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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Guys, I need a little help please, today i took my car to the car wash and on the way back home i got a warning light, it was to do with lights not working. i checked around and found my rear driver-side number plate light out, so planned to change it tomorrow, tonight when i got info the car i realised my passenger rear light was out also. I'm a little bit thick when it comes to things like this but to sounds like a fuse as apposed to light bulbs. Its a 2011 Polo 1.2 D, any ideas, seems a bit odd its to different lights on the same fuse, or could it be different fuses blown because of water from car wash? Any help including fuses numbers to check would be great fully received.
  2. m10 x 32 are the rear stub axle bolts: N 90758901. they are 4 on each side is the pitch 1.25 or 1.5 on these bolts? for some reason the bolts came out okay with the impact gun on both sides of the rear axle but on the left side of the axle all 4 of the bolts are hard to go back in unless i use a impact gunon full setting then they go in. thinking of putting a m10 tap through. threads look allright in axle but on the bolt kind of sheers/brightens them up. but with an impact gun id get them in. once thier in , never comeing back out as im doing rear disc conversion. dont wanna mess things up further by using the tap. difficult one because i think max torque on those bolts are 50nm ive ordered some new bolts also, should have them on wednesday. might just put oil on them and use impact gun.
  3. Hello, I've got a three part question for which I cannot find an answer for the life of it. My car is a MK2F Polo. 1. Can anyone get a bit more specific on what kind of carriers I need from the Audi 80 from 1985 for the MK2 GTI vented brake upgrade? I've found two Audi 80s, from that time. Contacted one of them, he said he has them, but for solid brake disc setup - does it make a difference? 2. Would Golf MK1 shocks fit front and back on my car? Has anyone tried it? I read somewhere that they are bigger and shorter, but fronts should fit except that the diameter for the topmount is bigger on the front. What about the rears? Asking because I can get Koni Sports for a MK1 for cheap 3. I've read inside out about the DIY Front coilovers, but how does one do it in the same manner on the rear? Welding the perches to shocks??
  4. Hi All Anyone know if the plastic arch trim from a Mk1 Caddy would fit a Polo Mk2F, in the description it says Golf>Caddy, I get the Golf arch is bigger, but the caddy and polo wheels show 13-15" where as the golf is 13-16" (according to wheel-size.com) https://www.vwheritage.com/171898700-wheel-arch-trim-set-gti-vw-spare I dont mind abit of time a heatgun work... I take it Mk2f repair panels are like hens teeth, and not really looking to do the Golf arch conversion or start learing to make an arch from a blank sheet 😕 chars
  5. dvderlm

    rear facing camera

    I've got a dashcam that I've been using and gives reasonable pictures and sound. I had to turn down the sensitivity because potholes+lowered is too many false alarms. It did record the impact noise GPS location and me swearing when I got rear shunted and i walked the culprit around the front of my car so I had him on video. Nice guy, he was interested in the engine. BUT the next accident might not be with such a nice driver. So really I think I need a rear camera too. Any recommendations? Does not need a screen.
  6. The rear brakes on my V reg Polo recieved an advisory "would benefit from a service"). Made a start on them today, but found that they are different to the ones in the Haynes manual, in that having removed the drum, the flange on the hub is preventing removal of the brake shoes. Does the hub have to be removed to change the shoes? What size socket do I need? - nut is marked 22H Should I replace the hub nuts? What is the hub nut torque? Many thanks.
  7. Hello all - I've been a proud owner of a 2005 Polo for 18 months, and so far have only had to fork out on a rear box - really enjoying it! I took the rear door card (5 door) off on the weekend due to sticky central locking (fixed with a bit of a clean) but for the life of me I cannot get the door card back on! I'm hoping that there's some kind of trick to it, as all of the trim clips seem to be pointing in opposite directions! If I attach the clops towards the front of the door for example, I can't get close to the clips on the rear. If I slide the dor card in from the top, I can't get near the clips on the bottom! I'm also having trouble getting the long bolt onto the bottom of the handle to match up with the nut All of my experience lies with Mk1 Golfs, and usually all you have to do is use the old 'heel of hand' whack and the clips pop back in. Not here though, it seems I need a degree in engineering to get it back on! After 40 minutes of trying yesterday I almost launched the door card into next door's garden! Ended up having to walk away! Any advice greatly appreciated. I can take pics of my issues if that would help, but will have to wipe off all the blood first! Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi!! Has anyone ever fitted the 72.5 mm Powerflex rear beam bushes to there 9n3 gti? I did it Monday night and they are so so tight. I got them in with a bush tool but they dont sit perfect in there. Anyone done this to?
  9. Hey guys, I got some coilovers from my friend for my 6R polo and I was messing with it today, first problem I come across is the "star" bolt with 18mm nut at the end that holds the front at the place. I'm gonna have to get that screwdriver or torque socket of this size. There's also this clamp thing that hold the brake line in place. so, I just yanked it out, no harm done apparently. That's the furthest i could get at the front, so I'll leave it for next weekend. However, if you have any tips let me know please. The rear: I have this little problem with removing the springs.. there is no alignment at the back so theres is nothing to undo to get the spring to pop out. My only hope is to use a spring compressor to squeeze them and get them out this way. The picture shows the spring completely loose, it won't go any lower but its still pretty solid in place.. rubber hammer maybe? what do you think? I couldn't find anything anywhere .. nobody has done an installation video or forum post regarding.. Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. I'm not sure what is wrong with the rear wiper on my 9N2. I've had this issue now with two wiper arms, as I changed the stock one after it snapped on me. When its on, it seems to miss quite a large circle patch in the middle of the rear wind screen and it's really annoying. Any suggestions?
  11. I recently won one of these on ebay but i cant see where it fits could i get any help on how to fit it or any pics thanks. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLKSWAGON-POLO-MK3-6N-ALL-MODELS-POLISHED-ALLOY-REAR-LOWER-STRUT-BRACE-BAR-/160398668552?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2558817308
  12. I have a 5 door 2000 reg polo 6n2, and I have recently discovered a damp patch on my floor, this last week it has turned into a puddle, I have no idea where the water is coming from. The puddle has formed under the passenger seat, its like its coming up through the floor. Nothing else is wet at all, the doors, seats and the other 3 footwells are all dry. Any help appreciated! Tried taking the carpets up but was scared to snap the trim, so any help on how to remove the trim and carpets around the rear footwells would be very helpful as well. I have read into it a bit and a lot of people say it could be the drains being blocked, except I have no idea where the drains are or how to get to them... Any suggestions?
  13. Hi all. Sorry if this topic has been visited already - I can't find anything useful using the search, by all means point me in the right direction. I have a 2006 Polo 1.9 TDi Sport 130. Backbox is just starting to blow very slightly on full chat so looking at replacing it with what I had originally planned to test out anyway.. This may possibly be a silly question I realise, but has anyone fitted a standard Polo 9N3 GTi exhaust to a 1.9 TDi? Besides the GTi rear valance, is the fitment even possible? Cat-back part only of course. Maybe cutting and welding part of the pipe to fix a change in diameter worst case? Being just the back box I'm not after any performance gains, purely aesthetics as I think the GTi looks a lot neater from the rear. Thanks for any advice, Craig
  14. i have recently bought a 16v rear bumper on ebay, its pretty rough but I'm gonna sand it down and paint it, but i dont have a 16v polo and want to fill in the original cut out for the exhaust, what would be the best way of doing this? fibreglass and filler? if so how would i fix it too it? Any help appreciated :)
  15. paulio252

    9N3 Rear Badge Size

    Hi! First post so go easy on me! I debadged the rear VW badge in the hope to fit a gloss black one, however, the one i bought was a lot smaller! Can anyone measure their rear badge and advise me as to which badges will fit ie Golf mk5, Touran etc Thanks!
  16. I followed the guide what everyone uses and re-wired them, I noticed they weren't sitting flush so followed the guide to drill the 15mm hole and file them down which has already been done, but now the 15mm hole has been drilled it doesn't seem to push into it. Heres some pictures;
  17. stugga54

    Rear Lighting

    Hi I recently had some rust develop on one of my rear light bulb holders, which has wrecked the reverse bulbs connectors. I was looking at getting a replacement holder but noticed I might want to change the styling of the actual rear lamps. Is this possible? I have a 2002 MK4 Polo. Would the lamps with the circles as below fit the originals underneath? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi can anyone help? I'm trying to remove the rear seatsbin an 04 plate polo 9n2 3 door. I need the seat out to remove the interior side panel to beat out a dent on the rear 1/4 I get the two catches down on the tops of the seats but cannot seem to move the bar at the bottom, am I missing somethibg or is there a technique of getting it out? Please help I've been at it for a few days now lol
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