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Found 11 results

  1. Couple of questions for mk2f / mk3 dudes. Nephews bready is intermitantly not starting. When it does it runs like a dream. I'm used to mk2s so there are a few differences I'm not used to, that and he's a fair bit away so I'm not at car to hoke around it. I'm assuming that all mk3s are injected, and if so would you normally hear pump prime when turn ignition on? Where is the fuel pump relay and what number is it? Cheers in advance 😀 I'll get him on here and post a thread in gallery as it's a lovely looking wee car
  2. Evening all, ive got a problem with the wipers on my 2002 9N polo. It’s been going on for a while now but when the weather clears for a while I forget about it. Ive got an issue with the wipers, most notably the intermittent wipers. They’ll work when I turn on the car and put the wipers on, but they might only do a few wipes then just stop wiping. I can sometimes get round it by pushing them all the way up to the fastest setting, then all the way down and holding the stalk down to get the wipers to work. I normally have to try this 4-5 times until it works. If I let go of the stalk when it’s all the way down, before they’ve completed 2 swipes, they’ll just stop where they are and not park. It doesnt happen all the time, just typically when the rain is the worst! They’ve stopped working at least 5 times on the 40 minute journey home from work today. I went through all the relays and turns out there’s no relay for the wipers, and a bit of googling tells me it’s all done by the central computer or something? The only way I can get them to work is by having them on the constant setting, if I leave on intermittent they’ll stop working. But not all the time! It’s doing my head in. Any pointers? I can hear the click that the wipers make when on intermittent but they just don’t move. Likely to be a stalk issue, a motor issue or what? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Alex.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm having some mysterious issues with my car after the swap. I swapped everything, it has the GTI fuel pump, but still has a rough idle when cold, and poor perfomance even when the engine is at it's operation temp, and it cranks for 3-4, even 5 secs before it starts the engine.It struggles at higher rpms, and has a top speed of 150 km/h instead of 200 km/h. I replaced almost every sensor I could, it's definitely not the lambda sensor, or the crankshadt pos. sensor. Even replaced the coolant temp sensor. I noticed that I have a grey 167 fuel pump relay with 4 legs instead of a black 410 with 8 legs. The guy who made the wiring, didn't notice the different relay. Can this be the cause of my problem? Or could the VVT actuator failure cause this? Thanks for the help!
  4. Quick question. Which relay is for the horn? I've got a 109,100,19,405 and I think the other is 103. Cheers in advance.
  5. Hello, i am retrofitting gti headlight washers to my tdi and ive have plug everything in but i need to find the relay so i can use them, also is the wiring in under the batterytray for the washer bottle motor? As i didnt get that far due to the weather. My mate has a gti hes breaking but we couldnt find the relay anywhere on the car for the headlight washers so if anyone knows where it is or has a picture where it is it would be a great help. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. hi this is my first post on the forum so forgive me for any mistakes, I got my 9n3 1.2 in September and have had a problem where occasionally the engine cranks but does not start. RAC suggested it was a fuel pump relay problem (number 404) so I got this changed. Since then the problem has continued to happen every so often. The usual humming sound when opening the door and turning the ignition does not happen when it doesn't start. a second RAC visit told me that there is also a fuel pump primer relay (number 167) and this may be the problem. I cannot find where this is located does anyone know where it is? its starting to annoy me now as having a car that decides not to start sometimes is a pain. I know where 404 is located (below the steering wheel on the right) but there is no 167 there.
  7. Hey guys! Got a problem with fuel not reaching the engine. It all started with a spontaneous trip where the engine started to loose it's power during acceleration and after a while it basically just died as I pushed the throttle pedal down. Started some simple tests to see what could have gone wrong and noticed that the fuelpump didn't pump any fuel as I turned the key to ignition. I tried to start it a couple of times and noticed that it would fire up but died just shortly after because of fuel loss in fuel lines. I measured the voltage from the plug for the fuelpump and it did get 12 volts as the key was turned to ignition and as i tried to start it the voltage was at 9,5 volts. 10 Days later i changed the fuelpump to one with the exact same product number (VDO 6N0 919 051L) which should be a 3bar pump. It started on the first try and I took it for a spin and it worked flawlessly for 6km (and also the 20km trip home). The next day however, when I was driving to work, it started to do the same thing again so directly after work I went and bought some Redline Fuel Injection Cleaner and it now ran better, but sill not perfect. Went straight home and changed the fuel filter which hadn't been changed a single time (1997-05-06 was the production date of fuel filter, the car is at approximately 240000km) and it then got a little better again. 50km more and the car started to missfire or die (felt like during some engine strokes, one ingredient for combustion was missing) and a couple more km after that it died again and stalled completely. The car didn't want to start... AGAIN! The fuelpump did not run as the key was turned to ignition but if you left it for a minute and tried to start it it fired up for a second or two but died shortly after. Now... here's my question: Could it be something with the fuel in the tank? Like if there's something mixed with the fuel that makes the pumps destroy themselves? Could I have a blocking somewhere in a line or hose? Could it be a relay problem? I will lift out the battery from the car and test the old pump directly on the battery's poles as I wont even bother to start it anymore until I've reached some sort of conclusion. Maybe I should try this on the new pump too that is fitted in the car?
  8. Hello guys! Some stuff are not working on my car including the rear wipers, the rear windows heater wires, and the reflector. So i cant really figure out what is what and i could't find any relay or electrical diagram for my car. (1.3 NU 1987 mk2 coupe) It would be really helpfull if you guys could tell me which fuse and which relays are ther for what. Also there are some random wires under the hood. What are they for? Thanls a lot!
  9. Hi, I'm new to the forum just recently bought a 1.6 TDI polo 6r. Didn't notice it on test drive or on drive home however i seem to get a fault when the heater fans are on full the lights dim quickly and one of the relays clicks this wouldn't really bother me however when I get out of the car whilst its doing this it sounds like the engine is cutting intermittently. anyone got any ideas on what could be causing this i don't think the relay is faulty because if i turn the heater off and back on to half(2) the problem disappears. It feels like the fuel pump relay (449) Thanks for any help. Jordan. https://www.youtube.com/embed/vucxLm8-W9E
  10. My 6n2 has a fuel pump / fuse / relay issue. The car sat idle for a few years and the fuel went bad. Starting it would take 30 seconds of cranking if not started every day. I would dilute the bad fuel with new fuel. Now I've registered the car and put a full tank of fuel in. The car went well for one trip and now won't start. It cranks but no firing. I suspect the pump has gone. It blew fuse #40 which I have replaced but with no joy. With the ignition turned on, there's no voltage at the sending unit plug. There's also no voltage at fuse #40. I suspect the fuel pump brought down the fuse and the relay, but I'm guessing. I looked at this post http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=342585 which says that the fuel relay is the top left one. But I have no relay at that position. I only have 19 and 410 on the top right, and 100 on the bottom. The Haynes manual doesn't have a wiring diagram for fuel delivery. Any help with which relay is for the fuel pump would be most appreciated.
  11. Hey all, Could really do with a hand on identifying the relay located next to the fuel pump relay in the top right corner of a mk3's engine bay - had the car in at a garage and they couldn't source a replacement part so instead re-wired the 5 pin configuration to a 4 pin, this worked for 1 day but I've broken down again and I'm pretty sure the relay as a unit needs replacing - I've tried halfords equivalent's but nothing's working - anyone know what relay it is and where i can get hold of one? Thanks Rob
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