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Found 31 results

  1. Hi everybody, First post, sadly it's on a bad note. I came to the UK with my 6KV from Estonia last week. While here I was turning right to another road when another driver overtook me. I hit him with the right side of the car which caused damage to my headlight, bumper, wing and seems to have caused the wheel to be bent slightly. The car drives, but it feels as if the wheel is "jumping around" if that makes sense. Checking under the car, I can't seem to find anything bent that would cause this issue. I was hoping someone with more an expert eye might see something I'm not so here's a picture of the two wheels with the steering wheel in the straight position, along with a picture of the right side wishbone and trackrods: https://imgur.com/a/YMUA81N Thanks and hello again!
  2. Hello and thanks to anyone who reads this and replies! OK so I have a mk3 polo saloon 6kv2, lowered on JOM coilovers. Currently got the car in the garage for a few things, one being the front top mounts and bearings. The mechanic is telling me he's tried to fit stock size top mounts but they would be dangerous in combination with the lowered springs so I need to find the top mounts that go with the coilovers or that are suited for a lowered car. I hope this is making sense to someone because I'm still learning! So I've found some JOM (JOM 740503) top mounts to fit my car and they do say that they are suited for lowered cars, is this definitely what I need? Also are the powerflex -10mm the same kind of deal? I'm hoping somone can tell me exactly what I need so I can buy the right set first time round! The mechanic basically said I can't use standard top mounts and need ones to suit coilovers??? I really appreciate any replies as the car is sat in the garage until I turn up with the right parts! Thankyou fellow Polo owners.
  3. Saloon bob

    Mk2f parts needed

    In need of a couple of bits close to Birmingham 1. Passenger window mech 2. Passenger insider door handle 3. Carburetor mount 4. One of the oil sensors 5. Rear fog switch 6. Large blank that goes by the fog switch
  4. lukke

    Polos out the shed

    The day has Come the poloscome out of its cacoon, the engine can come out of my mums kitchen, it’s home for years. She’ll be happy understatement hahahah looking all the bits and bobs thinking were the feck does that go it might be a bit of a way off but wish me luck appreciate any help 
  5. Random_polow

    Newbie here

    Hi guys and gals, how's all? Names Dan, been rocking a few vw over the years, 98 6n, 97 caddy vr6, 02 cupra, 98 caddy sdi, and my current daily a 1997 polo 6k (classic) in dragon green. Currently stock interior with an omp super-small steering wheel, ta tecknix coilovers and a set of 16inch 7j 5 spokers..... dummy midbox and straight pipe to tip. Had a set of konig k5000 seats in her but we're Just a little too big so sold them on and looking for something more oem style. Bought it for very cheap but has a stack of paperwork with it and loads of reciepts from over the years. Since iv owned it i decided to freshen up a lot of parts so now has -new wishbones both sides -nrw track rod ends both sides -coilovers all round -new discs and pads up front -new rear shoes, cylinder, spring set and cables to go in this week Car has a Sony Bluetooth headunit running vibe dash speakers, just fitted edge 6 inch 2 way speakers in the door pods and has edge rear shelf speakers along with a fusion amp /Sub combo in the boot. Plans are new Inerior 1.8 kr swap with box (hopefully on carbs at some stage) New wheels Anyway enough chat from me. Looking forward to chatting to ye all
  6. Hi All, Before I go ahead and buy one.... thought I'd ask the question first. I have just fitted my GRP wings and noticed the Front Valance has had a small knock (Dented Corner) Looks like someone has tried to straighten but doesn't line up with wings. I would like to replace the whole panel but what is it like fitting a Lower front Valance? Could I use a bolt on technique or would it need to be spot welded? any info greatly needed and with thanks.
  7. Chrispop

    Polo 1.6 L 6kv2 1997 Saloon

    Starting a fresh thread for my Polo Saloon 1997! Thought it was best as I first debuted it on the introductions thread page I have owned it since October, and have sadly not really had much time (or money mainly) to do anything to it. It's been an awesome daily, and is fun to drive. It really does need work though. I'm going to attach some pictures of it, and update this thread whenever I do anything to it, hopefully you guys will enjoy! Regarding the plans for it, the first thing that needs doing is it's clutch, then sort out it's perishables, then get me some nicer wheels!
  8. Chrispop

    Hello from Norfolk!

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum, and I've recently bought my first VW (finally!) It's a 1997 Polo Saloon 1.6 L, which I believe to be a 6nk2? An old lady in my area traded it in for a newer model, so I snapped it up as it's been looked after well for the past 20 years! I've never modified my previous cars due to them being a Yaris and a Micra but I've got plans for it already! I'll post progress pictures? See you around!
  9. nope

    MK2 Classic

    Here goes! As of August 2016 I became the new keeper of this old girl. I'd been looking for one for around 4 months before this 1.05L popped up for sale. A friend and I made a 3 hour trip across the country to go and see it with the intention of buying it no matter what. So I did... even though first impressions were that it needs a lot of work! I'd wanted a new project to get stuck into anyway so it didn't put me off. The odd patch of rust here and there, grille smashed from someone reversing into it, dents here and there. Just generally needs a lot of love thrown its way. First mod, lose the window stickers. Being a fan of the smooth flowing JDM 70's and 80's cars, I pulled all the door bumper strips off, which make the car look untidy. Also removed the bumpers to see what it looked like. Also to gauge if there was any more rust I hadn't seen. I then went a step further and pulled all the rivets out of the arch trims and removed all of that too, again to see if there was any rust hiding on the arch lips. I definitely got away lucky as all the arches came up really nice. Its just a shame about the two front wings as the passenger side has a very bad repair from a previous dented which looks like it was kind of pulled straight and painted over with a rattle can and theres clear coat overspray all over the place. The drivers side has a crease right on the swage line where it meets the arch, drivers looks repairable, but a replacement passenger was ordered.
  10. Huggy444

    1990 Polo Saloon

    Hi All, First post in here, but frequent a few other forums (mainly Jap Car Forums.....). Just been and purchased my 1990 1.0 5 spd Saloon yesterday, bought it on a whim as my 'slammed' Mk5 Golf TDi daily decided to break and I really can't be bothered to fix it yet in this cold Its a very tidy looking car, the bodywork is pristine except and I haven't noticed any rust yet (Fingers crossed!). Has a few niggly little problems, the handbrake cable has snapped, the exhaust sits very low and rattles like a bugger, plus it cuts out when stopping for red lights etc (presumably due to the idle mixture?). It's also in need of some engine mounts, presumably the rear as the engine rocks when on/off throttle... Wheres the best place to find one?! Alex
  11. Bob5ki

    Mk2 Buying Guide

    Hello All, New to the forum & not sure where the best place to put this was so Mods please feel free to move. Looking for help/tips/buying guide for a mk2 polo Derby 1989. From the pictures it looks in fairly good shape, few dings around the body work & carb needs some work but interior is sweet & no other major issues that I can see.
  12. HI I'm currently fitting twin 40's and notice that the brake reservoir would hit the filters.once fitted but only just. This is the old type master cylinder fitted to VW with no servo. I can see that I have the following options; 1: Some how to lift the brake reservoir with connectors if they exist; 2: Find a brake reservoir that is slightly off centre to shift it to the left with the same gap between the inputs; 3: Use individual brake reservoir (IS THIS POSSIBLE) like small motorbike ones; 4: Fit a smaller brake master cylinder which is normally fitted to the cars with servo, would require modding the pedal push pin etc... but still might have to either 1-3. 5: Remote brake reservoir. I'm seeking advice mainly on "3" is it possible or what other people have done with fitting twin 40's Kind Regards
  13. Hi All ... A friend has pointed me in the direction of this Company in Germany..... http://www.timeless-cardesign.com/epages/63238471.mobile/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63238471/Products/86c-110v (Can be translated via Itool) These look very good on the pictures but has anybody ever dealt with them? are they Reputable etc..... Alternatively if anyone knows to another company who sells these please can you share :)
  14. Hi all, Does anybody know of a supplier who still stocks a window seal for my Mk2 Saloon? Started the strip down to paint and noticed water in the boot.... turns out the rear window has been siliconed up the top O/S Corner. Obviously not correct... So before I take the window out I want a new seal in my hand in case this one is dead. Now I have called Heritage, No luck.... Searched the Net, No Luck..... I had thought about a Universal Window Seal- if anybody has a advise on this I'd be very grateful Just looking for advise :) Many thanks!
  15. I am breaking a polo Estate most parts are available message me about specific parts and I will send you some pictures there is too many pictures of parts to post in one thread so is easier to post them upon demand. I can post smaller items and can deliver bigger items or multiple parts for an agreed price. All body panels are in dragon green apart from the bonnet I have one in dragon green and one in Flash Red Bumpers including grills - £20 each Bonnet - £20 Complete Front doors - £25 each Complete Rear doors - £20 each Complete Tailgate - £30 Passenger wing with no rust - £20 Headlights with electric height adjust - £20 each or £30 for the pair Rear lights - £20 each or £30 for the pair Rear parcel shelf/pull out cover - £20 6n style dashboard including passenger air bag - £30 without plastic trim £40 with plastic trim and switches Dash board Trim and switches - £20 Boot plastic Trim and carpets - £20 Indicators - £10 for the pair Front subframe assembley minus driveshafts suspension struts and wish bones - £20 rear axle including rear brake assemblies - £20 Suspension struts - £10 each corner All prices exclude postage and delivery costs please message me for more info, pictures, and delivery
  16. GTi TURBz

    Rear arch trim

    Hi All, I have seen a few pictures online of derbys with a teardrop shaped trim, not a full wheelarch trim. I dont want to get the whole arch smothed down as its too expensive. Where can I obtain this? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi all, I have the 1.3 mk2 with 5 speed gear box. With the AFH 1.4 16v, I know i need to mod the front engine mount but can I use my current gearbox? What else would I need to complete the build? ECU? Electric fuel pump? What bike carbs do i need to go with? Thanks in advance Matt
  18. Hi all, One of my rear shocks is now leaking and need to get something to replace them. I have heard that mk1 golf coilovers fit the rear of a polo classic (saloon), is this true? I don't have a great deal to spend on them, but I'm only after the rear coilovers if that's possible. I've seen some technix's which someone is selling brand new for £80, and was wondering if they're alright? Is there any coilovers anyone would recommend? I would only be replacing the rears since the fronts are good. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
  19. hi looking to run 13x7 steels on my mk2 saloon , offset is et10 just wondered if anyone can tell me i theyd rub on the spring at all? thanks in advance
  20. Hi Guys, So after a long hard think on what to do with my mk2 saloon, i think its safe to say i would like a new lump in it. Of course, me being a car noob I need to find out what I will have to change with the car when doing the conversion I would like to put a VR6 lump in the motor but not sure on what I need to follow with that... Could some one let me know what following parts i will need and from what motor (part numbers would be greatly appreciated) Vr6 lump (and how much modification would i have to make to engine mounts) Wiring loom? Gear box? (Would I also have to modify the gear mounts?) Clutch? Petrol pump? Exhaust? Manifold? ECU? If there is anything else I have missed please let me know and if anyone has any useful links! Cheers Matt
  21. Hi, can anyone please tell me which boot lock seals are the same as the mk2 saloon? any help appreciated thanks
  22. hi guys I've just bought a mk2 saloon and its currently at standard height and we cant have that can we, anyway I've heard the fronts are different from normal cars how would i go about lowering it without cutting the springs also what is the lowest i can go without my wheels hitting the arches id prefer coilovers if i can still on the standard wheels btw thanks
  23. poslowmk2

    1st mk2 polo any advice

    I've just bought my first polo its 1989 mk2 saloon and was wondering if anyone had any advice for what to look out for or any advice on mods or easy conversions to do. thanks
  24. spooner94

    Mk2 Polo Classic GL

    i just got hold of this MK2 'loon its a Classic GL 1.3 4spd 45k genuine miles Stratos Blue all original except the steels. Registered: 1.8.84 The previous owner believes this to be one of the first polo classics in the UK after they changed the name from the derby, and that this one may have been a dealer's demo car with a high trim level. It has chrome trim along the front and rear window seals, along both bumpers, along the grill and around the dash clocks. it also has a chrome strip down the side which he stated he had never seen on a 'loon before. it also has factory parcel shelf speakers and a sunroof. Are there any 'loon enthusiasts that know more about trim levels and when they were released etc.?
  25. I'm currently in the middle of swapping my knackered 1.1 engine for a 1.3, firstly I don't care what engine is better and which gives you more power gains, so don't bother posting if you've got nothing worth saying. The problem I have is that the new engine which is a 1.3 from a 1988 Mk2 Golf has a distributor hall sensor on, whereas the polo's does not. I was wondering how I go about wiring it up, do I need anything else such as an ignition control unit? Also does anyone know what engine code this engine might be? I've had it stripped down and cleaned for painting and I still can't find the code anywhere, I've been told that It might be under the distributor but all I can see is a 2 and another very worn down letter/number that can't be read anymore. Thanks in advance :)
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