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Found 32 results

  1. Hi guys looking for some information about what it takes to take the vr6 engine out a mk3 golf and drop it into the 6n estate, not much coming up on the web besides a really old thread on here just showing it finished. i know the two cars run the same chassis so subframe wise it should bolt in, but i cannot think of any serious problems with swapping the engines. so can some one correct me or should it be straight front as swap the ecu and loom then swap and bolt all the engine bits across including driveshafts, only think i think may be an issue is the drive shaft spline on a vr6 would be different to the polo. if any one can shed some light onto this as im looking into buying a clean estate.
  2. We currently have a V reg 6N1 Polo automatic which has a 4 speed torque converter gearbox. As this is going to my daughter, we need to find a replacement, and I have been thinking of a late 9N3. As far as I can find out, here appears to be 2 types of auto gearboxes fitted to this model. In the Nov 2006 brochure, the auto is a 4 speed, presumably a torque convertor type. In the Nov 2008 brochure, the auto is now a 6 speed tiptronic. Does anyone know what type of gearbox is the 6 speed is? Is it a torque converor type, or a earlier version of the DSG? If a DSG, is it a wet or dry clutch version? Many thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I am from TUNISIA, I bought a 2001 6N2 1.4MPI it has 65hp witch is not even close enough power. sadly in TUNISIA we don't have much to choose in the used market 1.0MPI (Tunisian specs: no air bags no abs...nothing maybe AC) so I can only engine swap it.... then again there are no 1.416V breaking to buy from so I turned my head to the only available 1.416V VW relative the MK4 GOLF. So my question is do the 1.416V unit +transmission from the GOLF MK4 drop in straight (with ECU and wiring loom) if so do the GOLF's engine mounts suffice if not what exactly should I consider
  4. Got this car for a few parts, now selling the rest. The car is black, not sure the paint code. All parts are located outside Kirriemuir, Scotland. Things I have left: Loads of interior trim parts - All of them £10 Full sport seats front and back - £40 ATD engine, lost the service history but got loads of other paper work like parts, MOTs etc. This includes the turbo, intake, all boost piping, everything but alternator - £100 02R gearbox - £30 Gear selector - £15 Vacuum solenoid - £10 Indicator stalks with scroll buttons for dash computer - £15 Fog lights, has one of the mounting points broken off, but will be fine with the other 2, also include plastic surroudnings - £20 Door cards - £15 Driveshafts - £40 Hubs - £30 Nearside door inc. glass - £30 Tailgate - £30 Got a brand new offside wing - £30 Just PM if there is any other parts you need, might have forgotten something. Cheers.
  5. Hello from Shane

    Hi all, as you can guess from me posting here I'm a newbie! Got my first car today and it's a Polo! MK4, 1.2 9n '02 plate. Has its problems but I got it cheap so no complaints. It smokes and looks like the head gasket gone so I've ordered a new one. Hoping that fixes it. Also has a heck of a lot of scratches and a dent on the N/S wing. I plan on getting the car custom painted or wrapped so not fussed about the scratched and a wing I'll get from the scrap yard. Pics below, could someone tell me how to add a gallery? I've clicked "Gallery" towards the top of the page then I click "upload" then select category and it takes me to the page for that gallery and not to a page to upload...
  6. My 6N Polo Drag Car Project.

    Hello people, it has been a while and as title i have just got my self a little polo again. about 3-4 years ago i had a 6n with lots of nos and basicly i want to build that again!! i have got my self 1.4 8v in silver and i am wanting to put AEE lump in for now to just get it on the road. then hopefully i can load it full of nos and go have some fun down Santa Pod. my first question because my last polo was a AEE i didnt need to do anything, but it is true i can bang a AEE straight in to my 1.4 8v ecu and loom Etc?? while i have been trying to get an engine for cheap i have started hunting bits and started to strip the polo apart ready (pictures will be taken soon and uploaded) my second question what do you guys think i should put in to the polo after i blow up the 1.6? or should i just turbo my 1.6 for a laugh? good to be back on the forum .
  7. Hey, Posts have already been made about this problem but I'm really desperate. My Polo (53 plate) keeps stalling and cutting out when the clutch is pushed down (released). It struggles to start in the morning too. The idle RpM seems to be really low around 700. I have replaced the throttle body, cleaned it and the intake below the TB. I have replaced the coolant temperature sensor, and disconnected the battery for 16hours to try and reset the ECU. NON OF THIS HAS WORKED (not even helped!) Can anyone please help?? I've got no ideas left :( I've uploaded a video to of it cutting out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyhd9LBAPgU Idel photo: http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g393/LukeTabasco/20150130_185429.jpg P.s its going to the VW dealership next week to have a diagnostic test and have the ECU reset properly. Thanks Luke
  8. Heater issues

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can shed some light (quite literally) on this for me. The light behind my heater panel isn't working. Now I'd usually assume the bulb had gone, however the system is also failing to heat the air it's blowing, giving out only cold air. As you can imagine, this makes the cold early morning starts for work even more horrendous... Help! Thanks in advance
  9. Hi there Pretty sure the gear linkage has just failed on my girlfriend's 6n 1.4 CL. It had been sticky previously and there have been times where selecting 2nd and 4th were impossible, but on my way home it failed completely and the gearbox is now stuck in first gear (can't even take it out of gear from inside the car). I'm looking to replace the linkage setup asap as it's our daily, but am struggling to find one for this model. Are there any linkage/cable setups from other models that would fit ours, ie 6n2 or 6n 1.2? I'm asking as I have a spare Mk3 Golf GTI (ABF) setup here, but am not sure if it's suitable? I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to gear stuff, so any advice or help would be very much appreciated! Thanks :)
  10. My Polo 6n daily project

    I was given a Polo 6n 1.0 Peter, T reg 6 months ago by a family member as it was sitting in a field for 4 months and thought why not do some work to it as it was free, i want to try and build the car at low costs so it doesnt end up owing me thousands. Started as your bog standard Polo 6n: Then i decided it handled like a boat so i chopped the back sprins and heated and compressed the front as a cheap way of getting lows: Then Poundland piss can on the trims and rust patches: Invested in the debadged grill from ebay for £15: Got some tint sprey and tinted the back lights, side repeaters and front indicators: Then came the seats i picked up some Corbeau reclining buckets for £30 as they need re-coverin as they have rips in them and welded them to the original polo rails by cutting the standard seats off and makin some brackets for the seats and Bolting them on: A mate of mine had some tint film left over so put a sun strip on: I now have Luke Racing Harnesses i got off a friend for next to nothing and stripped the back out pictures to come. I am lookin for some coilovers and some wheels as I'm going to get the handling sorted 1st before i think about the engine conversion More photos to come.
  11. Polo 6n1 Pick-Up

    Hey, so this is my first post - so the this is a project that me and my dad did a few years back, sadly we never got to finish this dew to not having a garage but i have not seen no one trying this so please enjoy.
  12. Basically its higher on the right as seen in picture To be honest I dont know how coilovers work properly but I basically wound the bottom ring up and span the bottom camber bit up so its a 100mm drop (I'll try and explain with pictures) but some reason its a different height on the side, so i started turning the top ring up(Green bit on picture;which i have not touched before cus i just used the bottom bit) but it didnt make it any lower,(the yellow arrow showing where it was) i know i haven't explained very well but i dont really know what I'm on about, i've watched loads of videos but the coilovers are always different to mine, anyone help please!!
  13. I have left the following out of a Polo 1.4 16V AFH Mk4 5 speed Gearbox £100 Mk4 ECU £15 Mk4 Windscreen wiper motor mechanism £15 Mk4 alternator £25 Mk4 Starter Motor £20 Mk4 Coolant Bottle £7 Mk4 Distributor £20 Mk4 Coil, amp, ignition loom £25 Mk4 egr valve £25 Mk4 Throttle body £35 Mk4 Drive shafts £15 each Mk4 inlet manifold £25 Please message or call me for offers on 07958939584 Items are all located near Hanger Lane, West London. Thanks Akis
  14. I've searched and searched but cant find what i wanna see has anyone got any pics of a mk2f/mk3 running specifically 13x6 et38 with 175/50 on the front? i wanna see how close to the arches they get if not is anyone running 13x5.5 et38 with 175/50 or close to that? need to see a pic from the front or up close to the arch seeing if i need to get my arches flared thanks
  15. Hi Guys I'm thinking about purchasing a set of Mk4 Amber Tail Lights to replace the stock tail lights on my Mk7 Polo and i was wondering what wiring changes would be needed to be made and if the bulb holder would need to be replaced as well, thank you.
  16. Was just wondering a few things, how come these coilovers i'm thinking of getting can be lowered more at the front than the back? Also is there anything else I need to know about fitting coilovers ect? I've changed the standard suspension on a 6N before and its pretty straight forward, is it thee same for coilovers? Just confused why the back can be lowered less? Would of thought the front would be less if anything?
  17. Does this look ready for spraying?
  18. Right, santa will be bringing me some coilovers but need to let him know which ones Basically I want something cheap but not second hand, so I went on Ebay and found some new for £156.00 so i'm happy paying that the brand is 'TUNINGART' I know nothing about coilover brands so if someone could tell me if these are alright? theirs a few different brands on there so if someone could tell me the best without costing more would be great. its for a 6n Also I need to know ASAP for santa to make of course. There is a brand called 'TA Technix' too?
  19. Right i've got a rear bumper I need to get to white, which is currently blue, going to use spray cans, can anyone tell me the best way? Prepping ect.
  20. Right a scrap yard sent me a picture of some coilovers they have, this is the picture What condition would people say these are in? Only picture I have got, they only want £50 for them so is that a really good deal? Or average?
  21. Was just wondering what this smaller bulb is for it might be a dumb question but just checking.
  22. Where can I buy these there for my 6n polo to light up the speedo, a link would be very helpful
  23. Opinions? (not mine thinking of buying)
  24. These on my 6N Polo? My car ATM
  25. Hi all, decided to join today mainly due to a problem with my MK4, but also because I hope to learn more about cars in general. My issue is with the wipers. If I use the delay wipe, sometimes it happens with other wiper settings, after a while the wipers will cut out. The temporary fix for this is to restart the car, but that is very dangerous when it is raining really hard and I'm on the motorway. After cutting out, they sort of start working again, but to get them to move in a full wiper movement, I have to hold the wiper stick down. Eventually they start to work automatically again, but will inevitably cut out again after more use. What could be causing this issue? It is also strange that the back wiper is not affected. Any advice on how to fix this will be great, as the autumn rains are arriving in full force in the North West UK! Thanks Tom Richardson

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