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Found 19 results

  1. Saint Jimi

    Buying advice

    Morning all, I was wondering if any of you have experience with the newer 2015 polo 6C 1.2 tsi bluemotion. My wife is considering buying one as her next car, I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on any common faults or issues I should look out for. Am I right in thinking that it's pretty much the same chassis, and mechanically as the 2009 seat ibiza which is what she had before? I've looked at Wikipedia but can't find any mention of the one she's looking at which is a 2015 1.2 TSI blue motion SE. Cheers
  2. My son has mk5 (I think) year 2000 1.4L Polo. The speedometer started to work intermittently and now the needle simply sits at about the 140mph mark. After disconnecting and removing it for inspection (which told me very little) it reset itself and worked OK for a couple of days but the fault returned. I'm assuming it reset because it was effectively disconnected from the battery but I have not had the chance to repeat it yet. There are second hand instrument clusters on ebay for £20.00 but one of the adverts had this message "It will need to be coded to your vehicle using diagnostic equipment when fitting" is this true? The air bag light is also on permanently, could this be part of the same fault? I was hoping I could simply swap the cluster for another. My alternative solution is to give the cluster to Cartronix in Waterlooville for a £99.00 repair.
  3. Hi there, we have a mk5 2015 Polo SE design. My son was swiped by a transit van who didn't bother stopping so we've opted to try fitting a new one instead of claiming on our insurance. Does anybody have access to a decent workshop manual procedure on how to do this. I found one online but it incomplete or doesn't work properly. Better still a video demo, but not holding my breath. Any help would be brilliant. Cheers
  4. polodrivercom

    Mk 5 Polo required for Volkswagen event

    Hi all I've been asked to find a Mk 4/5 Polo (1994-2002) for a Volkswagen UK event next January – also see my post in the Mk 4 page. The car required has to be a mainstream model (ie E, S, SE, 16V possibly) and has to be unmodified if at all possible. It also has to be available for three days at the start of January. If you've got such a car, post a photo or email me at rich@polodriver.com and I'll take a look and get in touch if I think the car is suitable. Cheers! Rich PoloDriver.com
  5. Hello I just bought a 6n2 tdi! However it doesn't have fog lights. I have just bought some for the car. Reading online I see some people mention the wiring should already be in place? I have pulled the front grills off and can't find any pre existing wiring for fog lights? Has anyone else done this before here who could offer some guidance? Kind Regards -Shane
  6. Henry Powell

    Red Polo GTI

    All I'm keeping from this is the engine, box, loom and everything of the driving gear. Bonnet - £40 Wings - £40 each Boot with spoiler (bad paint) - £40 Doors - £50 each (5 door) - all window regs/motors/speakers extra £20 per door 4x Door cards - £75 Leather seats £150 (drivers bolster is ripped) Carpet - £40 (boot carpet +£5) Gear knob & gaiter - £30 Lower Dash and Centre console - £60 Headlights (HID) - £50 Rear Lights - £40 Window motors - £20 The more you buy the cheaper it becomes, all parts are located near Frome (BA115HE) 07895543304 for more questions and images due to upload limit Thanks
  7. Ross36

    Blue 1.0 5 door

    Been looking to buy a 6n2 for a while for going to work. Seen this on gumtree, 1.0 MPI, 33k, 5 door. Nothing fancy at all, manual windows, no central locking etc. Took it for a test drive and everything seemed fine. On the 25 mile drive home as soon as I got over 50mph the drivers front wheel bearing had clearly gone! So parked it up and had a look. The sensible thing to do would be to just change the bearing, but the disks and pads were needing done, and the caliper bolts had already been rounded. So I went and picked up another polo. This time a rusty 1.4 16v colour concept with no MOT. Plan is to take all the good bits off this, with an upgrade to 256mm and separate hub/carrier. Taking the blue one to bits. Home made drive shaft pushing thing. Wishbones and brakes off. Struts off. Threw some POR15 at them. Brakes off the black one. Hubs off. New wishbones fitted. Hubs on. Had a seized brake nipple. And had a slider stuck in a carrier so picked up another from the scrappies. Pistons were properly seized. Pistons not looking too good, but still sealed. Pretty much back together here. Just before bleeding the brakes. There was a strange popping noise and a flat spot around 3k rpm, couldn't find any exhaust leaks so needs more investigating. Back together with the 14" wheels off the black one. Running out of space for scrap... Picked up rear disks and pads and a centre/ rear exhaust, but that's a job for another time. As well as fitting the interior ,CD player and electric windows. A few bits of paint needing sorted and the obvious front bumper. But at least I now have a spare engine!
  8. z0rak

    MK 8 6R Polo Runnig Costs Help

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and I'm looking at buying a 2010 MK8 Polo as my first car. I was just wondering does anyone know the rough running costs of one? Such as cost per tank and how many miles on tank. Tyre cost, general wear and tear costs and also what to look out for when buying one. Also is there any common problems with them?
  9. Hello Newbie here so apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it... I need to replace the rear hub on a 2014 Polo which I believe is a 6R/MK5 ?? I found a service manual online that indicates a torque value of 70Nm + 30 degrees which seems very low for a hub nut? Is anybody able to confirm this for me? Cheers Mark
  10. Hi all, Hoping you could help on choosing some alloys, Just got myself a 6r / mk5 polo (2010) It only came with steelies so looking to upgrade to alloys, Would some VW golf alloys 195/65/15's be suitable and has anyone ever had any insurance issues with this kind of alloy on a polo? I really would love to go bigger and lower but insurance does not allow for it yet.. Image attached Cheers Dan
  11. Hey guys, I got some coilovers from my friend for my 6R polo and I was messing with it today, first problem I come across is the "star" bolt with 18mm nut at the end that holds the front at the place. I'm gonna have to get that screwdriver or torque socket of this size. There's also this clamp thing that hold the brake line in place. so, I just yanked it out, no harm done apparently. That's the furthest i could get at the front, so I'll leave it for next weekend. However, if you have any tips let me know please. The rear: I have this little problem with removing the springs.. there is no alignment at the back so theres is nothing to undo to get the spring to pop out. My only hope is to use a spring compressor to squeeze them and get them out this way. The picture shows the spring completely loose, it won't go any lower but its still pretty solid in place.. rubber hammer maybe? what do you think? I couldn't find anything anywhere .. nobody has done an installation video or forum post regarding.. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. I've got some Mercedes wheels for my 6n2. They're 15x6.5 ET44. Will they sit okay with 20mm adapters and 165/45 tyres????
  13. owoolacott

    Polo 6n2 Build

    Hi, just started on this website to get some ideas and to give ideas out to anyone, I drive a polo 6n2 Mk5 in Surf blue (LA5C) and am slowly building it up into a stance show car, enjoy the progress and any questions let me know. The attached Picture is a day after I brought it will be uploading most bts of work I do :) Thanks.
  14. hedgesjack

    6n2 gti problems

    I recently bought a 6n2 gti, and after driving it for a bit I have come across two problems I can't seem to find a fix for. 1) the annoying coolant temperature sensor - the dash needle is all over the place ( it moves slow, but doesn't show what it should ) I have replaced the sensor and scanned with VAG-COM and had an intermittent code saying there is an implausible signal from the sensor. Any thoughts? 2) when accelerating in any gear ( not as noticeable in 5th ) the engine judders/moves. If I gently rest my hand on the gear stick, when I go for the throttle the gear stick moves, then when I come off the throttle it moves back. I have replaced the lower engine mount, which didn't look too good, but to no avail, I still have the problem. Any thoughts? (I can get every gear fine and the clutch seems to engage OK) Thanks in advance :)
  15. harryfarringdon

    My 1.0L mk5 polo mini project

    hello! I'm going to be posting a timeline of picture up of my mk5 polo i brought in october 2013. The car has done 101k miles and is a 1.0L. The car was already on JOM coil overs which was a bonus. Heres the car when i brought it. more photos coming soon.
  16. owoolacott

    Polo 6n2 Build

  17. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221327627161?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Manual Wing Mirror with Indicator Drivers Side (Right) The plastic that goes on the inside of the car is included but has been strained and has a crack, it isn't necessary (simply use the cover already in the car). Shown in pictures
  18. Liamvickery1

    Vw polo 1.4 16v 6n2 mk5

    My vw polo 1.4 16v mk5 6n2 I'm new to this forum so don't really understand it! But hopefully people can point me in the right direction :) I've already posted a car topic but I don't know if it's right ? Anyone give me a hand, cheers
  19. I'm sure this has already been answered and I hate to double post but.... Will coilovers from a 6n fit on a 6n2? I know essentially the 6n2 is a face lifted 6n, but there isn't that many interchangeable parts without modification. I only ask because I never got around to fitting them on my 6n and won't be getting another VW so hopefully another 6n/6n2 owner can make good use of them! Thanks all!
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