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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there every one this is my first post so please bear with me...I have a 1998 6n 1.4 petrol polo which has been playing me up slightly the problem is fuel I have to put a bit of fuel in the throttle body for it to start then it will start all the time well when I say all the time if I leave it for a few hours I have to put some more fuel in the throttle body and away she go's..I have changed the fuel filter but still the same..when the car is running I have unplugged each injector to see if they are working which they are..any help would be appreciated
  2. Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with a problem I’m having on my 2009 Polo Match 60. The car intermittently will not start. Sometimes it is fine but other times all of the dashboard lights come on after you turn the ignition, you can hear a click but the engine does not crank. Eventually, it you try the ignition a number of times it will start and be fine. The battery voltage seemed low and the battery was pretty old so I’ve had that replaced. After this it was fine for a couple of days but today the same thing happened. I’ve also hooked up a multimeter and couldn’t see any current draw. The car also has an electric window fault that seems to be related - the passenger window will not wind down using the driver’s controller but usually works with the passenger controller. The driver’s controller worked immediately after the battery change but has now stopped working again. Any advice gratefully received....
  3. Hi, I own a 2009 9n3 1.4tdi 70 with what I’m pretty sure is a BWB engine. I was driving recently when I thought the car went into limp mode. I switched the engine off and then tried to turn back on again, but it turned over for ages before starting and the engine warning light came on. I thought the issue might be the anti stutter valve, so I took it off and cleaned it, using the access to partly clean the EGR while I was at it. While both seemed to be in need of a clean, this didn’t solve the problem, so I got the error codes read and among five faults was the cam position sensor. I’ve replaced the sensor and the error code related to that is now cleared, but I’m still left with three errors and the long turnover before starting. The error codes are: P2102: throttle actuator control motor- circuit low P0243: turbo watergate solenoid A P0489: EGR control circuit low These can be cleared while the engine is on, but reappear at every start. Given the long turnover, I’ve been fighting a chronically low battery and haven’t been able to do any long or high speed runs since cleaning the anti-stutter and EGR. I’ve resigned myself to selling, but would prefer to get the faults cleared before attempting to. Any words of wisdom?
  4. mickypolo

    Electrical Problem

    Hi, I am having a problem with my 6n2 which has been happening for a while now.The car is only being used at the weekends now as the wife has unfortunately had a stroke and her licence has been revoked,anyway i intend to keep the car until she gets her licence back at the end of the year hopefully . With the car standing so long i have been getting starting problems which i initially though was the battery discharging because of lack of use.Anyway i replaced the Battery with lion 40 amh brand new one from ECP as recommended by them on the website but after a week its as flat as a tod.I have replaced the Voltage Regulator on the Alternator and replaced the Coil Pack as this had cracks underneath it. The question is would the battery drain that much after only a week .The car runs well once its started.???Any ideas anyone .
  5. Went to the car wash earlier on, came out from there to Asda which is literally 500 mtrs up the road,did some shopping went back to the car and it wouldn't start,so called AA out,Guy said that it wasn't anything to do with the car wash but a spontaneous thing to happen.He took a plug out to see if there was a spark and nothing zilch.So anyway just got towed back to my home.???Does anyone one here have a clue as to what has happened with the car. Any answers on this would be great as i need my car for work on monday.
  6. Hello again. With clearly the most malody ridden polo! So few days ago it wouldnt start managed to coax it to life after a good 10sec of starter motor and full gas it started coughing....slowly. Then it has been fine since. Then yesterdsy did it again but started alot easier. Then today. Tosay it needed a push start and took us a good 45min to get it going. Now i notice the thermostat seems to not be working on dash. And before all of this my 02 sensor is still needing replacement. Is any of this related or is my car just a lemon. Thank you again!!!!!
  7. I'm starting to notice my 2009 9N3 sometimes has trouble starting. It did sit for a while and is now only starting to get used but sometimes I'm turning the key and it just turns but doesn't fire but always starts on the second attempt. I've rear horror stories online from 2007/2008 and on about the 1.2 12v having timing chain slip issues and a revised kit being available however my car is a late (09 Plate) model that was clearly manufactured after this issue being known. Could it still be the case? I hear that the timing can be checked with VCDS which my mate has, should I explore that? I did also have this issue with the idle yesterday - revs were dropping very low when stopped at lights but that seems to have stopped for now. Not sure if it's related. Car only has 52K on the clock.
  8. Hi I recently brought a 6n2 1.4 tdi polo, had massive problems with starting the car, turns out it was the battery as it was only 40ah battery! So I got that replaced and everything was fine, but recently it's doing the same, it just cranks over fast but doesn't fire, sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't or it starts then dies about 2 seconds later and flashes up a battery light icon, I changed the fuel filter when I done the battery, any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you
  9. Hi, got a 1994 1043cc MK2f owned it for almost a year. 3 days ago the car really began struggling to start. It turns over for a while and with a lot of encouragement from the throttle it will eventually get going. Once it is running it is absolutely fine, no problems what-so-ever. It's due a service which I did tonight (was given the wrong spark plugs and fuel filter so those will be done tomorrow). Was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue. Had a little look through FAQs and think rotor arm, dist cap & HT leads might be worth replacing. Thanks in advance
  10. Please help! My daughters 1.0 mpi 6n2 broke down yesterday. It started stalling and then stopped all together. A few days ago the water temp gauge died, now the fuel gauge and all the warning lights are dead. The engine turns over but will not fire. I can still hear the fuel pump pressurising when I open the drivers door. Anyone got a clue where to start? She's got her driving test tomorrow and I would like to fix it for when (hopefully) she passes!
  11. Hey all, Sorry if this has been up before, had a search but not found a thread with the same problems as mine... Right my polo has developed a problem that is seeming to get worse as time goes on. Usually it won't start, even if it's been running and if i had to guess i'd say it was a fuel problem. It's turning over but it just refuses to start....eventually if you keep trying, it will start, but it can take anywhere from 5 minutes, to (as i found out today) half an hour, to get it started. I've checked all the obvious things: fuel pump is working fuel is going through the fuel filter its had a new starter motor and the battery and alternator are only a couple of years old, and are working alright. After the fuel filter, i don't know what it could be....so i'm hoping one of you fine people might have some sort of idea as to what could be causing it? Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance Paul
  12. Hi i have a X reg 1.4 petrol 5dr polo (Blue) Can anybody tell me location of the emergancy fuel cut out switch PLEASE? "The car wont start & fuel pump isnt turning on when i turn ignition on?" (Its booked in for MOT at 2,30pm 9/1/14: (07790900988) please text or call very important THANKS
  13. I posted a topic a while ago about my car not starting. It's a temperamental little thing and I've still not figured out what the issue is. For ages I thought it was a sensor issue (it still could be) because it won't start when the engine is cold, that is once it has been left off for 12 hours+. However this could always be down to the fuel having evaporated, thus being a fuel issue. I have however made progress towards a workaround. For a while, if it wouldn't start, I'd lift the bonnet and remove then reattach and the distributor leads, and make sure the lead from the amplifier wasn't touching any other leads. I was told sometimes the spark is lost when leads are touching due to dampness. This would 90% of the time start the car, but on the times it wouldn't it led me to believe that this wasn't actually the issue. So here I am now, with my car sometimes starting right away like a trouper. Other days though I will have to repeatedly turn it over, each time I do it sounds more and more like starting, till boom, it fires. Sometimes it fires after a few, sometimes after a dozen. But one thing is for sure, turning it over for a long period of time doesn't work, it has to be repeatedly turned over. What on Earth could be causing this? I can only forsee this getting worse throughout winter, so I'd love to diagnose it soon myself and then get it fixed. I'm relatively handy with cars so I may be able to fix it, but I can't diagnose, and I rue taking it into a garage for them to just tell me the lambda needs changing or something... Thanks in advance!
  14. As the title describes my Polo struggles to start when cold (Normally overnight) Sometime it will take 3-4 attempts priming each time before it will fire and run. Starts rough then sorts itself out quickly. If I turn off straight away it will start first time. It's just the initial attempt. So far I have replaced the Coolant temp sensor, fuel filter and ordered a replacement set of glow plugs(however the current set are less than a year old so doubt that they are the cause) I har noticed it is easier to start when parked down hill or with a full tank which makes me think its fuel/pressure related. I do have a fault for injectors however I'm not sure if this is related to running the Golf 130 injectors and wouldn't this cause an issue all the time? Any ideas or areas to check next would be great. I'm worried with the winter coming this is going to cause some issues. Thanks Dan
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