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Found 5 results

  1. montytom

    Just bought a 9n Polo

    Hi a few years ago now I had a mk2f coupe and I really enjoyed that little thing. I wanted something different so I sold it. Well I still have that something different ie a Rover 75 2.5v6. I also bought a Rover 800 vitesse. My commute to work twice a week is over 65 miles so 130 miles a week in a 2.5v6( which I bought as a sunday car) is financially draining me. I saw a little unloved Polo and I thought that it would be perfect for the commute. Its dented all over and has a knocking noise underneath and also seems a little wayward when accelerating in the lower gears. I wasnt going to do anything to the car and just give it an oil change and drive it (obviously sort out the knock and wayward handling) Well thats all changed once I get back from holiday I am getting the above work done also a cambelt,tensioners,waterpump and aux belt change. Then find parts the same colour as mine and change them over to make it look more presentable. I have a little key not a flip one(can I fit one?) I also have a cd changer do I need the gamma radio for that? Anyway here are some pictures And here it is with my vitesse. It doesnt look to bad by it but trust me the vitesse in real life looks nearly twice as long Thanks for looking Thomas
  2. hi i would like to swap my 1.9 sdi engine to a tdi engine for more power , i was wondering what engine i could put in and if and what id have to change for the engine to work well. or if there is another way of getting the extra power without the whole engine being changed. cheers
  3. Hi All, Driving back from work today I noticed a pretty worrying ticking noise coming from the drivers side ( i think ) of my engine bay. I've got a 6n2 polo SDI engine and its always been loud but now its intermittently "ticking" Its almost as high pitched as an electrical spark or tiny bit of metal pinging around. Here is a video of the ticking - Having a quick google TDI's are susceptible to injector leaks and "lifters" going on them so I'll be looking at them as soon as I can. Is there anything else I should be checking, not mcuh knowledge on diesels, only worked on petrols before! Cheers in advance!
  4. marco_polo

    Polo Estate 1.9SDI

    Evening all... So, on the death of my breadvans gearbox which decided to destroy itself, i've decided that I'll get me a nice sensible diesel as a daily while I get the bready back in the workshop for a rebuild. So heres what I got, a 2001 Polo Estate. I guess its classed as a 6n2 even though its basically the same as the 6n estase, although neither of which really look like a 6n OR a 6n2.... Whatever. ANYWAY.... It appears that the previous owner might have been a soap dodger, so, after driving it a couple of hundred mines home with my tshirt over my nose and the windows open, I arrived home scraped a good amount of the filth off...Heres what I found underneath! Incase anyone wants to know, it cost £1000 and was at just under 75k, which I didn't mind paying given that you can find ones with twice the mileage for over a grand. Stupid really. also its the SDI so its REALLY GODDAMN ECONOMICAL. Not that quick, but I'm never in too much of a hurry to get to work on early mornings anyway, so that suits me just dandy. The previous owner debadged it too, although rather than removing the carefully, they appear to have opted for donning a suit of armour, climbing on the back on a horse, and jousting them off... Needless to say, they done a shit job. I found these mk2 badges lying about, and put them on in a vain attempt to cover the gouged paint. Decided they were shit and pulled them off a few days later. Picked up some Golf MK2 GTI steels for £20 and whacked them on. Also put on some pressed metal plates. Standard. Fitted some coilovers a bit later on, I discovered that a few weeks after buying the car that the shocks were fubar so it handled SHOCKINGLY! Anyways, these coilovers were just over £200 and did the job, so we got nice and slow and stiffened things up a lot! Anyone who's ever tried to slam a 1.9sdi will know that the sump sits a good deal lower than the subframe, so to avoid battering it on the ground for now I've left it a LITTLE higher at the front untill I can do a little engine lift or grab a shallow sump! Picked up these G60 steels as i decided it to opt for 15's and a slightly lower profile tyre than on the 14" steels pictured above. I spent a LOT of time here... ...being ill-equiped. Gave away the 14" steels, so I decided to pillage these nice scalas of my mrs' polo. Also, the keen eyed readers here will see that I pulled the bump strips off the doors too! they'd clearly fallen off before at some point and the previous owner (in their infinate wisdom) decided to stick them back with what appeared to be airfix model glue. NICE WORK. ...MORE painting happened... AND TYRES!... Went with these Nankang NS1 195/45/15 cuz I'm a massive cheapskate. I've heard people giving Nankang a load of shit, but to be honest, they're decent enough! Lets face it, if you corner too hard or fast, it doesn't matter what tyres you have, you're still in trouble. So rather than spend a fortune on tyres, that may or maynot grip any better, I decided to opt for the 'sensible priced tyres and not driving like a dick' approach. So far, it works just fine! Lovely! So heres where we're at now... I can't help but feel bothered by a few bits in the paint where that laquer has peeled so i might sort them at some point, but lets face it, probably not. As my daily, I guess it'll get a bit battered anyway. I quite like it anyway, you dont seem to see too many modded polo estates about so i've enjoyed doing something a little different! =] Any suggestions/comments are always welcome! Take care, Traa for now! (p.s. sorry for some of the accidentally sideways pictures!)
  5. alexjr

    Bella my 6n2 SDI

    Hi everyone. Been on clubpolo for a while now, having previously owned 2 6n's neither of them were anything special so i never started a build thread. Now I have a 6n2, abit more time on my hands and my pay goes up in February I thought why not, so here she is, Bella. photo (1) by Alex Redman, on Flickr She is a 1.9 SDI, very standard, with 160,00 mile on the clock, few little niggles but not nearly as bad a my last 6n. Things to fix so far: Interior lights - dials not lighting up, nor interior light. Fuel gauge - either shows full or empty (presume this is the sender?) Some body work issues - everything you would expect from a car of its age Plans so far, All the standard stuff really: Alloys (already picked up some bbs solitudes) Coilovers (first thing Ill be purchasing in February) Abit of ICE (got some stuff left over from the 6n) Interior (again got a GTI interior left over from the 6n - just need some 3 door door cards) GTI grills and fogs Fix all of the above May look at wrapping the roof at some point Just going for a tidy, clean and practical polo really, with some extra touches along the way. I'll let some picture of the past few weeks do some talking. Enjoy. photo (1) copy by Alex Redman, on Flickr New headunit went in, along with some FLI door speakers I had lying around. photo by Alex Redman, on Flickr GTI gear knob and gaiter, really bad picture but you get the gist. photo (2) by Alex Redman, on Flickr Cleaned up the engine bay. I then took a trip down to bristol to see the misses, the alternator went. £250 later the car was back on the road. I picked up some GTI grills and and fogs off someone on here. photo copy by Alex Redman, on Flickr Before. photo copy 3 by Alex Redman, on Flickr After, much better. Giving her a good clean and getting the seats in tomorrow weather permitting, so will get some better of her with the BBS Solitudes on. Cheers for reading. Alex
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