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Found 16 results

  1. I've recently bought a 1982 polo breadvan with 1043cc engine and manual choke carb and it idles fine, starts fine and runs okay apart from sputtering every now and then. It appears that it's fine when throttle is wide open but when pulling away or changing down gears and pulling away it struggles causing the car to kangaroo before picking up again. I'm having to compensate with high revs when pulling away to avoid it stalling and those skinny little tyres struggle enough for traction and wheelspinning away from every junction isn't as fun as it sounds. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues or any idea what to look for? I'm assuming its carb related so I'm assuming that will need to come off and have a good clean. Any help or advice will be much appreciated Thanks Dan.
  2. Hi again. So after chatting on here and trying to solve the problems on starting after refuelling. I’ve got some questions and hope someone can help out!?!! 🙂 So each time I refuel I have problems starting. Sometimes it happens when it’s warm and I’ve turned it off and tried to start again a short time after. Once it does fire up I get a really rich smell with a cloud of light smoke out the back. Someone said it sounds like the pressure regulator. Because I’ve established that the fuel pump is working properly. Any one else had issues like this? Please help. G
  3. Hi all, I sold my breadvan a few years back and bought it back recently, it had been in storage for 3 years and was absolutely sodden when I got it back. It started up first time and then didn’t for a very long time until changing the; HT leads, battery, dizzy cap, plugs and clearing the fuel line and fresh fuel. However, it was always flooding itself so I needed to rectify this issue - I changed the SPI unit / throttle body (at this time I didn’t realise there was no gasket). At the time of bad flooding you could hear the fuel pump priming strongly. Since then I have changed the ECU (noticed a change in fuel pump priming), oil pressure switch, both temp sensors and added a gasket to the carb flange. I managed to get the car running and ticking over today (sweeter then ever before) however it’s only willing to run on ether, and there appears to be no fuel getting to the carb. The fuel prime sounds weak now in comparison to the previous ECU. Any ideas? Should I revert to my old ECU? Fuel pump or relays? Many thanks!
  4. Hi I recently brought a 6n2 1.4 tdi polo, had massive problems with starting the car, turns out it was the battery as it was only 40ah battery! So I got that replaced and everything was fine, but recently it's doing the same, it just cranks over fast but doesn't fire, sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't or it starts then dies about 2 seconds later and flashes up a battery light icon, I changed the fuel filter when I done the battery, any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you
  5. Hi guys; I'm new here so I figured I'd make an introduction. I'm Tim, currently living in right over the water here in the Netherlands! Dutch isn't my native language so I figured this would be a better bet for me. I've found a near mint silver VW Polo 6N2, grannys car, mechanically sound, well kept everything at honestly a steal too. I'll be getting it washed and maybe detailed before getting some pictures up. Sadly its an automatic, but the saving grace is for the price, most of the other 6Ns and 6N2s are preeetty ratty and not worth half the salt they're asking for them. As for the problem at hand - Only tiny issue is the automatic shifter knob - the transmission upshifts and downshifts/kicks down absolutely no problem, smooth and all, and the shifter moves as it should. Only thing is the small button that you depress when you change gears - it can be depressed and change gears no problem, but sometimes it doesn't come all the way out and it feels like it may be an issue with the spring inside. Unfortunately I haven't managed to find anything in my trawling, so I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with something like this before, and whether its an easy self fix/how long something like that would take in terms of labour? Cheers!
  6. Hey everyone, Another issue with my 96 6n. Now the throttle plate doesn't seem to open when i start the engine. At first i noticed the plate would open just enough to allow the engine to start/idle and there was a loud buzzing noise coming from the throttle body (disappeared when i unplugged it). Then the plate started rapidly flicking between the closed and slightly open position. And now the plate doesn't open at all while the engine is cranking, making it impossible to start the engine and leave it to idle. I can start the engine by putting the accelerator pedal down so i know it's an issue with the throttle body itself. I Have already replaced it for a new throttle body and have the same issue. Am i right in assuming it's a wiring fault of some kind, Bad ground, open circuit? Thanks in advance,
  7. Hi, I own a 1.2 9n3 Polo (55 plate) I bought it in July 2015 and in October 2015, the check engine light came on. After taking it into a local garage and having it looked at by the mechanic, I was told I would need a new Catalytic Converter. I was also told that for the warranty, I would need both sensors replaced as well. So after nearly £400, it should now all be fixed. The invoice read that a new cat was supplied and an fitted as well as two o2 sensors and the p0420 code was read and cleared. Two days ago the check engine light has came on again. This time, I have an OBD-II reader and plugged that in. The reader showed one error code, p0420, the same as last time. So as it stands I am potentially looking at the replacement cat having failed only 13 months on from being fitted. I'm hoping that someone can help shed some more light on this situation for me so that I am not spending over the odds on repairs that are not needed. As far as I am aware, the cat is aftermarket. I was wondering if these come with a specific kind of warranty with them? (I asked a different local garage yesterday and was told that most exhaust parts should come with a two year warranty - is this true?). If it is covered under warranty, is it for the garage who carried out the repair to replace at no extra cost or would I have to pay the labour? Is there anything I can try out first before paying for another repair? Is it okay to drive still and is it worth taking it out on a drive to try and clear it if anything has built up? Are there any checks I can carry out to try and single out the problem? Thanks!
  8. Hi so I'm pretty new to this site but have bumped into a problem with my Polo and not sure where my next move is. So i bought some LED bulbs from Halfords for my number plate lights and after fitting them I turned my lights on to check them but they didn't work, so i decided to put my old ones back in but now the normal bulbs didn't work either. As i went to drive home i realised on my journey home that i also had no Dash illumination lights either and couldn't actually see how fast i was going. My first thought was a fuse problem so the next day i check the fuses and checked the user manual and found that they share the same fuse so obviously it must have been the fuse... NOT! the fuse was fine and so were all my other fuses as i pulled them out one by one. After a little research online i found that someone had replaced their light switch (the dial below the drivers air blowers to turn the headlamps on) so i ordered a new light switch. Once that arrived I unplugged my old light switch and plugged in my new one... Nothing. so after replacing the bulbs, fuses and now replacing the light switch too I'm stuck and not really sure where to go next. If someone could please help ill be much appreciated!!! Thanks. car details: VW Polo 9n 2002 1.2 - 3 door
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post so I apologise for any discrepancies in advance. I drive a 51 plate, Polo 9N, 1.2 three-cylinder, AZQ engine code with 120k miles on the clock. Recently my polo has developed a problem when idling which at first appeared to be intermittent although now has become constant. normally idling at around 8-900 rpm, the rpm would "dip" to around 500 rpm sounding as if the engine was about to stall, at which point the idle would erratically increase to around 1000-1100 rpm and then stabilise again at the norm. This occurs a couple times a minute. Also, my clutch is soon to be on the way out and the clutch bearing makes a huge racket, although when I press the clutch down, the noise goes away and the idle "dips" seem to be less frequent, could there be any connection between the two? Furthermore, I've recently changed the throttle body for another from a scrapy and also bought a new temp sensor as I know that they are a common issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Yuri
  10. iKiwic

    question about private plate?

    Hi! Now, just a personal rule, if your posting to tell me how silly personal plates are, I've heard it before.. but it was a present, so it means something to me! Anyway, I own a Personal Reg, which is KIW 153 Basically, I wan't to know if anyone knows if i'd be allowed (by the dvla) to put it on my Polo, which is G440 AKV. Some people say I can, others say I won't be allowed, because my Polo is a G reg and a Plate begining with a K might make the car seem newer than it is... Does anyone know how true this will be? I know you're not allowed to make a car look newer than it is with a private reg, but as mine isn't 7 Digits would this still apply? Sorry if I'm being a nub!! Thaaaanks - Kiwi
  11. Hi guys, Hope this is posted within the correct section ... My (2003) polo has a problem with the cd player connection. It does not turn on at all, not even after changing the red and yellow connections over. I've checked all fuses but they look fine and worked before. I was told that the reason this is happening is that the ignition cable has burnt out. Admittedly the problem started when accidentally cranking the volume suddenly - all sound cut out... I know it sounds like a fuse blown but I have checked all fuses. Oh and I even bought a new cd player.. Could anyone point me in the right direction? is this an expensive job to replace the ignition cable, if that is the problem of course. Is it a long, difficult job? or can I get this sort of thing done at my local Halfords? If anyone knows if this sounds correct or can suggest a solutions I would be very grateful! Thanks,
  12. passenger side window not working, motor buzzes when switch is pressed, i know its common and i used the search to see if anyone else had had it, i take it that i just need a new regulator?
  13. Hi, apologies if I post this in the wrong area as I am still fairly new here! I have a 1.2 57 Plate VW Polo which has done just over 25,000 miles. Its fuel consumption has been annoying me for some time and I only now have the time to deal with it. Full tank on it won't give me any more than 230ish miles which for a 1.2 seems pretty low? I've seen forums with people complaining that they only get 300+ miles out of it. Tank is 42 litres and costs around £50 to fill it up in Glasgow. I've tried driving like a granny and it has absolutely no effect whatsoever, gives the same miles as me having foot to the floor 24/7. Car doesnt even carry about excess weight, took the spare wheel out aswell (whether it could have made a difference I don't know). I agree that in city driving/start-stop mpg would be low but this low? Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? I read somewhere that with 1.2's the lamda sensor seemed to be a common problem? Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I'm new to this forum so hello everyone! I bought a polo yesterday because I wanted something cheap and reliable to get me to work and back, on the test drive I was uninsured so we asked the current owner to drive us round. The polo seemed fine and has a full service histroy, recent cambelt change, 81000 miles on the clock and full MOT history. I got insured just before I drove it home yesterday and noticed a few things which I wonder if you guys can help me out with. My polo is a 1.9 diesel from 1996. The first thing I noticed is the car drives fine however when in neutral or at idle the car vibrates throughout, this vibration stops after 1000rpm but anything lower and its like being on a bone shaker roller coaster. My other issue is the accelerator pedal seems to push down but doesn't come back up very quickly which causes high revs when changing gear, I can stop at traffic lights put the car in neutral, rev the engine and it will still be revving up to 4-5 seconds later before the pedal comes back up. My thoughts are a new cable for the accelerator and possibly an engine mount for the vibrating? What do you guys think? Thanks, Paul
  15. AlexHillTVR

    Gearbox Issue?

    Hi guys, I'm new here but signed up to see if anyone has had any experience with my problem I'm currently getting when the car is well up to temperature. I drive 70 miles by motorway everyday so does get quite annoying when I get off and have to use more than just 5th. I get this noise in neutral (clutch out only) and 1st gear clutch out and in. Not an issue when car is cold. Just had a gearbox rebuild. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8em85mU9Ls Bit more detail in the video description Thanks!
  16. Hello all, I've recently fitted a brand new starter motor and a brand new battery, The car won't start and the only way it will run is if i push it off, I had some earthing issues with smoking etc, sorted them, now all the starter motor does is just click. Thats it, won't turn over at all. Unusure. Anyone got any ideas what i can do, its really frustrating!!
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