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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking at buying a 1l 1990 polo breadvan was hoping for someone's experience on how commutable this vehicle will be doing a 18 mile trip? Also if any one knows the below vehicle it would be a great help if you had any info for me. Thanks in advance Jamie
  2. Hi All I should start by saying that I'm not particularly into cars or the mechanical side of things but I thought I'd treat myself to a bit of luxury after going through two highly reliable Ford Ka's that got me the short distance to and from work without kerfuffle for 15 years. In May 2018 I picked up my brand new SEL. I immediately noticed that the 1st & 2nd gears were quite difficult to engage on occasion particularly when compared to 3-6 that were/are very smooth. Basically, they were crunching. I put this down to the car being brand new and running in. After several weeks though I took it back to the dealership and they said it was just a running in issue. I got to about 1,000 miles a few weeks later and returned the car as gears 1 & 2 were still crunching. I subsequently booked it in for an inspection and they said that there was a fault and replaced the clutch. Obviously I wasn't too chirpy about this as by this point I had only driven about 1,500 miles although I was relieved that the issue was supposed to have been solved. (I bought a VW because I thought they were supposed to be reliable). Initially gears 1 & 2 were better after the new clutch was fitted but the crunching has now returned. I now have about 2,500 miles on the clock. Obviously, this is a concern! Interestingly, the basic Golf that I was given as a courtesy car when they were fitting the new clutch also had 'sticky' 1 & 2 gears although they weren't crunching. This car was a few years old with about 25,000 miles on the clock. Due to my lack of mechanical prowess I don't want to be fobbed off when I return to the dealership yet again. I would appreciate your views please. Ta Sheps
  3. Ewok8080

    Hello there.

    Hello and welcome to ClubPolo. Name: marc Age: 38 Location: Worthing, West Sussex Polo owner, if so which? Or looking to get?: I have a brand new Mk6 TSI Previous car history: ford Ka, pug 607 Hobbies/interests: mountain bikes, skiing/snowboarding, comics, films Occupation: IT engineer How did you hear about us?: Google
  4. AjBun


    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to polos. I've recently picked up a 6n2 to drive through the alps and this seemed like a great place to help out with fine tuning my new beast. Andy
  5. Moly220

    New Black GTI on the road

    Hey guys Welcome all a new GTI on the roads.. Test drove the ST and vxr but the Gti won quite clearly lol love the thing to bits even though it took forever to arrive lol Anyone been to any track days? Looking into Oulton Park this summer
  6. Moly220


    Hi I'm James Drive the new polo gti 17 Question for the admins... Could you specify make a forum section for specific MK polo's?? Save so much time with repeated questions Thank you
  7. Eurowagens

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm Matt, from a company called Eurowagens. We're suppliers of automotive lighting, and have joined the forum and it's sponsor system to be of help if anyone is in need of new parts We're launching some new Polo products very soon (all will be revealed in the classifieds area!), especially for the 9n, so it would be great to see any feedback or opinions on what we have coming! To be a good sport, I thought I'd better follow the Introduction Template in the sticky posts... Real name: Matt Harwood Age: 29 Location: Letchworth Garden City (Hertfordshire) Polo Owner: Afraid not, but maybe soon Previous car history: Corsa, Octavia, Passat (boring I know!) Hobbies/interests: Good food, poker, programming Occupation: Online marketing! How I heard about Club Polo: Google, I think. Really pleased to be here with you all, looking forward to seeing your Polos and getting to know you all Speak soon! Matt
  8. Hi, I'm Tim, currently living in the Netherlands, where they say the grass is greener . Having grown up in a Volvo family I'm now making my foray into VWs! Here is my ''new'' Polo 1.4 8V (09/2000): Sadly an automatic, but for the mileage (170k kms), MX history, condition inside+out and the price - undeniably a steal. I'm looking at lowering it on a good+cheap (i know) spring+shock combo or coils, OEM wheels maybe from the GTI? Or mk4 Golf hubcaps... but keeping it simple and clean for now. Looking forward to being a member of this community!
  9. ** New Product Launch** Wax No2 is finally here! Aura, is a dedicated show blend containing 48% of the finest, grade one Carnauba wax amongst other exotic waxes, highly refined gloss enhancing oils and synthetic gloss enhancers. And whats more, its the big brother to our ever popular quick detailer with the same, much loved praline fragrance and purple colouring. A popular combo. Check Out Aura Here
  10. chazbuxton

    New Polo Gti owner (9n3)

    Hey Guy's picking up my Polo GTi tomorrow (9n3) red 3dr. swapped my stage 2 focus ST (absolute beast, only in a straight line) to build what will hopefully be a track weapon. I will be starting a build thread towards summer, my first question will be does anyone have a picture of a car on Eibach pro-kit springs? I have got a set until I decide what coilovers to purchase! Thanks!
  11. ianhrp

    Its arrived

    Hi All After a wait of almost 4 months I finally took delivery of the new Polo GTi today and WOW what a car. Going from a 1.3 diesel Corsa the first drive was like being a kid again and going on some test drives today I am very impressed with the car. So attached some photos for you to have a look at.
  12. ScottGreensmith

    My 9n

    So i'm new to the forums but having owned my 9n since January 2015 thought id post, it's my first car having passed the week before i got it. I recently spent some time fixing some issues i had with it, and then set to making it a little more interesting.. When i first got it the front left suspension spring had snapped clean in half so had to be replaced, there was alot of moisture inside, the exhaust was worn out and the clutch went within around a month. So all in all an expensive start. But i picked up a full new exhaust, suspension and clutch and then 4 new tyres all that was left was the smaller bits. The gear knob gaitor had worn through so i picked up a new one, soon to be a pool ball knob. i installed new fogs at the front and yellow'd them with film too. black badge at the front wind deflectors black steels new gear knob de badge de wiper foot well LED's relocated number plate soon to have- Hydro dipped blue engine cover, K&N 57i air filter hopefully. considering 9n3 rear lights i want to drop it but due to carrying alot of weight with work I'm struggling to justify it. Here are a couple of photos
  13. Peckinpah

    New Member/Owner

    Well let's start this; Real name: Juliet Age: 21 (I'm a baby) Location: West Midlands Polo owner, if so which? Or looking to get?: Yep, 2000 6n2 Previous car history: My dad bought me my first project beetle when I was about 10/11 but that got scrapped, I've now got another beetle and my polo runaround Hobbies/interests: Cars, Games and music... Oh and Netflix = life Occupation: Freezer Monkey (professional) How did you hear about us?: My older brother Everyone meet Viktor, I saved him from a barn.
  14. Hey guys! Hopefully getting a Polo very soon and was wanting a 6r, 1.2 or 1.4 or if money allows, 1.6 S/SE/SEL (don't really mind just love Polos) Was just wondering what the main, most common problems are? Looking at examples of around £7k mark with around 20-25k miles. Doubt I will get a lower-mileage 1.6 for that price, however! Thanks
  15. jono1303

    mk2f engine

    So my engine (1.3 carb) is getting on a bit now and is pretty slow to be fair so I was thinking of putting a new lump in it, but apart from a gt and a g40 what's my options? Is there anything other than a vw motor? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey everyone! My name is Laurence, I'm 17 and i have my first driving lesson this week. so anyway... I'm currently looking for a vw polo mk1/mk2 any model ( breadvans are my favourite ) My budget is around £700 ( £900 max ). I'm in the Bristol area and if anyone knows anyone about with a car for sale i'd be more than happy to hear from you guys and also introduce yourselves too... because i don't know anyone ^_^
  17. Liamvickery1

    Vw polo 1.4 16v 6n2 mk5

    My vw polo 1.4 16v mk5 6n2 I'm new to this forum so don't really understand it! But hopefully people can point me in the right direction :) I've already posted a car topic but I don't know if it's right ? Anyone give me a hand, cheers
  18. Han519

    New girl from Norwich

    Hey everyone, I'm a new girl from Norwich and a Sports Massage Therapist. Broke onto the VW stage now as I'm selling my beloved 172 Cup as I want to save pennies! Now have myself a 04 polo 1.9 TDI. Looking forward to driving a VW. Will miss my little French car tho :) ill probably need lots of help (wanna change wheels ASAP) Hana
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