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Found 5 results

  1. At first my power steering light would come on and the steering would get heavy when stood in traffic, so I would have to turn the engine off and on again to get rid of the light. I arranged for my recovery service to have a look and they said that the battery was not giving out enough power, so I took it to a garage and they said that the fault code was that the alternator was not giving enough power, so I arranged for a new alternator to be fitted, when it was fitted, that lasted for about 2 weeks and it started doing it again, but now it did it when I was reversing as well and when driving at night the headlights would sim when stood in traffic so I took it to a garage and was told it was not giving out enough power, so I arranged for a replacement alternator to be fitted, that’s lasted 2 days and now it’s still doing it. Any suggestions
  2. I own a Polo 6N1 1.4 CL and the power steering hose has blown and I cannot find a replacement anywhere! It is the 6N1 High Pressure power steering hose, the one that runs from the pump to the rack. Please if you can help I would be extremely grateful!
  3. Hi, I bought my first car, a VW Polo 9n (2009) in early 2020 - so very much a newbie to cars. I fitted a new radio in July of that year (incorrectly at first, which led to a flat battery from radio being left on, but later sorted it so it turned off when I switched off ignition). It may not be linked but, a month or two later I started experiencing problems with ABS warning light turning on and power steering failing. This was very intermittent and only seemed to happen when driving in traffic, with phone plugged in and radio on etc. Garage immediately said it was the alternator, but no warning light came on for alternator, also no error codes showing up when scanned, the voltage to battery and alternator was good. They said not much point changing alternator as it looks fine when tested. I left it for a while but same thing happened when driving in slow moving traffic (air con, phone and radio all on) and so I thought I should get alternator changed for peace of mind. It was changed and no problems with the car for the next 7 months or so. About a week ago the same problem has started again. Abs light on in traffic, power steering goes and warning lights on. When I pull over and restart the engine I lose the warning lights and regain power steering. Took it to a different garage this time (I've moved), they scanned it and said it was an ABS Pump fault (they checked voltage on battery and alternator and fuses e.t.c). I asked them to take a closer look as i suspected a more intermittent electrical fault and now they are getting a low reading from alternator (under 13.5 watts), when all electrics turned on (fine otherwise). I can't go back to old garage (too far away) for warranty on the alternator that was changed less than a year ago. First step I've been advised by various car mechanics is to change the alternator again as I may have just been unlucky with a dud, but if I do replace it and continue experiencing issues does anyone know where to look? Would love to know if anyone has experienced similar problems and can suggest some solutions.
  4. Hi all, my power steering randomly cut out (luckily while just pulling up next to my house) no dash warning lights no fault codes when scanned fuses are okay battery running at 12.2v when off battery running at 14v when running fluid level is good no leaks does anyone have any suggestions? also does anyone know if it is possible to test the power steering pump if I take it off the car?
  5. Hi, Apologies for my lack of knowledge but I’m literally a novice when it comes to cars so any help would be great. I own a 2010 polo which I bought from a dealer 2 weeks ago - 139000 km on the clock. Drives fine for a week until last week when my partner is driving to work, it showed a solid orange power steering wheel on the dash and cut out twice in in a matter of minutes when she turned a 2 corners. Since then it’s been fine for a few days, no warning lights in the dash or any worrying symptoms. i just got in the car then and turned it round in 1st when the engine cut out and it rolled to a stop. I restarted the car with no issues, but I don’t want it to happen again so wondered what the issue could be? I’m suspecting the battery or alternator so getting these checked tomorrow, but has this happened to anyone before? thanks in advance, Dan.
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