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Found 14 results

  1. Just bought a polo breadvan 1990 model, when I picked the car up it had a jerry can of fuel in and I drove home no issues, went and put 25quids worth of fuel in and now car is leaking petrol out on driveway. Can someone tell me best place to buy a replacement fuel tank from? If I get a tank do I need to buy anything extra? Cheers in advance
  2. I have a problem with the petrol flap on my 2012 Polo 1.2, 3 Door. The plastic bracket hinge is detached from the flap is this a common problem with the Polo? Is there an easy fix solution? Looking at the bracket and flap there are no signs of any attachment screws. How is the flap and bracket removed?
  3. KBM

    Petrol to Diesel

    My friend and i are starting a project to convert my 6n2 1.0 to a 1.4 TDI. I understand its a big job (really don't need another lecture) To cut a long story short, has anyone else done this?. Thanks in advance :p.
  4. Just after a bit of advice please. Polo 6n2 1.4 16v AUA engine. Smell fuel in car when idling at a stand still. Checked breather hose, bottom half missing! Bought new hose, connected up, including electrical plug halfway down. Now there's another side pipe coming off the hose but I cannot find any paperwork to plug into this. Can anyone advise what pipe I need and where it goes to from the breather? Many thanks in advance Matt
  5. I am after a new petrol tank for my 93 mk2f 1ltr polo. Had a look on ebay but not much about apart from Germany ,any advice and help be helpful.
  6. joaopneves

    '89 Polo II Steilheck

    Hello! I'm João, from Portugal, and this is my Polo. It's a 1989 Mark II Typ 86C Steilheck model, powered by a 1.0l engine with about 45hp. Bought it 6 years ago, with about 11.200km. It has now about 55.300km and it's my daily. It's totally original (and in need of some small things) and the objetive is not having a "project car" by the definition of it, but have it as is, the most OEM possible while possible, so the maintenance will be the most important thing on this project. This breadvans are not that common here in Portugal, and when I need some sort of part, it's not easy to find it. When I join your club, I was looking for some parts, but then I realize how popular is/was this model in UK, so I decided to be part of the family and since that I'm not sorry. I did not made many friends here, but I feel I'm part of it (also, I believe, because I'm not from UK and because of that I cannot join meets and other events). I've said it when I had the other topic, but I'll say it again. My Polo is not the best on forum, and I know that. Also, to be honest, I'm quite far from "the best out there". There are many excelente projects out there, and many awesome topics. Mainly not that original as mine I believe, but nevertheless worst. To be quite honest, I do think my Polo is not that bad, nor phisically or mecanically, but I know that there's always work to do, and that's also why I love cars. They are never ready, and we bond with them and with other people alike. Right now I'll post some photos of how it looks, but I want to get the older photos (all of them, that I had on the other topic!) in order to post them here. That way I can have a updated topic and with all the big things I've done in these years. General Info: Maker: Volkswagen Model: Polo II Typ 86C Steilheck (Squareback) Year: 1989 Color: Alpinweiß (L90E) Engine: 4 straight cylinder, 1043cc 45cv/hp @ 5600rpm (carb Weber 32TL) Gearbox: 4 speed, manual Weight: 735kg (1625lbs) SpritMonitor: http://www.spritmonitor.de/de/detailansicht/543596.html Manufacturer MPG: 8.0l/100Km P.S.: This is not a new entry here, on forum. Actually, I had a topic of my own about this very Polo. Yet, I had some issues with the images I've posted, and because of that I decided to delete the old topic and create a new one.
  7. Hello, I have a problem with my petrol cap on my 1997 vw polo. The cap won't lock (or I don't know how to lock it). It is the original fuel cap that requires the ignition key to unlock and lock however recently it has begun to stop locking. If I were to carry on turning it clockwise; it will start to click. There is no central locking and the flap is easily openable from the outside; it's only the actual cap that is the problem. I'm interested in knowing if anyone knows how to fix this problem. Thank you
  8. ConnorSwaannack


    I'm getting some coilover for my vw polo 6n but I've been looking and I can't find any for a petrol, I can find them for a diesel and I'm just wondering if they would still fit a petrol even though there for a diesel?
  9. I have recently been given my Granddad's Polo 9n, it's a 1.4 petrol and it's silver. You'll all laugh but it pains me to say it's a automatic. Being 18 driving a automatic isn't exactly something i would like to brag about but it's pretty quick still. Anyways some of my friends have been making sly comments and i want to show them up, what could i do to my Polo 9N to make it look GOOD! I'm new.. so please don't make the piss too much!
  10. Hi all, would just like to share my findings when running different grades of fuel in my car, a 2002 Polo 9N 1.2E 55 (6 valve AWY) with 125K on the clock (11K in my ownership). My typical tank of fuel is burned in a mixture of town work with mild to moderate traffic, and some rural & dual carriageway in a 3:1 (town:other) ratio. My driving style is mostly sensible (sticking to limits, changing before 3 - 3.5K RPM and no more than 3/4 throttle - bearing in mind it is a 54HP car) but occasionally spirited (i.e I do sometimes floor it, and I do sometimes rev to between 4.5 & 5K. I do sometime cruise at over 70 on a dual carriageway, but not too often) From 3 tanks of 95 RON Tesco petrol I averaged: 34 MPG 36 MPG 35 MPG From 6 tanks of 95 RON Esso petrol I averaged: 36MPG 37MPG 35MPG 36MPG 36MPG 37MPG From 6 tanks of 99 RON Momentum 99 I averaged: 40MPG 39MPG 38MPG 40MPG 39MPG 37MPG I do not have a fuel computer, these are brim to brim readings with the aid of the trip, the reciept, and a calculator. I didn't count any tanks which broke away from my general driving routine (i.e those which contained a motorway run or an abnormally long dual carriageway run) From this it looks like it would be worth trying Momentum 99, at least with the AWY engine (obviously I have not tried others) as I seem to get an extra 2 - 3MPG over Esso 95 and an extra 3 - 5MPG over regular Tesco 95. Using Momentum for me, works out as approximately £1 - £1.50 cheaper per 100 miles compared with 95 RON petrol, it has the added benefit of knowing that you are being kind to the injectors and so on by feeding through a higher quality fuel. I believe that the engine is very slightly more plucky, and the issue I had with acceleration flat spots seems to have been lessened slightly, though this may be due to the placebo effect, so don't take my word as gospel! I intend on trying a few more tanks of regular 95 to further ensure that changes in driving style are not a factor, and I intend on trying a few tanks of VPOWER at some point, though I haven't so far due to Shell garages being inconveniently located for me. I have not tried 97 RON Super or 98 RON BP Ultimate, as they are priced similarly to, or sometimes higher than Momentum 99. Thanks :)
  11. jimbosyourmanpolo

    FSI Oil burners

    Hi all I just thought I'd start a post concerning the high oil consumption of the FSI direct injection engines . I have serviced many if these , some with good service history and they all suffer from excessive oil consumption irrespective of history, ownership or driving style. Also they have the bad habit of gunking up their throttle butterfly valves. In fact people but German cars thinking they are buying into a tradition of reliability. This from my experience is a reputation built on past glories that has long died. Sorry to say this on a polo website, but if you want reliability buy Japanese . I own a 25 year old Toyota and a 12 year old polo and I know which one has never let me down. Not looking to start an argument here just stating my experience as a mechanic who specialises in German cars
  12. Hi, I want to change the oil & filter in my mothers 1,4 petrol Polo, 52 reg. Do I need a special tool for the drain plug or a regular socket? How do I re set the service indicator? Is there anything tricky I should know? Thanks for any help
  13. Gavandeshaq

    Air Filter Gunk

    I've been tinkering with my Polo as it's not running right, and upon removing the air filter housing I noticed this pipe that was attached to it. Could someone explain to me what the pipe is, what the yellow gunk in it is, and whether that gunk should be there or not? Thanks!
  14. I'm using a Haynes manual to undertake some maintenance and just generally learn things about my car. I can't quite figure out whether mine is a multi-point or single-point injection system. It's a 97 1.4 6n1 Mk4 Petrol. I've attached a photo of the engine, thanks!
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