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Found 15 results

  1. WallStreet

    BlueMotion tech 1

    Hello Everyone! I once had the VW 2001 Polo 1.4 16V petrol auto. It was underpowered. Recently I bought myself a 2008 low mileage 1.4 tdi BlueMotion tech 1. I absolutely love this car. It’s both stock cute & nippy to drive. Plans:- 1. Retrofit cruise control 2. Eibach proline springs to replace stock (1 corner is damaged) 3. Remote key fob as there’s none for locking, bought a kit from eBay I hope it works 4. Parking distance control front & rear, it sits behind the bumper safely tucked. 5. Bilt Hamber DC & UC for the the chassis to stop corrosion. Independant tests show it comes out amongst the top. 6. New OEM rear lights going in to freshen the look 7. Respray front & side rear, fix tiny dent 8. Figuring out if it has a MFA on the centre console (see my other topic) 9. Need to put in seat covers as I find it stains easy. I will stain proof with scotchguard or gyeon.l 10. Rubber mats in boot & inside 11. Tinted rear windows The frugality is amazing! It does 50-55mpg in the city, 66+ mpg on motorways at 70-85mph. So I could even improve it.
  2. Bezzo89

    MK2 breadvan Formel E with SSA

    Hello everyone, my name is Brett and I live near Southend in Essex. I have recently purchased my first Polo, a MK2 Breadvan Formel E. It is the second VW I have owned after having a MK1 golf about 10 years ago. I was looking for something retro that I could use as an almost daily alongside my family car that wasn't as big of a project as my classic mini. Here are some details on the car Model: MK2 breadvan Trim: Polo C Formel E with SSA Colour: silver Year: 1985 Registration: B832MSF Mileage: 93,000 Modifications: Weber carb and some wheel trims... Plans: to keep the car in good running order smarten up the bodywork and go to car shows in it. So far I have only got the car back into storage whilst I wait for the logbook to come through. Unfortunately it was all lost as the original owner passed away which mean there was a distinct lack of history with the car as well. It was already MOT'd when I got and after a look over it the car seemed like the ideal rolling project. After a bit more research it turned out some aspects of the car were quite rare so I decided to keep it fairly standard rather than go mad modifying it. There is one of the trims missing off the drivers door which I know most people remove however I wanted to keep it standard so I have sourced a replacement. It has the SSA system on it which I would like to get working but as it has the Weber carb it will not do it. However I have managed to find a Pierburg carb the original one for it as well from the same person that has the trim. He has been very helpful indeed with educating me on the breadvan by finding information and looking for bits in their large collection spares. The guy's name is Johnny Leach I imagine he will be on here. What a big help he has been already! He also sorted me out another matching wheel trim as I know they are not supposed to have them but I thought I would have a set. I have got my eyes on a set of Wolfsburg BBS alloy wheels for it as well. The next step is to fit the carb and the door trim and as the car has been in a garage for the last 20 odd years service it and do the cambelt, brakes etc. It has a little leak from the radiator which I have ordered and I have also got a whole load of stuff off GSF car parts with a super VIP discount code! I have added some pictures but unfortunately all I have is screenshots of the eBay listing so far! I'm sure I will have more soon! My next afternoon free of dad and husband duties is Sunday so I'm looking to carry on with the car then and will post another update after!
  3. s1105117

    1983 VW Polo "Spearmint"

    When I was a very small human (more commonly referred to as a baby i believe) my mum drove a white C-reg Polo, in-fact one of my earliest memories is of the interior of that car, as mum used to keep a stuffed toy in each corner to keep me amused. Then when I was a teenager I drove an H-reg Polo, which took part in the majority of my teenage memories that could involve a car. Fondly remembered by my friends and family and me I always regretted selling it (it needed work and I was off, belatedly, to college). Indeed here is 'Polly the Polo' for good measure a visit to the PC resto show (awesome show), well, I feel I need say nothing! I will be truly honest though the budget for a classic/retro lived firmly in the realms of thruppence ha'penney. However, look what I found! Snapped up from Okehapmton and brought up to Bristol, I have a Polo again! She was to be used as a spares car by the PO, but apart from swapping some bits over he never broke her! Well I think breaking her would be very uncool indeed, got to be a save available. The most basic spec, and a pretty early model at that she will be a very good little project me thinks. exactly what the Dr ordered. Permission was granted by the fiance providing the car was named "Spearmint". As she is stashed in a neighbours yard I havent had any tinkering time yet, but a quick appraisal reveals: NO recorded MOT, and a tax disc on the window reading date of expiry 31 August 1997. No front brakes (po swapped them over, not sure whats gone on there) She has been under a very acidic tree, the bonnet is shot. Engine turns, but will need a full going over Solid sills, arches and floors, no previous welding evident either 4 perished tyres (obviously!)and one wheel which is basically an octagon rust around the windscreen (not holed yet though) boot floor rusted through in the offside corner wiper motor in the foot-well smell of damp boot doesnt open (broken lock) Passenger window mech in bits (seems to be a common thing) someobdy has splashed white paint over the side bits of surface rust to the side and roof (what tree was this car under!?!) All in all though, eminently savable project. Will be a slow burner, as time space and funds allow, but looks brilliant to me. First job, find a more permanent storage. Hello Spearmint. Parts will be required peeps if you can hlp it will be appreciated! im sure i will be on the loo out for advice too.
  4. mevatd

    Everyday 6n (first car)

    Hello ! I recently bought my first car and this forum has inspired me to make my car be really mine (you know what I mean). The bad part: The car interior is very dirty The ceiling cloth has fallen Clutch is not sounding very well but it feels right. Central locking isn't working (I am the central locking system LOL) Exterior is totally destructed The good part: Front suspension feels new Rear speakers (clarion, they sound fine to me but I am not an expert) New 4 tires New battery The very first photo of the car First steps Clean the car interior Repair the ceiling cloth The steering wheel (it's pretty normal for Spain, the sun here burns everything) Maybe some new hubcaps I hope this car ends up as a tidy and robust everyday car. :)
  5. Vdubhill

    Newbie mk2 breadvan owner

    Hey people, Thought id join up and say hello after buying a polo86c breadvan unseen on fleabay for £600! Ive owned vw's for last 10 plus years polos,golf,t4,T5 but this is my first older vw. Drove car back home(30 miles) and already know the petrol tank needs replacing!
  6. Just picked up a mk2 polo breadvan and im struggling to locate the fues for daio lights etc(Haynes manual on its way),can someone help please.
  7. dougsta

    Hi from Hertfordshire

    So I'm kinda new to vee dubs although I do have knowledge of mechanics, basic audio installation and some auto electrical background sooooo just thought I would swing by to say HI so <-- there it is 😁
  8. Dave1.9TDi

    Newbie From Coventry

    Hi there, thought i would introduce myself! I'm Dave from Coventry, own a 2006 red polo 1.9TDi sport, seen you you guys on this site for a couple of years, but never signed up (Very Naughty of me!) So without further a do, here she is!
  9. Brydo

    Newbie, or am I?

    Hi All, Newbie here, picking up a second car soon and looking to learn more about it ('09 MK7 Polo Match) and how it differs from the S and SE models. Seems this is the right place? Tell me, is this the old Porka site that was run by Robin and Cam many years ago? I'm 33 now and used the Porka site a lot when I first started driving, my first car was a MK3. Not a clue what my username would have been some 15 years ago. Thanks, Brydo.
  10. p_adamek

    Polo GTI options

    Hi, im looking to get a polo GTI in the next 3/4 months but need to work out what options there were that i would like to get if possible. The ones i've seen i'd quite like are: Arm rest Parking camera Folding mirrors Sat nav Leather seats Were these available as part of a pack? like convenience or comfort etc? Any other things worth getting? Is the sport pack worth it? Does it just firm up the suspension and increase the throttle response. thanks!
  11. Hyptix

    new guy from Telford here

    Hi guys im from telford, had a few polos all 6n2s currently got a red 6n2 tdi 3 door, which is a daily project, also looking at buying a polo 6n estate to drop a vr6 in (see my other thread) looking to go to the dyno run in February as the derv should have about 110hp -120hp by then unless ive finished the estate off always looking for mad ideas with polos and got a soft spot for the mk3s so im sure my collection will only grow
  12. will16

    Newbie from Oxfordshire

    Evening CP, I've just bought a 6n as a cheap runabout, planning to mod it some! My first vw, but have worked on them before, its a genuine 18k car, pretty straight. Already bought coilovers for it, and have some banded steels from my mx5 to go onto it. I've also got a classic mini with a 1.8 engine, so this polo will be low and slow instead
  13. Afternoon all I have just recently purchased a 2007 9n3 GTI after owning a 6n2, the previous owner told me that he had the car remapped but cant remember the name of the garage or what map was put on it, all he said was the only option he had at the time was optimise it for standard fuel or high octane and he choose high octane, the guy suggested that it would bump up the circa to 200bhp after the remap. The issue I am currently having is the vehicle is currently fully standard apart from the remap that I am aware of, however when i drop the car into 4th gear and accelerate it feels as if it also takes a minute to realise i have put the foot down and seem likes it misfires before picking up speed, I have felt it once or twice in 3rd but it is almost everytime in 4th I feel it. Could this be related to the car being remapped or could it be something as simple as plugs? Also wondering what mods most people start off with, I have been told to do miltek exhuast, SFS oversize turbo intake pipe, forge throttle body hose, airtec fmic, forge 007 diverter valve, secondary air intake delete and to delete N valves. Is this the usual mods and if so what order do most people do them in and what are the benefits of these mods? Also any links to buy these mods + guides on doing them? Thanks
  14. TJconnor4

    Hi Guys

    Hi Guys Hope iv got this right forums are a new thing for me, Names Thomas come from an island on the west of Scotland . Finally decided to dab in the VAG scene after years of Ford and Mitsubishi. Managed to bag myself a 2005 Polo Gt with 80k standard. Joined the forum to get ideas and read about the best products etc for the polo especially looking at lowering on Porsche twists .
  15. Jack Shepherd

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, my name is Jack shepherd, im 20 and come from Essex. My car is a 2010 vw Polo 1.4 SE DSG. Only passed my test last month so this is my first car. My hobby is photography and I work as a bus cleaner for first Essex buses.
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