polo estate... I see numerous people have them fitted and am looking for some assistance
  14. Hello and thanks to anyone who reads this and replies! OK so I have a mk3 polo saloon 6kv2, lowered on JOM coilovers. Currently got the car in the garage for a few things, one being the front top mounts and bearings. The mechanic is telling me he's tried to fit stock size top mounts but they would be dangerous in combination with the lowered springs so I need to find the top mounts that go with the coilovers or that are suited for a lowered car. I hope this is making sense to someone because I'm still learning! So I've found some JOM (JOM 740503) top mounts to fit my car and they do say that they are suited for lowered cars, is this definitely what I need? Also are the powerflex -10mm the same kind of deal? I'm hoping somone can tell me exactly what I need so I can buy the right set first time round! The mechanic basically said I can't use standard top mounts and need ones to suit coilovers??? I really appreciate any replies as the car is sat in the garage until I turn up with the right parts! Thankyou fellow Polo owners.
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