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Found 19 results

  1. Recently when cold, my car engine sounds a bit "tappy". It quietens down once warm, and I can only hear it when the engine is revved a little. Sometimes it goes completely. It might be worn tappets. Are they expensive to replace? Is it cheaper to try an oil change?
  2. Hi Everyone! Hope someone on here can help.... I've had this high pitch humming/whistling noise coming from my engine. It happens when I accelerate at a certain point usually heard in the first 3 gears. (noise still is heard when pressing the clutch in) it is also heavily noticeable after switching off the engine as seen in the video. I hope someone knows the issue, sometimes it's barely noticeable, sometimes louder and sometimes does happen at all, so I'm at a loose end with this one! Please see the following video of the noise : (Video has a few different clips, might need to turn the volume up to hear the noise, hard job to do when driving!) www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjG7Nr33Ymc Car: VW Polo '06 1.2 Litre Cheers, Luke
  3. Gave my bready a bit of an Italian tuneup a few weeks back and since then there has been an intermittent ticking from the engine bay when warmed up - loud enough to be heard inside the cabin but obviously much louder when under the hood. I traced it by ear (as much as you can with these slightly paranoid goose chases) to that little green valve attached to the back of the engine bay. It has a couple of hoses going to it (one black, one transparent), both of which go to that cansiter on the bottom-left of the bay and an electrical connection. The ticking noise can be 'felt' through the pipes close to the unit - I assume its a valve ticking open and closed? So the questions: 1) What is it? As far as I can see its something to do with the emissions control system 2) Is it knakered? 3) Any idea why it would be springing into this form of life after running the engine at 4k revs for 10 minutes? I mean the engine runs great, never been better, so whatever it is it isn't really affecting anything. Happy to ignore it but equally happy to fix it!
  4. This drives me crazy (no pun intended). The car drives majestically for a 22 year old car and the 1.4 engine is flawless to some degree but aside from my leaking suspension which I fixed, my car rattles or clicks should I say whenever I drive it for an hour or two. The noise comes on small bumps and can be heard only from the inside. You could also hear it whenever you give it more gas and lift the clutch faster (when the engine tries to pull you away), maybe like a hammer hitting an anvil very weakly (metal to metal). It makes me feel like I have an axle which is loose and is inside a tube (cylinder) and hitting its walls. Kind of like putting a pencil in a paper tube and it sits loose in it and the pencil hits against the walls of the tubing when you shake it around. I'm worried since the suspension is new and is quite sturdy (difference is noticable) But there is still that ever so slight noise. Biggest problem is that nobody seems to hear it except me and I can't prove it unless I make the person drive and feel the extra noise on the speed bumps which is non-existent in the morning. I have doubts it might be connected to the transmission being loose or the engine being loose. Either way, thank you for sparing time to read this!
  5. Where to start??? (i'll make it as short as possible) Noise when idling which goes away once clutch is depressed.. After much research possibly two culprits; 1. release bearing. 2. input shaft bearing. Took gearbox out to GEARBOX SPECIALIST who gave it a external examine (spinning & listening to the moving parts) Advised by said specialist to change clutch as it could be just that and it may be more cost effective as, if he opens it up and finds nothing it'll cost, popped new clutch it, got gearbox on (replaced gear oil) started car, noise still there but a little quieter (a little). So new clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, release fork, gear oil. ***Not fixed** input shaft bearing guys? I don't wanna take the gearbox off again if it isn't that So noise at idle, clutch down = no noise Has anyone had a similar issue? p.s I have a spare clutch now
  6. Okay, haven't posted in ages but have the strangest of problems and need the worlds polo brain power - 64 plate polo 6R - 18k miles. When cycling the key ( it also does it when you reconnect the battery ) the strings 4 "chirps" come from the passenger side of the dash. Always normally 4 chirps, normally the same length but sometimes vary. Sounds like a muted buzzer. No faults in VAGcom. Car starts, drives and appears to work perfectly. Whether its related or not but the interior lights have packed up. No power at the connector in the light unit. Now the manual seems to suggest the interior light fuses are shared with the left and right hand car exterior lights. All other lights on the car work fine, and it appears all the fuses are intact. Ive attached a video of the noise whilst cycling the key - FIRST TO GUESS THE NOISE CORRECTLY WINS A VIRTUAL CERTIFICATE " Best strange polo noise detective in UK" Thanks
  7. Driving a VW Polo 2011 1.2 Got a wining noise coming from front end of car, hard to determine exactly where it is coming from but the noise is normally heard above 30mph can still be heard in gear or not in gear dipping the clutch and releasing it doesn’t affect the sound, my thoughts are wheel bearings would this ring correct? Please correct me if i am wrong, thanks!
  8. As title suggests i am hearing a Metallic grating ,grinding type of noise coming from the front on end somewhere,it's not there4 all the time and it does it mainly when decelerating,got me baffled so i am asking ?anyone have a similar experience . PS I fitted new brakes and pads about two months ago,but i can't see it relating to that. All replies welcome.
  9. My polo has been making this grinding noise at idle and at a slightly higher revs
  10. My polo started making a weird noise a few days ago. Any ideas what it might be? It only starts making the noise when the car is warmed up and doesn’t seem to do it when sat still and ticking over or when reversing. Only thing I can think of is a belt maybe? I’ve never heard a noise like it on any car. Any ideas would be a huge help. Link to sound below https://youtu.be/DdjgHpeYPH8
  11. Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance for reading this and trying to help. I was driving home yesterday and heard a rattling noise when I accelerated. It is still happening and I cannot see anything obvious so I hope someone else may have had a similar issue and resolved it. When I am in first or second gear I can hear a rattling noise similar to a nut or washer bouncing around in the engine bay. I cannot hear it in the higher gears and this may be due to the engine and road noise drowning out the sound? The sound is localised to the left hand side of the engine bay. The car does not make a rattling sound when idling, only when I accelerate. I have just just a few days ago had the tyres changed on my car. I don't think this will have anything to do with the issue however I am not sure what it is so I'll include as much info as possible. I have also serviced the car about 100 miles ago. There was no rattling after the service and it passed the MOT. The tyres were replaced just due to cracking and I want to be safe on a trip to Cornwall this weekend. I have recorded the sound along with a view of the rpm and the video can be seen at this link: https://youtu.be/LcUTTXyjBsE Thank you for helping I really appreciate it! Jake
  12. So I was driving down the motorway today, took my foot of the accelerator and I could hear this grinding noise. When I accelerate again, the noise goes away. The noise also goes away if i'm off the accelerator and I put the clutch down. Sounds to me as though two cogs are grinding together or kind of like the noise that the pointer makes on the wheel of fortune . All jokes aside, i'm hoping this is nothing serious but a friend of a friend (VW mechanic) has said that purely from my description, it sounds like a gearbox issue - *touches wood*. Any help would be much appreciated! Gunna get it down to my local garage ASAP but in the meantime would like to get a rough understanding of what it could be. Thanks!
  13. Hi All I am new to the website but needed some advice as the couple mechanics I have asked are pretty useless. I have a VW Polo 05 plate which is a 3 cylinder 1.2 litre. The car in itself is running okay, no warning lights or extremely loud knocks or banging but I have noticed the engine just feels and sounds rougher than it has been even with a recent full service. It seems to be more apparent once the engine has warmed up and when accelerating. The noise is more like a constant tick rather than a knock and I only heard it because of the windows being down and driving close to another car etc (so the sound bounces back). Just want some advice on what you think the possible culprits could be before anything becomes more of a problem. I can upload a video later if needed of the general engine running if needed.
  14. Hello, I recorded this video from my Polo's engine noise issue. This metallic rattling or knocking sound, whatever you like to call it, has been growing over long period of time. Nowadays it is really clear and my guess is that it is coming from the timing chain. Few years back when it wasn't so clear and metallic I thought that it might be coming from the auxiliary belt and its pulleys but that was not the case. It clearly comes from the belt side of the engine as viewed in the video. When the engine is revved the noise seems to dissapear and engine runs smoothly without any additional noise. This fault does not affect the engine performance in any ways. I'm still afraid that the noise is prelude to something bad and it should be better off repaired. What I have observed from the threads and videos about notorious TSI chain tensioner issue is that the noise will be worse when engine is revved. My Polo does not do that. So I don't really know if it really is timing chain related. It is such a labour intensive task to change chain related parts that I wouldn't like to do that without being sure about it. Please check out the video link below and tell me what you think. https://youtu.be/B2tbTCTY6Lo
  15. Hey guys Hopefully this is the right area to ask the question, I'll just get straight to the point. Basically my car (details at end) for the last 3000 miles has been making a whining noise. Its always been fairly noisy inside due to road noise but this is different. At first I thought it was just tyre noise but it isn't, it also doesn't seem to be wheel bearing (doesn't get louder or dissapear when turning) The noise is a humming/wuring sound, noticeable starting around 25-30mph (quite faintly) but then gets louder and increases pitch the faster I go. At around 60 its fairly loud, sometimes I have to turn my radio up to here it clearly. The only way I can really explain the sound is like tyre noise, increasing pitch and noise with speed. The sound doesn't go away with either clutch in or out. Noise seems to be coming from behind dash (hard to tell exactly where about) Sometimes in the morning 3rd gear crunches a little bit, seems to also drop into 3rd gear occasionally too. No problem ever with other gears So the question is, has anyone had this problem before, or had any experience with this and know the problem? My concern was whether its something to do with driveshaft. Car: Vw Polo 6n2 1.4 TDI SE Mileage: 158,000ish Thanks in advance
  16. Ever since i bought my car the air-vents have whistled as i drive even with all the switches off. So not long ago i was putting the dash back in and saw the vents and thought "how do those come apart" as a result i became distracted and the dash got left on the front seats, the result would be the most interesting and amazing guide on club polo . . . how to stop those interior vents from leaking air. So first of all remove vent. Many will know how i imagine but just incase there is a screw behind the vent that you can undo by putting a screw driver through. Or it will come out anyway because someone already broke the plastic said screw goes into. Then you will have this . . . First of all the plastic lever bit (technical term) needs to come off, if like mine then it will resist, i levered with a screw driver but you might risk breaking. After this you need to remove plastic inside, i found it easiest to press on the top and bottom of the casing while pulling the plastic bit out. Inside the groove there will be that hidious perished foam that will need to be cleaned out. Then get a strip of foam that's long enough to go round all four sides and then add glue into the grooves. Then put the foam in best you can and then work round all sides with a flat blade screw driver to finnish off. Next trim the the foam, better to not trim enough than too much. Now put everything back together, see how it works, if it doesn't turn too easy then take back out and trim more foam, the sides need more off than the top and bottom. And there you go, interesting stuff i know.
  17. Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me. I have started to hear a blowing/beefy noise from my engine when its just over 1000RPM. The noise sounds like a hole in the exhaust. The engine sounds fine at idle, and also when past around 1174RPM. I have scanned the car with VAG-COM and have no error codes. i have used VAG-SCOPE and have found the the noise to occur from about 1030RPM to 1174RPM. Anything above or below that and the engine sounds absolutely fine. The have checked the engine bay and can't see any problems or anything rattling around. The noise seems to be coming from around glow plug area but i may be wrong. The engine is the 1.4 TDI 3 cylinder. I'm seeing no other problems at all. Only the noise from the engine Thanks in advance Oliver
  18. Okay, so I've developed a rattle/knock... It only happens at idle (700 RPM). It happens 50% of the time. When I press down the clutch it stops. When I then lift the clutch it rattles/ knocks again. If I rev the engine it stops, but then starts again as it goes below 800 RPM. It's not a heavy rattle but it does sound like a diesel, Haha. What do you think? Kind regards, MongLowe
  19. AlexHillTVR

    Gearbox Issue?

    Hi guys, I'm new here but signed up to see if anyone has had any experience with my problem I'm currently getting when the car is well up to temperature. I drive 70 miles by motorway everyday so does get quite annoying when I get off and have to use more than just 5th. I get this noise in neutral (clutch out only) and 1st gear clutch out and in. Not an issue when car is cold. Just had a gearbox rebuild. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8em85mU9Ls Bit more detail in the video description Thanks!
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