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Found 16 results

  1. 2001 polo gti in red breaking 5 door recon gearbox 15k ago Laquer flaking on body work. Other than that good condition 07816 934375 for more details
  2. A happy new year to all. I hope you can help me with the following, or point me towards one of your members who may be able to assist? I am currently in need of a 2015 1.8 Polo GTi, 3DR for photography and laser scanning work. MT is preferred, but DSG would also be ok. I would take photos and videos of the car exterior, interior, light displays and also have a wheel removed by trained staff and the car lifted up on a vehicle lift to allow photography and filming of the underside. The work would take place at a secure car storage facility in Hampshire, and would take approximately 5 hours to complete. The work is of a confidential nature, so would appreciate your discretion, but I can say that all work would be covered under Sony corporate insurance arrangements. We would like to undertake this work in the next 4-6 weeks if possible. We would be happy to pay the owner all petrol costs at 40p per mile, lunch on the day, and also a payment of £500 for the use of the car for the day. Please let me know if you have any questions on the above, and I look forward to your feedback when possible. Many thanks in advance for your assistance. best regards, Simon Roberts simon.roberts.pdi[AT]g mail[DOT]com
  3. Hi all, I've bought a Polo GTI with the AVY engine (2001), and the old customer had not told me that the engine has suffered from oil pressure problem, After removed the engine and every parts, my machine shop told me that it was not possible to rebuild (crankshaft and the seat of the crankshaft were too dead). So I've bought a new short block to VW, a complete new short block. My question is, for the oil cooler, I don't understand why from the factory that tube is so small, because the tube I removed is a lot bigger. Here is a photo : You can see that in my hand, I've got the good tube, but the tube that is in the engine (from the factory) is too short, so I can't put the oil cooler and the filter... Do I have to remove the factory one? If yes, how do I make it? For your eyes, here are some photos to show you the damages on the old block and a photo from the complete new AVY block from VW Dealer ? Thanks a lot for your help! John PS : english is not my mothertongue, sorry for my mistakes ?
  4. Mikecoupegt

    Polo gti

    Hi guys, been on here a little while with my mk2f coupe gt thread and have just purchased a new daily to give the coupe some rest. Bought it this weekend bog standard with 67k on the clock. Not sure what way I'm going to go with this build as it's a daily and and still have the coupe to play with but here she is!
  5. callumensor

    Polo Blue GT

    Looking at getting my Blue GT remapped, does anyone have their Blue GT remapped and can provide figures such as 0-60 times etc. Has fuel improved? Keen to see whether this car remapped is similar spec to a gti or faster? Cheers in advance :)
  6. I have for sale a MK4 POLO GTI 6N2 i am looking for £800 it has had alot of work recently but has no MOT currently, has had full service, new clutch, new disks and pads. This polo is completely stock and has the original BBS split rims. The engine runs fine gearbox has a habit of jumping out of gear when on a hill in reverse not sure if this is a fault or just a characteristic of the gearbox in the car. Car is located in Burnley will send pictures on request I will put some on here over the next few days. Any questions drop me an email Danielellison@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
  7. Hello hope you can help. I am think about fitting a ARC polo gti engine in to a T25 camper. Need to now over all high of engine. Crank size were flywheel sits. And does any one now if the engine and gear box will mach up. Thanks. Don't know if good idea just doing it to be different
  8. Cutmore

    Mk 9 Polo GTI optional extras

    Long time no see Clubpolo. I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Polo, after many years of non Polo driving. Now, I've been offered various cars, some high specced, some completely standard. So for those who have bought, owner or looked into the optional extras. What do you really need? Currently my favoured options are Performance pack and Cruise and Park pack. I just dont want to get a year down the line and wish I'd spent a few quid extra early on.
  9. ARi


    Just a quick one to say hi also not had my 14 polo gti long and was wondering what mods are essential to start with ? Seen a subtle cosmetic mod and advice would be great http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152532239149?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  10. Yousniff

    Yousniffs GTI

    Hey guys, this is long over due. So I use to own a Polo 6r 1.2 Moda - wasn't a bad first car was pretty slow but loved the feel of the car. So recently I made the plunge and after reading hundreds of threads on here and other forums I went and bought a 6R GTI this is it, woke up early on Thursday the 9th of March. Went to work for a couple of hours decided I couldn't wait till the weekend to make the trip up to white city to go and buy it, with some deliberation and negotiating with my boss he let me go at 10:30am WHAT A RESULT. Sooo I began my journey from Brighton at 11:45 to Victoria - I then got two tubes and an Über. Took me 3 and a half hours to get there, the sun was shining and everything was good. Then disaster. Apparently as im 19 they wouldn't let me buy the car without someone accompanying me who was 21!!! What kind of crap is that?? I argued for for what seemed like an age and they eventually took me for a test drive in which I sat shotgun anyways I loved it from first sight so all the test drive did was make my decision even easier. I bought the little polo and drove 4 hours through London back to Brighton. Long story short I loved the car and everything About it. So I'm only 19 and I'm not sure what my insurance will be like about mods and stuff but so far all I've done is stick on this cool phone holder. Move also got these cool flappy paddle extensions I got off eBay - aluminium and massive I love them make gear changes so much more fun. I would love to go to some shows with it and some meets if any of your guys are from down south let me know. Let let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  11. Hi I've recently purchased the new 2016 Polo GTI and am due to get it late November. I don't like the standard manual 6-speed gear knob in it, so I've purchased the gear knob from the MKVII Golf GTI (original VW part - see image). I'm no expert, and I've just realised that the gaitor may not fit the Polo GTI. Does anyone know if it'll fit?
  12. Hi there, Just Wondering if anyone has removed the small black lip on the 2015 Polo GTI, i have a carbon fibre spoiler i want to put on from my old polo 6r! anyone removed it or have an idea how to? Thanks
  13. Quick question does anyone know which brake light switch the 6n2 polo gti (2001) has (3 or 4 prong) or is it one or the other? Or do I need to remove it to find out? Thanks in advance 😉
  14. Hi, I have recently bought a 2000 Polo GTI and have joined the forum to hopefully solve a little niggly problem on my car. It has a strange problem with the indicators, the flash rate slows down as i drive. It starts off at a normal rate, then the more i use the indicators, the slower it gets. I have changed the fuse and all 6 bulbs but it has not fixed the problem. I was wondering if anybody has experienced this problem or knows any possible cause. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  15. clubdubpolo

    Polo Gti original AutoCar Review

    So i was going through some old magazines today and found this little beauty, *Take note of the bottom left hand corner of the Magazine* ****You May have to ctrl + to zoom in**** The magazine is from March 2000, i bought this when i was 13 years old, anyway prepare to be a tad shocked about the review, "Autocar idiots" And the next page... Hope you enjoyed, comments most welcomed!
  16. Craydog

    Polo engine swap

    Can anyone help me, i want to know how hard it would be to put a gti engine in my mk3 polo 1992, either a golf gti or a polo gti, and does anyone know of anyone near me (southport) that could help. Thank
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