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Found 4 results

  1. Willobeard

    Starting issue

    Hi guys i need some help i have a 97 1.6ltr polo and it wont start, there is no clicking or ticking or cranking the light on the dash come on but thats it, i thought it was the starter motor but now im thinking it could be the starter motor relay, so i was wondering what relay it is im thinking its the 53s but i cant get them out they are stuck is there a trick im missing ? Could it be something else?
  2. OK, the starter makes a slight grinding noise just after starting that to me sounds like a bearing or bendix going bad or something so I want to change it before it goes altogether. I know there are people who say you CAN replace the starter without taking the intake manifold off but I want to take it off anyway just so I can have a look at things to see how it all works and fits together. Looking at my monster 999cc engine it looks like somebody has stolen the inlet manifold and replaced it with a piece of weird black plastic, surely somebody's sick idea of a joke. I mean, all inlet manifolds are made of some kind of metal. right? What next? Pistons of wood? Anyway, I'm going to take the intake manifold off when I change the starter and was just wondering if there's any weird quirks I should be aware of. It looks easy enough to me, just remove a few allen bolts and disconnect a couple of wire connectors, but I'm sure there'll be some kind of computery complications involved. Will the ECU go mad if I disconnect the wires to the throttle body etc? Also I expect to find either gaskets or O-rings at the inlets so are these likely to need replacing with new ones or can the old ones generally be used again with caution if they look good? I rather suspect it should all come off easily by the looks of it without even taking the throttle body off and then I can do the starter and have a poke about at the back of the engine to see what's what. Are there any other little jobs that need doing while the manifold and starter are off? Would hate to have to pull it all off again just for something minor later.
  3. Hello, As I'm fighting with a 1.6 swap in my MK2F, I wanted to know what kind of starter (part number or something CERTAIN would be hella helpful) to fit to a 1.6 with the thinner flywheel. I already have had the whole setup up and running with the thicker flywheel but had to pull the engine out again and I want to get the lighter flywheel working. As I have the starter for the thicker flywheel, thought maybe it is a possibility that I could just swap out the bendix for it? Still would need a number for that though
  4. Hi, I've got a 1.6 polo GTI engine fitted into a Seat Arosa. All has been fine until recently it stopped turning on, I got a new battery as the old one was faulty, but it still happened. So I've fitted a brand new Bosch starter motor, and it still happens although now it won't start off of a jump where as before it would! Could it be a faulty starter motor? Or issues with the not a high enough gauge wire to the starter? I've been driving this car for 6 years with no problems until recently! Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have!
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