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Found 14 results

  1. Hi before I bolt up new febi water pump kit just checking I don't need any additional sealer on the face of the pump itself ? I assume we only use the rubber sealing ring that comes with the kit ? Many thanks.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm having some mysterious issues with my car after the swap. I swapped everything, it has the GTI fuel pump, but still has a rough idle when cold, and poor perfomance even when the engine is at it's operation temp, and it cranks for 3-4, even 5 secs before it starts the engine.It struggles at higher rpms, and has a top speed of 150 km/h instead of 200 km/h. I replaced almost every sensor I could, it's definitely not the lambda sensor, or the crankshadt pos. sensor. Even replaced the coolant temp sensor. I noticed that I have a grey 167 fuel pump relay with 4 legs instead of a black 410 with 8 legs. The guy who made the wiring, didn't notice the different relay. Can this be the cause of my problem? Or could the VVT actuator failure cause this? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi, It started a month ago, while driving oil pressure warning light flashes and beep 3 times and engine cuts off. Would not start back again, only after atleast few hours will start back. Tappets gone noisy too. So far, oil pressure switch changed and oil sump and pickup thoroughly cleaned and oil changed 3 times within a month. Still doing it. Fault codes read, nothing there apart from lambdar sensor and Basic engine settings but thats not related to the problem I am having. Its a vw polo 6n2 1999 1.0. Anyone have any idea what to do next? Dont want to spend anymore on it, already have spent alot, including recoveries. Thinking of taking out oil pump now but would not take it mechanic will try myself but it looks complicated. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All, I've converted my Mk2f to a 6n2 1.6 16v ARC engine, Therefore I have changed the fuel pump to a 3 bar pump. So my question is is there away to do away with the lift pump, make it so the external pump will just suck the fuel threw it or is there no need because it wont restrict the flow? I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread before talking about how to make the lift pump redundant or so the external pump will just pull it threw.. But can't seem to find it.. Cheers for any help in advance..
  5. Joe_partington

    Cambelt kit

    Hi guys, I need to replace the cambelt on my 1989 polo s however I can’t seem to find a kit with it all in (water pump etc). If anyone has any advise I’d appreciate it. 1.3l engine 4speed Cheers :)
  6. HI there Right I've got the fuel pump out of a 16v easy But trying to get the fuel pump out of my 95 1.3 8v single point is different I've unscrewed the black ring took the pipes off the top bit came off bit the rest of the unit is sat in the tank unlike the other one came out in one piece Cheers carl
  7. Tweakz

    Fuel pump

    HI there I'm doing and 1.4 16v Afh conversion I'm just wondering would then engine run off a 95 1.3 8v fuel pump Cheers Carl
  8. hi this is my first post on the forum so forgive me for any mistakes, I got my 9n3 1.2 in September and have had a problem where occasionally the engine cranks but does not start. RAC suggested it was a fuel pump relay problem (number 404) so I got this changed. Since then the problem has continued to happen every so often. The usual humming sound when opening the door and turning the ignition does not happen when it doesn't start. a second RAC visit told me that there is also a fuel pump primer relay (number 167) and this may be the problem. I cannot find where this is located does anyone know where it is? its starting to annoy me now as having a car that decides not to start sometimes is a pain. I know where 404 is located (below the steering wheel on the right) but there is no 167 there.
  9. Hey guys wondering if you could help, my bready has been messed with and has at least 3 different fuel pumps (1 Connected, 2 Not) but the connected one is too high pressured when it is on but doesn't allow anything through when it's off, guessing previous owner has fitted this when another broke, long story short was wondering what fuel pumps you had in place so I could just go back to factory? Thanks in advance, Ben ? PFA
  10. It's quite funny that if you call up your local car factors, they will tell you they have an upgraded water pump with metal impellers . Don't be a fool they are made out of plastics for a reason and not the one that the factors would have you believe that the main dealers are being cheapskate and are making the blades from plastic to save money. I work as a mechanic and I've seen many situations over the years. Only recently I had a 2006 Astra with a broken water pump bearing. Fortunately for the owner it had a plastic impeller. Basically when the bearings colapsed the centre spindle sat quite violently off centre. As the impeller blades caught on the head they snapped off as they were designed to do. The timing belt hence did not snag and the valve timing was unaffected. Had the pump been made entirely of metal the story would have been very different and far more costly. Remember one thing the pump blades are spinning freely in water and have no need to be made of anything but plastic. Ok your going to argue that every now and again the plastic can break off for no reason. However this only involves changing the pump, rather than removing the head and changing valves of the metal one fails. It's up to you guys working on your own cars !
  11. Alright folks Struggling find a Bosch fuel pump for my 1992 MK2F Polo GT. Took it in for MOT last week and it failed on a couple of nominal things plus this. The pump I'm after is the inline one that sits behind the tank. Its a simple little thing but struggling to locate a replacement. The one on it now thats leaking is a Bosch one, 0580458918 on the pump. Can't find any details on the web of this pump, doesn't even exist on motor factor databases. Anyone have any advice on finding one that may have superseded the one I have. Seen loads that look similar but can't establish which is best. Or even better is anyone selling one? Any help or advice appreciated.
  12. Right guys I've got a replacement hose as mine is shagged, (the pipe from pump to rack that goes around whole engine bay) I was wondering what tools I would need and a method for doing it? It seems as if getting the hose off the steering rack and also tryijg to attatch the new one up would be a real pain I was hoping you guys would have a few tips for me. beeen driving the car for a few days with no power steering and fluid now due to necessity and hoping I haven't shagged the pump too, anyhow any help would be appreciated! Cheers
  13. Hey all, Could really do with a hand on identifying the relay located next to the fuel pump relay in the top right corner of a mk3's engine bay - had the car in at a garage and they couldn't source a replacement part so instead re-wired the 5 pin configuration to a 4 pin, this worked for 1 day but I've broken down again and I'm pretty sure the relay as a unit needs replacing - I've tried halfords equivalent's but nothing's working - anyone know what relay it is and where i can get hold of one? Thanks Rob
  14. Hi Guys, Was wondering if someone can help me. I have an issue with the central locking on my 6n2 (3 door). When turning the key in the door, the pump is running and staying on for about 30-45 seconds.None of the doors will unlock/lock except for the boot lid which opens ocasionally and of course the lock i am turning the key in. I have taken the pipe from the pump and held my finger over it while turning the key and it cut off straight away which leads me to believe there is a leak somewhere in the pipes. My next step is to check for a leak and was wondering if anybody had some recommendations on the best way of finding it?
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