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Found 13 results

  1. lewisedward91

    Speedo unit power plug

    Hi All, Just wondering if I can have some help please I have a mark 2 polo 86c breadvan 1990 Polo Ranger. I have had this problem on and off for a while but its really becoing annoying, on driving to work this morning I lost power to the speedo unit the clock works fine but I looseall the instrument lights and gauges. I had a look at it yesterday and straightened all the pins to think I have a loose connection or a break in the wire just wondering if any of you have had the same issue? by chance does anyone know when the pins are actually called as I am thinking if changing them. They are long and small with 2 teeth off the end to attach to the pcb its almost like a crimp. Thanks, Lewis
  2. AshleyWilliams

    Dashboard Disco

    Good evening gents, This is morning I jumped in my 2008 polo gti 1.8t 9n3 to take it down for a valet! A few miles from home my dashboard just lit up warning lights flashing everywhere and bleeping. I’ve checked the battery which was 12.8v without engine running, new quality battery was fitted 2 years ago. But it has started and stopped a lot today. With engine running it was 14.4v so I think battery and alternator is ok. Doing more random checks it seems to happen when turning the steering wheel. I have uploaded a video to YouTube. Has anyone seen anything similar? I’m thinking power steering pump or sensor down to earth causing the ecu to go crazy. Ash
  3. kwijibo_coupe

    Rolling Road day opinions/suggestions??

    After the poor turnout this weekend at the rolling road day, we are looking to get feedback on why that was the case? Basically we ran just 7 cars this year where as previous years have usually seen almost double that if not more. Plus those who usually turn up just to meet up with friends and chew the fat. So is there anything we can do to get more of you to turn up? Or is a rolling road morning/day something that people just aren't interested in any more? There are a few things we can do as a club to change the day up a bit. We could always have it later in the year for example, if most people struggled do to weather, project progress or just purely financial reasons. We could turn the day into more of a weekend event, maybe a sort of pre Polo Social idea where we camp over night somewhere close by. These are just ideas we have run amongst the staff so far. But please give us your thoughts. Also remember a rolling road run isn't just about peak power figures, although that's what everyone brags about. A rolling road graph is very useful for seeing how your car produces its power over the RPM range, for analysing AFR figures during a power run and seeing where improvements are needed to improve driveability not just getting more peak power. Plus the guys at Aldon Automotive are very knowledgeable, based on the run they will be able to give you advise on how they think you could improve the figures. Anyway, we would like to hear your feedback on the matter and try and get more of you involved for next year.
  4. I did a full head gasket change recently, new gaskets seals water pump belt and skimmed serviced head. After putting her all back together and fixing an ignition problem she is still running a little rough I think (I can't tell if it's a normal running sound because I've never owned a polo before and she was in this condition when I got her). I took her for a test drive yesterday and after starting up and putting the choke in she kept stalling going into first. I had to put a load of revs on to get her to move. After driving for a bit it stopped being an issue. I colourtuned the engine before the head change, should I retune now the head has been done (the leak was on cylinder one front right), and could it be a mixture problem? I also put a pierburg carb on to replace the old one (another 1b but with manual choke and no external reservoir, maybe the reservoir is causing the lack of fuel to the cylinders)? Sounds like it could be a misfire but I've got the timing bang on and all the plugs are getting electric (got a stroboscope) so maybe I've cocked up the head gasket? I've got a compression tester now and I'll do one after the weekend, I really hope it's something carb related though because the head was a pain to do . .. It's a MK2 1.05 HZ bready Thanks for all your help with her, sorry for the mountain of questions, just want her to be the best she can be!
  5. Every so often the dashboard lights and ignition power all cut off and will randomly come back on again after a few minutes.ive not touched anything the car just cuts out and the ignition just dies.anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue at all?thanks in advance matt
  6. So ill start off by saying i have a polo 9n 2004-2005 model, this started about a week ago but does not happen consistently and has happened about 3 times in a week. if im pulling out of a junction sometimes the car will pull out then completely slow down as if there's no power to the engine, i have to take it out of first and the put it back in and then it goes, it sounds like there is no power when this happens. this also happens in 2nd sometimes if i go round a roundabout, i will get halfway round and then it will slow down and lose power even if i have my foot to the floor, sometimes if i just floor it it fixes itself but the RPM does not jump up so i know its not clutch slipping? i also went to put it into second coming up to a round about, i had the clutch all the way down but the gear stick jumped back as if i hit the gears but there was no grinding sound. Can anyone please help i love my little polo but have completely lost all confidence in it. i think it might be the fuel filter but am not sure. thanks.
  7. hi everyone, So I wanted a car that was cheap on insurance and can produce a crazy amount of power for its engine size, you can call me crazy but I have bought another 2008 1.2 12v polo for £500 with only 20000 miles on the clock. I really want to turn this little polo into something special, something that I can really work on. basically, I want to put a turbo on it... problem is I have no clue what size turbo to put on it. I'm doing an overhaul, i.e. gaskets, seals, piston rings, bearings, that sort of biz so it won't blow up as soon as i start it for the first time. its just something fun, doest matter if it wrecks it in the long run as i just find a bigger crazier engine to put in haha. any help would greatly appreciated. thanks,
  8. Hello guys, I've got a superchipped 9n3 tdi and I was wondering if its possible to have some more power out of this engine, it is nippy at 100hp and 210nm I was wondering if a good remap could get it up to 120hp+ and a bit more torque, any information will be greatly appreciated as always ! thank you
  9. Hi all. I have a 1.4 6N2 (60BHP) I'm hoping to try and get some more power out of the little engine, what modifications have you guys made and what do you think i should do? :)
  10. Hi people, I have a few queries about a couple things on my polo, Firstly, the aftermarket stereo I have fitted today stays on even when the ignition is off and the key is out the ignition. I share with my girlfriend and we are both sure the other will drain the battery one day by forgetting to unplug it.. (would probably be me). Below is a picture of the wiring, is there anything that can be changed to make it turn off with the ignition going off? Secondly, I have a chip on my dashboard I think it had something to do with the alarm system it used to have a black cap over it I think but now I want it gone but it maybe important. Cheers everyone, Dan
  11. I was driving in the heavy rain and my engine started to lose power in 5th gear. Then after a while of staying in 4th until I was off the motorway it began to lose all power and I was reduced to around 20mph. I have a feeling it was to do with something flooding or getting wet, any ideas? P.s it's a 1.0 petrol 6N2
  12. Hi all, For some Scouting work I do, it would be extremely useful to have a cigarette lighter socket in the boot (powered of course), that can be switched on and off from a button, next to the heated rear window switch (all the rest are blanks). This is on a 51 plate 6n2. So, any ideas on how to do this? I fetched the trim off around and below the steering wheel today, to reveal the fuse box, and although there's a few blank slots that (if an optional extra was fitted) would have a 15A fuse in (like the actual cigarette lighter), it doesn't seem to have the metal contacts inside the fuse slots to hold the fuse itself. Any help is massively appreciated guys, thanks!
  13. Right guys I've got a replacement hose as mine is shagged, (the pipe from pump to rack that goes around whole engine bay) I was wondering what tools I would need and a method for doing it? It seems as if getting the hose off the steering rack and also tryijg to attatch the new one up would be a real pain I was hoping you guys would have a few tips for me. beeen driving the car for a few days with no power steering and fluid now due to necessity and hoping I haven't shagged the pump too, anyhow any help would be appreciated! Cheers
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