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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there again. Info: -6n2 Polo -AHW Engine (1.4L 16v) -Automatic transmission Problems: -Very slowly accelerates towards 1500rpm. -Everytime I press or release the brake it goes to 2200+ rpm. -Everytime I change gears (R or D) the car kinda "hits". Story/What I have done: Part 1. Ok so at home there is this 6n2 Polo since 2002. Everything was fine until 10+ years ago when it started to show a problem: the transmission would hit hard every time you changed gears (as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4). We called a mechanic but he didn't solve the problem. For that reason, the car was "abandoned" and remained stopped until a year ago when we started fixing the car by ourselves. Part 2: The return to the proyect. Recently, we decided that we will fix the car again. Short story, we changed the oil, the oil filter, the fuel pump and the fuel filter. We put in some coolant and started the car. We had to put in some steering fluid because the car was making noises when you turned the steering wheel (the steering fluid solved that problem). The car started, but there was one problem: It would start at 1100+ rpm and gradually rise the rpm until it got up to 2200 - 2500rpm. We did research and cleaned the throttle body with carb cleaner, that solved nothing. Did some more research and disconnected the MAP sensor. The car started at a lower rpm but still increase quickly over time (so it didn't solve the problem). From the beginning I suspected that there is a vaccum leak, for that reason we started looking for it. We found a thick hose connected to a black circular tank (brake booster / brake servo I think) that was deteriorated. For that reason we replaced the hose with another one (not oem, but similar in diameter and installed it with some hose clamps). That solved part of the problem, we started the car and now it won't rise to 2500rpm, but to 1500rpm. Then, we found a hose connected to the fuel pressure regulator that was disconnected and deteriorated at the other end. We replaced it with and connected it in both ends (I asked where to connect it in this same forum days ago). We started the car and it started at 800rpm but still very slowly rises up to 1500rpm, as seen in this video: (https://youtu.be/MzpoO_Gt2q8). Once it got to 1500rpm it would very slowly go back and foward with the rpm, as shown in this video (I had not noticed it until I watched the video at 10x the speed): (https://youtu.be/a--R1xSziKk). Other problem that we noticed is that when we press or release the brake pedal, the car revs up to 2200rpm for a very short period, also the car changes rpm as you move the steering wheel. So recapping: -The (automatic) transmission of the car "hits" every gear change (https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4) -The car starts at 800rpm and very slowly rises up to 1500rpm (https://youtu.be/MzpoO_Gt2q8) -At 1500rpm, the car would very slowly go back and foward with the rpm (https://youtu.be/a--R1xSziKk) -Finally, when you press or release the brake pedal, the car revs up to 2200rpm for a very short period. Extra: Engine sound (https://youtu.be/UM4zdmN2EX0) Help.
  2. Hi guys, I own a 6n2 1.0 Polo and I think I have a potentially expensive problem. Since the last few weeks, Ive noticed everytime I press the clutch in and out, I hear a faint *clunk* (always happen when releasing the pedal), regardless of where the gear stick is. Now its stopped with another problem. Everytime I drive, my car always jerks regardless of whether I have my foot in the gas. It turns out, my car always jerks at low rpm and stops jerking when I drive with the revs over 2000 rpm. When Im stationary, it doesnt jerk and the engine idles fine. When I recorded my engine revving upto redline, the engine remained tamed in its engine mounts (didnt move lol). When I drive inbetween the jerking range, and I press the clutch and coast. The jerking stops. I was also told that my cv boot or joint or gaitor or whatever the black rubber thing that my axles are connected to is called, its ripped on both sides with small leaks. So whats the potential cause of this? Please dont say its the clutch. Please say its just low transmission fluid.
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