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Found 11 results

  1. Loud exhaust flew past me towards rising sun island as I was turning right to go down the parade. Very loud exhaust and Friday 13th style mask in back window!
  2. Guggu

    Guggu's 1.4 9N

    Hi guys. My first post on here, but I've been lurking around since I've owned my Polo. Bought my 1.4 Petrol with 47k miles as my first car last summer and pretty much no work has been done until the beginning of this year. I've done a lot of work in it since then, so I've made up my mind to finally start my own thread and show you guys my progress. This is how I got my car first - completely stock: Only a new stereo had been fitted at this point. I wanted to keep my car looking clean and simple, without overdoing it. In my eyes, less is more. Decided to change my horrible hubcaps to some new alloys. I was torn between the traditional Comps, Pepperpots or the Montreals. Finally, I've chosen the Montreals. Found some on eBay which where refurbished. A small addition were the smoked side repeaters. This is how my car then sat: As you can see from the above photos, the car needed some major LOW . Since I'm a student, I'm on a tight budget so I went for the JOM's coilovers. Didn't want to go too low as this is my daily car. Also managed to get hold of a Mattig spoiler for the back. Moreover, I wanted to colour code my front and back valances. How my car looked with all these additions: (couldn't resist not taking the car for a drive while my valances where being painted haha! ) The front headlight began to turn yellow and was badly scratched, so I got a new pair of headlights. Also, I love the 9N3's taillights, so I've picked up a pair as well. Painted my calipers and disc brakes in silver as well. Valances were also put together. Getting checked by the doctor This is how my car is currently sitting, which I am very satisfied: The only future changes I would like to make are: 1. De-Badge Rear 2. De-Wiper Rear 3. Improve Car Audio 4. I'm not too sure about the Twin Exhaust Tip, maybe I'll change that to a Single or else nothing at all 5. Touch-up dents and chips I would love to see what you guys think of my car, and any suggestions to improve are more than welcome! Thanks for viewing my progress. I will upload better photos soon.
  3. Silver Polo Breaking 1.0e with a/c and fogs The water pump has failed and the rear quarter is damaged but the rest of the car is ok. It has a carbon fibre wrapped center console smoked sidelights i have gloss black wing mirrors it has done 99,500miles Any big parts will need collection from Croydon email me fkad99@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. Hello guys, I'm breaking my polo. Message me for any information, pictures etc.
  5. gtipanda

    Matte Black + White 9n3 polo GTI.

    Hey there, I'm new and this is my first ever post! I recently bought a 1.8T 9n3 polo GTI. Silver: First thing i did was get a Revo stage 1 remap and a new set of tyres. Straight to fitting my Alpine head unit, Vibe speakers and Sub + Amp in the boot. Carbon Wrapped Dashboard. Then did a few visual mods: Sprayed the alloys matte black. Carbon Fibre Wrapped Wing mirrors, window pane + badges. Matte Black bonnet + roof + grill. Honey Comb grill. Improved Window tint Carbon Spoiler New Eibach pro-kit performance springs image sharing Then decided to get a full Matte White Wrap: picture upload sites And thats about it for now! Thanks :) Chris.
  6. dbusheman

    Dbusheman's 6n2

  7. jaike7

    my 6n2 1.4 16v

    Bought a silver 6n2 last wednesday, found one completely standard which is a bonus. I have loads of plans for this, low and slow is the main idea, needs a good tidy up and MOT sorting before any of that starts though!
  8. spooner94

    X542 ADB

    6n2 5 door polo 1.4 16v 75bhp. Last known area was Leeds around 2 years ago, trying to find any previous owners that could shed any light on this car's rather strange history and why they decided to keep it alive after they killed it once...
  9. LT6n2

    6n2 1.4 SE

    So I picked up at silver 6n2 for £1500 with only 53,000miles on the clock in September. Passed my test in November and gradually started to add things to the project. So far: lowered it 60/40 on low springs (cheap but decent) Gti grill Gti splitter Upgraded sound system 15 inch wolfrace alloys 195/45 (not the best) Started of like this: Had some 16" tsw evos on for abit: Lowered 60/40: 15s and gti splitter: What's next? Let us know what you lot think!
  10. Ganjasaurus

    Cian's Silver 6n2 Project ! ~_~

    Hey guys, Finally decided to knuckle down and make a build thread! Just after purchasing a standard 2000 Silver 1.4 Mpi 3 door 6n2, which gives me the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun. Car is in quite good condition, running perfectly and is actually a pleasure to drive (we'll see how long that lasts once the coilovers go in.. ) Although everything is running smoothly, there are a few cosmetic problems (they may be small, but they still p**s me the f**k off) that will need to be sorted ASAP. So here she is, as she stands just after purchase. Bought it off an old couple, so came equipped with the highest spec of creepy Christian stickers Ye Olde rusty drip .. More f**king rust ... And stone chips .. Wee bit of frontal bump strip damage aswell , Top of the range headunit to say the least .. I'd say the window switches have seen better days How does that even happen ? And to top it all off they left me a few ashes still in the ash tray for good luck.. But aside from those slight cosmetic downfalls shes A-OK ! Only became a member of Club Polo recently, although have been sourcing information and tips from here for the best part of a year. Been meaning to make a build thread like this for quite a while now so I'v got loads in store for ye ! This is all I've got for now though, as I just bought the car yesterday The build will start ASAP , with Christmas coming up and the weather acting the c**t it will be slow to start but once things calm down and dry up (fingers crossed) work will begin ! Feel free to ask questions and make comments, just don't be a condesending w**kbag.
  11. Liamvickery1

    Vw polo 6n2 mk5 1.4 16v project

    My vw polo 1.4 16v it's a mk5 6n2, on team dynamic motorsport alloys 16" which are for sale with all good tyres, lowered on springs which are 40mm, getting coilovers after Christmas and hopefully some xxr 527s! Anyone got any ideas I can do to make it look better ? Interior and exterior, only have exterior pics ATM , I've sprayed both the badges and I've ordered a 90mm rear badge so it fits in the recess and de wipered it, also metallic blue roof but might be changing to stickerbombed roof, anyone got anything I can do to make it look cooler ? Cheers!
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