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  1. the standard t bolts that clamp the battery negative lead sold on ebay are too big. anyone know where to get any from?
  2. Mr_6n

    Project 6n

    Hi guys. Here is my 1999 1.0l poverty spec polo. I have had him for 3 years and was bought to build as a project. I originally wanted to pass my test and use this car but due to cost or insurance at the time I couldn't..so it sat. So I got another 6n but in gloss red and had a sunroof. I used this car as my daily and had some Great memories in it. That car eventually needed more work than it was worth to fix so I sold it to a guy who is now putting a BAM into it. Due to not having enough cash to start project it has sat and moved very little since I got it... (Been up and down the s
  3. I've done about 100 miles on rebuilt engine on bike carbs, with race cams, ported inlet, lightened flywheel, 1.4 to 1.6L conversion using different rods n pistons. Shallow sump with shortened oil pick up and racing baffle plate. s I have gone to round 4000 rpm on 2nd gear. I am using a default tuning map with megajolt. It runs spot on. I'm using a KS3 Phormula knock sensor and everything seems fine up the 4000 rpm I have taken it. My question is; Can I tune it using a KS3 knock sensor and some sort fo timing light? I have always wondered how do they hear for knock on the roll
  4. for people who have fibreglass doors and want to reduce the weight on them. https://carbon-tec.eu/
  5. I need a new pair of front calipers for the 6N 16V. I have done a rear brake conversion and the rears run so hot, have a feeling the front pair are either sieized or air trapped and the nipples have snapped off them. 6N0615125B 6N0615126A 6N0615124D 6N0615123D is for the AFH CLosest I can find on ebay is ; 6N0615124B 6N0615123B Is the AFH for 252mm discs and standard 6N has 234mm discs?
  6. I need a stronger starter motor for the polo 6n afh; is it case of taking old one to a shop and see if they can mix n match? Current one is; 9 Tooth Drive Anticlockwise Rotation 1.1 KW 12V Found this for a 6n diesel model: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-STARTER-MOTOR-12V-9-TOOTH-DRIVE-1-8kW-C-C-W-BOSCH-0001125-TYPE-STM545/223446724022?hash=item3406766db6:g:WmsAAOSwolpb2ZX1
  7. Engine struggled to start third time round. After rebuild, with news cams, pistons, rings etc engine ran for ten minutes then there was a oil leak. two weeks later oil leak sorted, started engine and ran at 2000rpm for another ten minutes stopped engine but this time around tried to turn it over straight away and the battery could not turn the engine over. felt like a dead battery. the mechanic said because the engine is now hot the compression will be higher and the battery is struggling. stopped the engine as while the radiator fan kicked in.
  8. I've done the rear drum to disc conversion, ive bleeded the brakes and got the air bubbles out. one of the air bubbles was about 3 inch long 🙂 only thing is ive been pushing on the brake pedal and can't get the brakes to compress on the disc. really didnt see any movement at all. didnt wanna push to hard, got car on stands. im guessing i need to turn on the car to get the vacuum working which will multiply the force? anyone has similar issue? the piston caliper clamp quite easly pushed the pistons in but had to use a ratchet bar.
  9. i am using a new rocker cover gasket and right where the top of the head dips , it is leaking oil from there when the oil thins out. is it safe to use some sort of sealant in that dip? also the oil pressure gallery hole that is beneath that dip is also sweating oil out of the threads. i was very reluctant to use teflon tape. i don't know the torque setting on this.
  10. polo 6N. what do you call the plastic cover that protects the vin number in the engine bay compartment? i need one but don;t know where to get one from. thanks,
  11. m10 x 32 are the rear stub axle bolts: N 90758901. they are 4 on each side is the pitch 1.25 or 1.5 on these bolts? for some reason the bolts came out okay with the impact gun on both sides of the rear axle but on the left side of the axle all 4 of the bolts are hard to go back in unless i use a impact gunon full setting then they go in. thinking of putting a m10 tap through. threads look allright in axle but on the bolt kind of sheers/brightens them up. but with an impact gun id get them in. once thier in , never comeing back out as im doing re
  12. trying to use the vw car jack to lift the car polo 6N from the side to place a ebay car jack under. only thing is you have to lift it around 32cm to get the car jack under soon i lift the car around 27cm with the vw car jack , the car starts to slide. i am doing it at the correct point (arrows)
  13. anyone know how to reset miles to zero for a rebuild. is it a case of opening the speedometer up and using a screw driver to turn some gears that send a digital signal to the display?
  14. damunk

    car stand for polo 6n

    the lifting points on the 6n have a small lip where the jack fits into. 4 points on the car assume these are the best points to place the car on stands. anyone recommend some car stands that would fit snug around this lip cant seem to find any
  15. 6N0825235H i was given this part number by vw for the undertray of a polo 16v AFH 1998 I have seen a 6N2 undertray for sale and the part number is same 6N0825235H is the 6N1 and 6N2 chasis the same? Also i have seen some from germany, i assume they wont work because of gear box etc on other side. think the undertray are designed with ventilation route in mind.
  16. i replaced bonnet lock mechanism now don't know how to install it back properly theres a sqaure rubber grommet that fits in the mechanism to hold the cable but i don't know how to connect the zig zag shaped pin to the mechanism. It's as if there is too much cable and it springs back out when trying to bolt down the mechanism to the front body panel.
  17. do the 4 door and 2 door 6n manual window regulator mechanism all the same at the front end of the car? also would it matter if it was bought from germany?
  18. cbr600 carbs were set up by bogg brothers on my 1.4 afh setup. they ran rich because was using 150 jets. so at idle there ran 13 and at 2000rpm in stationory position AFR was around 13.0- to 14.0 but using the same carbs on my 1.6 afh conversion setup they run lean on idle idle was over 17 when engine cold causing exhaust to sometimes make like a spitting noise. when warm , gets around 15.9 -16.0 ish in stationary position revving it up to 2000rpm gets it where it should be 14.7, (when engine is warm) i've done some research and timing
  19. Is it okay to run without the ignition fuse? I'm running bike carbs, and stand alone ECU. have probs with ignition fuse blowing on "on " position. link below - had a word with mechanic, he says i've damaged a wire when putting engine back. can a wrong connection to starter motor cause fuse to blow even if not"cranking"
  20. was all fine. put engine back in and now when turning key (not cranking) ignition fuse keeps popping. i know it's rated on 15 amps but i had 3 amp on it, running gauges, aem fuel gauge and fuel pump and was fine. now its popping 3 amp fused, put a ten amp in and popped that, should i put 15amp in and try it?
  21. bought a genuine radiator thermal switch for polo 6n1 radiator, part number 867 959 481 i noticed it only had two pins as opposed to the three pin that was originally in. saw a few more on ebay registered for the polo 6n and again noticed two pints on them. is this right?
  22. purchased some new hoses from PSS for the polo 6n the power steering hose end that goes into the power steering pump has an o-ring on it. i installed this end and it screws down half way then get's tight. the o-ring doesn't touch the base therefore there is no seal. the threads are fine and the power steering pump is brand new. any suggestions? seen on some forums people say don't use teflon tape on hydraulic systems
  23. POLO 6N AFH 1997 I purchased a genuine elring seal: 028103171B I purchased also a gasket: 026103181B I did not use the gasket because it did not fit so i thought because the crank seal had a rubber lip on the inside housing, that they might have updated the design therefore not needing the gasket. I got the part numbers from: https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/polo+derby+vento-ind/po/1998-158/1/103-103005/#15 I also noticed that the actual seal that goes around the crankshaft was in two parts. a thin back seal and a front thin seal. Not quite sure how you insta
  24. new schrick camshafts making ticking noise? having to contend with all the smoke coming out of the back, fuel ratio not to bad for a first start got it up to 2000 rpm and kept it there 2 minutes then switched it off as the ticking noise from the cams increases with rpm and somethings not right. are new cams supposed to make a noise until they have been run in? im in the garage to there is echo but still i wanted a super quite drive train. new valves, guides, cotters, hyrdaulic lifter rockets and cams. p.s ticking noise is tapping noise.
  25. I replaced the cabin filter earlier this week and noticed a lot of gunk in the scuttle panel area. I therefore want to remove the plastic housing the filter sits in and clean it thoroughly. There are two plastic nuts I have removed but the box will simply not budge. What am I missing? On a '97 Polo 6N 2-door.
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