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Found 25 results

  1. This is my first post, so please forgive me if what I am asking is stupid and obvious, but I would dearly like some help please. I have a Polo 6N2, on the N, and have decided to keep her going. I have had the car 11 years now and she has never let me down. The list of jobs is as follows: replacing the subframe, the head gasket, the front down pipe( the flexible joint has gone) and the gear selector oil seal. I have done all the usual stuff over the last 11 years - brakes, wheel bearings, oil, exhaust, tyres, spark plugs etc, but nothing as major as a head gasket. Got myself a Haynes and bought a few new tools and we are underway! Car's up on axle stands, nice and steady and yesterday set about removing the subframe: All ready to drop off, it is hanging on the 2 large bolts now. Excellent. I cannot finish the job because there is a cable going through a bracket on the subframe and I cannot see how to get it off! There is a cable that does something with the gear selection. My car has a rod for the main selector mechanism. The cable passes under the subframe and goes through a smallish bracket which appears to be welded to the subframe. Either side of the bracket are 2 large plastic bits with the cable and sheath going through the middle of them. To the front of the bracket it is tapered and about 15mm long, taper goes from about 19mm to perhaps 22mm. The other side of the bracket is a square plastic bit, this is probably 22mm, but I don't have a spanner that big to check! I cannot see any circlips or bits to depress to get these two parts apart, if indeed they do come apart or even if they need to! Can anyone tell me what to do here please? Many thanks Phil
  2. Hello everyone, my window regulator is not working and I've noticed it was from the module that controls it. I've been looking for this module for hours and I can't find it. Does anyone know where is it specifically? 2000 polo 6n2 gti door. Thank you
  3. Hi all, Please can someone help with the below code, the car runs fine and I can clear this with VAGCOM but it comes back all the time 1 Fault found: 17582 - Fuel Trim Bank 1 P1174 - 35-00 - Injection timing deviation (Balance fault) Your assistance is appreciated Thanks
  4. Hi, i know that this question has been asked for dozen of times. I have bought a plug n play remote keyless entry adapter for my polo 6n2. I have Installed it with the plug n play cable within 5 minutes and it works without any problems but there is still something missing which is actually very important for me. I want my indicator lights to flash when i close or open the doors. As per the information I get from the people on the internet, I need to connect brown cables to the rear left and right lights. But as far as i see, there is a bulk of cables which goes to the real bulb holder card (cluster) both on the right and left side of the trunk. Now the piece of information i have found on the internet states that I need to connect one of the brown cables to the black and white cables on the left side and to the green and black wires on the right side. Actually i don't know how to do this as I was not able to find any pictures about it. I am afraid that I might cut those wires. Are there any options without cutting and soldering those wires? Also from one of the forums I have seen that you can connect the brown cables directly to the blink socket of the rear bulb cluster. But I guess this is not valid for vw polo 6n2 because I can see 3 different kinds of sockets which one of them with 2 legs and the other two are with 3 and 5 legs. Anyway any help any diagram for the indicator lights setup would be really helpful for me. I appreciate your help. Thank you very much in advance...
  5. I have a set of lupo gti sunvisors. The sunvisors are the same shape as polo 6n2 visors although the connector is different. Can these be removed and swapped? Could I dip dye the polo 6n2 connectors black or spray paint to the match the sunvisors? The middle visor is a different shape to the lupo gti, is there anything else that fits? What have other people used for the interior? I would like it all black. I'm going to also going to change the headliner colour with some fabric. Any pics of your interior would also be great :)
  6. Hello. I am a new member here and I need a little help for my Polo. I have 1.0 MPI engine now I want to know is it cheaper to replace the engine with 1.4 16V or should I just buy another one with 1.4 16V already in it??
  7. Well lads new to this site have a 6n2 for nearly 2 years now any problem I was able to sort easy but this is just driving me mad now . . . have a horrible grinding noise coming from my driver side as I turn left not just on full lock anyway to the left or sometimes as I go straight its not my drive shaft that used to rub when I had it on 14s but have the car higher now cos have bigger wheels . . . any one have any ideas what it could be?
  8. I've had a good read through the forums but cannot find anything or after the countless topics I've read I'm going cross eyed.. either way.. : I recently replaced my pedal box after the clutch pedal snapped off and after reconnecting everything all was fine. But the clutch cable is held by a clip on the back of the engine bay in a big plastic collar and this keeps letting go of the cable. To clarify the clip is on the firewall and not the engine itself. I would usually just go put a jubilee clip around it or similar but wondering if there is a known problem with this clip OR if the clip is designed to let go to relieve excessive clutch line tension? Anyone please?
  9. aaron_6n2

    Polo 6n2 new stuff &help!!!!

    Hi guys! Hope your our all well after Christmas and new year ! My polo got a slight make over as I got winddeflectors and spark plug leads in green to match Kermit!! I also got some new speakers however there not in just yet I will add photos of before and after with leads.. however i I need some help! I recently brought a bonnet bra.. having a slight issue on how to fit it and had no instructions .. I know it should be obvious but there two rubber stops at front of bonnet I assume I need to remove those so it goes all the way back but then where do I need to put the clips so it fits correctly.. all help appreciated !
  10. Hi, for the the last couple of months I have been using a cassette aux in my polo to play music off my phone but quite frankly I hate it because you get the mechanical noise of the cassette coming through the speakers and sound quality is poor now I know it's easier just to upgrade the stereo but I can't due to insurance atm however i have recently saw these fm/Bluetooth transmitters ? Which go into the cigarette lighter and act as a radio station has any one used these and what's your reviews on them before I buy one ??
  11. Hi all (hope this is in the right section) I have found a set of rear lights for my 6n2 cheap there aftermarket ones "Lexus look" however they are missing one of the bulb holder and they look like the ones on the photo below does any one know where I could get one from I had the photo of the person selling them ? any help would be appreciated
  12. Hi everyone I have a polo 6n2 1.0 and having some issues around the dash area there is this extremely annoy rattle I put pressure on the dash it stop and I'm unsure of what it is could it be a air bag bracket or something loose? It happens if the car is being driven or stationary can some please help!!!
  13. I am thinking of getting a set of Whistler KR1 Wheels and was wondering if anyone has run this fitment on a 6n2? Just need an idea of if I need arch work or stretched tyres. Cheers:)
  14. Hi All, I have just started my car for the first time in a few days and found some water in the driver's side footwell. (passenger side is dry) The car didn't start particularly well (usually the case when it's been raining and i haven't used the car for a few days) but when it was running, more water appeared as i drove. It seems to be coming from near the top of accelerator pedal. I looked under the bonnet and around the arches but couldn't see any obvious signs of a leak. Does anybody know where the water might be coming from? I'm thinking it might be rainwater coming in from somewhere and hoping it's not something more mechanically serious. Any thoughts much appreciated Cheers Z
  15. IIIBossonsIII

    Sensible Daily 6n2 GTi

    Okay so here it is. My new sensible Daily while I'm working on my Mk1. This car is replacing my 1.2 4 Door 9n (I know its boring). So this is now my "Sensible car" The Car has full service history, only done 92000 and a shed load of receipts. My plans are to get the front sitting lower as its a bit out of balance with the rear right now And I'm gonna paint that badge Black because it looks awful in Red Other than that i'm just trying to tidy it up and get it sitting nice. I may remove the rear seats in the future for a False floor but i haven't decided yet
  16. Hi All, The front passenger side electric window on my 6N2 has just stopped working. Luckily it is fully closed :) When the switch is pressed, i can hear a clicking sound but the window doesn't move. The same happens when i use the drivers side switch for the passenger window. Has anybody got any ideas? I guess it may mean removing the door card, so is there a best way to do that as well? Cheers
  17. Kaceybaker

    As snug as a dub in a rug!

    Hello! My name is Kacey and this is my first little post about my first car Sheila. Got a silver polo, 2001, bought it from a friend who spoke highly of the motor. With no tax or mot he wanted £600. After inspection I realised it needed 4 new tyres, plus the spare (which is currently on the car). I offered him £400 and we shook hands. After getting it towed to my house I realised the damage was worse than I first thought. Being a young woman I was very much misguided with the purchase of my first vehicle. Once we jumped the car and got the battery going it was easy to tell that the exhaust was blowing. After torrential downpour I noticed a small puddle on the passenger floor, turns out the sealant has a break in it somewhere which is causing the car to flood slightly. Alongside this, the glovebox has water inside it which poured out when it was opened which makes me nervous about the possibility of damage to the dashboard. The windscreen has 2 small cracks in it and the door card has 3 holes in it. God only knows how. The rear bumper has a nice red mark on it where somewhere has unfortunately scratched their paint, but silver lining, there is no dent. A few bits of rust here and there and holes in the driver and passenger floor mats. The mirror switch is broken, which as a learner driver, is a sad thing for me. Despite all this, under the bonnet seems a little unloved but all in good shape. Since being falsely sold this vehicle I have decided to turn it into a positive thing. Not only has my knowledge improved, I have also been excited by the project at hand. And even helped a friend change her wheel last night which is a big step for me! So far I have sorted vehicle specific alloys and new tyres, vehicle specific floor mats and I have been to a local car graveyard to source an exhaust. First things first: THE BIG CLEAN! I have a feeling this car hadn't had a good clean (or service) in many years. So much so that there was moss growing inside the driver window. So we gathered all essential cleaning products and got to work. She is now all shiny with a tarpaulin wrapped around her to keep her clean and tidy while I gather the resources I need to make the car beautiful. Under the bonnet still needs a good clean but all in good time. Here are some photos of the cleaning of the car and the poor condition that its in, with plenty more pics of the extensive damage to follow when I have picked up my floor mats. All comments and advice welcome! https://plus.google.com/u/0/115351211136602645642/posts/iE6EKbTds4e?pid=6080247374642962050&oid=115351211136602645642 http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/Kacey_Baker/library/POLO%20Photos%201?sort=3&page=1
  18. Hi All, Recently, the rear washer stopped working on my Polo 6N2 Gti. I checked the forums and followed the advice to check for leaks, but couldn't find anything. Now the front washers have stopped working too. I filled the reservoir up yesterday and the problem started as intermittent but now has stopped working altogether. I can hear the motor working but no water comes out on either the front or rear windows. The level of the fluid in the reservoir has dropped quite a lot and there does seem to be some water collecting on the battery tray (but not as much as I would have expected and this could be an unrelated issue) Any ideas or advice as to how I get to the bottom of the problem would be much appreciated. Cheers
  19. Hi after solving a problem of the car not starting i'm trying to get back to my original issue. heres what happens and what has been done to try and resolve the issue. Issue: Okay so the car (1.4 16V 6n2) starts fine, when i set off and go to accelerate the car accelerates then it randomly jolts, the accelerator pedal stops working and the EPC and Engine Management light flashes on and then off again, the car then comes to a standstill and cuts out, also sometimes, not all the time when this is happening the Oil light flashes on and off repeatedly, there is plenty of oil in the car. Diagnostics: We ran the diagnostics on the car and the following codes came up... 1. Throttle body setting voltage too low 2. Engine start being blocked by immobiliser 3. Engine RPM sensor, not a plausable signal (intermittent) Solutions tried: 1.Removed throttlebody, cleaned it, put it back and realighned 2.Replaced Crankshaft Sensor 3.Replaced ECU & Immobiliser 4.Cleaned CAM sensor I am thinking of completely replacing the cam sensor and throttle body for new ones but does anybody else have any ideas what it could be as i'm still having the same issue. Any information would be very much appreicated as i really need to get this issue fixed. Many thanks
  20. Jackodavies1

    Polo 6n2 window

    Heard this is a common problem in polo 6n2 and also lupos of the same era. Electric window switch doesn't work on drivers side and can only control the passenger side window coming upwards. Can anyone help me with regards to parts and cost?
  21. Need to renew my insurance the other day and was told what ever quote I can get Chris Knott Will beat it buy 10% Woop woop, couldn't be happier
  22. hi guys! so I bought a polo 6n2 (X reg with 78k miles) couple months back, it was a non runner, seller told me all it needed was a TPS (throttle position sensor) so I took it away for near enough £500 so I trailered it home, ordered up a throttle position sensor, and carried on about fitting it, only then did I realise I needed to take the steering column off, but couldn't get the anti tamper bolts off, so ended up taking the dash off. adventually the new tps was fitted, but to no avail. so I got a friend down with his vag com to have a look for me, he told me I had a wiring fault, couple guys on here told me it could be a faulty throttle body, or a fried ecu. ended up going for a second hand working throttle body, but once again, to no avail. turns out it was a ecu, and an unrepairable one at that. so after paying just over £300 just to get the thing throttling again, I was a happy chappy, next was the MOT, which was a nightmare and ended up costing over another £100 (fitted all new parts my self). Once again, happy as larry, finally on the roads! so I gave it a small service just to last me till the end of the month when I got paid. so, the car took me to work and back for one day, went out that evening with a mate, get a few miles down the road, and notice the car was running REALLY rough.... Took the car home, borrowed a friends compression tester as I knew the plugs and leads were fine (new), at which point I found out CYL 1- 7BAR CYL 2- 8BAR CYL 3- 7 BAR CYL 4- Nothing. once again, gutted. so stripped it down to find the cam follower missing, and my camshaft scored to F****! looked at pistons there fine, no excessive play or damage. Turns out its cheaper to just get an engine for her! so anyway, after spending too much on the car in the first place, I now need a new engine. so I've got a couple questions for you guys! 1- Has anyone on here got a 1.0mpi AUC engine for sale? 2- Can I leave the gearbox in when taking the engine out, or does is need to come with it? Ever felt like you've been done over? p-s- sorry about the long story! lol
  23. filipelgl


    Hi guys I have a vw here in brazil with a ea111 engine 1.6 8v with ... the lower part has the same bore and stroke fo the polos 6n2 gti 76,5 and 86.9 ... so i wanted to start a project and make a 16v conversion and i bought a 2001 polo 1.4 16v cylinder head 100bhp that fits exactly in my engine ... So the question is ... What are the differences between the 1.4 16v cylinder that i have and the 1.6 16v gti 6n2 cylinder head ? Camshafts and everything else. Thank you from now and
  24. hey guys, update on my polo. so I've just got my polo back and threw the vagcom i got off a friend at work, I'm not 100% sure how to use it but I've given it a go and i got the fault codes in the ecu... So here they are! And there is a few! 16684 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected 18047 TPS IMPLAUSIBLE SIGNAL. 18039 Acceleration Pedal Sensor (g79) Signal Too High 18042 Acceleration Pedal Sensor 2 (g185) Signal Too High 17850 EGR Valve Position Sensor Signal too high 17950 Angle Sensor 1 for Throttle Actuator (G187): Implausible Signal 17952 Throttle Actuation Pot (G187): Signal too Large 17579 17579 - Angle Sensor 2 for Throttle Actuator (G188) Implausible Signal 16497 Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor 1 Circuit (G42): High Input 16490 Manifold / Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71) / (F96): Implausible Signal 16502 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62): Signal too High 18010 Power Supply B+ Terminal 30: Voltage too Low 17526 O2S Heating: B1 S2 Open Circuit 16727 Camshaft Position Sensor (G40): Signal too High 17524 Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating: B1 S1: Open Circuit 16684 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected The fault codes were from the car, and I've googled what they are all for. And the o2 sensor wasnt connected when i done these tests! OR it was connected but not in the pipes, I'm not sure (sorry!) few questions that id like answered if possible- Theres a load in there about Throttle pedal sensor, shall i go ahead and get one of these? If i had a faulty ecu, would i get more codes? i tryed to delete the codes and it got rid of 5 but being in a rush i could'nt find out what ones it deleted. just wondering if they mean anything to anyone, if you haven't seen my last thread the problem is i have no throttle when i push the pedal to the deck! Thanks in advance for your help guys Kyle.
  25. Joenolan95

    Crunching noise under the bonnet

    Hi I own a 1.4 polo 6n2 and a couple of days ago there was a crunching noise under the bonnet. It wasn't too loud but it was noticeable. It only happens when the engine is running. And I have noticed it seems to be happening just next to the engine on the right. Please help, thanks.
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