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  1. TLovett12

    VW Polo GTI 1.6 16V 6N2

    Time Left: 25 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi all, this is a provisional advert for my beloved Polo GTI 6N2. I essentially wanted to put the feelers out and see what the general vibes are for my high mileage but extremely well looked after and totally stock 6N2. Excuse the arty photo of it, I will get more detailed pictures up very soon. This is the only place I've advertised this car so far, as I'm keen for it to go to someone with some interest. The Technical Details: Reflex Silver 5 Door Air Conditioning - Recently fixed and functioning Original 15" BBS Split Rim Alloys - Recently refurbished, immaculate condition all with centre caps. Cloth Interior - In an average to good condition Black Seat Belts with Red edging - Not full Red versions 2x Keys - Remote working on 1x, immobiliser on both Stock Gamma cassette radio with 6 CD changer in boot - had tried various cables over the year for a 3.5mm input conversion but no joy Didn't have the famous Pedal Box recall. Not on the records and/or was past the production issues. The Emotional Bit: This car has been in my life since November 2008, picked it up from a small independent garage in Kent with 35k on the clock. I'd always coveted the 6N2 GTI after owning a Blue 1.4 6N for many years previous so finally saved up and bought one with all my pizza delivery money. I always wanted a Black one but we found this SIlver one with low miles so was the sensible choice. I've loved and cared for it these many years since, visiting the same regular garage and possibly paying over the odds for servicing until I learnt to do it myself! Most recently in the past year I've had the gear selector replaced and a new clutch, basket and thrust release bearing put in. I've spent a lot of money having the wheels refurbished, and actually in that time bought another car (Golf MK4 TDI) for my eco-run on the motorway to work every day from Herts to London. Every fibre in my body does not want to let this car go, but while I'm not driving it and almost need the space for new projects, I feel the time has come to pass it on to someone else to love and take care of. If anyone wants to know more please get in touch, happy to talk AT LENGTH about this car. Many thanks for reading, Tom


    , Hertfordshire

  2. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Silver, Petrol 1990 Mk2 Breadvan. 3 Door Hatchback 56, 380 miles Incredibly well looked after and garaged it's whole life by one owner who brought it new (my Dad). Starts first time every time, drives perfectly & he's never failed an MOT in all of his 30 years, MOT'd until February 2022 (can all be viewed online). Cosmetically excellent apart from a small 'ding' on the passenger door (covered by a VW sticker in the photo). Has full service history and all documentation of all work ever carried out including the original V5 from 1990! Will be valeted before sale. Ideally I want it to go to someone who will love him for many years to come!


    Cheltenham, England - GB

  3. Hello there. This is my first posting so I hope this works. I have the above Polo which was bought by my Dad and been in our family all 22 years. It is the rare Openair model with a full length electric sun roof. It received a new MOT in January but since the heavy snow and cold I have not been able to start it. As my wife and I approach our seventies we need to take a long term view and, although this Polo is dear to us, pass it on to a Polo enthusiast who will take it forward. The reason it won’t start may be simple but we are reluctant to spend more money and feel time is right to sell on t
  4. Time Left: 10 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Set of 4 Calibre Retro star alloys. 15x7.5 4x100 Had these on my Lupo, really nice wheels, 3 tyres are good, 1 is dead. 3 centre caps present. £175 ono Pick up or can courier if you arrange.


    Barnsley, South Yorkshire - GB

  5. mattlloyd26

    1998 open air mk3 polo

    Hi guys, my first post on here. I've just bought a mk3 polo OpenAir edition. 1 owner from new, with 78k on the clock. FSH. I have never seen one of these before.....are they rare? Can't seem to find one anywhere else, eBay, autotrader etc. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated 🙏. Matt
  6. Hi! I'm going to be replacing my fuel tank soon on my 1988 mk2 breadvan as it's got the typical leak around the filler neck. Is there any other parts I should be replacing at the same time as the fuel tank? Any help would be appreciated, thank you
  7. kerry-john

    item required

    Time Left: 1 day and 15 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    needed two backrest pull rods for seat of my mk3 2000


    Ringwood, England - GB

  8. Hello all The windshield washer has stopped working and I've already ordered a replacement washer pump, but out of curiosity and green thinking and also worried that maybe the issue is somewhere else, I wanted to check if there is more that I can do. I've connected a multimeter to the plug from the battery and it correctly shows 12V when the ignition is on and I pressing the lever to spray water. When I do it with the pump connected it makes no sound however. Is there a possibility of another issue somewhere? Can I open up the old pump to check what's up inside? Thank
  9. Ddymk2

    Advice on electrics

    Hi Sadly the time has come to sell my 1993 mk2f polo coupe CL. I know this is a technical forum, but I'd really like some advice on whether its worth sinking money into the car or not before selling. Mechanically the car is excellent, last service August 2020 with new pads and brakes fitted. Belt fitted March 2020. Mileage is 65,000 and has most service history. Bodywork excellent for age with only a few minor chips and few little bits of rust on sills. Car has below electrical issues: speakers need wired in cluster issue - dash lights and f
  10. Hi so I'm pretty new to this site but have bumped into a problem with my Polo and not sure where my next move is. So i bought some LED bulbs from Halfords for my number plate lights and after fitting them I turned my lights on to check them but they didn't work, so i decided to put my old ones back in but now the normal bulbs didn't work either. As i went to drive home i realised on my journey home that i also had no Dash illumination lights either and couldn't actually see how fast i was going. My first thought was a fuse problem so the next day i check the fuses and checked the u
  11. Is it possible to get more out of my VW polo 1991 1ltr engine. ? Or do I just have to live it ? It's so slow . I don't really want to change the engine as I already swoped it out a few years ago like for like etc. Thanks.
  12. Has anyone ever got rid of the turbo and swapped for a supercharger set up on a polo Gti 1.8? If so what size charger have they used ie cubic inch? Is there over heating problems, will probably relocate inter cooler to rear of the car anyway or possibly one at the front one at the back? If that’s possible?? Just need to know what size charger is best suited as I can’t find anything on the web. Also do Gti’s have a good oil recirculating system or is it best to get a upgraded pump and a bigger system
  13. Hi, My auxiliary belt broke, on my polo 1.4 petrol , V reg, last evening , a couple of roads from home, so although, the steering was heavy I made it back. Today, after much difficulty, my husband and I managed to fit a replacement, but now the car wont start...lights and radio are working. Any advice, on what could be wrong, would be great Barbara
  14. Matimcfetridge

    Polo related Youtube channel

    Evening all, I have recently started a Youtube channel and thought I would post it here incase any of you need a laugh or want to watch something VW related.. This will cure your boredom and mean you don't have to waste any more time watching things you aren't interested in on TV. I have always had VWs and there will be many featured on this channel so grab a cold beer and give the channel some love! all subscriptions, like and comments are appreciated and will help the channel grow so please get involved! Mati
  15. Hi, My gearbox seems to be on its way out, unfortunately I have a 9n3 1.6 sport. I wanted to know if I can replace the gearbox with any others from other 9n3 models and engine. I know the transmission code is JHL but that's about it. Hopefully a replacement which will just swap right in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. There's this 1989 VW Polo. It is in perfect condition and just had a good service done. Had the brake lines replaced and new steering/ tierod with balljoints put in as well. Then also a new V belt and VRT passed. It has 45 000 km’s on the clock Interior is in good nic and has a stereo with AUX as well. How much will it be worth ? It is listed at 685 GBP. Thanks James
  17. can someone shine some light on this i have a polo 6n 1.0l mpi shell and have put a 1.4 8valve engine in it when it started it ran lumpy so i changed plugs leads dizzy etc and now it wont run at all just confused someone help
  18. Hi.first question from a new member. Please can anyone help ? I have just bought my son who is learning to drive a 59 plate 1.4 dsg polo. Drove great on test drive as they always do! But has now got a very slight misfire. Been in to a local and very trusted garage who traced to coil pack fault on cylinder 3. So changed coil pack reset codes and after 10 miles EPC /EMO lights came on with servere misfire. returned to garage and changed injector on no 3 as this was now apparent. Garage has been great and i have no complaints. It been back in for more tests and checks but still comes up with cyl
  19. Hi, trying to plan out my bike carb build for my 6n to crack on with once I’ve replaced the sills. I am wondering whether I’ll be able to run carbs with my standard ecu (AEX) Leaving all the sensors in place, and moving the map sensor (I think these use a map sensor?) to the new manifold on its own balanced takeoff. I’d fuel using a t piece and probably have it remapped If necessary and the carbs tuned. Reason for wanting to do this being that I REALLY hate wiring, and really love spending less money on things 🙂 thanks
  20. Hey guys, I have an unusual question. I've been working a delivery job with my 6n2 Polo 'E' 1.0 liter petrol engine (engine code AUC) and despite the official stats right outta my manual ("Urban=37.6, Extra-Urban= 60, Combined= 49.5" British MPG), I rake about 37-42mpg in real world, where I full tank every Fridays, record the mileage and then calculate the MPG. All I want to do is maximise my fuel economy. Can I remap my ECU to improve my fuel economy despite having a simplistic engine? Is there anyone who remapped just for the sake of fuel eco
  21. Hi, I'm new to the forums and im looking for advice. I have recently went stage 2 on my 1.0tsi mk5 r line. Since then, I have been having a misfire in cylinder 1 with the oem coilpack. Can anyone recommend a performance coilpack?
  22. Hi guys, I own a 1986 mk2 polo coupé and I was wondering if I could change OEM hedlights and front bumper for those of the 2F. I don't know why but I like those lights and look in general. Thanks in advance.
  23. As title suggests, I'm after the pin out for a lupo 1L E pre canbus, but I'm sure a pre canbus polo 1.4 with the round clocks will be the same. I'm sure somebody has done it or can point me in the right direction to another thread somewhere. Thanks X
  24. Hi, my 2011 polo interior handle was jammed, i pulled it and it snapped. Is there a easy way to open the bonnet. Not having much luck with this car so far lmao
  25. Paul cavanagh

    Paul cavanagh

    Hello looking for drivers front door, vgc, for 1998 polo hatch please.
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