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  1. Too bad that after I removed the fuel filter, I've noticed the new one is incompatible since it has different inlet and outlet tubes - the clamps can't secure it. However on the product page for both filters it lists my 1.6 MK3 as compatible. How can I know for next time?
  2. Hello to all, My 1998 6n has developed a weird issue. It won't crank over if the temperature in the cabin is too high. I'll explain. Something is going on with my key/key barrel assembly. If I park the car in the sun and the temperature in the cabin rises, then once i get back in, i'm able to turn the key to the on position, i can hear everything working fine, the pump primes, but then i turn a bit more to activate the starter and nothing. Dead. No starter action at all. It has happened 2 times by now, and to get it going I removed the plastics surrounding the key barrel and started blowing over the barrel to cool it down. Once I did that it started right up. Has anyone heard of this before? What can I do to prevent that? I live in a country with rather hot summers so it is going to be a bigger and bigger problem if not fixed. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hi guys, just got the polo back from the MOT today and it failed due to the rear fog light not working. It appears that there is also no light on the button when you switch it "on". I've checked the bulb, connection to the button and the fuse box (fuse 12 is it?). Not sure what else to try. Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks guys 👍
  4. kays04polo

    9n polo project

    Hello! I'm currently modifying my lil polo and I love the look of a honeycomb grill but they don't seem to do them for the make of the car so i'm going to make one... I thought i'd ask if anyone knows if there is somewhere i can get one from and if i'm just not looking properly.. thanks
  5. kays04polo

    Kay’s polo 9n build

    Hey guys, I’m new to the group and brought a polo a few months ago and recently decided I want to start modifying it. i have a few inspirations and ideas for it. I’m aware a lot of 9n3 parts fit on nicely ( headlights, rear lights etc) but I’m looking for a honeycomb grill like the GTIs. Can’t seem to find any online, are they not a thing or do I need to DIY one? Lmao. Any advice and tips about 9n builds would be appreciated, thank you!!
  6. After another 6n2 as I miss mine like mad if there’s a evergreen for sale I’d love it but doubt it … or a flash red gti want a 3dr ideally 🙂
  7. I have a 2007 polo 9n3 1.4tdi in blue and I am wanting to do some cosmetic modifications to it. I have not done much so far but I have changed the mirror indicators to directional indicators. I want to remove the badge on the front and am looking for a good grill for that. I’ve seen some pictures of similar cars that have the middle part of the bumper that has the grill and number plate on it all black, I was wondering how you do this. Also where the badge is, the bumper has a little cut out for where the badge was, is there a way to have it so it is straight or would I have to get a new bumper? sorry if these are silly easy questions, also if anyone has any suggestions on what to do to the car please let me know!
  8. mr brightside

    mr b's fixer-upper Mk2F

    Thought i'd begin a thread as i'm going to have questions...the first of which is: Where can i download a .pdf of the manufacturer's schematics for a 1991 Coupe GT? I've attached a screenshot of what i have for the Porsche, i'm after this for the Polo, not a Haynes which i already have. Cheers.
  9. VW POLO 6N 1.4 16v OPENAIR AFH **breaking** Grey 5door Roof SOLD wheels SOLD suspension SOLD front bumper and grill SOLD rear bumper SOLD interior SOLD still have other stuff like ignition parts, throttle body, headlights, thermostat plus housing and headlights. Please give me a text on 07854942204
  10. Hi all, My 1986 Polo’s HZ engine is running badly. When cold, the engine cuts out whenever I need to stop. When warm, it feels like it wants to stall but the engine kind of catches itself and sounds lumpy. It feels low on power and the fuel consumption isn’t great. It makes driving it a bit scary and dangerous as I don’t want it cutting out on me at busy junctions etc. I’m really keen to fix this problem. I just want to learn how to diagnose and repair this issue. I believe that these symptoms are caused by a vacuum leak somewhere. Could this be at the rubber carburettor flange, somewhere in the vacuum pipes or maybe from a blocked jet in the carburettor? I have a genuine VW carb flange to replace the one on my car currently. However I’m unsure on the following: I have a Pierburg 1B3. How do I clean the carburettor jets? Do I need to remove them and what products/cleaning process do I need to do to ensure I can clean them properly and without damaging them? Please can someone tell me which vacuum pipes need checking too? Thanks
  11. Okay, so I own a 16-valver for about a year now. When I got the car it was idling fine, but after a few days after releasing the throttle it would do the common problem of idling hunting from 1300-2000 rpm. Disconected the battery terminals several times, until one time It started normally and was hunting from 1000-1100rpm. After a few miles I noticed that when I stopped completely it would idle at 900rpm. And that was it, within a matter of days the hunting was completely gone and the car would always idle perfectly. Fast forward a few months and the problem started again, but much much worse. It would do the usual of not idling correctly but would not fix itshelf by just disconecting the battery. I started digging and to date I have done the following. Changed the distributor, changed the temp sender, cleaned throttle body, blanked off the egr, replaced all the vacuum hoses, changed spark plugs, tried a different throttle body, (Mine is 036133064E and the replacement was 036133064J) changed the MAP sensor, (although I am not sure if i got the correct one), Checked for continuity between different sensors and the ecu plug. Results are: Temp sender: Three out of four wires have continuity to the ecu pins The fourth one i pressume goes to the dash(?). MAP sensor: All of the wires have continuity to the ECU, however one wire has continuity to 2 different pins of the ecu, could not find continuity beetween the sensor's pins and ground. Also when the ignition is on the 2 middle wires have +5v After all this, the car is still hunting, but less, (1300-1400rpm) and when I stop completely it idles at 1100rpm and not hunting. BUT after all this the car is no longer running as it was. It has doubled in fuel consumption and the plugs come out dark indicating it is running rich. Also there a noticable power loss overal, but the most frustrating thing is that off the line the car is chocking even at full throttle until i pass the 2000rpm mark. Vag com ruturns ABS faults (Bad ABS module) and throttle position sensor error but this can be attributed to running the car without the TPS plug for testing. I tried running the car without the o2 sensor, nothing changes. Today as i was messing arround i unpluged the TPS plug and the MAP plug. The car was idling perfectly, but as soon as i opened the throttle it would choke and die since it has no idea how much air is going in. I believe the problem can be traced to bad wiring or bad TPS sensor in the throttle body. What should I try next? Does the wiring sound right to you? Any ideas are more than welcome.
  12. Hi Guys, I have a 2001 polo with a firing issue, I am looking for the resistance specifications regarding an NGK U2003 ignition coil, I’ve read that typically they should read between 7000 and 15000 OHMS but mine is at 4900, what do we think? Cheers
  13. We have a Club stand at the Stanford Hall VW show on Sunday 1st May There are stand passes available, if you would like to be on the club stand, please copy & paste your names below (You will still to pay to enter the show and the pass will be posted out to you so please only ask for one if you can definitely attend) Full show details https://stanfordhallvw.com/
  14. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please? I have squealing brakes on my mk4 polo 1.2s. It's only when braking down to standstill. The pads and discs have been replaced. I have been told it's cheap shoes causing it. I haven't had the shoes replaced in the 8 years I have owned it. I am fed up of paying to gave them stripped and cleaned only for the problem to return. Any ideas? Thanks, Sue
  15. So basically I have a 1.2 polo tsi mk5 6c, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a new exhaust? I want to keep it legal and I'm not looking to spend £1000 on one, ideally looking to spend about £300 maybe a bit more. I just want it to sound a bit sportier and beefier not be extremely loud just sound nicer and look a bit nicer with a nice chrome exhaust, thanks!
  16. Hi everyone, Looking for an Induction Elbow off a MK3 SPI model Golf for my MK2F Polo 1.3 Cat. Thanks.
  17. mr brightside

    Reliable online parts

    Hi, new member, making the switch from Stuttgart to Wolfsburg to save money on petrol. I've always wanted a 2F coupe GT because i just love them, and now i've got one, but it's a fixer upper! Heritage parts have let me down in two different ways on my first order, wrong disc thickness, missing parts...it's hassle i don't need. Can anyone recommend a reliable online supplier for Polo 2F service parts? Someone said TPS, but they don't serve the public. So far i've found: https://www.classic-vw.co.uk/
  18. Hi I came off a kerb the other day and have a power steering leak. I have uploaded a photo of the leak any advice what part I need or advice in general would be greatly appreciated.
  19. After years of wanting one and a year of looking for one I've finally got one!! It's got high mileage, 165,000, but the engine runs nice and smooth. It's a bit tatty around the edges but it's probably the best condition polo I've bought yet - saying that's probably going to come back and bite me. Well we did a 2 hour drive to go and pick it up and me and my dad couldn't smile wide enough! There's a bit of rust on the arches, very minor, and minor rust on a few panels. When we got it home I went to open the door and the door handle came off - was no screw holding it in. The speakers don't work, simple wiring job. But the wheels are feking amazing condition! Don't even look like they've been refurbed just really clean! The plans for this year: *Fix door handle - probably do that tomorrow weather permitting *Fix speakers - tomorrow *Cambelt, oil change - general stuff when you buy a car. *Gradually get each panel sorted, can do panel by panel as colour match isn't vital as long as it's near enough. *But some 16v seats to steal the foam out of as the foam in the current seats has long gone - no tears though, well a tiny one. *Machine polish it. Only got one photo at the moment was to excited to take photos! Polished the wing and bumper and they came up nicely. The colours are really vibrant in person! Should be going to ultimate dubs next sunday in it.
  20. Snakeaids

    Gt on carbs?

    The previous owner of my polo ran the engine dry and the engines completely welded, I have been looking for a replacement engine and the closest one to me is a guy saying that he has a 1.3L Gt engine which should run on carbs. My car is a polo mk2 ranger which already has a 1.3 in it, i was wondering if the GT would be a straightforward swap, or would I need to change things?
  21. Hi I'm looking for advice on best size tyre for 13 inch bbs mesh on 40 mm lowered front and back pics be great of setups and sizes on 13 inch wheels and 40 mm suspension drop thanks
  22. I've just purchased a Panasonic CQ-K05FNV Single Din Radio for my VW Polo MK2f 1993. I thought that it would be straight plug a play but it seems the cables in my car do not fit the back of the radio. Is this the correct radio for my car and are there any adapters that I can buy to make it fit. Pictures to follow...
  23. rossekins

    Our 1989 mk2 Breadvan Project

    Hello Everyone! So for ages me and me Mrs have wanted a breadvan. Since becoming parents during the pandemic (first lockdown) we have realised that we do absolutely nothing in our spare time. We both love VWs and we literally live less than 10 miles from Santa Pod so it seemed only right to get back into a hobby we both enjoy. Me Mrs was not so much a fan of the facelift so we started looking for a mk2. We managed to find one 10 miles away that was running moted and everything for £800. But unfortunately we were a day late and it went very very quickly. It was a shame because it looked as if it needed barely any work and was on the road. We missed out and was pretty upset but we got over it and managed to find another one. The only downside is that it hasn't been on the road for a while. So here she is. She's a G reg "fox" 1043cc. (We haven't got a name for her yet) Inside is pretty much immaculate apart from a bit of a wet front carpet (there is a hole in the battery tray shock) She needs a little bit of work but I am extremely excited to get started. I am not a mechanic by any means but I have owned plenty of modified cars in the past. I am really keen to learn more and more and get better with cars generally hence why I bought a bit of a project. The car is being stored at my cousin's unit (he is a welder fabricator by trade) and he is going to teach me a few bits here and there. The car was taken off the road for 5 years and has been stored since. In 2016 there was a couple of advisories for ball joints and top mounts and brake pipe corrosion. A little welding is needed on the two rear quarters and the battery tray but apart from that I think we are looking pretty good. List of things to do in the next couple weeks: Replace windscreen wiper motor Weld up battery tray Sort out quarter panels Put bumpers back on properly Heating only works on full power so needs attention Hang exhaust up properly Ball joints Top mounts Rear brake cylinders and shoes (they are binding on) We don't have massive budget. But the short term plans are this. Swap for MH 1.3 engine GT cam Lowered 60/40 Nice wheels GSXR carbs and manifold General tidy up Long term will be A fresh new paint job Then who knows what else? We are both really excited to add to this thread over time and can't wait to get cracking right now! Our plan is to have the majority of this list completed and to have her on the road ready for the VW shows at pod this year. We would like to make it to VW breakout ideally but as long as we are ready for bugjam we will be chuffed. Thanks for looking/following Ross & Lucy
  24. Hi I have an 04 polo and today it won’t start at all won’t even try I don’t think it’s the battery any ideas?
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