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Found 15 results

  1. Replacing the dead old rear speakers in my '93 Polo, removal was easy enough but there were only 3 clips securing each speaker so I'd like to get some more. However for the life of me I can't find the right name for the bloomin things - it seems that almost everyone installs car speakers using self-tappers and spire clips whereas here we have 4 plastic posts moulded into the rear speaker housings that you slip these little Z-shaped clips over to secure the speaker. I've tried searches for about an hour using a slew of different search terms but just can't get the right word for them! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd rather not butcher the original speaker housing to screw in these new speakers if I can help it, like to keep things as original as possible.
  2. Has anyone got a picture of speakers in a centre console? Thinking about doing it myself
  3. Hello, I have recently purchased some Pioneer TS-G1731i Speakers (Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Polo-2010-Pioneer-6-5-17cm-Dual-Cone-Coaxial-Speakers-460W-Door-Speakers-/331810660315?hash=item4d4174dfdb) to install in the front of my MK9 Polo. The speakers arrived today with the mounting bracket, 8 screws, 8 screw brackets and of course the 2 speakers with grills. However, I am unsure how to mount them (as I am no audio expert). Could anybody please advise me how I mount the speakers using 4 screws each. Photos of the bracket and speaker below; Thank you
  4. Saint Jimi

    Front MK2 Speakers

    So after spending a lot of the weekend trying to chase down electrical problems and not really getting anywhere I decided I'd do something that would yield better results. I have seen posts before about how people have put speakers in the front of their polos, and have seen some very impressive results involving cutting door cards and making speaker pods. I've gone a slightly different route and thought I'd show you what I did for those who (like me) didn't want to cut their door cards. What I've done is very simple and could easily be copied but is best explained with pictures. Using MDF I cut a piece 30cm tall by about 20cm wide (I didn't actually measure, sorry). I then jammed it into the door wedging it in a position that had minimal movement and marked out where the speaker would roughly sit. Took it to the work bench and cut a hole in the wood where I wanted the speaker to sit. Once I'd bolted the speaker into the wood I jammed it back into position (after plugging speaker wire to speaker) and used some firm packing foam to remove the little play / movement that remained. This would work better with speakers that actually fit between the sections of the inner door but I was working with the speakers I already had, and it works well. I've now put the door card back on and it doesn't snag the speaker at all, I now have invisible front speakers.
  5. Hello, I'm back once again. This forum is brilliant. I had no idea that a site like this existed that has so many people who are not only willing to help but also friendly and teeming with specialist knowledge. I'm extremely grateful for the people who helped me sort my handling issue. This time it's about my speakers, although working, they have broke up the material cone and so the sound is very distorted. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement set that sit in the corners of the dashboard like the existing set? I've found a set on ebay but they are 45 pounds! That's an awful lot. I was hoping to pay much less. This car is my budget run around and I want to try and keep it that way. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.
  6. 9n3Ben

    Audio help!

    So I have a base model 9n3, I love the car but it doesn't have an aux port. For the last 18month I have been using a Belkin Radio transmitter to create a local radio station that I can tune my cars stock radio into and play music from my phone. My current setup is low-quality, ugly and needs replacing. Does anyone have any thoughts on the most seamless and effective way of playing my own music through the in built car stereo? I'd really like to be able to also use it as a hand free system so that I can answer the phone on long journeys however this is not essential. In my mind I'd like to cut the wires down to one or even zero if possible however I am on a budget. Thanks a lot!
  7. Okay so I know why 6x9s are generally a negative part of a cars sound system...especially with a sub in the boot. weak baffle, preoccupied airspace, soundstage dragged back etc I get it. However, a month or two ago I was convinced by a very clever salesman that 6x9s would in fact sound good and that he had been in the speaker industry for years and he knew more than the forums blah blah blah. So, I merrily left the shop with my new 6x9s, got home and realised they were fuckin' huge. Only place I could find to fit them was parcel shelf. Thus bringing me to today. I have finally got frustrated with vibration and distortion and pretty shit mids and highs quality. SO...my vague plan is to find somewhere more suitable to fit them. I'm thinking somewhere under the dash or something. Advice that is needed: 1. Where would you recommend to fit them. 2. What would you buy to aid the sound system. At the moment I have a 10" sub in the boot as well. Cheers
  8. Hi there everyone just hoping you could help me out i'm kind of confused atm I'm trying to figure out how to wire up my rear shelf speakers from the amp I have to the stereo since I also have an Active subwoofer which is also hooked up to the stereo so I'm not sure where the second pair of RCA cables would need to go. If anyone could help It'd be much appreciated.
  9. Hi, has anyone got any picks of there rear 4x6's, only because I didn't have any when I bought my polo and now that I have new ones I can't see how they are kept in place. There are 4 long dowel like bits of plastic that kind of holds the speakers in place but a mouses fart could cause them to drop never mind some wub wub (more like bbc r2 :P). Thanks in advance guys.
  10. Recently got my new 6n2 and looking to put a sub in, i've got fairly good speakers but need that bass. I can't put anything in the boot as i need the space for work. Are under seat subs any good or are they just a waste of money? Cheers
  11. jono1303

    4x6 speakers

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some decent 4x6's so I can mount to the factory mounts, as my 2f was speaker less when bought 2 weeks ago. I know the higher rms the better but I'm looking to spend no more than £100. Nice one in advance.
  12. PhotoVoltaic

    Audio diagnostics help

    I'm looking for advice as to the best (simplest/least time consuming) way to diagnose the cause of the following problem; Audio coming out of only one side of the car. It's a 2001 Polo 'Match' (so, 6N2), 5 door with (as far as I can tell) only front speakers. Actually I never checked the back doors...I should check those....if it has them..they're not working either. I only just bought the thing at the weekend, For my wife, it's her first car. The headunit is some aftermarket JVC double Din thing and doesn't appear to have a Left-Right balance control, which was the first thing I looked for. I'm thinking it might be; a speaker fault, a wiring fault in the door or in the loom between door and headunit, a problem with the adapter used to connect up the new headunit Can anyone suggest the quickest way to positively pin down the cause? I can pull the door card off to get the the driver side speaker, but then what, I could pull both doors apart and swap the speakers to see if the fault moves or stays put but this seems like perhaps not the best use of time....I have a multimeter somewhere, never tried to measure an analog signal using the thing before though, but I guess it should work. In which case, is there anywhere I can get the probes in between HU and speaker that requires a minimal of panel removal? I suppose I could get the headunit out and check everything's still plugged in and nothing has fallen out. It also seems strange that the HU apparently has no Left-Right balance control...though I doubt it would be that easy anyway :/
  13. Just bought a new sound system for my 6n, Fli active 12" sub, Vibe slick 6 component speakers, kenwood head unit and a JBL grand touring gto75.2 amp. I set it all up and it has sounded good for about 2 weeks now the sound in the driver side speaker has gone really noisy, but not distorted and the signal keeps dropping and coming back. I thought it could have been my dodgy wiring but I've checked everything and it seems fine. Could it be a broken wire or something?? Cheers
  14. betterelectric6

    Audio setup questions/ideas

    So i currently have some parts on order to yet again upgrade my audio system, but because of the current draw and so on i am confused on the best route to take. Heres what i have/should be arriving: 4 x JBL GTO 2000 amplifiers (old but they perform really well and take a beating) 2 x JBL 1000w 12" subs (thought i would give them a go in a dual box) Vibe something something 4" coaxial speakers (currently in my dash but not fond of them) Sony MEX BT3900U Spare decent sized car battery Destroyed old jvc 6x9's (was never my choice) Things i plan on getting: Decent front components and cross-overs Volume/bass controller for the pre outs (can then switch between low bass for general listening and then extreme bass) But yeah, i currently have in my boot 1 gto 2000 and a boss amp powering the rear 6x6's and infinity kappa sub, the amps are mounted to the back of the seat and look horrible but from the 1 gto 2000 and infinity kappa the bass is outstanding anyway. I also decided to add a Mondeo boot carpet because of the 4 layers to 1) stop the sub floating around 2) dampen the sound slightly. The 4 gtp 2000's have the potential to draw 120A Now add my full beam lights + spots 20A and general running gear + stereo maybe another 10-20A So thats 160A potential and the stock alternator only kicks out 55A (i doubt it now) More to the point i'm struggling to think of ways to mount this and have it easily removable and very tidy (latest idea is to make a parcel shelf amp rack) Just wondering if anybody has ideas or recommendations for any of the issues i may face with this. Cheers
  15. Deacon19


    Hi, i've just bought a 2006 polo 1.4 se. They come with a gamma stereo and 8 speakers, i was wondering if somebody could tell me the positions of all the speakers and the sizes of them all please. also what bulbs do the headlights take? as i want to fit 8000k bulbs so want to know which to order. Thanks

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