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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, my polo 9n 1.4 tdi 2001 auto wipers are not working in any position. All the other settings are working fine. Is it likely to be the switch at fault or something to do with rain sensors? I dont see any thing on the windscreen that would show it is fitted with rain sensor. Also, if it is switch fault, will a switch from 9N3 fit and work fine or do they have different part numbers in 9N and 9N3? Does anyone know the part number for the 9N switch so that I can compare with 9N3 ones? Thanks all.
  2. hello I would like to know how to take the front door speakers off as they are rivet from the factory and are on their way out and what size will fit in the doors or what measurements should I be looking for please. secondly, what size double din stereo will fit in the dash seeing on ebay there are two types 6.2 inch and 7 inch thanks in advance.
  3. My drivers side headlight is really cloudy and I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of it? Does anyone know?
  4. hello I have original polo 9n fog lights and fog light / headlight switch. the only thing missing is wiring. I want to know the connections but not the oem factory way as I know there is already a thread on that. I want to use relay connection so could someone in the know tell how to connect by using 5 pin relay or post a picture diagram, thanks in advance.
  5. SeagullChips

    Seagull's 2003 Polo 9n/Mk6

    Say hi to Nadine, my first car. (Click "Show" for details: Engine, Suspension, etc.) Nadine is a 5 door, 1.4 Polo 9n in Summer Blue (LA5F). I haven't done all that much to the car as of yet, just fixing things mostly. To keep the OP from getting cluttered, I'll post new mods and updates in a new post (with images if possible) in the thread, add the mod in the list above, and then provide a link to the specific post. It should make finding things easier. Future Plans
  6. Cameron Wilkins

    Hi guys, im Cam, I’m new to the page!!

    I’ve got 2 VW Polo 9n’s, one on the left is 1.4 TDI sport and the one on the right is a 1.9 TDI sport, the Polo GT TDI 130 was too pricey for me lol..?
  7. I've followed the guide in FAQ's to retrofit remote central locking to a friends Polo 9N but had a couple of issues: Module installed, coded etc, but I'm unable to get the remote to pair. Has anyone else had this issue and what was the solution? The original module was 6q0959433h (H02/S0002) and I've got 6Q0 959 433 E (H01/0001) - I know some have said you need the right sub-variant but others have had no issues interchanging. All installed and coded with VCDS no problems, just unable to get the remote to pair. Tried the original method of ignition on, lock door and press unlock x2 but nothing. The remote we got was the 'AH' variant but everything I've read says this is interchangeable with 'DA' and some on here have had no issues. Also yesterday, I got told that whenever he unlocks the car with the key the hazards start flashing immediately (they flashed after about a minute initially which I assumed to be due to expecting an alarm to be fitted?), and also when he turns the ignition on, all the instrument check lights come on the cluster, but then there is a 'bong' but no obvious cause. I've not had chance to scan with VCDS again yet but wondered if anyone had any ideas - am I looking at a faulty module? Any help greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi, my polo has been making this noise for quite a while now but never bothered to do anything about it, it was only last week that it started getting louder, every time I turn left or right o have a clicking noise, I think it's coming from the N/S so I changed the cv joint, bottom ball joints both sides, drop links but it's still there, I'm just chucking money at it now and it's getting annoying, my next guess would be top mounts but thought I'd come here first to get a answer. Thanks
  9. Hi All. I have a 54 plate 9n with a/c and have noticed lately that only when the a/c is on, the cars performance is abismal. I know that a/c does put a heavy load on the engine and will affect performance to an extent but this just doesn't seem right, especially as it hasn't been like this in the past. The a/c still works perfectly so no issues in that area. Acceleration is really sluggish and it's hard to explain but the car feels double it's weight. The steering feels heavier and it feels at times as if the car is braking by itself upon lifting from the acceleration pedal. I had a front on collision recently where the front left headlight area, bonnet, grill and bumper were damaged. We were both accelerating from opposing junctions so speed was no more than 10/15mph, damage seems purely cosmetic. Sorry to ramble on but I figured I'd give you guys as much to work with as possible!
  10. Hi everyone iv got a vw polo 9n 1.2 55bhp and basically over the past week or so my petrol consumption has been through the roof it's been going through loads of petrol on small journeys and I'm having to fill a full tank twice a week! Iv taken it to a garage twice and they can't find the problem does anyone know what this could be?
  11. Kag007

    My 2003 Polo 1.2S

    Hi! Welcome to my Polo 9n Project! :) Hoping to do a lot of great work to this car, mostly DIY style :P
  12. Hello there ! I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to retrofit a 9n3 cluster with the onboard computer to the 9n, I currently have the 1.4 75hp version and it's pretty basic (it has AC and ABS and that sort of jazz ) and I wanted to maybe fit the cluster and try to get a cruise control working as I travel to London almost every day (69 miles there and then another 69 back) and it would be good to have that sort of luxury ! I'm pretty new to the VW scene and the forum too so it would be nice if anyone has any sort of information about it or if anyone has done it before to help me out Thank you !
  13. So I found this polo 9n from lowfactory.de and I am in love with the fromt bumper. Any one know what it is?
  14. hi guys I need some help I have coilovers for my new 9n but I was wondered what drop /stabilizer links are the best I heard that ford Mondeo ones fit? can anyone confirm this for my or any others that do fit?
  15. Hi, the cable to my nearsdie ABS sensor was chafing against the wheel, causing a break in the insulation. Water got in and of course my ABS light has come on. I have a new sensor and I went to VW for a new wiring harness, but I am not sure it is right. The two plug-in leads are easy enough but there are four extra single wires - with no connectors, where do they go? Has anyone any ideas? Please see attached photos of the ordinary connectors and then of the 5 or so separate wires. Any help gratefully appreciated as I have an MOT in 2 days! Thanks Adam PS - not sure why, photos aren't uploading
  16. andreaslyk

    First Dub

    So, hello I'm Andreas I'm 17 and I have just bought my first VW. She's a 2005 (54) 1.2 Polo 9n in metallic blue. Although I'm only 17 this isn't my first car, I previously had a Peugeot 206 which sadly got written off. I needed a new car to get to work and back as I work about 40 mins away from home and since I've always been into dubs I thought I might aswell stat with a little polo. Currently shes all stock running on steelie's, I'm planning to buy a set of coil overs to drop around 45-50mm, bonnet bra, headlight tint and many more. So thats basically it!
  17. My Polo 9n 2004, has a misfire in Cylinder 2. I was wondering what i could do to fix this issue, replace spark pugs? replace ignition coils? If that is what i need to replace please let me know and where i can find these parts. Cheers Josh
  18. Sol

    What spec oil for 1.4 TDI

    Hey, just wondering what oil do I need for my 2002, 1.4 TDI polo. I'm pretty sure its the PD engine, and i'm pretty sure its 505.01 spec oil, but is someone could verify it that'd be great!
  19. renotb

    My First Polo

    Here is my First Polo 1.2 (65bhp) 9n : This is how i bought it damaged... Ill update with pics gonna be modding as follows: New front bumper and left door and left wing mirror Then get all marks sprayed then Fogs Stereo Rims Backbox exhaust tint windows I will update with pics as i go... Slow progress as slow moneys right now. Pics to follow....
  20. JLH6693

    new to this, :)

    Hello, i just signed up to all of this (well i lie actually i joined ages ago but haven't posted anything) hah! just thought i would start with my first ever polo 9n, its a 1.2 and a little gem!!! had her about a year and planned alot of stuff.....however i never got round to it so its a slow moving topic.. but here she is: so far i have- tinted windows 60mm lowering springs...and on standard shocks....which i must say is bouncy! feel like your going to go through the ceiling however coilovers are next on the list as she defo needs to be ALOT LOWER! BBS san mario split rim alloys wind deflectors The basic stuff really! :) but i have also had a few problems along the way, as you do, one day the bloody thing went into limbo mode and then decided to misfire and went from running on 3 cylinders to 2...luckily was just a £11 job and a new coil pack and spark plugs then there was the abs....lowering it made it pop a fuse then for £3 it was fixed again, simple little jobs :) so yes...have a look and any tips or comments much appreciated
  21. Hi can anyone help? I'm trying to remove the rear seatsbin an 04 plate polo 9n2 3 door. I need the seat out to remove the interior side panel to beat out a dent on the rear 1/4 I get the two catches down on the tops of the seats but cannot seem to move the bar at the bottom, am I missing somethibg or is there a technique of getting it out? Please help I've been at it for a few days now lol
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