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Found 19 results

  1. Jim1500

    1990 Calyspo Green Polo Breadvan

    We've had this since 1993 and I drove since passing my test in 1996. Been of the road and parked up for a good few years as I'd too many other VWs and didn't need it/couldn't justify having 5cars on the road! Back in it's hayday when last on road in 2010/11 More recently!!!!! Looks like it's just been back to blacked but had to scrub a load of green gunk of it, pumped up tyres too which helped! Can't decide whether it looks better with the black GTs and chrome embellisher or if I should do them silver. Hopefully getting quote from bodyshop soon to sort ds rear arch, sill and usual battery tray!!!
  2. baller91

    83 black breadvan

    Just bought my second mk2 after about 4 years of wishing I never got rid of my first one. She is in a right state as fuel filler neck, wheel arch, fuel filler flap and battery tray is rotten. There’s general surface on near all panels where paint has been damaged. And one half of the car is rattle canned. As far as I can remember the polo was taken off the road in 1998 to be used as a donor car. So pretty happy to do the work to get her back on the road. If anyone else has a black mk2. I’d love to see it as I’m thinking of respraying it back to gloss black.
  3. Samson

    MK2f Saloon Project

    Hello all, this is my first post. I bought a mk2f saloon last september, previously modified by the person i bought it from in the style of the US ski team (i dont know why... but it was fun) Anyway since buying it i have done a number of things, namely taking the skis off of the roof and replacing the ski pole gear stick (hahaha) for a normal one. Things i've also done: Changed petrol tank, fixed gear linkage, filled rust hole underneath battery (my foot got wet while driving in the rain), service (new plugs and filters all round), fitted rally fog lights My current issue is electrical. I thought i had a weak battery as it wasn't starting quite regularly, so a while ago i changed the battery. But this didn't seem to fix the issue and after having it hooked up to the mains for a couple weeks i found a scrap yard near me which luckily had a mk2f coupe sitting there, so i took the alternator off of that one and replaced mine. That seemed to do the trick immediately after, giving the battery charge, yet the charging system warning light has now come on on the dash, where as it wasn't there when i did have issues! I tested it with a multimeter and my tests seemed to show that the alternator was working, but now the same thing is happening, if the caf is left for a day or more then it won't start when i next go back to it. By the way this is my first car, and i'm learning everything on it, so bear with me if my knowledge is lacking!
  4. Donalt_95

    Mk3 Polo from the Emerald Isle

    Hi Folks 🙋‍♂️ A few months ago with the encouragement from a few close friends of mine I took the leap and decided to buy a project car. After looking around for a while, nothing seemed to catch my eye. So the search continued, and one day I stumbled across a little MK3 polo for sale. The car was advertised as needing painted .... LOL So I went to view the car and this was the shape it was currently and actually the way I bought it the car surprisingly needs little welding but has had the interior ripped out as previous owner had planned on turning into a van but hey ho I'm sure you guys on here will help guide me to completion of this project. Mk2f polo 1.0 4 speed 51,000 There has been a lot of changes and planning this last few months which I shall update you all with soon.
  5. Clayson9

    Project Breadvan GT

    Alright guys, not sure how many people check the forums these days? As opposed to facebook etc. Anyway im gonna give this a go and do a build thread ... bare with me! So i picked up this GT swapped bready a couple weeks a go now, its a pretty basic/ standard set up at the mo, only running a non gt 5 speed box. The car was originally a 1l genesis (still registered as). Engine and box swapped in by the lad i got it from. Its far from perfect and needs a fair amount of work doing. I was wanting another weekend car for drives out after i sold my 1.3 genesis a few months a go, and i couldnt resist this as a project for the price i paid. First jobs im tackling are gearbox issues, oil & coolant leaks to hopefully get it into a more driveable state in the next few weeks. Ill aim to keep this thread updated as often as i can or at least as often as i get stuff done on the car. Hopefully at least a few people can find interest in it. Any questions fire away ... all advice and comments welcome please as i go guys. Cheers Ash
  6. Eilirthomas

    1992 framboise polo mk2f project

    Hey guys this is my build thread for my Polo mk2f ill be updating it as i go along the project heres how it looked when i bought the car.
  7. Stylesfsi1.4

    1.4 polo fsi 2004

    Been waiting till better weather for a picture once shes had a wash had my car about a year now been adding little cheap modifications to make it look abit better until i have the money for wheels ect, does anyone have any ideas on making the performance better and look of the car feel welcome to share :)
  8. s1105117

    1983 VW Polo "Spearmint"

    When I was a very small human (more commonly referred to as a baby i believe) my mum drove a white C-reg Polo, in-fact one of my earliest memories is of the interior of that car, as mum used to keep a stuffed toy in each corner to keep me amused. Then when I was a teenager I drove an H-reg Polo, which took part in the majority of my teenage memories that could involve a car. Fondly remembered by my friends and family and me I always regretted selling it (it needed work and I was off, belatedly, to college). Indeed here is 'Polly the Polo' for good measure a visit to the PC resto show (awesome show), well, I feel I need say nothing! I will be truly honest though the budget for a classic/retro lived firmly in the realms of thruppence ha'penney. However, look what I found! Snapped up from Okehapmton and brought up to Bristol, I have a Polo again! She was to be used as a spares car by the PO, but apart from swapping some bits over he never broke her! Well I think breaking her would be very uncool indeed, got to be a save available. The most basic spec, and a pretty early model at that she will be a very good little project me thinks. exactly what the Dr ordered. Permission was granted by the fiance providing the car was named "Spearmint". As she is stashed in a neighbours yard I havent had any tinkering time yet, but a quick appraisal reveals: NO recorded MOT, and a tax disc on the window reading date of expiry 31 August 1997. No front brakes (po swapped them over, not sure whats gone on there) She has been under a very acidic tree, the bonnet is shot. Engine turns, but will need a full going over Solid sills, arches and floors, no previous welding evident either 4 perished tyres (obviously!)and one wheel which is basically an octagon rust around the windscreen (not holed yet though) boot floor rusted through in the offside corner wiper motor in the foot-well smell of damp boot doesnt open (broken lock) Passenger window mech in bits (seems to be a common thing) someobdy has splashed white paint over the side bits of surface rust to the side and roof (what tree was this car under!?!) All in all though, eminently savable project. Will be a slow burner, as time space and funds allow, but looks brilliant to me. First job, find a more permanent storage. Hello Spearmint. Parts will be required peeps if you can hlp it will be appreciated! im sure i will be on the loo out for advice too.
  9. jordoan

    Jordan's MK2F breadvan

    Hi all been wanting to do one of these for a while but only just got the chance i bought my mk2f breadvan from stockport around september 2017 & it's been an on going daily project ever since. i painted it blue with graffiti paint lowered it on an ebay lowering kit & started doing shows in 2018. after blowing the first 1l engine up i did a quick engine change to another 1l for under £100 just to keep the car on the road. comes to november 2018 time & i wanted to start a winter build. started with painting the car, the car is now melon yellow - done with montana graffiti cans. yes i painted over the windows because i liked the look of a panel van & couldn't be bothered trying to track down some actual panels. bought a GT conversion with the 5 speed short ratio box, stainless manifold and a few extra bits. i liked the idea of having brand new parts even if the old ones were fine.. driveshafts, front coilovers, top mounts, bottom arms, track rod arms/ends, ARB Blocks etc. this build isn't the best thing ever but certainly is a eye catcher & i love the thing aha. this car is built to what i like... not what other people think. if i listened to everyone else it'd be sat here with a 40/60 lowering kit on bbs hahaa STRIP - DROP - RATTLE - ROLL (a motto i like to use from a club called DUBRATZ) if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. photos may not be in order the car currently isnt finished & i'm waiting for a few parts to arrive, i've just bought a new bonnet & wings as ones on the car had dents. follow me on insta: _jordoan_
  10. matt_polo_552

    "Pennie" mk6 summer blue 1.2 petrol

    Here I got a 1.2 petrol mk6 Polo that I got as my first car, I've had her for almost 3 years now and is a working progress still. I have only done one or two mods to the car since getting, which I have resprayed the steelies to matte black and have put a aftermarket double din radio in (Not the best idea, it's a little to big for it). But I do hope to do a lot more for the car soon. Want to do list: 🔹️3SDM 0.05 silver 16 inch 🔹️coilovers or air suspension at some point 🔹️repaint the car (paint have been chipped away in places) 🔹️aftermarket bsdgless grill (one on the car is broke after someone in a land rover reversed into it) 🔹️redo entire interior with maybe so upholstered recaro seats to make the new interior 🔹️2 litre golf/leon engine conversion 🔹️probably also a 6 speed gearbox to match 🔹️GT kit bumpers and skirts No pictures yet because it won't let me add any, but yeah let me know what you think. Am I taking on too big of a project for a first car haha.
  11. powey85

    My little project

    Going to document the work I do on my polo that has been stood for 4 years, ive already got it through and mot by doing some welding, the anti roll bar bushes and a new exhaust. Next up will be an engine swap.
  12. Chuggarbreadvan84

    Mk2 1989 Breadvan Nostalgia Project.

    Hi People, I'm 33 Married with kids and a mortgage but when opportunity arose to purchase a breadvan from 1989 (same year as my first car which was also a mk2 polo) I jumped at chance. It runs and drives but isn't gunna win any beauty pageants. Got it with long term intentions, never gunna be a show car, more like a rat rod but if I can make some improvements (in my eyes) and relive my youth and have some fun doing it then why the hell not. Cleared the garage to make space and will spend as much free time as I can tinkering. I'm not a mechanic by any stretch but will give it a go and would appreciate any advice and help from you lot.
  13. Hi I’m relatively new to the polo scene but have build a reasonable amount of knowledge on them already. I brought a non running mk2 Coupé s as a project. The previous owner had done a 1.4 afh engine swap, but the cam belt slipped so has suspected bend valves etc. I am looking to swap it back to the 1275cc standard engine. So have brought a mk2f breadvan as a donner ( mostly for engine parts ) and am wondering what some of the best things I can do to that engine (and the car in general) to increase BHP, performance etc ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It already has a 5 speed gear box fitted. Thanks Jack ps sorry for accidentally posting 3 times
  14. How to link your 'project threads' to your profile If you currently have a project thread (a topic where you update the progress of your car) we'll show you how to link it to your profile for others to quickly find. *Note: Remember all project thread should be in the Members Rides, Projects & Gallery For an example, I have my project thread in the non-polo's section on the site; https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/339186-skoda-mk1-octavia-vrs You'll be asked to complete it in the profile completion notification Get the link from your topic/thread and paste it into the following box After you have completed this step, you'll see a new link on your posts A link will also been shown on your profile page
  15. polo boi1

    Long time but im back

    Hey, guys, ain't had a polo for a few years so aint been on here much but acquired another one its only a 1.0litre but its a project gonna satin black it etc heres a pic of it let me know what you thing
  16. Connor13a4

    Mk2 Polo Breadvan Project

    Bought my first vw polo mk2 last weekend so thought i would share my project on here.
  17. JCollins07

    9n project ideas needed!

    Hi all! My beloved 9n Polo, Marco, needs project ideas! Would like to make it into a stylish sleeper, it's a 1.9sdi 5dr anyone got any ideas?
  18. Martin Stoddart

    New car, mk2 coupe s

    Hi guys. Been on the forum before but not since my breadvan went to the big scrappy in the sky. Ive been wanting back into the polos for a while and I've just picked up a little coupe s that's been off the road for about 4 years. 80k on the clock and a stack of history with it. Anyone know the car? Bought it off a guy in Dundee and I think it was in Edinburgh before that. Needs a bit of tlc but feels solid. ?
  19. VW polo coupe Berg Cup style shell Full12 point roll cage with harnes mounts, door bars,dash bar and front terrets points and bucket seat mtgs. Uprated rear beam with adjustable stiffness, coil overs with with two way adjustment on front. Strut top, and chassis braces. Spare set of doors boot and a fiberglass bonnet skin and I think a spare tailgate as well. Fiberglass arches with the originals cut out and plated so loads of space for wide 13" . Paint outside is a little dull but will polish up. Inside looks rusty but its surface only, it's solid and a soft media blast (£150) would save good few hours of rubbing down. Spare wheel well removed and blanked off With the shell comes discs pads, MK1 golf brake master cylinder (no servo) plastic bits, radiator harness, alloy catch tank .... And other stuff like lights spoilers, bumpers etc Priced at £500 +£50 to cover ebay fees. NO POSTAGE -COLLECTION ONLY Tel 078759745650 Also available at extra cost are the following bits, will sell as individual pieces if required. 1.4 AFH engine - verbiage pulleys etc. Twin 40 inlet manifold 16v gearbox 1.1ltr 5 speed close ratio box Tony law hand built exhaust manifold and system Mattaig wheels 13" 2x7" 2x8" 0 et 4x 165 50 13 road tyres Set 13" slicks 6x minilite / superlite wheels 4x7" + 2x8" Megajolt programmable ignition Lightened AFH 16v Flywheel. Harnesses Bucket seats ...... I'm sure there is other stuff ?
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