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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Everyone, SO my polo 9n has taken some damage recently. I am teaching my younger sister to drive with it, when she downshifted from 4th into 1st at about 30 mph. Obviously car stalled instantly (it stalled very hard!), but then it would not start again for a few minutes. Managed to start it again after a few tries but now it has a very very rough idle and jerks forward when moving constantly, wont accelerate properly and stalls very very easily. No fault codes at the present moment. Im thinking the knock on the engine when she stalled it killed one of the coils/spark plugs as a best case scenario, could my engine be more seriously damaged than this?
  2. Hi all I have a question i would like to ask. My polo is a 94 1.6L I4 and i'm having an issue where sometimes when i start the car up it would start up fine but cut out after about 1 second as if it stalls. Sometimes it would take several attempts before it would start fine again. It hasn't happened in 2 months prior to this week. Last time it happened was after a night of heavy rain. I'm not sure if that has something to do with it? I'm starting to think it could be the immobilizer? If that was the case, would buying a second hand one and putting it in fix the problem? or what else can i check? Thanks
  3. I put in a new mount a few weeks ago and she ran fine. Then I was replacing a rad hose and today driving her she was fine but kept stalling when idling, off the throttle, even in 3rd gear at 30. Pulling up to junctions you have to keep the gas on or restart the engine. What could be wrong?
  4. I did a full head gasket change recently, new gaskets seals water pump belt and skimmed serviced head. After putting her all back together and fixing an ignition problem she is still running a little rough I think (I can't tell if it's a normal running sound because I've never owned a polo before and she was in this condition when I got her). I took her for a test drive yesterday and after starting up and putting the choke in she kept stalling going into first. I had to put a load of revs on to get her to move. After driving for a bit it stopped being an issue. I colourtuned the engine before the head change, should I retune now the head has been done (the leak was on cylinder one front right), and could it be a mixture problem? I also put a pierburg carb on to replace the old one (another 1b but with manual choke and no external reservoir, maybe the reservoir is causing the lack of fuel to the cylinders)? Sounds like it could be a misfire but I've got the timing bang on and all the plugs are getting electric (got a stroboscope) so maybe I've cocked up the head gasket? I've got a compression tester now and I'll do one after the weekend, I really hope it's something carb related though because the head was a pain to do . .. It's a MK2 1.05 HZ bready Thanks for all your help with her, sorry for the mountain of questions, just want her to be the best she can be!
  5. Hi all, New to the forum so go easy! Looking for some help. After wanting one for a long time I acquired a Mk2 1.3L CL. The car looks great and I've already fallen in love with it. However I've noticed what I am hoping isn't a massive problem. In the morning the car starts perfectly and idles nicely. However after about 15/20 mins driving the car turns into a bit of a juddering mess. It doesn't idle well and has stalled a couple of times, at lights/roundabouts etc. I'm quite technical but I know very little about cars. I have had a good look online but everyone might as well be talking a different language. I have checked what I know how to do, air filter and oil. Both are good. Seen a few people suggest pushing down on the air filter housing to check if it could be the carb mount/gasket. This doesn't help. I have noticed one thing however which I figure must be helpful. If I stick the headlights on the idle gets 10X worse. Could I have an electrical problem. The previous owner said the two inner lights have been replaced. Could it be something as simple as HT leads? Distributor? Or the huge hole in the hot air pipe? Hope the pics might help?! Thank you, Josh.
  6. Hey guys! Got a problem with fuel not reaching the engine. It all started with a spontaneous trip where the engine started to loose it's power during acceleration and after a while it basically just died as I pushed the throttle pedal down. Started some simple tests to see what could have gone wrong and noticed that the fuelpump didn't pump any fuel as I turned the key to ignition. I tried to start it a couple of times and noticed that it would fire up but died just shortly after because of fuel loss in fuel lines. I measured the voltage from the plug for the fuelpump and it did get 12 volts as the key was turned to ignition and as i tried to start it the voltage was at 9,5 volts. 10 Days later i changed the fuelpump to one with the exact same product number (VDO 6N0 919 051L) which should be a 3bar pump. It started on the first try and I took it for a spin and it worked flawlessly for 6km (and also the 20km trip home). The next day however, when I was driving to work, it started to do the same thing again so directly after work I went and bought some Redline Fuel Injection Cleaner and it now ran better, but sill not perfect. Went straight home and changed the fuel filter which hadn't been changed a single time (1997-05-06 was the production date of fuel filter, the car is at approximately 240000km) and it then got a little better again. 50km more and the car started to missfire or die (felt like during some engine strokes, one ingredient for combustion was missing) and a couple more km after that it died again and stalled completely. The car didn't want to start... AGAIN! The fuelpump did not run as the key was turned to ignition but if you left it for a minute and tried to start it it fired up for a second or two but died shortly after. Now... here's my question: Could it be something with the fuel in the tank? Like if there's something mixed with the fuel that makes the pumps destroy themselves? Could I have a blocking somewhere in a line or hose? Could it be a relay problem? I will lift out the battery from the car and test the old pump directly on the battery's poles as I wont even bother to start it anymore until I've reached some sort of conclusion. Maybe I should try this on the new pump too that is fitted in the car?
  7. Hello Everyone, I am hoping that someone on here can help me save my poor P reg Polo. Okay seriously it is a 1997 1.4L Polo CL automatic and has been well looked after but recently has been giving me some problems. So far this problem only happens in the morning and especially in cold/wet weather. Shortly after starting as normal when I come to a stop everything seems fine but as I then try to accelerate the car will judder and stall, it would then take a few minutes to get started again. This has been getting worse for a couple of days until this morning when I was at about 35mph the power started to drop, I fought it for a bit but it eventually cut-out completely. That was the one and so far only time it has happened while actually moving at any speed. After the car has run for 5/10 minutes the problem seems to stop and she will run fine, until the next morning. My car knowledge isn’t great but I am trying to learn, thanks to this forum and Google I have checked: The Battery – at one point when she stalled I noticed the battery light had come on, I cleaned the connectors and ports with Baking Soda and a tooth brush and checked the battery’s volts, before driving in the morning and in the afternoon both were in a good range. Also the cables were in good condition Hoses – checked for any splits or blockages and they look in good condition Carburettor – I read a post on here about it getting clogged, although I didn’t take it out completely I removed the air filter and got a good look at the top half and it looked fairly clean, should I take a closer look? Spark plugs – I haven’t checked these yet but all 4 were changed just a couple of months ago. Coolant – all toped up Oil – recently topped up with “Carlube 15W40” Also it might be important or not but at idle the car sits slightly under 1, I’m not sure if that is normal or relevant but it has done for a long time now. Any help or tips you can provide would be appreciated :)
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