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Found 9 results

  1. hey everyone, i need someone with a bit of experience to help me! So i recently bought a mk7 polo... alls good clean engine and interior blah blah... ill skip to the good part. lowering it and alloys. I'm going to have this car pretty low as youd expect from a 16 year old with some taste in a car slammed. so basically any tips on the coilovers or any suggestions on actual coilovers.. i dont want to be putting sh*t in it because i want this to be a show car. no bags. haven't got that much money. also its a 1.2. so alloys. i really want to fill them arches... yano, the more rubbing the better!! so if anyone has had 18inch alloys on their 1.2 id really appreciate you telling me what its like on petrol and is it too hard on the car... i had my brothers 3sdm 0.05's on it and they looked sweet (9.5 backs cleared the arches with no spcaers!) i didnt get driving it as he was being a cu*t and wouldnt let me bring it for a spin. so basically i want to know what coilovers to put in it for good lows and comfortable driving and will 18inch alloys be too hard on it with fuel etc... here are some pictures of what it looks like now and will be updated if i do anything major to it! sorry for bad quality on the first one.
  2. jackarmstr0ng

    My First Car! Dark Green 6n2 Build Thread

    Been on this site for a while now but never got round to making a thread! so here goes, I'm 17 from Berkshire and this is my first car that i bought back in august 2014! Polo 6n2 1.4 8v in dark green with 88,000 on the clock! bought it for £1,100 and personally i love this colour! so i had to snap it up! few scratches here and there so i used alot of t-cut to get rid of few minor scratches, here is how it looked when i first got it... at the time i was in full time education so only little mods were made, like the steering wheel sticker and GTI Grill After i couple of months i got a little part time job, and ended up spending every penny on the car hahaha so i went ahead and bought some fog lights (witch i actually pinched from the scappy) and ordered some fog light grills and fitted them then i bought some tinting film, made the fog lights yellow then bought a GTI Splitter! also did some other little touches such as a sharan rear badge, dewiper and orange indicators (i've taken off the orange now though) also gave the lights a little bit of a refurb because they were al yellow and horrible thats all for now! i've got some FK coilovers (probably gonna go 80mm-90mm down) and a roof rack that i still need to fit so i'll keep you all updated on that! but I'm on the lookout for a Stubby drivers side wing mirror and some wheels!
  3. Hi guys I'm going to get my car lowered with lowering springs but I haven't got a clue when it comes to lowering. Have a look at my car in my profile pic. I want to know a good mm to drop it by without having any problems underneath like steering etc and still be able to just go over speed bumps. Baring in mind I have 16 inch alloys with 195/45R16 tyres. Get back to me if you can help, thanks James.
  4. Hi all, I've just bought my first car- a Mk2 Polo Coupe S 1.3 from 1990. Before the face-lift to the mk2f. I've got some engine upgrade plans in my mind, but I want to get it looking sweet first. So, I need some help. My mechanical knowledge/ability, although not non-existent, is relatively limited. So i thought the easiest and safest way to do this, would be to ask, heres the deal: I want to lower the car a bit, not all that much, just enough that it handles and drives better, and looks better. I don't want it scraping on speed bumps though. What do I need? Who do I need? What cost am I looking at? I'd rather spend more and get a proper job, then spend the bare minimum and have it shitty. like I said, its not just for looks, I want it to handle better round corners and feel smoother when cruising at higher speeds. Thanks for any suggestions, Olly [Pictures] http://gyazo.com/f6834494862ce22df00db8eebebea3a3
  5. chubberty

    daily scraper

    well recently iv bought another polo for a daily as I don't wanna wreck my other one you have probable seen it but hears a pic any ways Untitled by chubberty, on Flickr so my new car was bought cheep agen I got another crashed one all it needed was a bumper and a wing hears a pic of car when got it 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr anyways first things first I cleaned the car inside and out then I compounded the whole car came up good lot stone chips but its a daily so it will be alright so after the buff I lowered it as I had a set of coilovers lien around 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr look cool on steelys I though ha so I ended up finding some one breaking a black polo got the bumper for 30 euro and window switch (drivers window wasent working) the car also had silver booth handle so got black one to ha don't ask me wy some one sprayed handle silver 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr next I tried on my grids dident leave them on cos no tyres on them at min 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr thry look nice on I wreckon but then I ended up getting a loan of mates meshes which looked a lot cleaner on it 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr they were on it for a while but he was lookin bit much cash so changed my mind agen so then I robbed my other car for a few weeks till my wheels are in gonna keep them a secret hears how it looks with zeros 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr I also put a gti splitter and grill on it and tinted fogs yellow I was not happy with car as it was sitting I no its a daily but still needed stance so out with hole saw for a notch ha I notched it rolled archs and slammed it ha hear is how it sitting now 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr its a bit low for my road but its fine on main roads but I will rais it soon befo0r it needs subframe ha not much more plans for it tho put a mommo in get few led bulbs ajnd pressed plates then put new wheels on ha its such a good car for money I paied its a 1.4 mpi with all extras cup holders sun roof electics all round fog lights central locking and it all works so I'm very happy with this little car she has over 160 thousand on it and u wouldn't even no shold have new wheels soon so just wait and see them ha 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr that's it for the min but will be updating soon:tongue:
  6. chubberty

    6n2 gray goodness

    well new to the site shoulda started the trend earlier as major work been done for starters the polo was like a jazz blue but that went out window and sanded it down and sprayed it polar gray I also put a spoiler on and flushed the boot but dono about having no badge I was also diden bother to spray door jams because I had this idea then I got grids for winter wheels took me ages to find them in purple these are my summer wheels freshly powder coated and polished I have no pics of them on car yet tho I still have to put some parts on car after it been spayed like door mouldings door cards and petrol cap but I dono which cap to use as I got a second one done like this I have more plans but lost job so will have to wait cheers for looking expect more soon
  7. Heres my new motor, red 6n2 current mods: JOM Coilovers Gti headlights,grill, fogs 2x pressed plates and set of german number plate surrounds bbs rxII's painted gun metal grey Rclick flipkey central locking kit to do list: wrap the roof (cover lacquer peal) good buff to get rid of the slight fading fix the slight rust on n/s/ wing Gti splitter maybe change of wheels at some point
  8. charlie123

    hello from milton keynes!

    Hi, I just bought a 1.0 6n2, 2000 reg! it came with coilovers and BBS alloys already on it I'm looking to do more to it, but not sure what.. any ideas?
  9. Right, santa will be bringing me some coilovers but need to let him know which ones Basically I want something cheap but not second hand, so I went on Ebay and found some new for £156.00 so i'm happy paying that the brand is 'TUNINGART' I know nothing about coilover brands so if someone could tell me if these are alright? theirs a few different brands on there so if someone could tell me the best without costing more would be great. its for a 6n Also I need to know ASAP for santa to make of course. There is a brand called 'TA Technix' too?
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